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Things that go Bump in the Night

Moshis vs Ghosts - Tamara's House

The first house to explore in the Moshis vs Ghosts missions Tamra Teslas’s house.

You need to help Tamara escape from the ghosts by unlocking secret passageways and finding a key to Tamara’s laboratory and on the way meet the moshling, Glob.

Moving Around

There are two ways you can move around when playing Moshis vs Ghosts:

1. Use the Up, Down, Left and Right cursor keys.
2. Use the mouse. Click on the screen and your monster will go in that direction. Hold the mouse button down and your Monster will follow the mouse pointer.

Personally I prefer using the cursor keys. I find using that I keep getting caught on the corners of the corridors – but that might just be me!

Things that go Bump in the Night – Part One

You start in Tamara’s hall way. When you try and open the door, the view screen lights up and Tamara starts to speak:

“Help I’m under attack! You must reach me before-” says Tamara Tesla on a view screen.

The door will open. so run though it and head north up the corridor.

You’ll bump into a ghost! who just says, “!” and then flies north, through the room with the dice in it, through the door to the north and down a corridor.

“Yikes! Was that a ghost!” you say.

Head north into the room with the dice on the floor.

“I wonder if the dice on the floor is a clue” you say.

All the doors out of this room are unlocked. To unlock a door you have to complete the dice puzzle by standing on the dice in the right order (from 1 to 4).

When you do this, the door to the east(right) will open up.

Head through this door and you’ll find another screen.

“Thank goodness, I thought I’d lost you! Can you get to the library” says Tamara.

“The key to my laboratory is hidden in there.”

“Search the house. You’ll have to be in the right frame of mind to figure it out…”

“Frame, eh?” Sounds like a clue! What comes in a frame?” you say to yourself.

Head north through the door at the end of the corridor and you’ll come to a room with a large fireplace.

This is actually a secret passage. To open it we need to find the switches behind the paintings to turn on the four candles.

“Ah-ha! What about those paintings? Let’s have a look…” you say.

Move your monster up to the painting. Once you’re close enough you should start searching it. A completion meter will be displayed above you.

The painting will reveal a switch.

“That’s one candle lit! Just 3 more paintings to open the fireplace!” you say.

Now head east (right) along the corridor and take the first door to the south.

Head to the west (left) and down and you’ll find another paiting at the end of the corridor.

Search this painting to reveal another switch and light the second candle.

“Nice!! 2 down, 2 to go!” you say.

Now head back along the corridor, don’t go back through the door, just go down and to the east.

Just round the corner, you’ll find another painting.

Search the painting and light the third candle.

“Almost there! Just one more painting to find!”

Head through the door just to the east and into the room. The fourth and final painting is in the top right hand corner.

Search the painting and light the final candle.

Once you’ve done this the fireplace will move to one side to reveal a key.

Let’s head back to the fireplace now. Head south, through the window, then back along the corridor and go north through the first door you see.

Now head west until you get to the open fireplace. Nip into the alcove and get the key. Once you’ve got the key, the part will end.

Now you’ve completed the mission you’ll get 100XP and 100 Rox!

Things that go Bump in the Night – Part Two

Part 2 of “Things that go Bump in the Night” start back in the room with the dice on the floor.

This time though, we’ve got our hands on a key!

Head through the left hand door. You’ll use the key to unlock it.

There’s another screen on the wall.

“Please hurry! I’m still trapped in the lab!” says Tamara.

“Complete my solar system model to reveal the key” she says.

The screen will then show you the solar system model, but there are three planets missing. We’ll need to find the planets and add them to the model.

“Search the library for the three missing Moshi planets” says Tamara.

Well, the first one is easy to find, just go west, past the screen and you’ll find the first planet.

“This must be one of the Moshi planets!” you say (and you’d be right!)

Go through the door and to the left to the model and you’ll place the planet you’ve just collected onto the model.

“There are two more Moshi Planets to find.” you say.

There is another planet in the chest back in the area we’ve just come from, but it’s locked and we need a key, so we’ll leave that one for now.

Instead, head to the west (left) and down to the bottom. Go through the door and you’ll find yourself in a small room with lots of books. Ignore these and head through the door to the north.

You’ll find yourself in a room with lots of red and blue books.

“There’s a draft coming from the red bookcase on the right.” you say.

I guess we should investigate that.

If you look closely at the bookcase of red books in the top right hand corner of the room, you’ll notice that there is a book missing.

Once you get close enough there will be the message “There is a red book missing! It must be in this room somewhere.”

Now, if you’ve not spotted it already, you should find a misplaced red book in the bottom left cabinets with blue books.

Run over there and you’ll get a “Getting the red book” meter about you.

Once you’ve got the red book (it’ll hover over your head in a rather disconcerting way), run back up to the red books in the top right hand corner of the room

You’ll now get a “Placing Book” meter and the book will slide into place.

Once it’s done that, the whole book case will slide to the left.

Now you can go though the secret door and enter the room to the north. You should see a planet sitting in the bookshelf.

Get close enough and you’ll say “Another one of the Moshi Planets!”

Now you’ve got the planet you can go back to the model. So head down through the rooms and back round to the right.

Go up to the machine and the second planet will appear on the model.

“There are one more Moshi Planet to find.” you say in a rather clunky sentence.

Now go to the top of the room, and down a short corridor at the top right hand corner.

You should see a key on the shelf. Run up to the key and you’ll pick it up.

Now, go back to the model in the centre of the room and then take the door to the right.

Run around the shelves until you get to the bottom of the room. There’s a purple chest at the bottom of the room.

Now you can open the chest with the key you’re carrying.

Go up to the chest and you’ll get an unlocking meter as you open the chest.

The chest will open.

“Another one of the Moshi Planets!” you say.

Now there’s a little cube of green above your head, but don’t worry, it’s another one of the planets.

Run back up and left, through the door and go back to the model.

Once you get close enough you’ll see “Placing the Model” meter again and then the final planet will appear in the right place.

The model will burst into life with the planets spinning around and the little door in the base of the model will open to reveal another key.

Run round the model and grab the key.

This is the end of the second part, you’ll get yourself another 100 XP and 100 Rox.

Things that go Bump in the Night – Part Three

Again, we start this part back in the room with the dice again.

This time we can go through the door to the north (at the top of the room).

There’s a long underground corridor here, so run all the way up until you get to the room at the end.

You’ll see another display screen. Go up to the screen to get another message from Tamara.

“I’ve been cornered in the storeroom! It’s full of ghosts!” she says.

“Find Glob the Gone-Wrong Blog. He’s an old experiment of mine.”

The screen will scroll up to show you Glob, trapped in a square of electricity.

“Don’t worry – he’s friendly. He’ll help you find the ghost-hunting gear you need.” says Tamara.

Now you can run through the door to the left. As you go down the corridor you’ll pass one locked door, and then another locked door to the “Bubble Blaster”. This is where we need to get to later.

For now, run around the corridor and up to the room containing Glob.

Go up to the Glob.

“Those grotty ghosts led me into a trap! Can you turn off the power coils?”

“Hmm. Where do these cables on the floor go?” you say.

All you have to do now, is follow the cables on the floor and find the switches at the end.

Let’s follow the orange cable first.

Follow the orange cable through the door at the bottom right hand corner.

Head right down as far as you go and along to the right and you should see a switch (labelled “DANGER”)

Go through the door and flick the switch.

The screen will zip back to Glob.

“One of the coils turned off! Try to find more switches!”

Now run up through the door, round the bend to the right and through the door at the top.

Follow the passage to the right and you should be in a room with a desk and another switch with the blue cable running to it.

Go up to the switch.

The screen will whizz back Glob again.

“One of the coils turned off! Try to find more switches!”

Right, two more switches to find.

Go back to the room with Glob in and then follow the purple cable through the door at the top follow it along to the left.

This one is pretty easy to follow and as usual at the end you’ll find a switch. Switch it off.

“One of the coils turned off! Try to find more switches!” says Glob.

Now the final switch is behind a locked door (the first locked door we passed as we came into this area.)

To find the key follow the corridors down until you come to the bottom and a door to both the left and the right.

Go through the door to the left.

In the room, you’ll see a brown cabinet. Go up to the cabinet to search it.

You’ll find a key!

Now go back through the door and along to the right, passing through the next door.

Go past the Bubble Blaster door to the next door.

Go through the next door which you can unlock with your key.

In the room is the forth and final level, so flick the lever to turn off the fourth coil.

“I’m free! Blobberific!” says Glob.

Follow the corridor back around and up to Glob. Once you get there a conversation will start.

“That’s for saving me, Moshi Monster” says Glob.

“No problem. Tamara says you can help me out with some ghost-hunting gear.” you say.

“You bet! Follow me!” says Glob.

Follow Glob back down to the Bubble Blaster door.

If you go to the door to quickly you’ll be told that the Bubble Blaster door is locked.

Give Glob some space and he’ll squish himself down and slide under the door. He’ll unlock the door from the other side.

Go into the room and up to the Bubble Blaster.

The container will open end and this part of the mission will end.

You get 100 XP and 100 Rox for completing this part of the mission.

Things that go Bump in the Night – Part Four

You’ll need to be a member to play this part of the mission.

This part starts with a conversation with Glob.

“Alright. I’m all geared up, let’s go and save Tamara!”

“Wait! The storeroom door is shut tight! Even I can’t squeeze through!”

“I think I saw a ghost with the key, let’s find it!”

With that the conversation ends.

You need to run around looking for a a ghost.

You should be able to find the ghost flying around the room with the coils where Glob was trapped.

Once you find the ghost, there’s no need to run around after him, as the ghost follows a set path and will come round again.

When you can, try and grab the key from the ghost.

When you collide with the ghost it’s time to play the Spectre Collector mini-game.

Spectre Collector

If you’re a member you can play the Spectre Collector game using the bubble blaster to collect Ectogloop.

If you’re not a member all you can do is click on the broom. Unfortunately you’ll only get 1 Ectogloop point which is a bit mean.

To play Spectre Collector, you need to use your mouse move the target and click on the ghosts as they appear. Get 6 ghosts in a row without missing then you’ll get a double and then triple points for clicking on the ghosts.

You’ll need to be quick though as you’ve only got 20 seconds.

Once you’ve completed the game we return to your monster in Tamara’s house.

“It’s the store room key! Hold on, Tamara! I’m coming!”

You’ll need to retrace your steps back to the left and then down back to the place we got the Bubble Blaster from.

You’ll meet Glob there.

Now go to the right. There’s a door that you can now go though, now that you’ve got the key. At the end of the corridor, it’s the door to the north.

Go through the door and you’ll find Tamara, who’d been trapped by ghosts.

“Am I glad to see you! Get those ghosts!” she says.

Now you get to play Spectre Collector again. Remember, you’re earning Ectogloop points that’ll earn you Hoolio.

Once you’ve finished the game…

“Yeah! Let’s talk to Tamara!”

A conversation with Tamara will start.

“Thanks, Moshi Monster. You can keep the ghost hunting gear. You’re going to need it!” says Tamara.

“I’m picking up ghost readings all over the city!”

The conversation ends, and Glob appears in the room.

“Hey monster! Wait up! That was so brave!”

“I’m sticking with you! If that’s ok…”

And with that the final part of this mission finishes – and this time – you’ve got Glob!

Click on OK, and you’ll get to add Glob to your Moshling Zoo. Click on “Keep it” to do so.

You’ll now be returned to the mission screen and the gauge on the right should start to fill up with all the ectogloop points that you’ve earned.


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hey i want to know how to get the last ghost which is always in Tamara’s office in the Specter collector game.will u pls help me?