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Season 2, Mission 9, Missing on a Star

Now that we’ve fixed our escape pod and launched into space we find ourselves hurtling through the stars as we attempt to rescue the Zoshlings from the evil clutches of CLONC.

We’re heading towards a strange red nebula and what appears to be the CLONC secret base. After a quick skirmish with some Glumps, we land on board the CLONC space station – next to the Zoshling’s UFO.

And who’s here too? It’s none other than Sprocket and Hubbs!

Talk to Sprockett and Hubbs

Click on Sprockett and Hubbs to start a conversation.

“What happened to the Zoshlings?” you ask.

“Super Moshi! That were captured and taken away by CLONC!”

Click on “Why didn’t you get captured?”

“We hid with the tin cans in the trash pile!” Sprockett and Tubbs explain.

Click on “Where did they take them?”

“Our scanners indicate they are being held in the *Cell Block F.”

The screen shows the hangers and scrolls to the right to show a purple circular door, guarded by a purple Glump Guard. We’d have to get past him!

“You need to get through that door! Hurry! Before we’re discovered!” say Sprockett and Hubbs.

Escape the Hangar Bay

“That Glump Guard has a Key

Above the Glump Guard is a yellow tube and next to it is a button with the label “Suck”. Looks like we have to suck the Glump into the tube!

Click on the “Suck” button.

“Looks like it won’t turn on without power.”

There’s a power indicator just next to the suck button. Do you see it? Connected to it by two stripy green pipes are another couple of buttons. To turn on the power we need to press those buttons.

Click on one of the buttons.

The button will go green before turning back off again after a couple of seconds.

“That button doesn’t stay on! Someone else needs to hold it down,” you say to yourself.

Click on Sprockett and Hubbs to start a conversation.

“My scan shows a complex mechanism which could require a complete rework of the system!”

“OR we can hold one button down whilst Super Moshi presses the other?”

“… Yes that will work too.”

Sprockett and Tubbs are now standing next to the left hand button.

Click on the right hand button to turn on the suction.

The Glump Guard get’s sucked right off his chair and into the pipe!

Get the key

“That seems to have done the trick. Let’s grab the Key!” you say.

EPIC Before you grab they key, there’s an epic to collect. Look at the very far end of the hangar bay and you’ll see an epic floating past. As it floats by, click on it! (It’s a bit tricky, you might have to scroll to the left a little)

Click on the key, dangling from the Glump to pick it up.

It seems as if the key was the only thing stopping the glump from getting sucked into the pipe!

A conversation starts with Sprockett and Hubbs.

“You have the key! You can leave! Good luck Super Moshi!”

Leave the Hangar Bay

Scroll to the right so that you can see the big round purple door.

Click on the door.

“Let’s use the key we just collected on this door.”

Open your inventory and drag they key out onto the purple door which will then open to reveal Gabby!

“We are saved!” says Gabby and a conversation starts.

“Super Moshi! There are hundreds of moshlings trapped next door!” says Gabby.

“I managed to escape, but there are Mutant Glump Sharks guarding them! You have to free them!”

The conversations switches to Sprockett and Hubbs.

“Our scanners are reading a huge amount of odd Glump activity in the next room!” they say.

Click on “What shall I do?”

The screne changes back to the Hanger and Sprockett and Huggs give you some instructions.

“First find a container and take some of this De-Glumping Goo next to us.” they tell you.

You’ll see the red barrels of goo next to Sprockett and Huggs flashing yellow.

“Then put it into the Escape Pod’s Blaster and you are ready to blast some glumps.”

Get the De-Glump Goo

Scroll to the right and click on the mug sitting next to the purple char that the glump guard was sitting on.

“I have this Mug!”

Now open your inventory and drag the mug onto the red barrels of green goo next to Sprocket and Hubbs.

“I have a mug full of De-Glumping Goo! Let’s put this in the Blaster.”

Drag the mug of goo onto the blaster on the site of the escape pod.

“You are ready to leave Super Moshi. Good Luck!” says Sprockett and Hubbs.

Scroll to the right and click on the door to leave.

Mutant Glump Sharks – Mini-game

“Get ready to De-Glump those Mutant Glump Sharks!!!”

You’ll find your escape pod flying around in Cell Block F. Also flying about are “Mutant Glump Sharks!”

All you need to do is move your escape pod around by moving the mouse to eliminate the Glumps.

Once you’ve got all the Glumps, you’ll see Moshlings escape from the two prison pods at the back.

Once you’ve done this you can enter the pod on left at the front. It looks like it’s all frozen. (The other pod has a padlock on it. You can’t get into it yet. “We need something to get through these chains!”)

Move your mouse onto the frozen pod to fly the escape pod to it.

Speak to Tomba

You find yourself in a frozen pod. Judder is frozen into the ice and Tomba is looking all sad.

“Brrr! It’s freezing in here!” you say.

Click on Tomba to start a conversation.

“Hey Tomba! What are you doing here?”

“Oh hey Super Moshi, I was captured and put in this cell.” says Tomba.

“Don’t think I will ever escape…”

Click on “Who’s in that ice block?”

“It’s the moshling Judder.” replies Tomba.

“They put him ICE-olation because he kept breaking things!”

“Maybe you can save him too?”

Help Judder

Click on the round purple thing hanging from the ceiling. It’s the heater controls.

You’ll see a large version of the heater showing a Glump at different temperatures.

“This heater should be able to melt some of the ice! But it’s broken, it needs a new pointer!”

Click on the “X” to return to the frozen pod.

So where are we going to find another pointer!

Click on Tomba to talk to him. It’ll start a conversation.

Select “Do you know what CLONC are up to?”

“Sorry, I don’t know, I’ve been locked up in here all the time.” says Tomba.

Click on “How did you get captured?”

“I was chilling out on Mount Sillimanjaro, then this bright light appeared. Next thing I know, I am here!”

Click on “Can I borrow your nose?”

“Why do you need my nose?” asks Tomba.

Click on “I need it to help free Judder!”

“Oh really? If it’s to help Judder, please take it!”

The conversation end and you’re back in the frozen room.

“I have Tomba’s nose! Can use this to fix the heater?

Open your inventory and drag Tomba’s carrot nose onto the heater.

You’ll now see the heater with a new pointer!

Click on the carrot to point it to the melted glump on the far right.

Once you’ve done this click on the “X”.

Talk to Judder

We’re back in the pod and the heater has done it’s work and melted all the ice.

“Wow that melted a lot of ice!”

Click on Judder to start a conversation.

“Hey there… you don’t look so good.” you say.

“I think I’ve cau cau cau caught the flu…” says Judder.

“…I feel terrible. I could do with some chicken soup to help me feel better.”

Chicken Soup

Looks like we need to make some chicken soup for the poor fellow.

“Let’s find some ingredients for Judder’s Chicken Soup!”

The first item to collect is the large chicken sitting next to Judder. Click on it to pick it up.

To your left, you’ll see a green packet of peas. Pick this up too.

Now, just below the cooker are some strange worm like object. Click on them to pick them up. They’re not actually worms you’ll be pleased to know, they’re noodles.

Now we need to make some soup!

Click on the purple stove to turn it on.

“I can use this stove, to cook the Chicken Soup.”

Now open your inventory and drag the noodles, the peas and the chicken into the saucepan. The soup will bubble away for a few seconds.

“The chicken soup has finished cooking. Let’s give this to Judder!

Click on the pan of soup to pick it up.

Open your inventory and drag the pan of soup onto Judder.

Judder will perk up instantly and smash his way out of the remainder of the ice!

Judder starts a conversation.

JJJJJumping Jackhammers, I feel so much Be Be Better!” he says.

Click on “You must still be feeling cold!”

“Nothing like a good ju ju jump on the spot won’t solve!”

“Where are the Zoshlings?” you ask.

“They are being held in the cell block next to us!”

“Great! Can you help me save them?”

“Sure sure sure sure sure thing! We must s s s s s stop CLONC!” says Judder.

“I can br br br break into the next cell for us!”

Collect Judder

Now it might be tempting to pick up Judder at this point – but wait! There’s something we need to do first!”

EPIC – Let’s get another EPIC! Click on the heater again. Click on the carrot until it’s all the way back to the left.

“I can pick up Tomba’s nose again!” you say. Click on the carrot to pick it up. Now open your inventory and give the nose back to Tomba.

“Oh my nose! Thank you Super Moshi!” says Tomba.

You’ll now see an epic on the floor just to your left. Click on it to pick it up!

Now click on Judder. He’ll drill his way out through the floor!

Mutant Glump Sharks – Mini-game

“Oh no! Sharks again!”

The Mutant Glump Sharks are back! Do what you did last time and wipe them out with your escape pod.

Talk to the Glump

Once you’ve got enough of the glumps you’ll appear in the next prison cell where the Zoshlings are held.

OMG! Are those the Zoshlings?”

“Security alert!!! Who do we have here?” says the purple Glump.

Click on the Glump to start a conversation.

“Hmmm I’ve not seen you before?”

Click on “I am a new CLONC agent!”

“Well if you are new to CLONC that means…” starts the Glump.

“…you’re out new contestant oooon…”

All of a sudden there’s dramatic music and spotlights swinging everywhere before a large sign appears reading…

“… THE SQUEAL OF FORTUNE” announces the glump dramatically.

It looks like we’re going to have to play some kind of gameshow!

“…The Squeel of Fortune?” you ask.

Click on the Glump to continue. A conversation will start.

“Welcome to the show! I am your handsome host, Knowledge Head Ned!”

“And what is your name my CLONC comrade?”

Click on “CLONC agent two!”

Great to have you with us! Let’s hope you can win some fabulous prizes!” says Ned.

“Tonights prizes sure are dazzlers!”

Now we’re back in the room again, ready to play the game?

“How would you like to own your very own ZOSHLING?” asks Ned.

“Well!!! Now you can!”

With that the lights change to reveal the four captured Zoshlings.

“Just answer these questions, and they can be yours!”

Back to the conversation screen.

“Let’s begin! Question one please!”

“What was the name of the hotel Frau Now BrownKau was stationed at?” asks Ned.

Click on “Sandy Drain Hotel”

“Correct! And what a nice hotel that is!” says Ned.

“You have also revealed four letters of our secret password!”

“What can it be? Turn over the squares to find out!”

Click on the yellow squares to turn them over. Pick a wrong one and Ned says “Try a different square!”

You need to click on the first, third, forth and last squares to reveal four letter “S“s.

YES! The first letter is “S”, for SAVE A ZOSHLING!” says Ned.

We’re back in the conversation again for the second question.

“On to question two, prepare yourself!” says Ned.

“You find Mr Snoodle on board the C.L.O.N.C Star, what do you do?”

Our of the three choices, select “Put him in the Glumpatron 3000!”

“Haha Glumpendeous!” says Ned.

Back to the letter board.

“You have another letter! Find the square it is under!”

Click on the seventh square to turn over the letter “R” and free another Zoshling.

“The letter “R”, you have RESCUED another Zoshling!” says Ned.

Back into the conversation screen.

“You’re halfway through that means its …”

“You only get one chance to answer this correctly! But get this question right and you are in for an EPIC treat!”

EPIC In order to get the EPIC, you have to answer this question correctly.

“My glump colleague Fishlips, was guarding the hangar bay. What color was his hat?”

Click on “Green”

“Wow that is the correct answer! What a star!”

Click on the EPIC next to Ned.

Back to a conversation “Can this quiz get any better?” says Ned.

“It can! With question three!”

“Which CLONC member went undercover at Cirque du Bon Bon?”

Click on “Sweet Tooth.”

“My favourite agent!” says Ned.

We’re back at the letter’s board.

“Turn over another square for us!” says Ned.

Click on the sixth square to turn over the letter “F”.

“The letter is fantastic “F”! Another Zoshling FREED!”

Back into the conversation again.

“The last CLONCerific question is coming up!”

“You don’t have enough ROX to pay at Yukea. Do you…”

Click on “Steal the Item!”

“Such naughty CLONC behaviour, we love it!” says Ned.

Back to the letters board again.

“An amazing display of CLONC knowledge! Turn over the remaining squares!”

Click on the remaining squares to turn them over and real the letter “A”.

“Oh my! We have a winner tonight!” says Ned.

“The password for the day is…”


Sassafras?” you ask.

YES! The most fearsome and cruel naval master on board! Commander SASSAFRAS!”

And with that a movie starts showing Sassafras on board his ship.


Leave the cell

“To the escape pod! Before Sassafras gets here!” you say.

Sassafras Mini-game

You’re in a batter with Sassafras. You need to shot his ship with your green goo.

Move up and down using the mouse and click to fire your goo canon.

As you do, you’ll need to dodge the canon balls that Sassafras is shooting!

Once you’ve hit him enough to get the gauge all the way to the right Sassafras says “Abandon Ship!!!”

Onboard the Escape Pod

Onboard the escape pod with the Zoshlings, Strangeglove appears on the monitor. Click on the monitor to talk to him.

“Mwahahahaha!” he says as a movie starts.

“Saving Zoshlings is one thing, Super Moshi. But defeating CLONC? I don’t think so!” says Strangeglove.

SILENCE STRANGEGLOVE!!!” says the mysterious person inth big chair. “You’re lucky to even be here! But at least you will witness my greatest triumph… The destruction of the entire Moshi World! The Trubble Satellite’s Deluxe Doom Ray 5000 will melt Sillimanjaro and flood Monstro City! Get in there, sunshine!”

“To be continued…”

Back on board the escape pod, you get the change to add Judder to your zoo. Click on “Keep It” to keep the Moshling.

With that the mission ends.

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