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Season 2, Mission 6, Welcome to Jollywood

It’s time for the final Super-Moshi mission from the Unknown zone. We’re off to rescue Splutnik who’s lost in Jollywood somewhere.

The mission starts with Captain Squirk telling you that the ship is almost ready to leave we just need to find the last crew member Splutnik. Squirk tells you that apparently he’s somewhere in Jollywood.

Doesn’t sound like a problem does it! Luckily for us, Captain Squirk is going to send Dr C Fingz to help us!

Track Splutnik

we find ourselves in Jollywood and Dr C Fingz tells you that he can sense Splutnik somewhere near the Bobbi SingSong poster. we need to investigate.

Click on the poster and it’ll reveal a secret door with a Blue Jeepers moshling on it. Now we need to open it. Rather strangely at this point a record player appears from nowhere. Unfortunately it appears to be broken.

The Blue Jeepers moshling confirms that we’ve found the secret entrance to Bobbi SingSong’s Yoga Retreat

Apparentlt Bobbi SingSong is Jollywood’s biggest gooperstar, but rumour has it he takes breaks from his stardom at his secret yoga retreat (which we’ve just found!)

Bobbi onlyt lets in monsters who have a jolly good taste in music.

Fix the record player

In order to get into the Yoga Retreat, we need to fix the record player.

Click on the record player and Dr C Fingz will tell you that it’s an antique, but it’s missing it’s horn.

So now we know what we need to find a horn for it.

Scroll to the left a bit and you’ll see a music shop. In the window of the music show is what looks like a brown horn. Click on the horn.

Snozzani, the shopkeeper asks “Are you trying to steal my horn?” (Of course we’re not!)

Click on Snozzani to talk to him. You’ll ask him how much for the record player horn but unfortunately he’ll tell you that it’s not for sale as it’s an antique. The good news is that he may be prepared to exchange it for something. What he really wants is a red flower but the flower shop is sold out! He’ll give us the horn if we find him a red flower with six tear-shaped petals.

Nothing is ever simple is it!

Find a flower for Snozzani

Now to the left of the screen near Dr C Fingz you’ll see a rather bright blue flower. Hmm…

If you click on it you’ll see that it looks like the flower Snozzani described , except that it’s blue.

Now, scroll to the right and click on the rather unfortunately red monster with the glasses on. His name is Moe Pukka.

“You look really red are you ok?”

Apparently he tried this new spice, but it was SO SPICY that it turned Moe Pukka red!

(Now we know something else we want to turn red don’t we? Yes, the flowers!)

Moe Pukka asks for help, we’ve got to find something to cool him down.

Cool Down Mow Pukka

Scroll all the way back to the right and look at the flower shop. You should see a green watering can. Click on the watering can. “The water in this could cool of anything!” Sounds like just the trick!

Click on OK and the watering can will be added to your pouch!

Now, scroll back to the left so that you can see Moe Pukka again. Open your pouch and drag the watering can onto Moe.

To say thanks Moe Pukka gives you a red hot spice. Keep your pouch open as we’ll need to use it!

Turn the flower red

Scroll back to the right and drag the red hot spice onto the blue flower.

It can be a bit fiddly, but get it right and you’ll turn the flower red. Click on the flower to pick it up. Now we’ll need to give it to Snozzani!

Give the flower to Snozzani

Keeping your pouch open, drag the flower onto Snozzani. He’ll give you the antique record player in exchange. He’ll very happy with the red flower we’ve give him, it’s just so fiery red!

Take the record player horn from your pouch and drag it onto the record player.

Groovy Gateway

Now we play the first mini-game of the mission. In this one we need to play the record at the right speed by pressing the space bar at the right speed. If we press it too fast or too slow we won’t get past the gate.

Keep pressing the space bar to get the green indicator into the middle section of the speed gauge at the top of the screen. Don’t press it too fast, wait for the indicator to slide back down before pressing it again. You’ll soon get a feel for how quickly you’ll need to press it.

As you keep the indicator in the middle section, the lights around the gate will start to light up. Light them all up and the gate will open!

Go to the Yoga Retreat

Dr C Fingz is keen to check it out – BUT WAIT

EPIC Before we leave the level, there’s an epic to collect. Scroll all the way to the right and click on the “J” of Jollywood. An Epic will appear! Click on it!

Now we can click on the gate to got into the retreat.

Find Splutnik

We find ourselves in Bobby SingSong’s Yoga retreat. Bobbi is hear along with a suspicious looking character who goes by the name “Big Chief Tiny Head”

Bobbi is talking to the Big Chief. He asks him if he has any wisdom for him today.

The Big Chief’s response is not very convincing. “Be heap um biggum one with yourself, and you shall never be not um one with yourself.” Sounds like rubbish if you ask me, but Bobbi Singsong seems happy with it.

Click on Bobbi SingSong to talk to him. The Big Chief interrupts “How did you get in here!”

He’ll then ask you who you are, realises that you’re a Super Moshi and then makes his excuses and leaves. (Late for his “biggum hula dance class” apparently!

Even Bobbi SingSong comments on how quickly the Big Chief disappears! “Wow, he doesn’t dilly-dally.” Bobbi thinks that he’s gone back to the mountain top temple.

Now click on Bobbi SingSong again to talk to him. You’ll tell him that you’re looking for a Zoshling. Unfortunately Bobbi doesn’t know what a Zoshling is.

Luckily for us, Dr C Fingz has spotted him. He’s floating at the top of the screen. “Look he’s up there!”

Bobbi explains that the Zoshling has totally transcended, that he’s tried for so long to get into that state but the Zoshling did it so quickly! He’s a bit worried though, he’s been up there for a while.

We tell Bobbi “Well, we need to get him down. Is there anything we can do?”

Bobbi explains that there is this mantra that he has that’s supposed to get anyone out of a deep trance. He’s not sure how it works though.

The mantra goes, “A smell quite right, an ear’s delight, a touch so light

Dr C Fingz explains that we need to somehow use the mantra to get Splutnik down.

Find “A smell quite right”

Click on the large dish with the steam rising from it and you’ll find out that what ever that is, it smells delicious! Think this is the first part of the mantra – we’ve just got to get the smell to the Zoshling!

Take a look at the top right hand corner of the screen and you should see a fan suspended in the tree. (What it’s doing there I just don’t know!) Click on the fan to add it to your pouch.

Open your pouch and drag the fan to just to the right of the pan on the stove.

Click on the fan to start it, and you should see the steam being blown over to the floating zoshling. Bobbi SingSong says “It’s working! That must be “A smell quite right”.

You should see the Zoshling Splutnik float downwards.

Find “An Ear’s Delight”

Just above the fan, in the container with the spatula is a flute. Click on this to add it to your pouch.

Open your pouch, and drag the flute over your monster. Luckily you can play the flute! Bobbi SingSong says “That is definitely a delight for my ears.

Again, the Zoshling should drift down again.

Find “A touch so light”

Just above the pan, to the right of Bobbi SingSong, you should see a small feather lying on the floor. Click on this feather to add it to your pouch – “This feather’s so light it could float away!

Open your pouch and drag the feather over the Zoshling (again, this can be tricky to get right.)

Bobbi SingSong says, “You tickled him! With a touch so light!

After laughing a little, the Zoshling should now be on the mat. He’s a little confused but Bobbi explains that he’s at Bobbi SingSong’s Yoga Retreat.

Splutnik and Dr. C. Fingz are happy to see each other!

Splutnik talks to you, asking who you are, you explain that you’re a Super Moshi who got the Zoshling out of it’s trance.

Splutnik asks where his jet pack is before realising that Big Chief Tiny Head has stolen it and put him in this trance.

Asking where he could be now, Splutnik says he’s always at the mountaintop temple.

Go to the temple

Bobbi SingSong knows where it is and says that we should let him know when we’re ready to go.

There’s something we need to do first..

See the juke box in the bottom left hand corner of the screen? Click on this four times to play music to make Bobbi SingSong happy and you’ll be rewarded with an Epic. Click on the Epic!

Click on Bobbi SingSong to go to the temple.

The Mountaintop Temple

So, here’s where Big Chief Tiny Head is, and he’s laughing! We confront Big Chief

“Why did you put Splutnik in a trance?”, you ask. He says it gave him “Just enough time to research his jet pack!”

Apparently we have no idea who we’re dealing with (I think we’ve got a pretty good idea…)

Bobbi SingSong certainly can’t believe it either! He’s stunned to find out that Big Chief Tiny Head is a fraud.

There’s only one way that this is going to be settled – a Dance Off!

There’s only one small problem, the Dance floor is a bit dirty.

Scrub the Dance Floor

Looks like it’s down to us to clean up the dance floor, here’s another mini-game: “Do the Scrub Step!”

If you’ve ever cleaned your Moshlings in your Zoo then you’ll find this remarkably similar.

Just click and hold the mouse to scrub the dance floor clean. Don’t worry too much about moving the mouse around in a scrubbing action – Just click and hold the brush over the dirt and watch it magically vanish before your eyes!

The game ends when you’ve cleaned up all the dirt.

Big Chief Tiny Head now tells us that it might be missing some stones too.

Fix the Dance Floor

NOTE! There seems to be a bug here. Sometimes it’s not possible to click on the piece of floor just behind Splutnik. It didn’t happen the first couple of times I played the level, but it seems to be happening now.

This isn’t too hard. Big Chief Tiny Head tells us that there should be a few stones lying around and to be honest, it’s pretty obvious where they are. There’s one at the bottom of the screen near where you’re standing. The second is just above Splutnik’s head and the last one is propped up against the wall on the right.

Click on each stone to add it to your pouch, then open your pouch and drag the stones onto the empty blue squares. (It doesn’t make any difference which stone goes on which square.)

Win the Dance Off

Once all the squares are in place the dance floor will light up and Bobbi will say “Let’s Dance!”

And here we start the last mini-game – Diabolical Disco!

In this game we have to play the bongos for Bobbi SingSong using the left, up and right cursor keys. There’s nothing particularly complicated about this. Just hit those keys in any order you like as fast as you can. The faster you do it, the quicker you’ll get through the mini-game.

After the game Big Chief Tiny Head admits that we tore up the dance floor, but it doesn’t matter as he got what he came for! Then he starts with more of that laughter!

We now get a little movie. Big Chief Tiny head teleports away and the ceiling, covered with spikes for good measure, starts to descend. Erk!

Just when it looks like everyone is going to die, who should appear but ELDER FURI. He uses his staff to zap the ceiling and stop it.

After the movie, we start a conversation with Elder Furi.

When you ask him where he’s been, he’ll tell you that after the big battle with Strangeglove he got sucked up by Scare Force One b ut managed to escape by jumping out of the window and using his cape as a parachute.

He landed on a remote part of Music Island and spend the last few months wandering, trying to find his way. Then he got an anonymous note saying the Super Moshis were in Jollywood so just had to investigate.

When you ask him about Big Chief Tiny Head he doesn’t know much about him – except that he’s got CLONC written all over him.

So what should we do now. Elder Furi tells us to stay vigilant, CLONC can not prevail. We should return the Zoshling to his ship and Elder Furi will be waiting for us at the volcano.

Pick up Bobbi

Before we do anything else, there’s something we’ve got to do first…

EPIC Click on the jet pack at the back of the hall to pick it up, open your pouch and give the jet pack to Splutnik. An EPIC award will appear on the pedestal where the jet pack used to be.

Now click on Bobbi SingSong to pick him up and add him to your Zoo.

Back on the Space Ship

Captain Squirk asks what happened. You can give Squirk an update and tell him that Splutnik was stuck in a deep trance at Bobbi SingSong’s Yoga Retreat and that it was Big Chief Tiny Head who put him in the trace. We think that he was a member of CLONC who was researching Splutnik’s jet pack.

Captain Squirk thanks us now that his whole crew has been reunited – Just a few more checks before they’re ready for take off.

Congratulations – this is the end of the last Season 2 Super Moshi mission.


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On Nov 10, 09:01 AM Ellen wrote:

For some daft reason it won’t let me finish scrubbing the dance floor, when I scrub it the dirt stays there.

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I can finish scrubbing the dance floor PLZ HELP

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thanks for your help and thankyou for everything. you really helped me out i was very stuck until i got hepl off you xxx

On Nov 28, 06:39 PM poppy wrote:

This really helped me!! thanks

On Aug 19, 10:43 AM Moshi Secrets wrote:

There does appear to be a bug in the game that sometimes stops you from picking up the stone from behind Splutnik. It didn’t happen to me the first couple of times I played the level, but has happened since. I’ve sent an email to Moshi Monsters. I’ll let you know what the response is.

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On Aug 17, 07:17 PM zombie2009002 wrote:

HELP!!!! i canot get the stone behind splutnik to put on the dance floor. does any one know why? pleas help

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The season 2 missions were amazing!!!