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Season 2, Mission 1, Close Encounters of the Zoshi Kind

A strange UFO has crashed on Music Island and the Super-Moshi’s investigate, but getting to the Island and the crash site turns our to be more of a challenge than you’d expect.

New for the second series of Super-Moshi missions are the EPIC awards. If you can find all three then you’ll get 500 bonus rocks. (You only get this the first time you find them all.)

Simon Growl’s Mansion

When you get to Simon Growls mansion you’ll find that his plane isn’t in the best condition and certainly not capable to fly to Music Island. You’re going to have to fix it.

EPIC – Before we start, open the door on the left hand side of Simon Growls mansion. You’ll find an EPIC just inside the door. Click on this quick!

The location of the wing screws

The first thing you need to do, is to fix Simon Growls plane. You’ll need to find six screws to re-attach the wing. They can be a little hard to find. There’s one by the Door and one near the deck chair.

Location of the wing screws

The easiest screw to find is the one that’s underneath the wing. There other two can be found near Zack Binspin. There’s one under the rug he’s standing on and one in the bin. You can see the locations marked on the image below.

Location of the wing screws

The Sixth Screw

Ah, but where is the sixth screw? In order to get the last screw you’ll need to talk to Zack Binspin. You’ll need to persuade him that you’re a true fan for him to give you the screw.

First you have to guess who he is:
“Are you Zack Binspin?”

As long as you have examined the wing, you’ll be able to talk some more. In order to prove that you’re a true fan, you have to talk to Zach as follows:

  • “I Like you hair, It’s really long!”
  • “Moptop Tweenybop is my favourite song!”
  • “I’ve tried to meet you at Brashcan Alley”

He’ll then give you something to help mend the wing – a screw!

Once you’ve got all six screws, open your backpack and drag a screw onto the wing to start fixing it. To screw the screws in, you’ll need to:

  • Click on the screw to place it into the hole.
  • Move your mouse pointer around the screw anti-clockwise.

Cleaning the windscreen

This is no trouble at all, just click on the windscreen to start and then click on the funny squashed bugs to remove them. Easy.

Pumping up the tire

To pump up the plane’s tyre you’ll need to pick up the Pump-o-matic 2000 hand-pump from near the deck-chair. It’s got a red handle. Drag the pump onto the tyres and then keep clicking on the pump to pump the tyres up.

Now you’re ready to take off! You’ll need to talk to Simon Growl.

Taking off

In order to take off you’ll need to keep tapping the space-bar. This will make the plane travel faster and faster down the runway. It doesn’t matter how quickly you press the space bar, but the quicker you do it – the quicker you’ll take off on your way to Music Island.

Music Island

Once you arrive on Music Island you’ll bump into Buster Bumblechops who’s on an expedition to find a rare nutties moshling. Buster offers to take you to the jungle, but he needs your help to collect his luggage first.

You’ll find yourself in the airport with all the luggage whizzing past on the conveyor belt. You have to click on Buster’s luggage.

You’ll need to click on the Buster’s camera, Buster’s moshling net and Buster’s Travel Trunk.

You’ll also want to grab the purple cage – it’s a Haircase.

EPIC – Once you’ve got everything, open your pouch and drag the haircase to Simon Growl. He’ll say thank-you and leave, but left in his play in the airport will be the second Super Moshi Epic Award! Quickly pick this up!

Now give Buster his things, drag them from your pouch to Buster.

Once he’s got his luggage it’s off to the jungle we go!

In the jungle

As you appear in the Jungle, you’ll hear Buster calling you from the right. Before you go and find out what he wants take note of the little yellow frog to your left – you’ll need to come back and pick it up later.

Talk to Buster and he’ll tell you that you need to find some Mungus Bells. These are the little green flowers at the top of the screen above buster.

Click on these flowers and the moshling CocoLoco will appear in the tree.

Now, you’ll need to try and entice the moshling down. To do this you’ll need to play some music. You’ll need to find some musical instruments and a Frogestra.

Complete the Frogestra

If you click on the two frogs sitting on a leaf, you’ll find out that they’re short of a Croaker. Remember that little yellow frog we spotted at the beginning?

Go back to the left and pick the little fellow up, then open your pouch and place him back next to his friends.

Now we need to find some music instruments. You’ll find that there are some plants that you can select.

The first is three purple flowers that look like drums. Click on them and Buster will tell you that they’re Bongonium Flowers.

Next click on the long part of the tree that looks a little like a saxophone, just behind Buster. It’s a Saxoak.

The last thing to find is just to the left of the Bongoniums. You’ll see a curved row of blue things just above and to the left of Buster. This is a Marimba.

Start the CocoLoco Call

Now Buster will play the instruments and all you have to do is to copy what Buster does and play them again in the right order.

He’ll play three short tunes. Play the instruments in the following order:

1. Marimba, Frogestra.

2. Bongonium Flowers, Frogestra, Marimba

3. Frogestra, Marimba, Bongonium Flowers, Saxoak.

Once you play this tune, all the instruments will burst into life and play some music.

CocoLogo will jump down and run off. He’ll lead you through the dark tunnel to a clearing where you’ll find a crashed UFO and Captain Squirk.

Captain Squirk and the UFO

EPIC – Take a look behind the grass in the bottom right hand corner. There’s an EPIC award just hiding behind the grass. Grab this quickly before you talk to Captain Squirk.

Talk to Captain Squirk now and he’ll tell you all about Zoshlings, his planet, and how his spaceship got whacked by a giant glove and crashed.

He needs help finding his crew who have become scattered around Music Island.

Pick up CocoLoco and you’ll find yourself inside Squirk’s space ship.

Talk to Squirk again and he’ll tell you about his Spaceship, the Rhapsody 2 and show you the on board computer.

Squirk will contact you when the next crew member has been found!

Congratulations, you’ve completed the mission!


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