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How to get Raffy the Higgley Hypnotiser

Raffy Moshling

Raffy is the only Moshling to appear in the Swindlies Moshling set so far. He’s a Ultra Rare Moshling.

He first appeared in the Moshling Zoo way back on the 27th May 2014, but the storyu of how Raffy came to appear in the Moshling Zoo goes back much further than that.

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How to get Truffle the Splendid Sproutling

Truffle Moshling

Truffle is a rare Moshling and the the second Moshling to appear in the Woodies set.

The first Moshling in the set was Peekaboo the Oakey-Dokey, Hokey-Pokey!

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Design-a-Moshling 2014 - Vote Now!

Design-a-Moshling Competition 2014

Every year Moshi Monsters run a competition to design a Moshling. The first prize is to see your design created as a real in-game moshling!

Let’s take a look at this years entries and see how you can vote for your favourite.

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How to get Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana

Linton Moshling

Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana is a new rare Moshling in the Salties Set. He joins Pops and Lubber.

Linton was originally released on the 2nd July 2014 along with Jiggles the Fiddly TwiddleStick.

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The Cupcake Hut Contraption arrives

Cupcake Contraption

The Food Factory has a new device installed – the Cupcake Hut Contraption which appeared in the Factory in June.

Now your Moshlings can have Pizza, Bongo Colada and Cupcakes!

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