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Season 3, Mission 3, The Googenheist

Googenheist Moshi Mission

The Googenheim on Ooh La Lane has been stolen. There’s nothing but a big hole in the ground where the building used to be! But don’t worry, Scrumpy and Super Moshi are on the case!

The Googenheist, like the other Season 3 Super Moshi Missions is another three part adventure. Here’s our complete walk-through to all three parts, including the EPICs.

Part 1 – Take a Picture

The Mission starts in the Super-Moshi HQ, deep inside the volcano. Elder Furi is there to get you up to speed.

Click on Elder Furi to start a conversation.

“Super Moshi we have a small problem!” says Elder Furi.

“What is it?”

“The Googenheim has gone missing!”


“Go to Oh La La Lane and see Scrumpy, the greatest detective in Monstro City.” instructs Elder Furi.

Interesting, it seems that Elder Furi has picked up Marcel’s funny French accent! “Oh La La Lane indeed!” He Obviously means Ooh-La Lane!

And with that, we’re off to investigate!

Oh La Lane

When we arrive, Scrumpy is at the site of the Googenheim, now just a crime scene surrounded by yellow and black tape.

“Ah! Another detective’s on the case!” says Scrumpy. Nothing gets by this chap!

A conversation starts!

“The names Scrumpy, ya see.” says Scrumpy, introducing himself. “I’m the lead detective on this case. And it looks like we’ve got ourselves a heist here.”

(Pause for dramatic effect..)

“A Googenheist!”

Ask, “Do you have any leads?”

“Well… Not at the moment.” admits Scrumpy. “If you find any *clues*… Let me know!”

Find the 5 clues

The conversation has ended and we’re back on Ooh La Lane.

“There are 5 clues to find!” says Scrumpy.

I guess we better start having a look around for some clues. Before we do, there’s something else we need to find…

EPIC – Yes, there’s an epic to get – look in the hole where the Googenheim used to be. In the right hand end of the hole you should see a small EPIC badge. Click on it to pick it up!

If you click on the hole, Scrumpy says “Who would commit such an act!?”

Now, scroll to the left. As you do, you can’t help but a HUGH pair of brown mittens next to the Print Workshop! Click on the mittens to pick them up.

As you do, Raffles the Moshling appears, complete with burglar mask and swag bag. Before you can do anything, he scampers off to the left and off the screen.

The screen scroll back to Scrumpy.

“Did you see the culprit?” he asks. “Here, use my Masked Monstro Decode!”

“Just match up the eyes, nose and mouth to figure out who the culprit is!”

Monster Decoder

All you have to do here is spin the top, middle and bottom sections of the screen around to make the face of Ruffled.

You do this by pressing on the green arrows on either side of the screen. (You should see three arrows on either side.)

Once you’ve got the part of the face to match up, it’ll say “Raffles” at the bottom of the screen and a conversation with Scrumpy will start.

“Raffles! That ruffian!” says Scrumpy. “Hmm… Although… It can’t be him! When Raffles steals something, he always puts it back… But maybe he saw something we could use.”

Click on “Do you know where we can find him?”

“All that I know is that he enjoys art.”

“Aha!” says Scrumpy in a moment of inspiration!

“Simon Growl’s throwing an art party next week! He’ll be there for sure!”

The conversation ends and we’re back on Ooh La Lane.

“There are 5 clues left to find” says Scrumpy.

We’ve already got one of them – the mittens. So we just need to find the other 4.

You could give the clues to Scrumpy one by one, but we’re going to find all the clues and then come back to Scrumpy in a bit.

Scroll to the left, until you find the Print Workshop.

On the brick wall to the left of the shop, just to the right of the arch, you should see a painting tucked behind the edge of the shop.

Click on this painting to pick it up.

“Is that a clue?” asks Scrumpy. “Hand it over, so I can take a look!” (We’ll do that later)

Now click on the big glass window of the Print Workshop. The small window in the roof should open and out will pop another painting. Click on the painting to pick it up.

“Is that a clue?” asks Scrumpy. “Hand it over, so I can take a look!” (He’s impatient, but we’ll still do that later.)

Now scroll to the left a bit more. Past the Moshi Store and the cat sitting above the arch.

In the tree on the left of the second arch you should see a painting stuck in the leaves at the top. Click on the painting to pick it up.

“Is that a clue?” asks Scrumpy. “Hand it over, so I can take a look!” (He doesn’t half go on! He’ll still have to wait!)

Now look underneath the tree, just to left of the help booth. There’s a small brown box. Click on this box to pick it up.

“Is that a clue?” asks Scrumpy. “Hand it over, so I can take a look!” (I think we’ve had enough of Scrumpy’s nagging now. I think we should probably give him the clues we’ve found. What do you think?)

Scroll all the way back to the right hand side so that you can see Scrumpy again.

(You can hand over the clues in any order you like!)

Open you inventory and drag the large mittens onto Scrumpy.

“These mittens are rather large…” says Scrumpy. “I’m going to assume that our suspect…is also large.”

“There are 4 clues left to find!” (Yes, we know, and we’ve got them!)

Open your inventory and drag the “More Stolen Art” painting onto Scrumpy.

“Well this is definitely from the *Googenheim*… EYE suspect our culprit dropped this as they escaped!”

“There are 3 clues left to find!”

Open your inventory again and drag the “Even More Stolen Art” onto Scrumpy.

“Well this is definitely from the *Googenheim*… I’m not going to MONA but how could someone be so careless?”

“There are 2 clues left to find!”

Open your inventory again and drag the “Stolen Art” onto Scrumpy.

“Well this is definitely from the *Googenheim… This criminal just makes me want to SCREAM!”

“Just one clue left!”

Open your inventory for the last time and drag the Lock Box onto Scrumpy.

“This box is locked!” says Scrumpy. “Did you find a key for it?”

“No… nothing.” you reply.

“Hmm… Nothing Conclusive.. “ says Scrumpy. “But Raffles will know something for sure. We’ll have to catch him at Simon Growl’s Art Party next week!”

And that’s the end of this part! We’ll have to wait until next week to find out what Raffles has to say for himself.

Part 2 – You’ve been framed

Part 2 of this mission starts in Simon Growl’s mansion. He’s having a party to unveil a new artwork. It doesn’t look like much of a party though there’s just Simon Grown, Zack Binspin and a Moshling called Misty.

“Oh Super Moshi… You came,” says Simon Growl. “Well, drink some punch if you want. The unveiling of my masterpiece will be at 6PM sharp!”

“We need simon to unveil his masterpiece to lure out Raffles!” says Scrumpy.

Unveil Simon’s Masterpiece

“If it was only time to unveil the masterpiece…” says Scrumpy.

EPIC – Bet you didn’t expect to get an epic quite so soon! If you look carefully at the left hand wall with all Simon Growl’s gold discs, you should see a little epic at the bottom – just above where you and Scrumpy are standing. Click on the Epic to get it!

So the unveiling is at 6PM. We really don’t want to wait around so I wonder if there’s something we can do! Of course there is! We can change the time on the clock!

Click on the little keyhole at the top of the clock.

“Looks like this clock is *locked”!” you say.

So, if something is locked, we just need to find a key. Look at the back wall. There’s a purple diamond picture with a key on it. Click on the key to pick it up.

Now open your inventory and drag the key out onto the lock. This will unlock the clock.

Click on the lock now and you’ll get to change the hands of the clock. All you need to do is get the hands to point to 6PM. So drag the big hand up to the 12 and the little hand to the 6.

It can take a little fiddling to get this just right, but when you do…

“The time has come!” says Simon Growl. “Prepare your eyes… You may go blind from looking directly at it…”

And with that the cloth covering the status is removed to revel a statue of Simon Growl made out of Rox. It’s a bit garish for my tastes!

“Pssh..” says Misty.

“Wow! That’s almost as shiny as my hair!” says Zack Binspin!

Talk to Misty

“Hmmm… It looks like Raffles didn’t come…” says Scrumpy. “He won’t come out with all these people around! We need to get *everyone to leave*… “

Click on Misty to start a conversation.

“Pshhh… I just can’t believe it… “ says Misty.

Click on “Can’t believe what?”

“I don’t know if I should ssssay.” replies Misty. “Well… You know that Masterpiece isn’t made of Rox?”

“It isn’t??”

“Pshhh! It’s a fake!” says Misty. “He made me spraaay paint the whole thing! No one would believe it though… “

“I’ll help you scrub it clean!”

Scrub Simon Growl’s Statue

Here’s a little mini-game. It’s just like cleaning your Moshling back in your Moshling Zoo. You just need to scrub the statue by holding the mouse button down and moving it around the statue. As you do parts of Simon Growl will turn from their shiny Rox colours to gray. It can take a while to do – just don’t forget to do the shoes!

“Huh??” says Zack Binspin.

“Ummmm…” says Simon Growl. “Who, uh, sold me these fake Rox??”

“Phhh! I’m going back to my bin!” says Zack.

“Wait! I’ve been framed!” says Simon Growl. “Come back!”

A conversation with Simon Growl starts.

“Well, thank you!” Simon says. “Party ruined! Phhh… Maybe I can still get them back!”

With that the conversation ends. Everyone has left except Misty.

“Thanks Super Moshi!” says Misty. “Maybe that’ll teach Simon!”

Misty then leaves too.

“Great job Super Moshi!” says Scrumpy. “But Raffles won’t go after this fake statue! Maybe if you fooled him into thinking YOU were the status!”

Fool Raffles

“Quick, I’ll hide and you take the statue’s place!” says Scrumpy who then runs off to hide.

The first thing to do is to get rid of the old statue. Click on the statue to put it into your inventory.

Now click on the platform on which the statue was standing. You’ll walk over there, and put the sheet over yourself to disguise yourself as the statue.

We then get a little movie as Raffles sneaks into Simon Growls mansion and tip-toes up to what he thinks is the statue.

The look on his face when he pulls off the sheet to reveal… Super Moshi!

And that’s the end of Part 2!

Part 3 – Where art thou?

Part 3 starts with a little recap. Raffles, sneaks into the room in Simon Growl’s mansion and removed the sheet covering the statue. Only instead of a valuable artwork, he’s shocked to reveal Super Moshi!

“Caught ya!” you say.

“You trickster!” replies Raffles, and a conversation starts.

“Hay! I’ve seen you before on Ooh La Lane!” says Raffles.

“What were you doing at the scene of the crime?” you ask.

“Umm… Well… I was trying to steal the Googenheim… But someone got to it first!” explains Raffles.

“Then I got trapped under those giant mittens!”

“A likely story…” says Scrumpy as we cut back to the inside of the Growl Mansion.

“I swear! I’ll do anything to prove it!” says Raffles.

“Hmm… Well we found this lock box but we can’t get it open…” you say.

“I’m a master lock picker! I’ll open it for you!”

Open the lock box

“Just hand over the lock box.” says Raffles.

Open your inventory and drag the log box onto Raffles to give it to him.

“Hmmmm… What is this?” says Raffles.

Inside the lock box is some kind of holiday brochure. It reads:

“Bored? Head to Crabby Cove! Where all your dreams come true!”

Click on the “x” to close the brochure.

“Let’s head to Crabby Cove!” says Scrumpy. “You are free to go, Raffles… For now…”

Crabby Cove

The scene changes to Crabby Cove and what should be see, but the Googenheim! The only problem is that it appears that a large red crab is using it for it’s home. As we arrive the crab scuttles back under the Googenheim.

Check the Googenheim

“What that a crab?” you ask.

EPIC Before we do anything else, there’s and EPIC to find. If you look at the bottom left hand corner of the screen you’ll see the EPIC just poking out behind the dark scenery. Click on the EPIC to pick it up!

Now you’ve got the epic, click on the Googenheim.

“Hey! Come out from under there!”

The crab re-appears out from under the Googenheim.

“Who are you?” asks the crab. A conversation starts.

“I’m a Super Moshi!” you say. “Why’d you steal the Googenheim?”

“The Googenheim? What is that?” asks the crab.

“It’s the art museum! The one on your back!”

“Oh, this is my home.” says the crab. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to steal it!”

“I scuttled away because I out-grew this home… And I found this one… But it’s not quite right… “ explains the crab.

“Can you help me decorate it?”

Find decorations

We’re back in the cove again now.

“Find me items to make my house colorful!” says the crab.

“There are 4 decorations left!”

On the right hand side of the screen are two little crabs. Click on the string of light at their feet to (try) and pick the lights up.

“Oh, great… Another tourist!” says one of the crabs. (It’s not going to be as easy as we thought!)

“Actually I’m not a tourist!” you say.

“I need some decorations for that house over there! And it looks like you two have a great collection…”

“These are OUR treasures!” say one of the crabs.

“Oh don’t be so crabby!” says the other crab.

“I’ll tell you what!” says the first crab and starts a conversation.

“If you can tell us the correct punch lines to all our jokes… We’ll let you have our trasures!”

Click on “Sounds fair!”

“Great! Here’s the first joke! Why did the crab cross the road?”

Click on the top answer, “To get to the other tide.”

“Hehehe! TIDE! Get it?? Anyway… Next joke…”

“Why wouldn’t the crab share his toys?”

Click on the top answer, “Becuase he was shellfish!”

“We can all be a bit SHELLFISH sometimes!”

“Hahaha… And finally… Why did the crab get arrested?”

Click on the middle answer, “Because he was always pinching things.”

“I mean I don’t agree with this one… But you got all the punch lines right…”

The scene switches back to the cove.

Decorate the house

“Here! Have all our treasures…” says the crab.

Click on the string of light at the bottom of two little crabs feet to pick it up.

Click on the two balloons just about the crabs.

Then click on the tin of paint at further up, and the red banner next to it.

These are all the things we need to decorate the house.

Now, open your inventory and drag the lights, the balloons, paint and banner onto the house. As you do the large crab will give you a countdown.

“Perfect! Thank you!” says the crab once all the four items have been used to decorate it.

The Crab will then squeeze out from under the Googenheim and appear under his newly decorated house at which point Raffles appears again.

“Aha! I told you I had nothing to do with the Googenheist!” says Raffles. “You are a master sleuth Super Moshi! Can I join you on your adventures?”

Collect Raffles

Click on Raffles. As you do, something strange appears… it looks like a red worm which Raffles collects and puts in his sack. I’ve got no idea what this was all about!

“Now we can return the Googenheim to its rightful place!”

A team of Whirly’s then swoops in to carry the Googenheim away, returning it to Ooh La Lane.

The only thing left to do now is to select “Keep It” when Raffles’ profile appears.

And that’s the end of the mission. What did you think of Googenheist?


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By davidflynn1681(Monster’s Name)

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that is in part 2

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Moshi Secrets: It all depends on how much time we get! It's there now and the Part 3 walk-through will be there quickly!

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New mission The Googenheist
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Moshi Secrets: Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it now!

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Moshi Secrets: Yo're absolutely right!

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Hiya! I just want to point out that the first sentence of this article states that the Googenheim is on Sludge Street. In fact, it is on Ooh La Lane

Moshi Secrets: Of course ! What was I thinking! I'll go and fix it now!

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