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Season 3, Mission 1, The Unusual Suspects - Poppet Mania Mission

The Poppet missions, The Unusual Suspects are open to everyone (you don’t have to be a member), just as long as you’re level 2 or higher.

If you’re still level 1, just pop along to puzzle palace and do the daily challenge. You’ll soon be a level 2!

To start the various parts of the mission you need to click on the button in the top right hand corner of your home (just under the BFF tab.)

This multi-part mission is pretty simple and doesn’t have any EPICS to collect.

Part 1 – A Poppet With A Problem

You start the mission outside the Super-Moshi volcano. You’ll see Poppet. Click on Poppet to start a conversation.

“Oh it’s a Super Moshi!” says Poppet. “Can you help me?”

You’ve got a choice here. Click on “Yes, sure!” (Clicking on No, not yet.” Doesn’t get you anywhere. You just have to start the conversation again.

“Monsterific” says Poppet.

“I received this Valentine’s day card, but I have no idea who sent it!”

You’ll see a picture of the card. It had the following rhyme in it.

Timo is RED
Snookums is BLUE
are fixed firmly on You!

“I was told to show the envelope to the *Datekeeper?” Poppet explains. “But I can’t find it here.”

“I will try my best to help you!” you say.

“Maybe the Gatekeeper” will know about the *Datekeeper you say to yourself.”

The Gatekeeper is the statue that stands outside the volcano. Scroll to the right and click on the Gatekeeper

“Hello Gatekeeper! Do you know where the Datekeeper is?” you ask.

“Oh you seek the Datekeeper do you?” replies the Gatekeeper. “Wait just one moment.”

With that the Gatekeeper sinks into the ground and the Datekeeper (a rather pink version of the Gatekeeper) rises out of the ground.

“Well hellooo there! My cousin said you wanted to see me?” says the Datekeeper.

There’s a couple of questions you can ask here.

Ask “Are you related to the Gatekeeper?”

“We are indeed! He talks to me about all his problems!” the Datekeeper explains.

Ask “Can you help with this anonymous valentine’s card?”

“Ohh someone has an admirer! feed me the card!”

“Let’s feed the Valentine’s Card to the Datekeeper” you say to yourself.

Open your inventory and drag the Valentines Card onto the Datekeeper.

The card will slide into the keepers mouth and then she’ll talk…

“From the cosmic stars of Valentine, it could be any of these monsters!”

You’ll now see the suspect list with 9 different monsters on it. You can cross off monsters when you work out the clues to narrow your search down to the one monster who sent the card.

You don’t have any clues yet, so click on the “x” to close the suspect list.

“But I cannot figure out the paragraph.” the Datekeeper says.

“Someone who is well travelled might be able to help.” she suggests.

“Well travelled? I know a Poppet that can help!” says Poppet.

“Poppet is in the Gombala Gombala Jungle, you should go see her!” Poppet suggests.

“Also when you find out which it is please give them my friendship card!”

“Time to go to the Gombala Gombala Jungle!” you say.

Then, in an instant, you find yourself in the Jungle!

The Gombala Gombala Jungle

Scroll to the right and you’ll see a Poppet with a net with a Gabby Moshling standing next to it.

Click on the Poppet to start the conversion.

“Hi Poppet! Can you help me?” you ask.

“Super Moshi! Sure how can I help?” Poppet responds.

“I am searching for clues for who could have written this! Can you take a look at this letter?”

“Ok! Let me have a look at the letter.”

Open your inventory and drag the Valentine’s Card onto Poppet to give it to her.

The conversation resumes.

“I need to take a closer look, but I’m doing some important research!” Poppet explains.

“Help me finish my research, while I examine the letter!”

Talk to Gabby she can tell you about my research!”

Close your inventory, and click on the Moshling Gabby to start another conversation.

“Super Moshi! Checkout my new Monstagram app :)” says Gabby.

“I’m using it to take photos of Wild Frogs for Poppet’s research!”

You’ll now see a close-up of Gabby’s screen. There’s a bunch of apps displayed.

Click on the large eyeball looking icon (with Monstagram written underneath it.)

“Look, 1 frog is over there!” says Gabby. who then wanders off to the right.

Click on the red frog to Monstagram it!” explains Gabby.

Click on the red frog just above where Gabby is standing and the Moshling will take a picture. You’ll see the picture taken on Gabby’s display. Click on the “X” to close the display.

LOOK! Another frog just appeared _” says Gabby.

If you look to the left, you should now see a green frog, just below the path.

“Monstagram it when this frog’s mouth is open!” instructs Gabby.

A little harder this time. Watch the green frog (You’ll see it flash yellow when you need to click on it to take the picture). Click on the frog when it’s mouth is open.

Gabby takes another picture and you’ll see the frog displayed on Gabby’s display. Click on the “x” again to close.

This time the screen will scroll to the right where we’ll see a strange blue frog jumping in and out from behind a tree. You can guess what you’re going to have to do here can’t you!

“Look there’s a rare blue spotted frog”, says Gabby, but he’s missing his twin.”

We need to find it’s twin though. We’ll need to click on the Bongoniums (The pink drum shaped plants).

“You found the other twin! Monstagram them both together” says Gabby.

Now you’ll need to wait until the frog jumps out of the tree and click on them to take a picture of the two side by side. The easiest way to do this is to click on the frog that isn’t moving!

If you get it right, you’ll see a picture on Gabby’s screen of the two frogs. It might take a couple of attempts to get it right.

“Great job Super Moshi” says Gabby. “We’ve monstagramed all the frogs we need!”

At this point a conversation with Poppet starts.

“Ok, so the paragraph mentions both eyes!” says Poppet. “The monster who wrote this must have two eyes! Does this help you?”

The suspect list will appear again, this time with a clue written down on it: “1. Two Eyes”

“I can click the monsters that don’t have two eyes to cross them off.”

So, looking at the 9 monsters, you have to click on any monster that doesn’t match the clue – any with more or less than two eyes.

Click on Roary Scrawl and Ratty as we know it can’t be them.

The conversation with Poppet continues.

“I also found this piece of hair in the envelope.” says Poppet. “Take it to a Poppet at the observatory, she can look at it for you!”

“Thanks Poppet!” you say.

“Time to go to the observatory!”

This is the end of part 1 of the mission. The first time you play this you’ll get 200 XP.

Part 2 – Stars In Their Eyes

This part is pretty short and I think if it was a standalone mission people would be a little disapointed but I guess we should jufge all three parts as a single mission.

Part 2 starts with a quick recap of the first part.

“Previously… A poppet with an admirer needed your help… The Datekeeper worked some magic… And came up wit ha list of possible admirers. A quick trip to the Jungle… An encounter with an adventurous Poppet uncovered… the very first piece o the puzzle. Perhaps someone at the Observatory… Can reveal more…”

You start the mission in the Observatory. There’s a poppet there.

“Hello Super Moshi!” she says.

Click on the Poppet to start a conversation.

“Hello Poppet, I need your help!” you say. “Can you tell me anything about this piece of hair?”

“Sure! Give it to me for a closer look!” she says.

Your inventory will open now, so drag the Mystery Hair onto Poppet to give it to her.

“Oh this will take me a few minutes to analyse!” says Poppet.

“I’m in the middle of researching some Moshling constellations! Please help with the Moshling constellations, while I analyse this hair.”

Poppet instruct you to “Use the telescope!”

Click on the telescope

Constellation Quiz

When you click on the telescope you’ll start the Constellation quiz. Here you need to identify which Moshling the constellation you can see in the telescope looks like.

“Try to guess which Moshling is in the constellation”

For each constellation you have three choices. When you select the right Moshling the outline of the constellation will be completed. It doesn’t matter if you get some wrong, you can keep picking names until you get the right one.

The correct Moshlings are:

  • Q1: Lady Meowford
  • Q2: Shi SHi
  • Q3: Stanley

When you’ve identified all three Poppet will say “Looks like you found it a bit hard!” or of you got them all right first time, “Looks like you answered all of them easily!” How did you do?

Click on Poppet to talk to her again.

“I’m not quite done yet.” she explains. “How about you play *Space Glenn” while you wait!”

Poppet tells you to “Click on the arcade machine.”

Play Space Glenn

Click on the arcade machine and you’ll get the Space Glenn title screen. It’s a pretty simple game, all you need to do is eat the star snacks and avoid the meteorites.

When you click on play you’ll find yourself whizzing around the the rings of a moon. There are three lanes which you can jump between by pressing the left and right arrows keys.

As you eat the stars you’ll see the meteor indicator gradually light up. If you get hit by a rock it’ll go back down.

The key is to concentrate on not getting hit. If you keep dodging the rocks you’ll get enough stars eventually.

Once you’ve got enough stars you’ll be presented with a screen that reads:

“You are good at this game… and probably other games too!!!”

Click on the “Continue” button.

“I’m finished with the hair!” Poppet tells you.

Click on Poppet to start a conversation.

“I have finished analysing this mysterious hair.” says Poppet. “My conclusion is that it came from a tail.”

The Suspects list will now appear.

“I should click to cross off monsters with (no tail*.”

Clue 2, “Has a tail” will also be added to the clues list.

Click on the following monsters to cross them off the suspects list as we know they don’t have a take.

  • Guiseppe
  • Mustachio
  • Bubba
  • Suey

This leaves Raffles, Shrewman and Yo Yo as possible suspects.

Back in the Observatory, Poppet tells you “Super Moshi, I also found small fragments of sand in the envelope!”

“There’s a poppet on Bleurgh Beach who can help!”

And with that the second part finishes. Told you it was quick! The first time you compete the part you’ll get 200 Rox.

Part 3 – A Shore Thing

Part three again starts with a quick reminder of the story so far:

“Previously… At the observatory you met a geeky Poppet… And after some stellar star gazing… You found the next clue and a destination too..”

And with that we find ourselves on Bleurgh Beach.

“I’m melting. It’s soooo hot!” says a Poppet wearing pair of sunglasses.

Click on Poppet to start a conversation.

“Hi Poppet can you help me?” you ask.

“I would love to, but I’m so hot I can’t think straight!” replies the Poppet. “A hat would certainly give me some shade!”

The conversation ends and we’re back on the beach.

“Let’s see if I can find Poppet a hat” you say to yourself.

Talk to the beach hut monster

The screen scrolls to the right to a blue monsters standing outside a hut.

“Maybe this monster can help us?”

Click on the monster to start a conversation.

“Hi there!”

“G’day! I’m Baz Barnacle, how you travellin’?” says the monster.

You have a choice here. Click on “What are you doing here?”

“I’m opening my new shop, here on Bleurgh Beach!” explains Baz Barnacle. “But the storm’s wrecked my sign and I can’t open up yet!”

Now click on “May I have your hat?”

“I’m pretty attached to my hat. But my shop’s got plenty!” replies Baz. “Hang on.. If you do me a favour, I can help you with the hat!”

“A storm came by and threw my sign into three bits across the beach!” explains Baz.

“The first bit is on top of that tree!” The screen scrolls to the left to show a sign stuck in the leaves of a palm tree.

“I think that bit is stuck in Gail Whale’s blow hole!” Again, the screen scrolls to show us a piece of the sign stuck rather uncomfortably in the unfortunate whale.

Herman Crab won’t get off that bit of sign!” And the screen scrolls all the way to the right to show Herman sitting on a sign piece, using it as a bridge to his sandcastle.

“Collect those bits of sign and fix it up, and I’ll sort your hat out mate!”

Collect Baz’s sign pieces

Right, let’s try and get the piece from the tree first. Click on the piece of sign stuck in the tree.

“That sign is too high to reach” you say to yourself. “If only I had something long to reach it.”

We need to find something to knock it out of the tree. Scroll to the right, and you should notice an oar lying in the sand next to Baz’s beach hut. It’s got a little star fish on it.

Click on the oar to pick it up.

“A long oar, good for reaching to high places!” you say.

Now scroll back to the left and open your inventory. Pick the oar up and drop it onto the tree.

The oar will break, but it will knock the piece of sign down.

Click on the piece of oar to pick it up.

“Looks like the oar broke when I poked the sign down.”

Click on the piece of sign to pick it up.

“That’s the middle part of the sign collected!”

Now let’s try and get the piece of sign from the crab. Scroll all the way to the right to where the crab is guarding his sandcastle.

Click on the piece of sign.

“I need to find a replacement for Herman’s bridge.” you say. “Maybe there’s some wood I could use?”

Remember the piece of oar?

Open your inventory and drag the piece of oar onto Herman the crab.

The oar will form a new bridge and Herman will scuttle to the side to stand over the piece of oar. This means we can now take the sign.

Click on the sign piece to pick it up.

Scroll to the left until you see the whale with the sign sticking out of it. Click on the sign.

“The sign is stuck in Gail the Whale’s blow hole!” you say. “Poor Gail!”

To get the piece of sign out we need to make Gail sneeze. To do this we need a feather so we can give her a tickle.

Scroll to the right a little and you should see a bottle floating in the sea, just to the left of the sandcastle. There’s a feather in it.

Click on the feather to pick it up.

“A feather, good for tickling and making things sneeze!”

Open your inventory and drag the feather onto the whale.

The sign will be blown out and land right next to you on the beach.

“Look! She blew out the sign!” you say, “I can pick up that sign!”

Click on the sign to pick it up.

Give Baz the fixed sign

“I’ve got all the signs, I should give these back to Baz!”

Open your inventory again, and drag a piece of sign onto Baz. The Sign will appear on top of the beech hut, fixed of course!

Baz starts a conversation.

“Excellent you fixed my sign!” he says. “Well a promise is a promise, here’s your hat!”

“I better tidy me shop for the grand opening! See you later mate!”

Give Poppet her hat

Back outside again.

“I have a hat for Poppet, let’s give it to her.”

Drag the hat out of your inventory and give it to Poppet. A conversation will then start.

“Thanks Super Moshi, I feel much better with my hat!” she says. “So how can I help?”

“Have you seen any new monsters on Bleurgh Beach recently?” you ask.

“Hmm I did see a monster wearing green a day ago!” she replies.

With that, the list of suspects appears.

“I should cross off monsters who are not wearing green!”

With this third clue we can now cross off Raffles and Shrewman. Just click on them to cross them off.

This just leaves YoYo. The answer is YoYo!

Give the friendship card to YoYo

Back on the beach again.

Poppet says “Look, there’s the green wearing monster!”

“Let’s give YoYo *Poppet’s friendship card.” you say as the inventory opens automatically.

Drag Poppet’s card onto YoYo to give it to him. You’ll get a little animation of the card.

“Poppet wants to be my BFF?” asks YoYo. “That is AWESOME!”

YoYo takes his hood off and looks at his hair in a little mirror and then puts his hood back on.

Now you’ll be shown the YoYo The Creative Coyote’s details and asked if you want to keep the Moshling or set it free. I think we’ll keep it!

With that the mission finishes.


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On Mar 10, 09:30 PM Magic82 wrote:

How do you even start the mission??? It just comes up with somewhere clover the rainbow. Please tell me!!

On Mar 1, 08:55 PM katy wrote:

hey yall the answrer is yoyo

On Feb 26, 12:55 AM althea wrote:

add me in moshi monsters : althea521

On Feb 23, 06:33 AM ashfia wrote:

the answer is yo yo

On Feb 23, 01:29 AM apple107s wrote:

You DO NOT need to be a member! I’m not! The moshing you get is YoYo #06.

On Feb 22, 11:39 AM andrea wrote:

part 3 is out yay

On Feb 21, 04:13 PM Emmy wrote:

The third portion is open now you get a new moshling called Yo-Yo on a new shelf called hipsters. It was easy to complete.

On Feb 20, 04:09 PM sam wrote:


On Feb 20, 12:37 PM Moshi Secrets wrote:

No, you don’t need to be a member to play this mission. You just need to be Level 2 or higher.

On Feb 19, 12:20 PM Ruby wrote:

Hey you do so have to be a member to play this mission! You only didn’t have to be a member to play the freezy riders mission. Add me, im rubydober nospace NO CAPS

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i liked this mission
but it and the second part was a bit short

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