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The Night of the Living Moshlings

Night of the Living Moshlings - Moshis vs Ghosts

The Night of the Living Moshlings is the forth and final part of the Moshis vs Ghosts missions and takes Goosebump Manor.

Like Full Moon Moshling, the previous part, this mission is not particularly long and consists of only two parts.

Completing the mission will get you a new Moshling, Jibbly. The fourth and final Moshling in the Screamies set.

Night of the Living Moshlings – Part One

When you arrive in Goosebump Manor, you’ll find yourself in a very large hallway.

There’s a statue, made of ice in the middle of the room, but that’s not important right now.

“I can hear music coming from upstairs. Let’s take a look!” you say.

Head north (up) and you’ll find two red carpet covered staircases that lead up to a door. Climb one of these.

Once you get close to the door a conversation will start.

“What’s going on in there?” you ask.

“It’s a party. No invite, no entry.” says the door.

“How can I get an invitation?” you ask.

“You can’t! Get lost!” says the door. Which isn’t a very friendly way to end the conversation.

Another conversation starts.

“Psst! Pssssssst!!!” says Jibbly.

“Hello. Who are you?” you say.

“The name’s Jibbly. Are you looking for a way in?”

“Yes. Can you help?”

“Maybe I can. I saw a couple of ghosts with party tickets. We might be able to grab them!”

With that the conversation ends and Jibbly leads you down the stairs and through a blue door in the left hand wall.

Once in the room, with a roaring fire, Jibbly says “Follow me. There’s a secret passage behind the fireplace.”

“Too hot for me, Jibbly! How can I cool it down? Hmm…” you say.

Do you remember the large statue made of ice in the hall? Well, it’s head it attached with a couple of bolts. If we can find a way to detach the head, we might be able to melt the ice and put out the fire.

The first thing to do is head to the bottom right hand corner of the room.

You’ll find a chest. Open the chest and you’ll get yourself a green key.

Now head across the hall to the green door. The green key will let you unlock it and enter the room beyond.

In the room, there’s another chest in the top left hand corner. Open this chest and you’ll find yourself a spanner. Just what we need to undo those bolts.

Head back to the hall and walk up to the statue. When you’re close enough you’ll get an “Unscrewing” meter about you.

Once done, the head of the statue will be lying on the floor. You should be able to pick this up. (It took us a few trying to get it)

Now take the statue back to the room with the fireplace.

Walk up to the fireplace and you’ll put the statues head in the grate.

It will quickly melt and put out the fire.

Once the fire is out, you can go through the fireplace and head north (up) along a long corridor.

You’ll pass a blue door on the left, but this is locked.

Keep going until you get to the top of the corridor.

“I can feel the ghosts, but I can’t see them!” you say to yourself.

A conversation with Jibbly will start.

“Jibbly to the rescue! A little green scientist just left something for you.” says Jibbly.

“I guess she doesn’t like ghosts. She couldn’t wait to leave again!”

“Just what I need. A ghost detector!” you say.

“They’re hiding in the walls!”

Now, using the detector, we need to search the walls and find the ghosts.

If you look closely at the walls you should see that there are some patches that are shades of red, rather than purple.

Go up to the first one, which is just past the candle and you’ll get a “Detecting” meter appear above you.

Once you’ve finished detecting, a red ghost will appear. Chase the ghost and play Spectre Collector.

Ok, now we’ve got to explore the maze of corridors to find another ghost. It’s not too complicated.

You’ll need to follow the corridors left and right as they snake downwards. There are no junctions, so just keep following the corridor around.

You’ll pass a green door, but this is locked and you won’t be able to get through it yet.

At the end, the corridor will widen abit and there will be another red parch of wall-paper to check out.

Go up to the red area to use the Ghost Detector.

Once you’ve finished detecting another ghost will appear so you’ll go straight into Spectre Collector.

Once you’ve done that you’ll find that you’re back in the corridor and you’ve got a green key.

Follow the corridor back round until you come to the green door which you can now unlock with the key.

Through the door, go right a little and you’ll see another patch of red coloured wallpaper.

Use you detector to check this area out too.

You’ll need to play Spectre Collector again!

“Two party invitations! We’re in!” you say.

Ok, so now we’ve got the invitations we’ll need to head back to the top of the stairs. There’s no need to follow the corridor all the way back round as there’s now a short-cut.

Go to the right and you’ll find an open blue door.

Go through the door and head down and you’ll find yourself coming out of the fireplace again!

Head back into the hall and up the stairs to the door.

Once you get close to the door, a conversation will start.

“You again! I told you to get lost.” says the door.

“But we’re invited!” you say.

“Oh. fair enough. In you go, then.”

The conversation ends and the doors open.

Head through the doors and up the passage.

gulp Maybe this was a bad idea…” you say.

At this point, the first part of this mission ends.

You’ll earn yourself 100 XP and 100 Rox.

Night of the Living Moshlings – Part Two

We rejoin your monster in the corridor.

gulp Maybe this was a bad idea…” he’s still saying.

Head up the corridor.

You’ll come to a large room which contains four statues, with beams of light coming out of their eyes.

In the centre is a portal through which all the ghosts are appearing.

“The ghosts are coming from that weird portal. If I close it, NO MORE GHOSTS!”

“There’s Jibbly, maybe he can help.” you say.

Go though the door and head to Jibbly. Once you get close to him a conversation will start.

“I’m stumped, Jibbly. Any ideas?”

“The portal is powered by those ugly statues.” he says.

“We need to cover their eyes.”

The conversation ends and we’re back in the room.

“Hmm… What can I cover their eyes with.”

“Let’s explore the house and see what we can find.”

As you explore the house you may want to run into the ghosts and play Spectre Collector. You can dodge the ghosts if you wish, but remember you need to collect those Ectogloop points if you want to collect Hoolio.

In the portal room you’ll find that there are Huskies in cages, but these aren’t important yet.

Head to the west (left) and go through the blue door.

The sunglasses that we’re looking for are hidden in coffins.

Head to the top and then along to the left hand corner of the room and you’ll find your first coffin.

Inside the coffin you’ll find a bright orange pair of sunglasses.

You can only carry one pair at a time, so run back to the right and down to the door to get back into the main hall.

Now, you’ll need to put the right sunglasses onto the right statue.

The orange glasses go onto the top right hand statue.

“Great! Let’s find some more sunglasses.”

Go back to the door on the left again.

This time head back to the top left hand corner again and then go all the way down to the bottom.

Follow the corridor around to the right and you’ll find another coffin.

This coffin contains a black pair of sunglasses with a pink thing, which is actually a comedy nose, on them.

Head back out of the room again and into the main hall.

This pair of glasses goes onto the bottom left statue.

“Only two more pairs of glasses to find!”

Head back to the blue door on the left.

This time, follow the passage up, along to the left and then as soon as you can go down, and follow the wall around until you get to a blue door with a pumpkin on it.

Open the door and head up. In the top left hand corner of this room you’ll find another coffin. This one contains red sunglasses in the shape of hearts.

Re-trace your steps back round until you get back to the hall again.

Back in the hall, you’ll need to place the red sunglasses on the bottom right hand statue.

“Nice! Only one more to go!”

Ok, one more time, let’s go back to the left and through the door.

Once through the door, you need to go all the way around and then down to the very bottom of the maze. Now, run to the right until you hit the wall and then head up.

At the end of this corridor, you should find the last coffin you need.

In the coffin is a pair of yellow and purple glasses.

Head back to the main hall again. These glasses go onto the last status, the one at the top-left.

Now that you’ve got the sunglasses in place, the rays will be stopped coming out of their eyes and the portal will zip shut!


“We did it! the Portal is closed!” you say.

Just then, the ghostly hand of Dr Strangeglove comes through the door and walks up to the portal.

The hand, grabs hold of the zip-pull and opens the portal again.

“I must be dreaming!” you say.

A conversation with Jibbly will start.

“That looked like Dr Strangeglove’s missing hand!” you say.

“Didn’t you know? He’s behind ALL this trouble!” says Jibbly.

“Well he won’t get away with it while I’m here!”

“Strangeglove is terrified of Musky Huskies… I wonder…”

“Have this! It’s the key for the last room!” says Jibbly.

“What are you waiting for? Release the hounds!”

Back in the room again.

“Let’s unlock that door!”

Now we’ve got the key, we can go through the right hand door.

We need to find the keys to the Huskies cages. Again, we need to use the right colour key to open the correctly coloured lock.

Once in the room, go straight down and then to the right. You’ll find a coffin at the end of the corridor, but this isn’t what we’re looking for.

Just to the left is a wardrobe. Go up to the wardrobe and you’ll find a green key.

Now go back out into the hall. The Husky that need the green key is the one on the left hand side of the room at the top, next to the door on the opposite wall.

Use the key to unlock his cage and then come back through the door on the right.

Once though the door, go straight ahead a little way and you’ll find another wardrobe. In this one you’ll find a blue key.

Takle this key back into the hall and to the husky in the bottom left hand corner.

Return through the door on the right again.

(If you hit a ghost on the way you can play Spectre Collector and earn more of those Ectogloop points!)

Now, go stright through the door and all the way to the right before following the corridor up. At the top you’ll see another wardrobe. Open the wardrobe and take the yellow key.

Return to the main hall and go to the Husky in the top right hand corner of the hall (just about the door you enter the hall from.)

Then, for one last time go back through the door to the right. Go all the way to the right, around the corridor then all the way back to the left, past the stained glass windows and you’ll come to the last wardrobe.

Open the wardrobe and take the pink key.

Return to the hall and take the pink key to the Husky in the bottom right hand corner. Just below the door you enter the hall from.

Once the final cages are unlocked you’ll get a cut-scene showing the four musky huskies leaping into action.

Out of fear, the ghostly hand of Dr Strangeglove will leap through the portal and close it for good.

Jibbly starts a conversation.

“You are one cool cat, Moshi Monster. Got room for me at your place?” he asks.

“Sure, Jibbly. Let’s go. It’s been a long night!”

You now get the chance to add Jibbly to your Moshling Zoo. Remember to click on “KEEP IT”.

And that’s the end of the Moshis vs Ghosts missions.

Of course, now you’ll need to re-visit the houses and play Spectre Collector in order to get the ectogloop points you need to unlock Hoolio!

Good luck!

So what did you think of the Moshis vs Ghosts missions?

Let us know in the comments below.


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On Dec 13, 01:40 PM kian wrote:

I played the mission but when jibbly walked to the door he just stopped

On Nov 14, 09:54 PM smally wrote:


On Nov 10, 01:35 PM lego wrote:

i completed it

On Nov 8, 09:11 PM Isobel wrote:

We played Part 2 and got Jibbling but when we went to the Zoo, he wasn’t there. We can’t replay the Mission so big bug here. We’ve written to Moshi but hasn’t been fixed as yet. There are so many bugs now.

On Nov 7, 06:33 PM Oscar wrote:

you wrote part one instead of part 2

Moshi Secrets: Thanks for letting us know. We've fixed it now! :-)