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Season 3, Mission 6 - Moptop Mischief

Moptop Mischief

Moptop Mischief is the sixth Mission in season three and the thing that gets most people excited about this mission is that you finally get to collect Zack Binspin!

Here’s our complete walk-though to the mission which I’m afraid is only available to Moshi Members.

Part 1

You start the mission in the Super-Moshi volcano, talking to Elder Furi.

“Have no fear, Elder Furi! I, Super Moshi, will keep Monstro City safe from danger!” you say.

“What are you talking about young monster? There’s no danger here!” replies Elder Furi.

“In fact, the city’s so safe that I think you deserve a break…” he continues.

“I’ve got you a V.I.P. backstage pass to he Moshi Fest Concert at Trembly Stadium!”

Wow! A ticket to Moshi Fest! That sounds amazing!

“Wow! Monsterific! Thanks, Elder Furi!”

“You’re welcome. Have a roarsome time watching Zack Binspin, Super Moshi!”

With that we get a quick cut-scene as we fly off to Wembly stadium on Music Island.

Go to the V.I.P. area

When you arrive the scene pans across showing you the inside of Trembly Stadium.

Guarding the V.I.P. area is Bubba who’s obviously decided to take a break from looking after the Underground Disco.

“Zack’s not on stage for a while.” you say to yourself.

“Let’s check out the V.I.P. area.”

Before you do, click on the strange pink stall on the right.

“That’s one weird sweetie stall!” you say.

I wonder if that’s a clue. I doesn’t half remind me of Sweet-Tooth! Anyway, that’s for later. There’s something else we need to do before we try and get into the V.I.P. area…

EPIC Yes, there’s an epic to get! Click on the wooden door of the blue and yellow striped building. The door will open, you’ll hear a flushing sound and an Epic will appear. Pick up the Epic quick!

Ok, got that? Let’s get on with the mission.

Click on Bubba, standing outside of the V.I.P. entrance.

Your monster will walk over to Bubba and start a conversation.

“Hold it right there! The V.I.P. area is closed!” says Bubba. He’s not going to let you though is he!

Click on “Why?”

“No one is allowed in!”

Click on “But I’ve got a V.I.P. backstage pass!”

“Tough luck. You still can’t go in.” says Bubba.

“Pass or no pass, you can’t go in. Zack’s having a tantrum.”

Click on “Really, why?”

“I’ve got better things to do than talk to you.”

“Just move along, monster. Enjoy the rest of the festival.”

And that ends the conversation. It doesn’t look as if it’s going to be easy to get past Bubba.

“Hmmm… What’s going on in there?” you wonder to yourself.

Talk to the stall’s owner

“Maybe the stall keepers will know something?”

Scroll to the left to see the two monsters standing behind their counters in what looks like a brown bush! Odd!

Click on the pink monster in hat to start a conversation.

“Hi!” you say.

“No time to talk!” the monster replies.

“I’ve forgotten the must, that I need to set up my stall!”

Find some music

We’re back in the Stadium again.

“Find my keyflue, it has (pink jingle bells*, and a keyboard on it.” says the Monster.

Scroll all the way over to the right hand side, to the strange pink stall.

Lying on the ground you should see a strange musical instrument with a small keyboard on it. Click on the instrument, the keyflue to pick it up.

“This looks like a musical instrument” you say.

Scroll back to the left and open your inventory and then drag the keyflute onto the pink monster to give it to them.

Play some music

The keyflue will appear infront of you.

“You found my keyflue! Can you play the right music to raise my stall?” asks the monster.

If you click on the front of the counter the monster is standing behind, you say:

“These symbols look like they match the parts on the instrument!

“Maybe I should play the instrument in the order of these parts.” you say.

All you have to do here is play the parts of the instrument in the same order as they’re displayed on the counter.

So, Click on the instrument in the following order:

  • The keyboard
  • The blue horn
  • The pink bells.

Once you’ve played these in the right order the instrument will play a little jingle and a monster, the stall, will appear!

“Great! I’m back in business!” the stall-holder says.

A conversation starts.

“Wonderful! My stall is ready! How can I help you?” says the monster.

Click on “Woah! Your stall is a monster?”

“Yes. It’s very handy. At the end of the day, he packs himself away!”

Click on “What’s going on in the V.I.P. area?”

“I heard that Zack Binspin has lost something dear to him!” says the monster.

“He’s sulting in the V.I.P. area. No one else is allowed in.”

“What a stroppy little starlet!”

With that the conversation ends.

“What has Zack lost” you ask yourself.

Talk to the other shopkeeper

Now it’s time to talk to the other shopkeeper. Maybe they can shed some light on what’s going on.

Click on the monster with the spiky hair to start a conversation.

“Hello!” you say.

“Sorry I can’t chat.” the monster replies.

“I can’t find the Honky-tar musical instrument I need to set up stall.”

“It has 2 green horns, and blue strings can you find it?

Find the musical instrument

We’re back in the stadium again. The Honky-tar isn’t too hard to find. Just look at what’s sticking out if the green bush in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Click on the Honky-tar to pick it up then open your inventory and drag the instrument onto the stall-holder. It’ll appear infront of you, just like the other instrument did.

“You found the Honky-tar! Now play the right music to raise my stall!”

You know the drill here. Look at the counter in front of the monster and play the parts of the instrument in the right order.

  • the drum
  • the strings
  • the green horns.

Once you play the parts in the right order a jingle with play and the Merchandise stall will appear.

A conversation starts:

“I thought I’d never get set up!” says the stall holder.

Click on “What do you sell here?”

“All the best Moshi Fest merchandise!” says the stall-holder.

Click on “Have you heard the rumours about Zack?”

“I heard that he lost something but that’s all I know.”

“Nobody should keep their fans from waiting like this!” says the monster.

“Have this to cheer you up… It’s a signed pic of Zack with his lost bear.”

You’ll see a closeup of Zack Binspin, sitting in his bin, holding his favourite bear. Click on the X to continue.

“Maybe there’s a clue in that photo.” you say to yourself.

The screen scrolls to the right as a bear walking on to the screen. A bear that looks strangely familiar. It looks like Zack’s lost bear!

H3. Talk to the teddy bear

“Arr! This Festival be spectacularrrr!” says the bear.

Wait a minute. I think we recognise that voice!

Click on the bear to start a conversation with him.

“Hey there!” you say.

“Ahoy… I mean hi!” says the bear.

Click on “Captain Buck? Is that you?”

“Eh? Captain what now? You be mistaken matey!” say the bear in a not-very convincing way.

“Why are you dressed like a teddy bear?”

“Im Binspin mad! Zack’s biggest fans all know he loves his teddy!”

“You mustn’t tell anymore, though. He’s a bit embarressed.” says Captain Buck.

The action switches back to the Festival again.

“Maybe I could wear that costume to get into the V.I.P. area!” you say.

A coversation starts with the bear again!

“Can I borrow that costume off you?”

“But I spent months making this for Zack!” says Captain Buck.

“Well maybe we could trade…”

Swap stuff with the Zack Fan

“Maybe. Got any Zack Binspin stuff you want to swap?” says Captain Buck in the bear costume.

Open your inventory and drag the Zack Binspin Photo onto the bear.

“A rare signed photo of Zack!” says the bear.

“The costume’s all yours.”

Put on the teddy costume

The costime now appears in your inventory and standing in the stadium is Captain Buck.

“Let’s put the Teddy Costume on!” you say.

Drag the costume out of your inventory and drop it onto your monster.

In a puff of magic, your monster will change into the bear costume!

“I wonder if this costume can fool Bubba?” you say.

You walk over to Bubba.

“You must be Zack’s lost bear!” says Bubba.

“Phew! He’ll be glad to see you alright!”

“In you go, Ted…”

And that’s the end of Part 1 of Moptop Mischief!

Part 2

Moptop Mischief Part 2

The second part of the mission starts backstage in the VIP are. Zack Binspin in there as well as his very own Sushi-Chef.

“Wow this place is fancy” you say.

“There’s Zack Binspin, let’s talk to him.

Talk to Zack Binspin

Click on Zack Binspin to start a conversation.

“Hi, Zack. Mr Binspin, I mean.” you say, still dressed in your teddy bear disguise.

“Who let you in? COUGH-COUGH Security!” says Zack.

Click on “Wait! Don’t you recognise me?”

“Nope should I?” replies Zack.

Click on “I’m your long lost teddy! Come here and give me a hug!”

“You’re not my teddy! He can’t talk!” says Zack. There’s no fooling him!

“Ok, you got me. I’m actually…”

You take off the outfit to reveal…

“…Super Moshi!”

“So you’ve lost your favourite teddy bear?” you ask.

“Yeah. It’s a total downer!” says Zack.

“I can’t go on stage without knowing he’s safe.”

“Don’t worry, Zack. I’ll find your missing teddy!” you promise.

Find Zack’s teddy bear.

We’re back in the back-stage area now. Where should we start to look for the teddy bear? Perhaps the sushi chef knows something.

Click on the chef to start a conversations.

“Welcome to No Sushi.” says the chef.

Click on “Who Are you?”

“I’m Benny Haha! Mr. Binspin’s personal sushi chef.” says Benny.

Click on “Have you seen Zack’s teddy?”

“I had a look before, but couldn’t find anything.” says Benny.

“Hmm… I don’t think I checked gumball machine.”

“I can’t handle round things with these claws!”

With that, the conversation ends. Let’s check out the gumball machine. You’ll see it standing on the left hand side of the screen.

Click on the gumball machine.

Underneath the machine is a teddy bear.

“Is this Zack’s teddy bear?” you say.

Click on the bear to pick it up and place it in your inventory.

Give the teddy back to Zack

“Teddy was under the gumball machine! WHo put that thing these, anyway?”

Open you pouch and drag the teddy bear onto Zack to give his teddy bear back to him.

This starts a conversation.

“Here’s your teddy bear Zack!”

“T… T… teddy? COUGH-COUGH!” says Zack. He doesn’t sound very well at all!

“Groan. I don’t feel so good.” says Zack.

“I’m going to take a nap in my trash can.”

Talk to Benny Haha

We’re back in the VIP area again. We’ve got to find out what’s wrong with Zack Binspin.

“Oh no! Now what’s wrong with Zack?” you say.

Click on Benny Haha, the sushi chef, to start a conversation.

“Zack’s not well! Can you help?” you ask.

“What a disaster! Hmm… Maybe I can!”

“Zack ate some candy from that stall outside.” says Benny.

You’ll see a suspicious pink and yellow box. Click on the “x” to close.

“That creepy candy stall owner needs checking out!” you say.

A conversation starts with Benny.

“I’ve got an idea! There’s a certain special sushi that can cure sick Moshlings of almost anything!” says Benny.

“Trouble is, I’ve forgotten the recipe! If you can rediscover it for me…”

“… I can make Cure-All Sushi for Zack!”

“Sounds like a plan! I’ll check out the candy stall again.

Investigate the Candy Stall

We’re back outside again.

“He’s the candy stall, let’s check it out.”

Click on the stall.

“This still is closed up tight. There must be a way to open it.”

Click on the candy cane pegs holding the front of the stall down.

“These candy cane pegs are holding the cover down.” you say.

“There must be a way to remove this candy cane peg.”

Maybe the other stall holders know. Let’s ask them.

Scroll all the way to the left, to the other stalls.

Click on the stall holder to start a coversation.

Click on “When did the candy stall close?”

“Oh about five minutes ago?” the stall holder replies.

“Very foolish if you ask me. They will be losing customers!”

Click on “Where did the candy stall owner go?”

“Funny little thing… They just shut up shop and vanished!”

“That creepy stall owner might be in the V.I.P area.”

They’re the only monster who’s got a V.I.P. pass.”

Click on “What did the stall keeper look like?”

“I couldn’t quite get a good look at ‘em… “

“Short. And they had a lollipop. That’s all I remember.” replies the stall holder.

Click on “Any ideas about how to open the candy stall?”

“It looks like it’s held down by them candy cane pegs

“You should find something to remove the pegs.

EPIC Before we go any further, there’s an EPIC to pick up here. Take a look at the very top of the mauth of the stall with the spikey haired moster. You’ll see the bottom part of an EPIC award peeking out. It’s just about the posted of Zack Binspin. Click on the award to pick it up! Good job!

Click on Bubba.

“You again? I told you before, NO entry to into the V.I.P area!”

OK, let’s see if we can open this stall.

Scroll all the way over to the right hand side to the Candy stall again.

Just infront of the stage, you should see a spade. Click on the spade to pick it up.

“This spade should be handy to dig something out” you say to yourself.

Open your investory and drag the spade onto one of the candy canes.

“That’s done the trick! Only three more candy canes to remove!”

Open your investory and drag the spade onto the next cane.

“Only two more candy canes to remove!”

Use the spade again.

Uh-oh! The spade appears infront of the stage again. This time it’s in two parts.

“Oh no the spade!” you say.

Fix the spade

Click on the spade.

“I need to fix the spade” you say.

“I could fix this spade with something sticky…”

At the bottom of the Candy stall, you should see some multi-coloured balls on the floor. These are gum-balls.

Click on the gumballs.

“Cor! Chewey bubblegum! I can eat this!” you say.

Open your inventory and drag the bubble gum onto your monster.

“Mmm! Slopcorn flavoured gum!”

“Once it’s chewed up, this gum is very sticky!”

Open your inventory and drag the chewed bubblegum onto the spade.

“Hey! I can use the sticky gum to fix the spade!”

“Whoohoo! the spade is fixed!”

Open the candy stall

“Let’s use it to dig out the last candy cane peg.”

Click on the now fixed spade to pick it up.

Open your inventory and drag the spade onto the last candy cane.

When you remove the last cane the stall opens.

“That’s the candy stall open! Let’s take a look around.”

Investigate the candy stall

In the middle of the stall you should be able to see what looks like a yellow scroll. Click on this to pick it up.

It’s an evil to-do list! It says:

1. Make Zack Binspin ill with my candy
2. Hypnotise the monsters at his concert

If I become ill, here is the sushi cure.

Next to this, is a picture of the sushi cure. We’ll need to get this to Benny. Click on the “x” to close the screen.

“The candy stall owner is poisoning Zack!” you say to yourself.

“Luckily, they wrote down the Cure-All Sushi recipe.”

“I need to get back to the V.I.P area!”

Go back to the V.I.P. area

Scroll back to the left and click on Bubba.

“I can’t go back this way.” you say.

We’ll have to try and find another way into the V.I.P. area.

“How did the candy stall owner get in?” you ask yourself.

It’s a good question! Look at the candy stall again. In the back of the stall there’s a dark tunnel, illuminated by lights. Click on the tunnel.

“This looks like a secret tunnel.” you say.

Now we find ourself backstage again in the V.I.P. area.

Give the recipe to the sushi chef

“The candy stall owner dug a tunnel into the V.I.P room!” you say.

“Konnichiwa, Super Moshi!” Have you got the recipe I needed?” asks Benny.

“nNo time to worry about that! Let’s give the recipe to Benny!” you say.

Open your inventory and then drag the Cure-All Sushi Recipe onto Benny to give it to him.

A conversation will start.

“The recipe for Cure-All Sushi? You bet!”

“Wok and roll! That’s great news!” says Benny.

“All you need to do is show me a picture of the right kind of sushi.”

“Let’s have another look at the right sushi recipe…”

You’ll see the to-do list again. Take a good look at the sushi cure in the bottom right hand corner.

Click on the “x” to close the to-do list.

You’ll now get a display of various different types of sushi. The three layers are muddled up so you’ll need to use the arrows at each side of each layer to pin the layers around. Keep doing this until it look like the sushi on the picture.

“I have the Cure-All-Sushi I need to give it to Zack right away!”

Give the Cure-All Sushi to Zack

Open your inventory and drag the sushi onto Zack to give it to him. As you do this a conversation will start.

“Eat up, Zack. This sushi will soon make you better!” you say.

“Sushi? Blech! Not Likely! I only like sugary things! Hehehehehehe!” says Zack.

Click on “Eh? But you’ve got your own sushi chef!”

“What? No he doesn’t work for me!” says Zack.

Click on “You look and sound different?”

“I think I look better! And I feel great! Hehehehehehehe!”

“I’ve gonna put on a sweet show! Hehehehehehehe!” says Zack.

“Hold it! You’re not Zack!” you say.

The conversation ends here as Bubba comes into the V.I.P. area.

“Curtains up, Zack! We need you on stage pronto!” says Bubba.

WAIT!!!!!” you say.

But it looks like it’s too late. The action switches to cut-scene showing Zack – or at least the imposter pretending to be Zack on stage.

He’s playing some kind of strange guitar – badly. The Moshlings don’t like it so the imposter reveals themselves as Sweet Tooth!

Playing the guitar, Sweet Tooth hypnotises the audience of Moshlings. Oh no!

And that’s the end of the second part of Moshtop-Mischief.

Part 3

Part 3 starts with a quick recap from the end of the last part. Sweet Tooth is disguised as Zack Binspin although the Moshling audience aren’t impressed with his performance.

Sweet Tooth, angry at this reaction, start to hypnotise the Moshlings.

We start the mission back stage in the V.I.P. area.

“Sweet Tooth is hypnotising the crowd!” you announce.

“I better not go out there! The real Zack Binspin must still be around.”

“I need to find him!” you say to yourself.

Find Zack Binspin

Click on the Sushi Chef Benny, to start a conversation with him.

“There’s a rotten C.L.O.N.C. villain on the loose, Super Moshi! You must stop them!” says Benny.

Click on “Why haven’t you been hypnotised?”

“My prawny hearing must be different ot you monsters!” replies Benny.

“I don’t feel any different to normal.”

Click on “Do you know where Zack is?”

“Zack must be around here somewhere.” replies Benny.

“Have you checked his bin?”

EPIC Before we do that, there’s an EPIC to get. Look at the top of the screen and you’ll see two doors with stars on. Click on the smaller door to the right and it’ll open to reveal an EPIC. Click on the epic to pick it up.

Now, look at the sofa next to the trashcan. Can you see something moving behind the cushion.

Click on the cushion to reveal Zack!

Cure Zack Binspin

“Zack is still sick, let’s give him the Cure-All Sushi.”

Now we need to make Zack feel better.

Open your inventory and drag the Cure-All Sushi onto Zack to give it to him.

A conversation with Zack will start.

“Zack! Are you alright?” you ask.

“Phew! I think so! What happened to me?” asks Zack.

Click on “You lost your teddy.”

“Oh! You know about Teddy?” says Zack.

“Don’t tell anyone, will you? Teddy’s not great for my image!”

Click on “You were poisoned by Sweet Tooth!”

“And now Sweet Tooth is on stage hypnotising the crowd!” you tell Zack.

“No way, baby! That clown-faced creep is so not cool!” says Zack.

“We have to stop Sweet Tooth!”

Sabotage the Auto Tune 2000

“It looks like Sweet Tooth’s Auto Tuna 2000 is actually a mind control machine!” says Zack.

“Somebody pull the plug!”

If you look at the TV screen with the swirling pattern, you’ll see a box in front of it with two wires leading out of it.

Click on the wires to unplug it.

“Well, I’ve turned off Sweet Tooth’s hypnotic music…”

“Groovy work, Super Moshi! I’ll deal with Sweet Tooth!”

And now we have to play a mini-game against Sweet-Tooth.

Sweet Tooth Dance-Off Mini-Game

In this mini-game we have to remember the order to dance moves that get displayed on the screen and then enter them in the right order.

There are only four moves to remember (up, down, left and right), but the order is random every time you play the mission.

There are 5 rounds – each round adds another move onto the pattern. (So the most you’ll have to remember is 6 moves)

Every time you enter a correct pattern, Zack will do a little dance.

Once you’ve got all the patterns right, Zack will win!

Once you’ve defeated Sweet Tooth, you’ll start a conversation with Zack.

“That was roarsome, Zack! You sure showed Sweet Tooth.” you say.

“I know, I know. I’m totally cool…” says Zack.

“But you’re awesome too Super Moshi. I like your style!”

“Hey! Can I hang at your place? I need a change of scene from Trashcan Alley.”

Collect Zack

“You’d be very welcome, Zack!”

Click on Zack Binspin to pick him up. He’ll do a little dance and have a little sing for you!

Once his profile appears, click on “Keep It” to add Zack to your Moshling Zoo.

And with that the mission comes to an end.

What do you think of Moshtop-Mischief. How do you feel about getting Zack Binspin in your Zoo!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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the blue and yellow striped building in part one where you get the epic is a bathroom

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