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The Moshling from the Black Lagoon

The Moshling from the Black Lagoon

This adventure takes place on Captain Buck’s House Boat. (Bet you didn’t know he had one of those.) although it’s not really the kind of place I’d like to live. It looks far too creepy!

When you complete this house, you’ll get the second moshling in the screamies set – Marsha the Boggy Swampling.

The Moshling from the Black Lagoon – Part One

“We’re on Captain Buck’s boat! But where is buck?”

Captain Buck is standing just to the top right of the screen, so go over and say hello.

When you get close enough, a conversation will start.

“Ahoy there, monster. Am I glad to see you! A gang of ghosts has run amok all over my houseboat!” says Captain Buck.

“I locked the blighters inside and threw the key in the ocean!” he explains.

“Now I’m getting out of here until all this blows over!”

“Don’t worry, Cap’n. I’ll deal with the ghosts.” you say.

“But first, I need to get that key back…”

Getting the key back

“How are we going to fish that key out of the water?” you say.

Well, around the deck are three large fishing rods. We can use those to get the key.

First, go to the top, right hand fishing rod. As soon as you get close enough a meter about you will appear as you start fishing. You’ll catch a reel from a fishing rod.

Now take this reel to the fishing rod on the left. Again, the meter will appear and you’ll get a key.

Take the key back to the right and you’ll see a chest with an anchor on it. You can use the key to open the chest and out will come a hook.

Pick up the hook (you’ll drop the key) and take it to the bottom fishing rod. A meter will appear when you get close enough and this time you’ll pull in a moshling!

Run over to Marsha, the green Moshling you’ve just winched up. When you get close enough a conversation will start.

“Hey! Watch where you’re dangling that hook” says Marsha.

“Yikes! Who are you?” you say!

“Charming! I’m Marsha. Haven’t you ever seen a Boggy Swampling before?”

“I don’t think so. Do you like around here?” you ask.

“Right under Cap’n Buck Houseboat. But not for long, unless someone gets rid of those ghosts!”

“In that case, it’s your lucky day! Have you got a key to let us in the boat?”

“You bet! Let’s go!”

The conversation ends and Marsha goes over to the door on the right and opens it for you.

He’ll walk through the door only to be whisked away by a two ghosts.

“Heeeeeeelp!!!” cried Marsha as she’s dragged away.

“Oh no! Looks like I’m on my own again.” you say.

You can run through the door to the right, but this is how the first part of the mission ends.

You’ll get 100 XO and 100 Rox for completing the part.

The Moshling from the Black Lagoon – Part Two

“I must find those ghosts!” you say to yourself.

“Don’t panic, Marsha! I’m coming!”

Now before you go through the door to the right there’s something you have to do.

Helpfully there’s a message to help us:

“Signs on the floor? Maybe I should turn off the light…”

So the first thing to do is head north and turn on the light at the end of the corridor.

“Those are Marsha’s footprints” you say.

If you do south a little more you’ll see some glowing footprints heading towards the now open door.

Go through the door and break the orange lantern on the wall to reveal some more footprints going forwards.

You’ll see a purple lantern next, just in the corridor slightly below you. Turn this one off to to reveal some more footsteps. You’ll see them leading left and down to a corridor where a ghost is floating back and forth.

Follow the footsteps and touch the ghost.

Now it’s your turn to play Spectre Collector again if you’re a member. If not, you’ll have to brust the ghost away with a broom.

Try and collect as many ghosts as you can – all that Ectogloop helps count towards getting Hoolio and you’ll need as much as you can get!

Once you’ve finished, you’ll need to go east along the corridor and turn off the next lantern. You’ll see that the foot steps continue along to the right the corridor and and at a door.

Try to go through the door and you’ll get this message:

“It’s locked, there must be a key somewhere…”

To find the key you’ll need to retrace your steps back along the corridor and then upwards until you see a short corridor across the top with nothing buy a lantern in it.

When you turn out the lantern though, a key, burried in gloop will be revealed.

Search the glob and then grab the key.

Now you can go back down to the door at the very bottom (you can follow the foot prints again to help you find it)

Once through the door there’s another lantern to turn off. When you do you’ll see the glowing footprints lead north(up) to an alcove with a chest of drawers.

Get close enough to the chest of drawers and you’ll search it to reveal a hole in the wall.

On the other side of the hole, in the north wall is a door. But this is locked.

There’s also a ghost flying around which you may want to catch if you want to earn more of those Ectogloop points by playing Spectre Collector.

The door is locked, so you can’t make your escape that way just yet!

Follow the room to the right and then down until you find a ladder leading down a pipe.

“Down here! Heeeeeelp!!!” you hear from below.

Enter the pipe and head down until you get the end of mission screen.

At the end of this part you’ll earn, the now usual 100 XP and 100 Rox.

The Moshling from the Black Lagoon – Part Three

Part 3 starts at the doorway at the bottom of the ladder.

The first thing to do it look at the top of this room, there’s a cupboard, a porthole and a hammock on the wall.

Go over to the cupboard and search it. You’ll find an axe which you’ll need in a minute.

“Great we can smash some boxes with this!” you say.

Head down and through the door to the left.

The screen will scroll all the way across Buck’s ship to show you Marsha, trapped in a cage surrounded by water and ghosts!

“Over here!” Marsha cries.

Now go left, ignore the first wooden box you see in the water and follow the path through the water until you find a second box.

Get close enough and you’ll start smashing the box. Once it’s done, you can swap your axe for a plank of wood.

Now carry your plank of wood to the left until you come to a dead end. There’s a life-ring in the top hand corner.

Notice that there are two light coloured areas of the water that blocks your way, one to the north and one to the west. Carry your plank over one of these to make a bridge.

Now run back and pick up the axe again. Now if you go up and slightly to the left you should come across another box. Use the axe to smash this too and get another plank of wood.

Now take this plank to the left and use it to make another bridge over the other section of water.

Right, now you’ve done that, go to the bridge heading north and cross over into the area above. You’ll see a chest there.

Search the chest and you’ll find an orange key.

This isn’t the key you need to rescue Marsha though. We need this key to find something to get rid of the water that’s blocking out way.

Head back to the east(right) until you come to a door to a room in the bottom right hand corner of the boat.

Open the door with this key and you’ll find another ghost surrounded by a whole load of bottles.

Do battle with the ghosts again by playing Spectre Collector. It only takes 20 seconds!

Once you’ve done that the room will be clear for you to explore.

Go to the large bottle on the right with the skull on it and get the cork. Yes, that’s right, we can use this to plug the hole in the boat and stop the water from flooding in.

Now, with the cork, go all the way back to the left to where Marsha is being held captive.

Travel around the ghosts until you get to the hole in the ships hull. Once you’re close enough you’ll start fixing the hole. A progress bar will be shown above you.

Once this done the water around Marsha’s cage vanishes.

Now we’ll need to grab the pink key from the ghosts. Run into the ghosts to get it.

Once you touch the ghost, you’ll have to play Spectre Collector again (just think of the points!)

Now that you’ve got the key, you can go over to Marsha’s cage and open it. Once open, a conversation will start.

“Freedom! Woohoo!” says Marsha.

“For now, at least. But the ghosts are still on the loose!” you say.

“Yes, I saw them heading up to the captain’s cabin!” says Marsha.

“Wish me luck, Marsha. I’m going in!” you reply.

With that the conversation ends.

“Let’s go upstairs!” you say.

Head all the way back over to the right, through the door and up the stairs.

As you climb the stairs the level ends and you get your 100 XP and 100 Rox.

The Moshling from the Black Lagoon – Part Four

From the top of the ladder head up. As you do, a ghost, carrying a pink key will say “!” before carrying the key away.

“That one must be the Captain’s Cabin Key!” you say to yourself.

Remember that these roaming ghosts follow a set pattern around the ship, so there’s no need to go off chasing it.

Just wait outside of the locked door to the captains quarters and sooner or later the Ghost will come round.

Jump on the ghost and play Spectre Collector again to get the pink key.

Once you’ve got the key, head through the door to the noth and up a ladder.

You’ll come out in the captains quarters.

“Where are the ghosts!?” you say to yourself.

AS you head into the middle of the room, ghosts will appear from the four corners of the room.

“Surprise!” they all say.

You’ll need to play Spectre Collector again to clear these ghosts away.

Once that’s done, Marsha climbs up the ladder and appears in the room.

She’ll then start a conversation with you.

“My hero! But what if the ghosts come back?” she asks.

“Couldn’t I come to live with you?”

“Of course! There’s always room at my place!”

Marsha’s profile willappear and you’ll get the chance to add her to your Moshling Zoo. Just click on “Keep It”

And this is the end of the mission.

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