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Season 3, Mission 5 - Gustbusters

Season 3 continues with another three part mission. This time we’ve got to save Monstro City from strange, foul smelling clouds that are causing the residents of Monstro City to fall asleep!

As is now usual, there are three EPICs to collect, one in each part. Completing all three parts will get you the Moshling, Sprinkles, to add to your Moshling Zoo.

Part 1

We start the mission talking to Elder Furi in the in the Super-Moshi HQ.

SUPER MOSHI!” says Elder Furi. “There are reports of an odd smell causing monsters to fall asleep on Sludge Street!”

“It might have something to do with the strange green cloud.” he adds.

“Weird! I’ll head over there straight away!” you tell him.

The scene cuts ot a rather gloomy looking Sludge Street. The sky is a horrible brown/purple shade and there’s a moshling standing in the street. Worse still, there are some strange clouds floating around!

“The mysterious cloud are all over Sludge Street” you say, stating the obvious.

The screen scroll to reveal the full horror of the scene. The shop keepers are lying asleep outside on the street!

“OH NO! The clouds have done something to the monsters!”

Go down Sludge Street

“I need to do something FAST!” you say.

If you click on the strange cloud in front of the cows, you say “Woah that cloud is stinky! And… YAWN… It’s making me sleepy!”

The pink striped moshling, Sprinkles, who’s shaped like a watering can then runs off to the right.

“That Moshling is unaffected by the clouds? I wonder why. We should talk!” you say from off the screen.

The screen now scrolls back to the left to where you’re standing, and the green cloud that was in front of the cows drifts upwards.

“The cloud has lifted, I can get past it.” you say.

The cloud then starts floating up and down. If you click on the cloud you’re told “That cloud is really stinky, I need to avoid walking through it!” Sounds like good advice to me!

You’ll have to time things right so that you walk under the cloud when it’s up in the air. Click on the path to get your monster to move forwards.

After you’ve got past the first cloud, a huge grumpy green cloud drifts into sight.

“What is that?” you ask.

If you click on the cloud, you say “Hello there!” but the cloud does not respond.

Time your run again to dash under the second cloud and run past Mizz Snoots who’s lying asleep outside Horrords.

Click on Mizz Snoots.

“I need to find help fast! Maybe that Moshling can help?”

Time your run again and dash under the next cloud.

Click on the sleeping Dewy outside the DIY shop.

“They are all completely asleep! That Moshling must be able to help!”

Wait for the next cloud to rise again, and dash forward.

“I can talk to that Moshling now!” you say.

Uh-oh! That big grumpy cloud is back!

“That thing is making me nervous!” you say.

Click on Sprinkles, the moshling, to start a conversation.

“Hi there! I’m Sprinkles the Magical Tinkler!

Click on “What are you doing here?”

“I am just taking a stroll along Sludge Street!” says the moshling. “But all those clouds have made all the monsters sleepy?”

Click on “How come those stinky clouds don’t affect you, then?”

“I ate some nice smelling things to cover up that nasty pong!” explains Sprinkles.

“And now the clouds don’t affect you?”

“No! I can’t smell them at all!”

Click on “What’s that floating thing above us?”

“I don’t know! It looks mean though!”

Click on “Can you help the monsters on Sludge Street?”

“Hmm… The poor things. I might have an idea!”

Help the shopkeeper

“Maybe I can wake them up by spraying some nice smells around.

Click on Raarghly, the red monster asleep outside Dodgy Dealz.

Sprinkles, will spray water over the shopkeeper who will spring back to life.

“That’s done the trick!” says Sprinkles.

“I need more nice smelling things, if I’m going to help Tamara and the other monsters!” he continues.

A conversation with Raarghly starts.

“Thanks for the cosmic helping hand Super Moshi!” says Raarghly. “But Mizz Snoots and Dewy down the street need help too!”

“I’ve got a plan to help them. Do you have any nice smelling things?” you ask.

“Smelly stuff? I don’t know. These are the only things I have on me!”

Find a nice smelling item

Raarghly drops a bunch of items on the floor. You’ll need to click on the item that smells nice – in this case it’s the Smiley daisy flower.

“These smell fresh and good! Let’s give this to Sprinkles.” you say.

Open your inventory and drag the daisy onto Sprinkles to give it to him.

“Flowers! That should work. Maybe the other monsters will have more nice smelling things for me!” says Sprinkles.

Sprinkles dashes off to the left.

Follow Sprinkles back under the cloud.

Help shopkeeper Dewy

“Time to help Dewy! you say.

Sprinkles gives Dewy a blast of fresh smelling spray which causes him to wake up and start a conversation.

“What happened to me, Super Moshi?” asks Dewy.

Click on “The stinky cloud made you fall asleep. But I saved you!”

“Stinky cloud? Oh my! Thank you, Super Moshi!”

Click on “no time to talk! Do you have anything that smells nice?”

“Nice smelling items? Let’s have a little looky in my shop!” says Dewy.

Give Sprinkles an item

“I need to find Sprinkles an item that smells nice.”

Click on the red flower next to Dewy to pick it up.

“These smell fresh and good! Let’s give this to Sprinkles.”

Open your inventory and drag the red flowers onto Sprinkles.

That will do nicely! Let’s go help Mizz Snoots!”

Help shopkeeper Mizz Snoots

Sprinkles scampers off to the left where Mizz Snoots is lying asleep out side of Horrods.

Watch out for the cloud and join Sprinkles.

The big grumpy cloud floats along too following you.

“I wonder what that thing wants!” you say.

EPIC Now’s a good time to collect the EPIC. Click on the door to Horrods and it’ll open a little to reveal an EPIC award. Click on the award to pick it up.

Click on Mizz Snoots and Sprinkles will spray her too. Once awake she starts a conversation.

“Oh what a nice smell! I should bottle it and sell it in Horrods!” she says.

“What happened to me?”

Click on “The stinky cloud made you fall asleep! I woke you up with a nice smell!”

“Thanks Super Moshi!”

Now click on “No time to talk! Do you have any more nice smelling things?”

“Probably. Let me think…” says Mizz Snoodles.

“Will any of these help?”

Give Sprinkles an item

Like the other shopkeepers, Mizz Snoots will drop a number of items on the ground.

Click on the blue Daisy to pick it up.

“This daisy smells really nice! Let’s give this to Sprinkles.”

Now open your inventory and drag the flowers onto Sprinkles to give them to him.

“Wow this smells super lovely!” says Sprinkles.

“My spray should be strong enough to wake up Tamara Tesla!”

The screen scrolls back to the right to show Tamara Tesla, still asleep in a green cloud.

“Let’s go back and save Tamara Tesla!”

Save Tamara Tesla

As you try to walk to the right, to get back to Tamara Tesla the big green cloud intervenes.

STOP right there! I’m not letting you undo all my wonderful whiffy work!” says the cloud.

“OK, Super Moshi, prepare to become Super Stinky!”

“Watch out, Super Moshi!” says Sprinkles.

Sprinkles then sprays the grumpy cloud, blowing it right away.

“You sure blew that stinky cloud away Sprinkles!” you say.

“Wow you saved us, little Moshling!”

“I couldn’t let it get us, Super Moshi!” says Sprinkles.

The screen then scrolls to the right, to reveal Tamara Tesla who’s now free of the green cloud and awake!

Talk to Tamara Tesla

“Tamara is ok! Let’s go talk to her.” you say.

Scroll to the right and click on the Tamara Tesla. You’ll walk on from the left and start a conversation with her.

“Thanks for defeating the stinky cloud Super Moshi!” says Tamara.

Click on “Are you ok?”

“Yes I’m ok, but I smell a bit funny though!” says Tamara.

Click on “What were you doing here?”

“I was here studying the mysterious cloud, when it caught me!” says Tamara.

Click on “What was that big scary cloud?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never seen anything quite like it! It seems to be making the smaller clouds that are causing the sleeping sickness!”

“Luckily you found its weakness! Nice smells knock out the whiffy ones!”

Click on “So the clouds make everyone stop?”

“It’s weird. Dangerous too! I’ll need to do more tests back at the lab.”

Click on “What else did you find?”

“This isn’t the only weird weather I’ve detected. There’s been another strange sighting on top of Pinkish Peak on Music Island.”

“You should investigate it while I run more tests.” suggests Tamara.

Back on Sludge Street, Sparkles says “Let me come with you on your mission! If you run into that Stinky cloud again I can help!”

“Ok, it might be dangerous, but two heads are better than one!” you say.

Collect Sprinkles

Just then, just as we were about to pick up the Moshling three green clouds float down from the sky, surround Sprinkles and then vanish along with the Moshling.

“Oh no Sprinkles! What was that!” you say.

Tamara starts a conversation with you.

“This cloud is more dangerous and powerful than I thought!” she says. “Go to Pinkish Peak, Sprinkles might have been taken there!”

“Good luck, Super Moshi! Stay sharp!” she adds.

And that concludes the first part of the mission.

Part 2

Part 2 isn’t as long as the first part, but it’s pretty fun!

The action takes place on Pinkish Peak, and who should we be joined by? It’s three ice scream loving Hoodoos!

Explore Pinkish Peak

“I’ve finally reached the top of Pinkish Peak!” you say

Click on the pink Hoodoo to the left of the cauldron.

“An ice scream a day keep the Glumps away!” he says.

Click on the yellow hoodoo to the right of the cauldron to start a conversation.

“Welcome to Pinkish Peak, Super Moshi.” says the Hoodoo.

Click on “Who are you?”

“I’m a Hoodoo of the Pinkish Peak tribe.” the Hoodoo explains.

Click on “Have you seen a pink moshling around here?”

“No Moshlings here! Only Ice Scream Hoodoos!”

Click on “I am looking for the clouds that attacked Monstro City!”

“Clouds? I know no clouds, only mountains and Ice Scream.”

“Ask the wide Little Chief Two Scoops, he might be able to help you!

Now click on the chief Hoodoo with the large spoon to start a conversation with him.

“Hello Chief!” you say.

“What brings you here, Super Moshi?”

“Tamara sent me to find the source of the stinky clouds.” you explain.

“Stinky clouds, you say! It’s all part of the Legend.”

“The legend?”

“The legend tells of a stormy cloud that brings chaos to Monstro City! There’s only one monster who can save the day.”

“We need to find that monster!” you declare.

“The hero wears a red mask and a red cape…”

Hmm, does that sound familiar?

Just then the conversation is interrupted and the action turns back to Pinkish Peak.

Floating up from the bottom right hand corner is a huge, miserable jelly, riding a cloud.

Once above the Hoodoos it drops blocks of green Jelly, trapping the Hoodoos and then floats off…

Help the Ice Scream Hoodoos

Looks like it’s up to us to save them.

“Oh, no! They’ve been jellified! Perhaps I can use the cauldron to warm them up.”

Click on the cauldron, there seems to be a problem.

“I wonder how I can warm this cauldron. I need to find out a way to set them free.”

You should see a stick, highlighted with a yellow outline, just to the right of the various ingredients below the cauldron.

Click on the stick to pick it up.

“I am sure that this wood will burn very well.”

Now you’ll need to set fire to the stick.

Open your inventory and drag the stick onto the candles. (They’re hard to spot, there are three of them in jars below the strange two pronged thing, right next to where you’re standing.)

This will light the stick.

“I can use the torch to light a fire under the cauldron.

Now drag the torch out of your inventory and drop it on the wood under the cauldron. This will start the wood burning.

“Clean as a whistle!”

The Hoodoo Chief will now be freed as his Jelly cube melts in the cauldron.

“Save my friends, Super Moshi” he says as he jumps out of the cauldron.

Click on the right hand Hoodoo trapped in a Jelly cube to pick him up.

(You’ll have to do these one at a time as they’re too heavy to pick up both Hoodoos at the same time.)

“You are a lot heavier than I thought!” you say.

Open your inventory and drag the Jellied Hoodoo into the cauldron.

The Jelly will melt and free the Hoodoo!

“Thanks Super Moshi! Ice Scream time!” says the Chief as the Hoodoo jumps out of the cauldron.

“Instant jelly removal remedy!” you say.

Now click on the remaining Jelly cube to pick it up.

“You are lot are heavier than I thought!” you say again.

Now open you inventory again and drag the last jellied hoodoo into the cauldron.

“Thanks Super Moshi! Grab some ice scream and let’s party!”

“I am jelly-free!” says the Hoodoo.

“As good as new!” you say.

Pick up the Ice Scream

Time for some Ice Scream! Pick up the blobs of ice scream from just behind you. Again, they’ve got a yellow highlight so they’re easy to spot.

“Mmm… roarberry flavour!” you say.

Defeat the Jelly Cloud

“Look! Th jelly cloud is coming back!” says a Hoodoo!

And it certainly is, it’s drifting in from the right this time.

“All hail to the ice scream” says the Chief.

The jelly cloud now floats left and right across the sky. We’ve got to find a way to defeat it.

Open your inventory and drag the ice cream onto the two pronged thing behind you.

“If I had a rubber band I could slingshot this Ice Scream!” you say.

Now you should notice a red rope shaped thing on the left hand side dangling out of a barrel. It’s got a yellow highlight.

Click on this to pick it up.

“These liquorice laces are like rubber bands. I could use them to make a catapult!”

Open your inventory and drag the laces our and onto the two pronged object. This will make it into a handy cataput.

“Hey that’s one cool slingshot! you say”

“Drop the ice cream on it to defeat the cloud!” instructs one of the Hoodoos.

Wait! There’s something you need to know first!

EPIC – In order to get the epic you’ll need to defeat the cloud without missing it. Do this and the epic will appear in the bottom right hand corner, just where the jelly cloud crashed.

The trick is to time things just right. Drop the ice scream onto the catapult just as the jelly cloud is approaching the gap between the clouds.

It take a could of seconds to load and fire the catapult.

After your first hit one of the Hoodoo’s will say “More ice scream, Super-Moshi! You’re freezing him!”

Fire a second shot. If you get it on target he Hoodoo will say “One more time!”

Hit the cloud with the last ice scream shot and it’ll freeze before crashing into the clouds below. (Don’t forget to pick up your EPIC if you manages to defeat the cloud without missing!)

Chief Two Scoops starts a conversation.

“You saved us again, Super Moshi! You are brave… resourceful… and you wear a red mask!” says the Chief.

“You proved to be the hero of the legend.” he says.

Click on “What should I do next?”

“Find the City in the Sky where the clouds come from…” say the Chief.

“…and restore balance to the weather!”

“You must mean Cloud City” you reply. “But how can I get there?”

Just then the conversation ends and green clouds swoop down from the sky and cover you.

Gulp! What’s going on?” you say as the clouds disappear with you along with them!

And that’s how part 2 ends.

Part 3

So, it’s the final part of Gustbusters.

The part starts in total darkness.

“Where am I…?” you ask.

The darkness fades away to reveal Cloud City, and floating about the city is our fried Nimbus the cloud.

Talk to Nimbus

“Cloud City!” you say.

Click on Nimbus to start a conversation.

“Welcome back Super Moshi!” says Nimbus.

“That was quite an entrance you made. He, he, he!”

Click on “How are you Nimbus?”

“I’m fine. Funny weather we’ve been having, though.” says Nimbus.

Click on “What happened to me?”

“You were dropped here by those horrid green clouds!” Nimbus explains.

Click on “Green Clouds?”

“Yes. Stinky ones, too!”

“At least you got a nice soft landing up here.” says Nimbus.

Click on “What do you know about those clouds?”

“I’ve never heard of such naughty clouds!”

“One’s a real stinker. The other is so rude and moody!”

“They turned up in Monstro City together and have been causing trouble ever since!”

We’re back in Cloud city again.

“I’ve tried talking to them, but they won’t lis-” starts Nimbus before being cut off.

“Well I never! If it isn’t that meddlesome masked monster!” says a voice from off to the right.

The screen scrolls to the right to reveal the two clouds, the big ugly green one and the jelly cloud from part 2.

“You’re just in time to witness some real cloud power!” says the big green cloud.

Then both the clouds talk at the same time:

“You’ve seen the jelly. You’ve smelt the smelly! Let’s put ‘em together and give it some welly!”

Uh oh! This is probably bad news!

With that an animation starts as the two clouds combine into one ugly mega-cloud!

“HA, HA, HA, HA!” says the combined cloud.

With that, a conversation starts.

Click on “Who are you?”

“We are masters of foul pongs and immovable obstacles!”

“I am the Mighty Gustavo. Tremble before me, Moshi Monster!”

Click on “What do you want!?!”

“We are here to DESTROY Monstro City!” they reply.

Click on “Why would anyone want to do that to Monstro City?”

SILENCE! We never explain ourselves to pipsqueaks like you!”

“Get ready to see what we can REALLY do!”

With that the conversation ends and the cloud vanishes.

Nimbus comes along and starts a conversation.

“Nimbus! I need to stop that monster before he reaches Monstro City!”

“Can you help me?” you ask.

“Yes! Take our morph stone. You can morph into one of us and catch up with it!”

Pick up the morph stone

“We need a personal item from a cloud to morph into them. Let’s find something belonging to Nimbus.”

EPIC – Before you do that, there’s an EPIC to get! Look at the little cloud on the right hand side of the screen and you should see the top of an EPIC sticking out. Click on the EPIC to pick it up.

Now, before we go looking for a personal item, click on the red Morph Stone in the cloud below Nimbus.

Find a personal Item

It’s not hard to find a personal item. Just scroll all the way to the left and you’ll see a kite fluttering around. Click on the Kite to pick it up.

Use the red morph stone

“No time to lose, let’s use the morph stone!”

Once the screen has scrolled all the way over to the right open your inventory.

Now drag the morph stone onto your monster to use the morph stone.

Wow! We’ve just changed into a cloud with a cape!

“Wow, Super Moshi. What a handsome cloud you make! He, he!”

“Hurry! You can still catch up with the cloud!”


We’ve now got to play a mini-game where we do battle with Gustavo!

“Dodge Gustavo’s Stinky Clouds and Flying Jelly Bombs. Blow the flowers and Ice Scream into his Foul Face!”

Sounds simple I guess!

Use the mouse to move your cloud up and down. You need to avoid the green clouds and jelly bombs.

Every now and then, blue flowers or blue blobs of ice screem will fly at you. To blow these back, just line yourself up with the items and you’ll blow them back when they get close to you. If you’re lucky you’ll hit Gustavo.

You’ve both got three lives, so keep dodging and blowing and you should be able to defeat Gustavo!


We’re back in Cloud City again.

“You did it, Super Moshi! You saved Monstro City from certain doom AGAIN!”

Click on the big cloud monster.

“I don’t think he’ll be causing any more trouble!” you say to yourself.

Now click on Sprinkles to start a conversation.

“Sprinkles! Are you ok?”

“I think so. I’ve been trapped inside that stinky cloud for ages!” says Sprinkles.

“After everything I’ve been through. I don’t think I want to stay in Cloud City!”

“Will you take me with you, Super Moshi?”

Collect Sprinkles

Click on Sprinkles to pick him up. He’ll do a little dance and squirt water!

After you pick up the Moshling, Gustavo will vanish, revealing boxes of sweets.

“C.L.O.N.C. Candies! They must be what made the mutant clouds! I might have known!” you say.

And with that the mission ends.

What did you think of Gustbusters? Let us know in the comments below!


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