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What are Moshi Monster Quests

Quests are a new feature of Moshi Monsters. We’ll be updating this guide as we play the quests. If you’ve found out anything interesting about the quests let us know in the comments.

The Quests feature was announced on the Daily Grown on the 28th August 2012.

“Reports have been flooding in about monsters needing help on the streets of Monstro City. If you see a monster with an exclamation point above their head, click on them to see what they need and you’ll be sent on mini-quests around town. If you decide to help them, you’ll get Rox AND experience points. SWEET!”

As you wander around Monstro City, you’ll now encounter other monsters and moshling that need you help. This will be indicated by an exclamation mark in an yellow bubble above their head.

Just click on the moshling/monster to help.

You’ll get a little cut scene where the monster will tell you what it needs. There are a number of different missions (see below).

You’ll get hte choice to help out, or not, by clicking on one of the “Of course!” or “Maybe Later” buttons.

You’ll now go back to the street scene and a handy little checklist will appear at the top of the screen to show you what you need to do next! Follow the instructions.

Once you complete one part of the quest (such as finding an object for the monster), the checklist will update with the next step such as going back to the monster that gave you the quest. Helpfully, the checklists tell you exactly where to go.

Once you complete the quest you’ll be awarded some Rox and some Experience.

(If you’re not a member you’ll also be shown an advert to persuade you to become a member! You’ll apparently get more rox, encounter more characters and play more games if you’re a member.)

How many Quests can I do each day?

It appears that you’ll only get the choice of doing three quests a day. This applies to both members and non-members.

Types of Quest

Find and Fetch the item

Collect an item from a moshling (with question)

  • Elder Furi – Give this mushy Zoot Fruit to Buster
  • Buster – Katsuma told me that they have an extra Moshling seed for me. Could you pick it up? (need an answer to a riddle)

Completing the quests will give you the following:

Mission Rox Experience
1st 18 10
2nd 11 5
3rd 6 0

Quests for Members

The quests you get to do as a Moshi Member involve a number of mini-games.

Completing the quests will give you the following:

Mission Rox Experience
1st 35 10
2nd 21 5
3rd 14 0

Find the Moshling

A moshling has gone missing. Can you find it for me?

You’ll be presented with a black and white scene and you have to use a coloured circle to look for a moshling. You need to scan over the image until you see the moshling. Once you do, talk to the moshling who gave you the quest.

Collect the Sapphires on Bleurgh Beach

Across the scene you’ll see 15 glowing sapphires, work from one end to the other clickin on the sapphires. Once collected, return to the quest giver.

Quest Medals

Completing quests will help you earn medals. You’ll get a medal the first time you complete a quest, then once you’ve done 10 and then 30 quests.

"Helping Hand" medal "Friend in Need" medal "Monstro Hero" medal

Want to know more about Medals? We’ve got more info in our article about Moshi Monster Medals.


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You get more rox when you’re a member but you don’t get anything else extra.

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