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Season 3, Mission 4, The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean

The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean

The Secret Treasure of Potion Ocean is the forth mission of season three and released as part of the Pirate Take-Over event (Pirate Treasure Hunt).

In this adventure we join Captain Codswallop on board the Gooey Galleon, along with his ghost pirate crew in search of a lost treasure of Potion Ocean.

Part 1

The adventure starts with a conversation with Captain Codswallop.

“Ahoy there Super Moshi!” he says.

“Ahoy Captain!” you reply.

Click on “How have you been?”

“I be jolly like a jolly roger!” says the Captain.

Click on “What are you doing on Bleurgh Beach?”

“Me crew arrr ‘ere huntin’ for the Ultimate Treasure!”

Click on “Ultimate Treasure?”

“Aye! Bigger than all the booty on Monstro City!”

Click on “Sounds like an adventure!”

“Can I come with you?” you ask.

“Aye maybe we can do with an extra pair of hands on deck!”

“Tell ye what bucko, me crew ar on Bleurgh Bleach[sic] finding pieces of the treasure map!”

“Return to Bleurgh Beach, bring back me crew and the treasure map!

“If yarrr do this, yar can join us and we give yar a share of treasure we may find!”

Bleurgh Beach

Now we find ourselves on Bleurgh Beach, with the Gooey Galleon of shore.

“There’s Jaunty Jack.” you say.

The screen then scrolls to the right to reveal another ghostly pirate.

“And there’s Handy Van Hookz

Talk to Jaunty Jack

“Let’s talk to Jaunty Jack first.”

Click on the Jaunty Jack, the pink ghost pirate with the paper hat on to start a conversation with him.

“Hello Jaunty Jack!”

“Ahoy Matey!”

Click on “Is that a new hat?”

“Aye this be a new hat!”

Click on “The captain sent me!”

“Have you found the treasure map piece yet?” you ask.

“I be huntin’ for it, by me hat got blown to sea!” explains the pirate.

“But I made me self a new un! I can’t carry on without me hat!”

The scene then changes back to Bleurgh Beach again.

“Help get me hat back then I can continue looking for the map!”

As he says this, you’ll see Jack’s map highlighted in yellow as it bobs up and down in the sea.

Talk to the Handy Van Hooks

“Let’s talk to Handy Van Hookz!” you say.

Scroll the screen to the right until the purple ghost comes into view.

Click on Handy Van Hooks to start a conversation.

“My hooks! Can someone help me!”

Seems like these ghost pirates are experts in losing things!

Click on “Hello Mr. Handy Van Hookz.”

“Arrr, where be me manners! Ahoy Super Moshi!”

Click on “Are you looking for the treasure map?”

“Aye! I found the map, it be in this pond.” replies Handy.

“But I can’t grab it because of …”

The scene now cuts back to the beach again, and out of the pond shoots the most enormous crab claw you’ve ever seen! No wonder Handy can’t get the map from this pond.

The conversation continues …

“… If I had me hooks back, I can reach in to grab the map!”

“Help me get me hooks, so I can grab the map!”

Click on “What happened to your hooks?”

“I went fishing, but some fish took em!”

Click on “Ok, I’ll get your hooks back for you!”

Retrieve the hooks

We’re back on the beach again.

“Em fish be havin’ me hooks! Try usin’ that fishing net to catch em’!” says Handy.

You’ll see the two fish in the sea just above the rock pool with hooks sticking our of their mouths, and just to the right is the fishing net.

What we need to do, is find things around the beach that we can use as bait to attract the fish into the net.

On top of the palm tree next to Handy is some kind of plant. Click on it to pick it up!

“I can try using this for fish food” you say.

On the left hand side of the rock pool is a barrel of eye-balls. Click on the eye balls to pick them up.

“I can try using this for fish food” you say again!

“I should put this in the fishing net!”

We will, but we’ll looks for some other fish food first.

Scroll to the left and you’ll see that there’s a blue star fish on top of Baz Barnacles shop. Click on the star fish to pick it up.

“I can try using this for fish food

Now take a look at the palm tree just to the left of Baz’s shop. At the bottom of the tree trunk, by a little wooden fence, is a red apple. Pick up the apple.

“I can try…” Yes yes, we know!

Now scroll back to the right, so that you can see the fish and the fishing net again.

Open your inventory and drag the apple onto the net.

The purple fish comes to take a look at it, but turns his nose up at the apple and swims away.

“He didn’t seem interested in that. Maybe it’s the wrong colour.” you say.

Drag the plant on to fishing net. The Purple fish does the same thing again.

“He didn’t seem interested in that. Maybe it’s the wrong colour.” you say.

Now drag the purple eyeballs onto the net. I’m sure we’ll have more luck with these!

The purple fish swims over and gets caught in the net.

“That fish is caught! I should grab the hook off it.” you say.

Click on the hook at the front of the fish to pick it up.

“You av one of me hooks! Hand it back me!” says Handy.

Open your inventory and drag the hook onto Handy to give it back to him.

“I ave a hook back! Now to get that map piece!” he says.

Handy bounces over to the pond and shoves his hook into the water. After a couple of second he flips a bottle right out onto the beach.

“Arrr, there be a map piece!” he says.

Click on the bottle to pick it up.

Retrieve the hat

“There’s one more map piece to collect.” you say.

Let’s get the second hook now. I’m sure it’ll come in handy!

Open your inventory again and drag the “green” star fish (it looks more like blue to me!) onto the fishing net.

The blue fish comes over and gets stuck on the net.

“That fish is caught! I should grab the hook off it.”

“May be I can use this hook for something else?” you say.

Scroll back over to the left of the screen again. We need to get the hat floating on the sea. Maybe we can use the fishing rod that’s propped up against Baz’s shop to get it.

Click on the fishing rod.

“This fishing rod would be helpful but it’s missing the hook!” you say.

Wouldn’t you know it, we just happen to have a spare hook!

Open your inventory and drag the hook onto the fishing rod.

Reel the map piece in

“The fishing rod is fixed! Let’s reel in the map from the sea.” you say.

Open your inventory and drag the fishing rod onto the hat in the sea.

Your Super-Moshi will wander over to the left and use the fishing rod to get the hat back!

“There be my hat!” says the ghost pirate starting a conversation.

“My hat! Many joyful thanks to yar!” says the pirate.

“Say, this looks like a treasure map piece!” you say.

“Shiver me timbers! So it is!”

“Ooh would have thought my hat be a treasure map piece!”

Go back to the Gooey Galleon

We’re back on the beach again.

“I have all the map pieces” you say.

“I should use the row boat to go back!”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see a row boat anyway but it doesn’t matter because there’s something else we need to do before we leave…

EPIC – Just under the ghost pirate with the paper hat is the hook we used to repair the fishing rod. Click on it, to pick it up.

Now scroll over to the right so that you can see the other ghost pirate, Handy, again.

Open your inventory and drag the hook onto Handy to give it back to him. A conversation will start.

“Me other hook! I am complete!” he says. “Here take this treasure, I can’t find no value in it!”

Back on the beach. Next to Handy is now the EPIC. Click on it!

Now it’s time to go back to the Gooey Galleon. You don’t need the row boat that they mention, but doesn’t seem to exist. Just click on the Gooey Galleon to go back to it.

Back on the Gooey Galleon

“Avast ye! I spy Super Moshi has returned” says the captain.

“Ye have the map pieces! Hand them over and we be puttin’ them together!” says the captain.

Hand over the map pieces

Open your inventory and drag one of the map pieces onto the captain.

A complete map will be displayed on the screen for a moment before falling apart. You’ll need to put the pieces back together again by dragging them around to fit. It seems to be a different pattern each time, but it’s not too hard as there are only four pieces.

Once reassembled, click on the map to finish.

Back on the Gooey Galleon, click on Captain Codswallop to start a conversation.

“This be it Super Moshi! I will ready me crew!” he says.

“The treasure be ours for the taking!”

Back on the deck again, Captain Codswallop is looking at the map when suddenly a hook on the end of some rope swings down and swipes the map straight out of his hands.

“Shiver me timbers! There be a thief!”

“That scallywag ship made off on the starboard side!” says Jaunty Jack!

“That’s it! Crew to your stations, no monster steals from Captain Codswallop!”

We now see the other ship, captained by sinister space pirate Commander Sassafras sailing away at speed hotly perused by the Gooey Galleon.

But what’s that, there’s something lurking in the deep!

The Gooey Galleon gets grabbed by red tentacles and pulled down into the sea.

The screen fades to black and this part of the adventure ends.

Part 2

Part 2 starts in the cabin on-board the Gooey Galleon. Captain Codswallop is talking to your about your predicament.

“Slippery starfish! We got pulled under!” says the Captain.

Click on “For some reason, the cabin’s not filling with water!”

“You’ll be safe in ‘ere, landlubber. Me cabin’s air tight!”

“But the air won’t last for long!” he say (and we think this is really meant to be something your Super-Moshi should be saying.

“Aye! That could be a problem…”

Click on “We need to get back to the surface!”

“Hold onto you cape Super Moshi!” says the Captain. “Ye better be stayin in ‘ere! Leve it to me and my crew!”

“We’ll find a way to get back to dry land!”

h3.The deck

The scene now switches to the deck of the Gooey Galleon. Holding onto the ship is a large octopus.

As the screen scrolls to the right, you’ll see the octopus is also holding onto a large treasure chest, tied up with chains.

As you watch, two CLONC submersibles, piloted by Glumps arrive to grab the treasure!

“Who dares disturb SQUID VICIOUS?!” says the large red octopus (or is it a squid?).

“Another band of pirates wanting to steal MY treasure, eh?”

“Not likely! Some scallywag has already stolen it!” says Captain Codswallop.

“Look behind ye!”

“I’m not turning around! You can’t fool me!” says Squid Vicious.

“Quick, crew! Get those tentacles off Mavis!”

“Aye-aye, Cap’n!” acknowledge the ghostly crew.

Free the Gooey Galleon (Tentacle 1)

Before we free the Gooey Galleon, there’s something we need to do first!

EPIC – Scroll back to the right, and just sticking out from behind a dark rock at the bottom of the screen, just to the right of Squid Vicious’ head you’ll see an epic, just sticking out. Click on the Epic to collect it!

Right, now let’s try and get the first tentacle off!

On the right hand side of the screen, sitting on a clam is an electric eel. You’ll see sparks flying every now and again.

Click on the eel and a ghost pirate will appear from the left.

Grab the electric eel

“This electric eel should shock the squid into letting go!” says the pirate.

We need to pick him up so we can shock one of the tentacles. The trick is, you need to click on the eel when it’s not shooting sparks of electricity.

Once you’ve successfully clicked on the eel and placed it in your inventory the pirate says:

“Let’s go zap that tentacle! Aaarrrr!!!”

The screen scrolls back to the left and the pirate rejoins his crew.

“I’ll use that electric eel on this tentacle” he says.

Drag the eel out of your inventory and give it to the pirate.

“What’s that tingly feeling?” says Squid Vicious as the first of his tentacles withdraws from the ship.

Free the Gooey Galleon (Tentacle 2)

“The first tentacle is off! Well don, matey” says Captain Codswallop.

Click on the green pirate (Mr Mushy Peas).

“I think I need to drop something heavy onto the tentacle,” he says.

Lucky for us, there’s something heavy we can use!

At the bottom of the mast you should see a yellow bowling ball.

Click on the bowling ball to pick it up. (Don’t ask what a bowling ball is doing on-board a pirate ship!)

“This bowling ball would be painful if dropped from up ‘ere!” says Mr Mushy Peas.

Open your inventory and give the bowling ball to Mr Mushy Peas. Strangely, the blue ghost pirate drops it down onto the tentacle.

“Ouch my sore suckers!” says Squid Vicious as he pulls the second tentacle away.

“Blast my barnacles! Well done Mr. Mushy Peas!” says the Captain.

Free the Gooey Galleon (Tentacle 3)

“Captain! Permission to go back to the cabin.” says Jaunty Jack.

“We need something to get these tentacles off!”

“Aye matey. Permission granted!”

Back in the cabin

We’re patiently waiting in the cabin when the ghost pirates appear. A conversation starts:

“What’s happening out there?” you ask.

“A giant squid’s pulling the ship down!” says Jaunty Jack.

“No time to explain, me hearty!” he continues. “We need to find some items to fend it off!”

Find items in the cabin

Ok, so we need to find some thing that are going to help the ghost pirates release the Gooey Galleon from the clutches of the squid.

Scroll to the left and you should see a shark stuck to the wall. Click on the shark and it’ll open it’s mouth to reveal a chicken leg.

Click on the chicken leg to pick it up.

“A chicken leg! The hungry fish outside might like this.”

Now, above the bed, you should see something that looks like a red box. It’s got a picture of Ting-a-ling on it. Click on this box to open it.

Inside you’ll find a key. Click on the key to pick it up.

“This key must open something in here!” says the ghost pirate.

Now we’ll look under the bed. Click on the sheets hanging down from the bed to reveal a key. Click on the key to pick it up.

“This keu must open something in here!”

Scroll back to the right and you’ll notice that there’s a locked wardrobe with two key holes at the bottom. What a coincidence! We’ve got two keys!

Click on the wardrobe.

“There’ll be something useful in ‘ere! But it’s locked!” says Jaunty Jack.

Open your inventory and drag a key onto the wardrobe. Nothing will seem to happen.

Drag the second key over the wardrobe and the wardrobe will open to reveal a pirate skeleton.

Click on the feather in his hat to pick it up.

“Hmm. A feather? Maybe Squid Vicious is ticklish.” says Jaunty Jack.

“Aaarrr! This should be it!” he says.

“A chicken leg and a feather…?” you ask.

“Trust us ghost pirates, Super Moshi!”

Free the Gooey Galleon (Tentacle 3)

We’re back outside again. Now let’s see if we can get the galleon released from the tentacles of the squid!

“You salty sea dogs are back, are ye?” says Captain Codswallop.

“Hurry up and get these tentacles off!” he says.

Open you inventory and drag the chicken leg onto Jaunty Jack.

The chicken leg will attract some fish who start to nibble on the squid’s tentacles.

“I wonder why I’ve got pins and needles.” says Squid Vicious.

“Great galleons!That’s another tentacle dealt with!” says the captain.

Free the Gooey Galleon (Tentacle 4)

Open your inventory and drag the feather to the purple pirate, Handy Van Hookz.

He’ll use the feather to tickle the squid.

“Hehehehe! STOP IT! That tickles!” says the squid.

“One last tentacle to go…” says Captain Codswallop.

Free the Gooey Galleon (Tentacle 5)

At this point the screen scroll to the right where we see the clam open and a Moshling appear.

“What’s all this noise?!” asks the strange Moshling.

Talk to the Moshling

“One more tentacle… and we’re all out of ideas!” says Captain Codswallop.

Scroll back to the right again and click on the Moshling in the clam.

Captain Codswallop will come over and start a conversation.

“Why are you disturbing Squid Vicious?” asks the Moshling. “I need my sleep!”

Click on “Ahoy! Who might you be, matey?”

“I’m Uncle Scallops… and I’m a cranky codfather.”

Click on “Why so un-jolly?”

“Squid Vicious always makes a racket when pirates try to steal his treasure!”

“And it looks like someone has stolen it! Woe is me! I won’t be sleeping for a while!” says Uncle Scallops.

Click on “We’re innocent (this time). Promise.”

“It doesn’t make a difference that I am awake now!”

Click on “Can ye help us to free our ship?”

“I suppose I won’t be getting any peace until you’re gone!” says Uncle Scallops.

“Tell you what, find me something to help me sleep.”

“Then I’ll help you!” says the Moshling.

Uncle Scallops

So, if we want Uncle Scallops to help free us from the clutches of the squid we need to find something that’s going to help him sleep.

If you lok around, you should see two yellow sponges. One sponge is just below the clam. Click on it to pick it up.

The second sponge you’ll need to spot when the squid’s head moved to the left. Then you’ll see the sponge just behind some rocks.

“This sponge could be good for blocking out noise!” says the Captain.

Open your inventory and drag the first sponge onto Uncle Scallops.

“A sponge will make things quieter! But I need one more for the other ear!” he says.

Now drag the second sponge onto Uncle Scallops. A conversation will start.

“Sponges for my ears! Aah … peace and quiet.” says Uncle Scallops.

“So you need help freeing your ship, eh? Let me see…”

Now we watch Uncle Scallops stick his trident in the last remaining tentacle, causing Squid Vicious to let go of the Gooey Galleon.

The pirate ship, slowly starts to rise through the water until it break’s the ocean surface right next to Commander Sassafras’ ship.

This is marks the end of part 2.

Part 3

Wow, there’s not much to part three of the mission!

“Eek! I’m on the surface? This wasn’t part of the deal!” says Uncle scallops.

Talk to Sassafras

“Captain! We have company!” you say as the screen scrolls to the right to reveal Sassafras on board his ship.

EPIC Before you click on Sassafras, there’s the business of an EPIC to collect. Scroll all the way to the right, and at the bottom right hand corner, just inside Sassafras’ ship you should just see the corner of an EPIC. Click on it!

Click on Sassafras to start a conversation.

“Aha! SUPER MOSHI – we meet again!” says Sassafras.


Click on “What are you doing here?!”

“I’m here to claim Giganticus’ treasure!” says Sassafras. “Which you so conveniently led me to!”

“Enough of this chit chat. Time to BLAST you out of the water! Ha-ha-ha!”

Uncle scallops starts a conversation.

“You need to stop him, and return Squid Vicious’ treasure!” says Uncle scallops.

“He’s gonna get angry! Goodness knows what the beast will do!”

Canon mini-game

Now we get to play a mini-game, where we have to blast Sassafras out of the water with the canon on our ship.

To play the game, you need to move your mouse up and down to move your ship up and down. Clicking on the mouse button will fire your canon.

As well as trying to hit Sassafras’ ship, you’ll need to dodge his canon calls too.

The trick seems to be to fire canon balls a third of the way from the top, and the bottom.

It’ll take a few hits, and you’ll need to be nimble to avoid sassafras’ shots.

“Great shootin’ there matey! Aaarrr!!” says Captain Codswallop.

At this point Squid Vicious reappears!

“MY previous treasure!” he says. “DO NOT come back for my treasure again! I won’t be so nice next time!”

At this point Uncle Scallops starts a conversation.

“Cor! He’s a cranky one isn’t he?” he says.

“I don’t think I can be neighbours with him anymore! Maybe I could come with you!”

Collect Uncle Scallops

Click on Uncle Scallops to pick him up. When you do, fish start to rain down on him, before finally a large fish head lands on his head!

Click on “Keep It” to add Uncle Scallops, the first of the Splashlings Moshling set, to your zoo.

And that’s it! The end of the mission!

What did you think of this mission? Part 3 was pretty short, but it felt like an improvement over the last mission The Googenheist.


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On May 24, 11:26 PM moshi master! :) wrote:

that one was a lot better than the other season 3 missions

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Bentley is an ultra rare, so it won’t be so easy to work out the seed combinations.

On May 17, 03:32 PM jenny wrote:

Yay part 2 is on now. thank you

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On May 16, 08:55 PM Patricia M Barrett wrote:

i just saw bentley in the same set as uncle scallops. start trying seed combos please. when you get the right flowers you will get him. he is common.

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On May 16, 05:09 PM Lilz wrote:

Do you know what
PICK A MOSHLING TO STORE IN YOUR ZOO means? Does it mean click a moshling you don’t want, or a moshling you do. Thanks for the Part 3, 2 and 1 though, they came really quickly

On May 16, 04:58 PM Wesley wrote:

Uncle Scalups is in the same set as bently! check it out!Bently is in the zoo.

On May 16, 01:56 PM Kaitlin wrote:

You made a mistake in the Uncle Scallops part. You’ve put Splashlings set but it’s actually the Sploshies set

On May 16, 01:51 PM Lea wrote:

How weird, I only played the third part once but my Zoo says I have three Uncle Scallops..

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The last part was so short! But it’s GREAT that they made all three parts for available for everyone. I hope they do that more often.

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Season 3, mission 4, part 2 `s epic is at the rock when u get out where that octupus is, scoll to the right and behind a weird shaped rock right a little bit is the epic

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The second part is out now :) Please update this so that we know what to do!

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I have spotted 2 moshlings on the pirate thing! Go to the beach not on a mission, look on a boat over cap’n buck’s relative’s shop, It is a walrus moshling! Also on the 2nd mission, a deep sea moshling is helping you win the mission!

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