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What is your MonStar Rating and how can you improve it

Your MonStar rating is a measure of how popular you are Moshi Monsters. You become more popular as you get more friends and have more monster owners visiting your home.

The Monstar rating starts at “Z” and as you get more visits it will gradually climb all the way up the alphabet until you become an “A-list” monster.

To start with you just need a small number of visits to go up the next MonStar rating. You just need 5 visits to get to a “V” rating. However as you climb up the alphabet you need to get more and more visits to get to the next level.

At higher ratings you need hundreds, or even thousands of visits to get to the next MonStar rating.

You’ll find your MonStar rating dispayed on the left hand side of the screen, above the level indicator and below the happiness and health scores.

So how do you improve your monster rating

Well really this is all about getting more visits to your room.

The more time you spend playing Moshi Monsters the more your monster will appear in Monstro City, walking around the streets saying hello to other passing monsters.

You can’t control this, but the more your monster is out there the more visits you’re likely to get. You should find the more you play more people visit your room.

The other way to get more visits is to invite your friends to visit your room.

One way to do this is to share the link that appears under the play area Moshi monsters.

It looks something like this:


The second part after the/is your own name (We used “moshi-secrets”). If people type this directly into their web browser they’ll go straight to your room.

The next way of getting visits your room is simply by asking your existing Moshi friends to visit by using the pin board.

Don’t forget to return the favour and visit their rooms too!

Note that only the first time the people visit every day will count is no point repeatedly visiting the room as the extra visits my account.

So how many visits to you need to go up a Monstar Rating

We did some research to see if we can figure this out. We looked a lot to monsters and compared the number of visits and the number of friends they had to them on star rating.

We found that while the number of friends did make an awful lot of difference the number of visits did.

Using all of the information we collected be plotted a graph showing the number of visits against the monster rating. You can see this below.

Note that the graph below used an odd scale called a logarythmic scale. Notice how the distance between 0 and 10 is the same the distance between 1000 and 10000. This shows that it gets harder to get enough visits the higher your MonStar rating goes.

Graph showing MonStar rating vs. the number of visits

To get an A MonStar rating you’re looking at getting nearly 40,000 visits!

What’s your MonStar rating and how many visits have you had?


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On Jul 14, 08:53 AM Dani wrote:

My Monstar is O, please visit my room, my name is Superflygold10

On Apr 17, 08:42 PM lucille wrote:

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On Feb 16, 12:49 PM lozzo wrote:

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On Feb 1, 03:01 PM Emma wrote:

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On Jan 8, 02:43 PM Iva wrote:

hey, I have 71 visits. please visit me.
Owner name: mijav1998

On Dec 16, 12:11 PM Stephanie wrote:

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On Dec 16, 07:44 AM Violet wrote:

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On Sep 29, 12:38 AM Anna wrote:

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On Sep 28, 08:16 AM Anna wrote:

on moshi monsters i have had 312 ratings and im a m m rated monster how many visits am i away from becoming an L rated monster???

thanks Anna

On Sep 21, 07:17 PM sparkly2342 wrote:

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On Sep 21, 08:37 AM ellie wrote:

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On Aug 20, 05:21 PM socreative wrote:

Im MonStar Q
Ive had 63 visits.
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My username is socreative.

On Aug 4, 08:53 PM ffynonewone wrote:

im monstar L.
Ive had 555 visits.
please add and visit me!
my username is ffynonewone.
i have 61 moshlings.
4 rooms.
520 friends.
and a 4.5 room rating

On Aug 2, 11:46 AM Hollie wrote:

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Iv’e had 49 visits.
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On Jul 30, 12:33 PM Enna wrote:

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On Jul 23, 07:53 PM ryan wrote:

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On Jun 8, 03:46 AM hipsterandproud wrote:

Hillo, my Moshi username is damagedperfection. I’m a Monstar O, I have around 160 visits and a 4.5 room rating. Please visit my room, send me a friend request me and rate my room 5 stars! I’ll do the same for you :)

On Jun 5, 11:56 PM Cool gal wrote:

I am on M and I have about 369 visits. Can you please help me by visiting my room and adding me? Thanks!

On May 22, 07:24 PM thespecialbaz wrote:

I am on L and have received 575 visits. Think I went from M to L after 500 visits. Check out my house thespecialbaz and my moshling collection – i have 94 so far

On May 12, 09:48 AM Zahra Ali wrote:

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On May 10, 08:46 PM BRUVAN.MM wrote:

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On Apr 21, 09:31 PM Percytiger wrote:

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On Apr 11, 04:45 PM Owen wrote:

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On Apr 8, 02:36 PM nausherwan wrote:

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On Apr 6, 02:50 PM musiccool51 wrote:

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On Mar 14, 10:48 PM danielle wrote:

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