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About Moshi Secrets

First of all, Moshi Secrets is not run by Mind Candy the people behind Moshi Monsters. We’re not affiliated in any way. (In other words, we don’t have anything to do with them – we’re just players of the game!)

Moshi Secrets is a fan site, run by Moshi fans just like you.

We don’t make the code up ourselves, we collect them from lots of different placed on the net, Moshi Magazines and best of all from the wonderful people who visit our site.

We also get lots of request for Moshi Membership. As much as we’d like to – we can’t do this either!

Each month the the website gets over 200,000 visits. That’s enough to wear out anyone’s doormat! In fact, during the school holiday the number of visits is even more than that!

We also get more than 1,600 comments left on our pages each month. That’s an awful lot of comments, and the reason why we can’t reply to them all!

On top of that we also get lots of emails too! While we do read them all, and try to reply to as many as we can, there just never seems to be enough time!

Besides, we’re also looking out for all the latest secret codes, writing walk-through guides for the Super-Moshi missions or trying to find out more info about the latest moshlings alls so we can tell you about it on the Moshi Secrets website.

The site is run by Harry and Doug (Harry’s Dad). You can visit our monsters on Moshi Monsters here:

A big thank-you to everyone who’s sent us a code. We really do appreciate it. It’s only because people like you spend the time to send us the codes that we can keep our list up to date.

Harry and his Moshlings!

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