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The Ultimate Treasure - I Got Pranked!

The Ultimate Treasure - I Got Pranked

We had an email from lovelyluvliilovely to say that she was having a problem putting trophies in her wardrobe.

When she did, the trophy would disappear and a sticky note would appear in her room with the message “I got pranked!” written on it.

From the sounds of it, you’ve just encountered “the Ultimate Treasure”

The Ultimate Treasire

The Ultimate Treasure first appeared way back on April 2009. There’s an old article about it in the Daily Growl

In appearance, the Ultimate Treasure certainly looks the part – it’s a large diamond on a golden stand, but all is not as it seems.

It can sometimes be found for sale at Bizarre Bazaar (the “most peculiar shop” referred to in the Daily Growl article.)

Anyone can buy the Ultimate Treasure, it’s available for anyone at Level 1 or higher, and it only costs 15 Rox.

I know what you’re thinking! 15 Rox? For the Ultimate Treasure – sounds very reasonable doesn’t it.

“I got pranked!”

There’s a catch though – this isn’t really a treasure – it’s an April Fools joke.

So yes, when you try and put the treasure in the room it will change into an “I Got Pranked!” sticky note!

I got pranked!

Have you bought the Ultimate Treasure? Let us know in the comments below.


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On Apr 15, 07:21 PM Mally wrote:

If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Same with this trophy 15 rox for THAT is too good to be true

On Feb 19, 09:40 AM savita wrote:

same thing happened to me.and really wanna know how to be a membership for free

On Feb 19, 03:13 AM maya wrote:

it wastes your money no fair

On Feb 18, 06:52 PM maria wrote:

this happend to me

On Dec 18, 08:38 PM milan wrote:

it happened to me

On Dec 14, 08:52 PM maria wrote:

really wanna know how to be a membership for freee

On Dec 13, 08:24 PM Rae wrote:

My brother bought it!(Then i bought it!)but found out you can sell it at dodgy dealz!

On Nov 27, 03:59 AM ally wrote:


On Nov 10, 09:08 AM rock6959 wrote:

im sooo stupid i done it once and then i done it again the first time i thought it was a glitch then i noticed 15 ROX so then i always looked at the price of something before i buy it lol

On Nov 1, 07:12 PM amelia wrote:

I got it and it sat on my shelf and didn’t turn into a sticky note

On Oct 21, 05:36 PM rebaheart wrote:

that happend to my brother

On Oct 21, 05:18 PM tchullyy wrote:

omg i bought a lot of does and when i putted on i saw a big sticky note :i got pranked: me and my friend laughing the hole day because we tough it was fun

On Oct 18, 01:29 AM catherine wrote:

i didn’t buy it because 15 rox for something that looks THAT valuable seemed a little suspicious to me.

On Oct 12, 06:58 AM zaafir wrote:

really unfair

On Oct 12, 02:41 AM Jasmine Kotz wrote:

lol it was funny because I put it down and its I got pranked! lol funny!

On Sep 29, 10:06 AM emily wrote:

this prank was horriball and I was horrifid by it and I want something back in reetern

On Sep 28, 10:56 PM JCat wrote:

yup. makes a cute poster, monsters have asked me where i got it :)

On Sep 28, 05:21 PM smally wrote:

i dont see the prank i just bought it cas it looked cool plus it only cost 15 rox so it couldnt have been too important why did those cruel people do that! i basically spent 15 rox on a stupid note ps i still would of bought it if it was a sticky note i like things like that now that u mention it i cant find my “ultimate tresure” at first didnt know it was missing and where the note came from thanks for letting me know!

On Sep 26, 11:43 PM Leila wrote:

i do not think that they should do that to us

On Sep 25, 09:39 AM Bella wrote:

yes i have it :D

On Sep 25, 02:26 AM Lilly wrote:

I was so mad when i bought it! I wanted to kill Moshi Monsters

On Sep 21, 08:06 PM Michelle wrote:

Yeah, I bought it once and was really disappointed to see the sticky note! Then, I asked my cousin to buy it, and he bought four of them! Poor thing!

On Sep 21, 04:55 PM kyla wrote:

i did it drove me crazy!!!!!!

On Sep 21, 10:57 AM jerine lim wrote:

they are so mean they pranked us

stupid ultimate treasure! >:(

On Sep 21, 07:59 AM Matthew Medina wrote:

I don’t think its fair because why will they sell a thing like that if they’re just going to fool their moshi members into buying a trophy that costs 15 rox and when you will display it,it will change in a note that says“I got pranked” they’re just fooling people in the thing that they did

On Sep 20, 12:47 PM ellenmybffandmemaebh wrote:

i hate it its not april it should be only in april and yes i got it. and at school i won a big jar of sweets! theres 182 sweets in it! im so lucky to win! p.s. my user name is ellenmybffandmemaebh if u wana add me

On Sep 19, 04:46 PM pinky wrote:

I don’t think that’s very fair.

On Sep 19, 01:46 AM Brianna The Moshi lover wrote:

I need more codes and please view my room, add me, i am prettythepoppet and you should do reviews of your friends house!!

On Sep 19, 12:44 AM Paige wrote:

I did buy it I did get tricked idiots

On Sep 18, 09:25 PM belle garber wrote:

i have never moved it thought it was supposed to be that way!!!

On Sep 18, 09:09 PM cillian wrote:

its rubbish

On Sep 18, 08:24 PM Pixie wrote:

Yes I bought it. LOL I got pranked! =)

On Sep 18, 03:43 PM RANDOM wrote:

You spelt Daily Growl wrong
you wrote Daily Grown

Thanks - fixed it!