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Season 3, Mission 2, Choc-O-Dile Blues

This mission is split into three parts. You’ll get 200 XP, 200 Rox, Free Moshling (Marcel)

From the Daily Growl: “The Choco Refinery has stopped production, and there’s a shortage of choccie eggs in Monstro City. Super Moshis should log in now to help fix the refinery and get to the ooey gooey center of this chocolate-coated mystery!”

Part 1 – An Eggcentric Beginning

Choc-o-Dile Blues

First Appeared: March 28th 2013

(There’s one Epic you can get during this part.)

This mission starts in the Super-Moshi HQ. You’re talking to Elder Furi about the recent disappearance of chocolate eggs from Monstro City.

“Super Moshi! Have you heard the news about the chocolate eggs?” asks Elder Furi.

Click on “I’m not sure?”

“There is a shortage of chocolate eggs! Something doesn’t seem right! You should investigate the Chocolate Refinery on Main Street.” says Elder Furi.

“If you find any chocolate eggs, bring me back one!”

Get into the Chocolate Refinery

We find ourselves at the end of Mail Street, outside the Daily Growl where the Roakers are working outside the chocolate factory.

In the run up to the mission, there was chocolate gushing out of the hole in the ground and the factory was pumping chocolate – but this activity has stopped now.

“There’s the enter ace to the Chocolate Refinery!” you say to yourself.

“Let’s try to go in!”

Click on the gate with the “Keep Out” sign.

“Hey you can’t go in there!” says one of the Roakers as he starts a conversation.

“The Chocolate Refinery is off limits!” he says. “Even for a Super Moshi!”

Click on “But I’m on very important Super Moshi business!”

“We are under orders from Biggie Diddles III to not let anyone in!”

Click on “Please let me in!”

“No can do, it’s off limits!” the Roaker explains.

Click on “Why do you look so sad?”

“I’m soooo hungry!” says the Roarker. “It’s lunchtime and I’ve left my sandwiches at home!”

With that the conversation ends and you’re back on Main Street again.

Distract the Roarkers

So, it seems that if we’re going to get into the chocolate refinery then we’re going to need to sneak past the Roarkers.

“There must be a way to distract the roakers, so I can get into the chocolate refinery.” you say to yourself.

Click on the Roarker with the drill.

“Caaaaan not talk, neeeeed to to to drill!” he says.

“I wonder if Judder can help.” you say.

Judder is the drill shaped Moshling who just happens to be standing outside of the Daily Growl. That’s a stroke of luck!

Click on Judder to start a conversation.

“Hey Judder can you help me distract that roarker?” you ask.

“Dissssstact him? Why?” ask Judder.

Click on “I need to get into the Chocolate Refinery!”

“Oh oh oh, mayyyyybe you can get me some chocolate eggs!” says Judder. “Sureeeeee thiiiiing I will help!”

We’re back on Main Street again.

“Juuuust drop me onto that roarker!” says Judder.

Judder jumps into your pouch. Open your pouch and drag Judder onto the Roaker who’s got the drill.

Judder and the Roaker will vibrate themselves down the road!

“Just that hungry roarker to distract!” you say.

What’s the best way to distract the hungry roarker then? Probably by giving him a sandwich. Lucky for us, all the ingredients we need are scattered around Main Street.

We need to find the following ingredients:

  • Beet Root
  • Tiger Bread
  • Snarlsbury Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Grrkin

You’ll find the Tiger Bread just by the trap door to the left of the Daily Grown building.

The Snarlsbury can be found just to the right of the Bazarre Bazaar, next to the Elder Furi statue.

The chocolate can be found to the left of the couple having their picnic on Main Street. It’s on the left, just next to a piece of cake.

The Grrkin can be found just behind the bush to the left of the picnic couple.

The Beet Root can be easily spotted on the patch of grass to the right of the picnic couple.

As you pick up an item you say “I could use this to make a sandwich for the roarker!”

Once you get all the ingredients you’ll make a sandwich.

“This sandwich looks tasty, let’s give it to the roarker.” you say to yourself.

But before you do… there’s something else to find first!

There’s an epic to find. Click on the entrance to the underground disco (it’s the flashing tree stump with music coming out of it.) When you do, an EPIC will appear. Pick it up!

Now open your inventory and drag the sandwich onto the Roarker. He’ll start a conversation.

“Oh a sandwich! It’s time to indulge!” he says.

And we’re back on Main Street again.

“That’s both of them gone. Let’s go into the Chocolate Refinery!” you say.

Click on the gate with the Keep Out sign to enter the refinery.

Get the Chocolate Flowing

We’re in the refinery, a place full of pipes and strange machines, but nothing seems to be doing anything. The first thing we need to do is get the Chocolate Flowing again.

“So this is the refinery?” you say to nobody in particular. “Looks like the chocolate is not flowing. Let’s try to get the chocolate flowing first!”

If you look at the pipes you should notice some small stumpy rods sticking up. There are three of them.

There’s an orange one on the purple pipe at the bottom of the screen, a blue one on the purple pipe right on the right hand side of the screen and hardest to stop of all, there’s a small purple one just at the top left hand corner of the dark purple console to the left of where you’re standing.

Click on one of these rods.

“Hmm this valve is missing its wheel” you say.

If you look around you should spot three wheels. They’re round with bits sticking out all around them.

There’s a blue one on the floor in front of you, an orange one at the bottom between two purple pipes (and below the chocolate egg shaped machine) and a small purple one resting on the light green console on the left. Click on these wheels to pick them up.

“This wheel can go onto a valve.” you say.

Once you have them all, open your inventory and drag the correct coloured wheel onto the same colour valve spindle.

Turn on the Wheels

“This wheel is on! I should turn it to get the chocolate flowing.”

Don’t do this quite yet – get all three wheels on first!

Now you’ve got all the wheels in place, click on each wheel to give it a turn and start the chocolate flowing down the pipes.

Once you do this the container at the back will fill with Chocolate

“Looks like all the chocolate is flowing!”

“I wonder if I can get the machines to start making eggs again?”

Switch the machines on

If you look carefully you’ll see that the there machine consoles are now flashing with a yellow outline.

To start each machine, you’ll need to press the correct button.

All you need to do, is look at each screen to see which colour the arrow is pointing at.

The machine on the left is pointing at purple, so press the centre purple button. As you do the machine will light up!

“This chocolate making machine is ready to go!”

On the machine just to your left, click on the blue button on the right. It’ll light up too.

For the final machine, on the right hand side of the screen, click on the orange button (at the bottom).

But, it’s not chocolate that starts flowing!

Ropes appear from the ceiling and sliding down come a gang of Glumps!

“Look here squad! We caught ourselves a Super Moshi!” says the Glump leader.

“You fell straight into our TRAP!!!”

And with that, the screen fades to black and that’s the end of Part 1. We’ll have to wait until Part 2 to find out what happens next.

Part 2 – Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Choc-o-Dile Blues - Part 2

Choc-O-Dile blues starts off exactly where Part 1 ended. We’ve walked into a trap and found ourselves captued by some Glumps. As Part 2 starts, we find that we’ve been locked into a choclate egg mould. Eek!

“Good job squad!” says the Glump captain. “That mould should hold the Super Moshi!”

“You won’t get away with this!” you say in a muffled voice from within the Mould.

“Come squad we should report back!” says the captain.

“Private Fishlips! Stay behind and guard! Keep Marcel with you for company! Remember do not eat anymore chocolate! “

With that the Glumps jump on their ropes and make their way out of the refinery leaving Fishlips and Marcel behind.

Talk to the Croc Moshling

“I better be guarding that ladder” says Fishlips who then bounces over to the ladder.

Now click on Marcel, the crocodile Moshling to talk to him.

“Anyone there? I need help!” you say.

Marcel hears you and wanders over to the mould where you’re trapped.

“Oo have le glumps captured?” he asks in a French accent.

“It’s Super Moshi!” you reply.

“What is a Super Moshi doing inside an egg mould?”

A conversations starts, one where you’re represented by the egg mould within which you’re currently trapped!

“I was investigating the shortage of chocolte eggs. But then…”

Click on “I got over powered by the glumps and they put me inside here.”

“I see, that is unfortunate…” says Marcel.

Click on “Who are you?”

“I am Marcel, the mercenary glump’s chocolat adviser. Le glumps may think they love der chocolate, but they do not appreciate true quality! I hate working with le glumps!”

Click on “Help me get out of this egg mould!”

“Escape? That would be trouble but then again I hate working with le glumps! Tell you what, I like a monsture who likes le chocolat. If you show good knowledge of le chocolae, I can help you?”

Click on “Ok sure!”

EPIC – An EPIC will appear next to Marcel if you answer all these questions right first time. It’s not too hard!

“Ok my first question… Which bean is chocolat made from?”

Click on “Cocoa bean.”

“Oui! That is correct!”

“My second question… Which of these is not a type of chocolat?”

Click on “Grey Chocolate.”

“Bon! That is correct!”

“My last question. Chocolate is normally in the form of a…”

Click on “Chocolate bar”

“Ah qui, you do know your chocolat.” says Marcel. Ok I will help you escape!”

The conversation ends and we’re back in the refinery.

“Le glump guard will need to be distracted somehow.” says Marcel.

“Le filler is starting up, it will inject le chocolat into the mould”

Uh-oh! Sounds like trouble! We better get out of there quick!

“I should be quick. Le Super Moshi will be covered in chocolat!” says Marcel.

Before you do anything else, pick up the EPIC!

Distract the glump guard

Now, do you remember how Fishlips was told not to eat any more chocolate? Well, the reason why is that if we feed him some more chocolate he’ll get sleepy and fall asleep.

Luckily for us, there are some Chocolate eggs (5 in fact) hidden around the refinery.

Click on the first egg, at the bottom of the ladder that Fishlips is guarding.

“A Chocolat Egg! Maybe le glump would like this.”

Don’t worry about giving it to the glump just yet. Let’s get our hands on some more eggs first.

Click on the yellow egg just behind the pip below where Marcel is currently standing.

“A Chocolat Egg! Maybe le glump would like this.”

You’ll find the third egg on the right hand side of the screen. It’s just behind the blue value just to the right of the egg mould.

“A Chocolat Egg! Maybe le glump would like this.”

The next egg can be a little tricky! It’s at the back of the factory, just behing the area of the screen where Marcel’s speech bubbles appear. It’s just at the end of the purple pipe.

“A Chocolat Egg! Maybe le glump would like this.”

(I think we get the point Marcel!)

The last egg is at the top of the screen, resting on the blue pipe that is currently flowing with chocolate.

“A Chocolat Egg! Maybe le glump would like this.”

Yes. yes. We know!

Now open your inventory. You should have five different types of chocolate egg.

Drag one of the eggs out and onto the glump.

Marcel walks across to the glump and give him the egg.

“Chocolate eggs? I shouldn’t really… but if you insist!” says Fishlips.

He pulls up his balaclava and eats the egg.

“Feeling sleepy but so delicious! Give me more!”

“He said he was feeling sleepy, I should feed him more!” says Marcel, just in case we weren’t paying attention!

Open your inventory again and drag the next egg onto Fishlips.

Fishlips eats the egg, growing bigger (and hopefully sleepier) as he does.

“Marcel you do spoil me!”

Open your inventory and give the Glump the next egg.

“Tastes soooo good!” says Fishlips.

“Please hurry, I can smell the chocolate!” says your Super Moshi from inside the Mould. Have you noticed that the filler machine has been filling up with chocolate! Eek! We’re going to end up as the filling in a novelty chocolate egg!

Open your inventory again and give the Glump the next egg.

“I could do with a nap right now..” says Fishlips.

“Le chocolat is getting really close!” says Marcel, noticing how full the chocolate filler machine is getting!

Open you inventory one last time and give the Glump the last egg. It’s too much for poor old Fishlips who falls asleep with his tongue dangling out of his mouth!

“Ah le glump is asleep! I can free Super Moshi.” says Marcel who walks over to the egg mould.

Uh-oh! Looks like he’s too late. The pipe from the filler machine connects itset to the mould and starts pumping it full with Chocolate!

Once the filler is empty, the egg mould pops open to reveal a huge chocolate egg.

“Oh non non non! I need to save Super Moshi!” says Marcel.

I’ll say you do!

Click on the chocolate egg to get Marcel to use his mighty jaws to chomp away at the egg. You’ll need to keep clicking on the egg. Each time Marcel attacks the egg, more and more cracks will appear until finally the chocolate shell will fall apart and the Super Moshi will be safely released from its chocolate prison!

“Phew that was a lucky eggscape” you say!

(Harry laughed at that pun!)

A conversation starts.

“That was close! Thanks Marcel!”

“Ah do not thant me Super Moshi! I couldn’t let you get chocolated. It would have been a waste of good chocolat!”

Click on “What will you do now?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think le glumps will want me around anymore!” says Marcel.

Click on “I need to tell Biggie Diddles III about what happened!”

“Ah oui, le chocolate baron Biggie Diddles III. I can take you to his mansion.

“Great! He needs to know about those rogue glumps!”

At which point Part 2 of this mission ends.

Part 3 – Wake Me Up Before You Cocoa

Part 3 starts in Biggie Diddles’ office. He’s a large crocodile monster with a purple cowboy outfit on. He’s not too pleased with the Glumps!

“Those dopey glumps! What in tarnation did I hire them for?” he asks himself.

“Making me hightale it back ti tge refinery to sort out their tomfoolery!”

“Al least I get to eat some rootin’ tootin’ chocolate! Yee-ha!”

The screen fades to black and then the caption…

“Moments Later…”

You arrive in Biggie Diddles’ office a;pmh woth your new Moshling friend, Marcel.

“Bonjour! Monsieur Diddles III, are you there?” asks Marcel.

“This is strange, he is always here.”

Investigate the office

“Maybe you can investigate his office, so we might know where he has gone.” says Marcel.

Click on the door at the back of the screen.

“This door is locked” you say to yourself. ou know what we need to find to get through a locked door? A key!

Click on the various painings on the back wall (either side of the door) and you’ll reveal some crystals.

If you click on the tall painting just to the left of the door you’ll see the star at the top of the plant (or whatever it is) change. Click on this star to pick up a crystal.

“A Star shaped crystal, quite pointy” you say!

To the right of this pictue, at the top of the wall is another landscape picture. Click on this to reveal a triangle blue shape. Click on the blue triangle to pick it up.

“A Triangular prism, it’s quite heavy!” you say.

Now click on the smaller picture below. It’ll reveal a square shape. Click on it again to pick up a cube shaped crystal.

“A Cube crystal.” you say.

The next crystal is on the left hand side of the door. There’s a picture of some kind of deer on the top of a mountain with the moon behind it.

Click on the picture to reveal the next crystal. Next, click on the crystal to pick it up.

“A Spherical crystal, it’s very shiny!” you say.

Just for fun, click on the picture of Biggie Diddles III on the wall behind his desk.

“Biggie Diddles III sure does look menacing…” you say.

EPIC – There’s an epic to get here before we move on. You see the dar k shape on the right hand edge of the screen just infront of what looks like a map? It’s some kind of statue. Click on the head of this statue and its jaws will open to reveal an EPIC. Click on the epic to pick it up!

Anyway, where were we! We’ve now got all four of the different shaped crystals. All we have to do now is place them into the correct shaped holes. (A bit like the toys you give toddlers!).

There’s a triange, circle and square hole in the three plinths on the left, and a star shaped hole on the plinth on the right under the statue in which we just found the epic.

Open your inventory and drag the correct shaped crystal into the correct hole.

Once this is done, Marcel says “All the crystals are in, maybe you can try the switch now?”

The switch is the little purple thing just to the left of the door.

Click on the switch and a beam of laser light shoots out of the Biggie Diddles III picture. It hits the Triangular Prism and then bounces off the circular crystal, then the star and finally the cube crystal, towards the desk and reveals a key!

The Key

“Look it’s a key!” you say!

Click on the key to pick it up.

“That key will open something.” says Marcell. Wow! There’s no flies on him!

Open your inventory again and drag the key onto the door’s lock.

The door will open and out will fall a avalanche of chocolate eggs!

Both Marcel and you say “OMG!” Looks like your shocked at the discovery! A conversation starts…

“Biggie Diddles III is hoarding all the chocolate eggs for himself!” you say. “We need to stop him!”

“Oui Oui! That is not good! There’s only one place he can be…” says Marcel. “…back at le Refinery.”

And with that you return to the Refinery.

Back at the Refinery

It starts of in the dark with you and Marcel hiding in the shadows.

“Wait Super Moshi! I think I can hear Biggie Diddles III!” says Marcel.

The screen fades up to reveal Biggie Diddles and the Glumps in the Refinery.

“Sir! Private Fishlips fell asleep eating chocolate! And the Super Moshi escaped somehow!”

“And what of Marcel?” asks Biggie Diddles.

“He seems to have gone missing sir!”

“Well why am I paying y’aa filthy critters for? GO AND FIND SUPER MOSHI!”

The Glumps quickly climb their ropes and leave.

Back in the dark again.

“I will go down there and try to keep Biggie Diddles III occupied!” says Marcel. “That will give you time to think of something to foil him!”

Distract Biggie Diddles III

The screen fades back up again to reveal Biggie Diddles III and Marcel in the Refinery. Marcel goes over to talk to Biggie Diddles. A conversation starts”

“Hot digggity! If it isn’t Moon-sir Marcel!”

“What happened to you buddy? You better have a mighty fine explanation!”

Click on “The Super Moshi broke free and I couldn’t stop him!” to respond.

MARCEL! Yo boobed big time, you good for nothin’ gator!”

“I shall have fun molding you into a purdy lil’ chocolate statue for my office!

WAIT! Monsieur Diddles III you can’t… “ replies Marcel.

Click on “… who would help you clean your mansion?”

“I can hire any new moshling for that!” says Biggie Diddles.

“NO wait! …”

Click on “…who would advise you on le chocolat?”

“I don’t need any more advice! It all tastes good to me!”

“NO wait! …”

Click on “…I have ideas for new chocolat flavors!”

NEW chocolate eggs eh? What kind?” asks Biggie Diddles.

“Well there is silk worm flavor…” says Marcel. “Let me think… I can’t remember…”

Foil Biggie Diddles III

We’re back in the Refinery now, Marcel is talking to Biggie Diddles. Marcel is trying to keep him occupied by thinking of more ice cream flavours.

“You better have more good flavors…” says Biggie Diddles.

“Looks like Marcel is keeping Biggie Diddles III occupied!” you say to yourself.

“Bark Chocolat? Slopcorn flavor?” Marcel suggests.

“Your flavors sound interesting, continue!”

While Marcel talks to Biggie Diddles we need to find a way to foil his plan.

Take a look at the pipe above, which has got chocolate flowing through it. Do you notice the box with the red button on it? Put your mouse pointer on it and it’ll be highlighted in yellow.

Click on the button. (It doesn’t go into your inventory – its just attaches itself to the purple console next to you.)

“A remote control? Maybe I can use this.”

“Bubblegum? Flamin Raisins and nuts?” continues Marcel.

Click on the red button again to use it. A large version of the remote control will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Use Remote

The idea now is to use the remote control to move the chocolate machine left and right so that it is directly above Biggie Diddles and then cover him in Chocolate.

Click on the [right arrow] button twice (it’ll go past Biggie Diddles, but that’s ok)

Click on the [left arrow] button once. The machine will now be directly over Biggie Diddles.

Click on the big red button and chocolate will coat the nasty crocodile.

Talk to Biggie Diddles III

“What in the name! Get me our of this at ONCE!” says Biggie Diddles.

Click on Biggie Diddles to start a conversation.

“Not so fast!” you say. “You are hoarding all the Chocolate Eggs to yourself!”

“Yes they are MY CHOCOLATE EGGS, all MINE

Click on “Not anymore!”

“You need to share them with all monsters!” you say. “I will make sure all the monsters of Monstro City can enjoy the eggs again!”

“Ok ok, hold onto your horses! Maybe there can be some sort of business deal” says Biggie Diddles.

“Just get me out of this.”

The conversation ends here and we’re back in the Refinery.

“Super Moshi, I cannot carry on working for Biggie Diddles III…” says Marcel. “…can I come with you?”

“Sure thing Marcel!”

Click on Marcel to pick him up.

And that’s the end of the Choc-O-Dile Blues mission. What did you think?


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Hi I know you are angry not to be a moshi member to do the rest of the missing but you know you can buy these cards for a day a month or 6 months or you could do a year on the computer!!!! Hope that helps you and maybe if your family does not let you buy one ask your friend to buy you one for your birthday I hope that helps you out thanks to for this website because I got 5000 rox on that code thank you

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On Apr 13, 07:30 PM Aaron wrote:

i did not get 200 xp

On Apr 13, 09:12 AM charlie243245 wrote:

Where is the epic on the last part of choc-o-dile blues

Moshi Secrets: I plan on writing up the walk-through later, but if you can't wait, you'll find the epic by clicking on the statue on the right hand side of the screen in Biggie Diddles office. It's the one that's just a silhouette. When you click on it, the mouth should open and you should see the EPIC inside.

On Apr 13, 05:15 AM sarah wrote:

It’s not fair that part2 is only for members.:(

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If you want to get rooby or Jessie go to patty908 room or zoobergubers room he also has Betty somehow

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Hi,In mission 10 series 2, I can’t get the second epic from the chief. Can you please help me. I keep mixing drinks for him and he keeps telling me Yuk.
Thanks for this site.

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Hi, how can you say that the moshling is unknown because i subscribed and in the magazine it said you’ll get MARCEL in your zoo!

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you get marcel when you beat mission 3

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you will get marcel

On Apr 6, 01:13 PM musiccool51 wrote:

part 2 is only for members, it not fair!

On Apr 6, 07:44 AM Yoyo wrote:

You do not get Scrumpy as there is now a seed combination, but you will get Marcel because in part 2 you meet Marcel.

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the moshling is marcel

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U get Marcel in choc-o-dile blues part3

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i couldn’t find the entrance to the chocolate refinery at first but its alright now!!!

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You get Marcel.

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