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How to enter secret codes on Moshi Monsters

Entering secret codes is now easier than it has ever been on Moshi Monsters.

Previously, you needed to enter the code when you logged in and you could only enter a code when you logged in which meant lots of people would spend ages logging on and off in order to enter codes!

Luckily, that’s not the case any more, since Moshi Monsters introduced the IGGY code screen.

How to get to the IGGY Code Screen

It’s simple, but sometime, the button can appear off the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve logged in, you should see the “Got A Secret Code” button below the main play area. (You may have to scroll down depending on your screen size.)

The button looks like this.

Iggy Secret Code Button

The IGGY Code screen.

Once you click on the button, Moshi Monsters will load the IGGY code screen. After a few seconds the green goo should clear to reveal the following screen:

Iggy Moshi Monsters Secret Code Screen

Looks like a nice chap doesn’t he! :-)

Entering a secret code

To enter a secret code, click on the “enter code here” area with your mouse pointer and then type in the code you want to enter.

Once you’ve done that, click on the “EAT IT!” button to submit the code.

You’ll see IGGY eat the code and give it a good chew before telling you the results. Every now and them IGGY seem to take forever to chew a code!

If your secret code is ok, you’ll get a screen like this:

IGGY success screen

Iggy will show you the item (or rox) that you’ve got from the code along with it’s description.

You can now submit another code by clicking on the green “Eat Another Code” button or go straight back to your room by clicking on the “Go To My Room” button.

What happens when a code doesn’t work?

Not all codes are going to work – for a number of reasons. If IGGY doesn’t like the code he’ll do a funny animation and stick his tongue out.

Iggy Fail screen

After the animation has finished you’ll get the following error message along with the code you just tried to enter:

IGGY Secret Code Error

Unfortunately, the error message doesn’t tell you why the code didn’t work but the possible reasons are:

  • You’ve mistyped it
  • The code has expired
  • You’ve already entered the code before
  • It isn’t a secret code.

It’s worth double checking that you’ve typed it in correctly. If you need to correct it, just click on the code and edit it. Once you’ve done that click on the “EAT IT AGAIN button”

Can’t find your seeds in your Room?

If the code was for a seed, then you’ll need to go to your garden and open your seed pouch. You should see your new special seeds in there. Plant them with two others to grow the plants that will attract your special moshling!

Of course if the code is for more Rox you should see that the number of Rox you have has gone up by the appropriate number.


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Moshi Secrets: You'll find the lots of secret codes to enter on our codes page here

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