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Season 2, Mission 8, Kick Some Asteroid

Wanna have a blast blowing things up on a crazy asteroid? Well c’mon and help the Super Moshis get busy finding Fizzy!

The mission starts with a little movie showing the escape pod flying away from the zoshling’s space ship with your and Scarlet O’Haira on board and bad news for us, we’re heading directly for an asteroid! Looks like we’re going to crash!

Crashed escape pod

Well things are a mess after the crash! There’s debris everywhere, but thankfully it appears we’re ok. Just need to find Scarlet though. It also looks as if Captain Squirk is trying to talk to us but the monitor is broken.

Clear the doorway

“Urgh, what a mess!” you say, “Where’s Scarlet?

“Looks like Captain Squirk is trying to tell us something… But the TV is missing a few circuits.”

Ok, let’s start by clearig up a little. Click on the two red boxes near the exit to clear them out of the way.

As you do so you’ll find Scarlet under one of the boxes.

“Scarlet! There you are!”

“Let’s get this junk out of the way!”

Repair the TV

Click on all the rest of the bits and pieces lying around on the floow. There’s something that looks like a s sweet wrapper and another thing with a red button and three yellow “fingers”. Click on them all to pick them up.

When you think you’ve got the lot, open your inventory and you should see that you’ve got three objects:

  • A TV Connector
  • A TV Fuse
  • A TV Circuit

Drag the three items onto the TV to repair it and get it working. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to hear what Captain Squirk has to say!

“Super Moshi!” he exclaims and a conversation starts.

“Are you OK??” Squirk asks.

“My computers tell me you crash landed on an asteroid!”

“Yes, we’re ok.” you reply. “How do we get out of here?”

You’ll now see a computer scan of the asteroid. Captain Squirk explains that according to the computers, the interior of the asteroid is very explosive.

“If you can figure our a way to cause an explosion beneath the escape pod*… you might be able to *launch it back into space.”

“The surface of the asteroid seems to be OK though. Let me open the pod door for you.”

The escape pod door slides out of the way and Captain Squirk wishes you good luck!

Now click on the open door to step our onto the surface of the asteroid.

On the surface of the asteroid

Find Fizzy

Wow, it seems like there’s lots going on on the surface of this asteroid. As well as our crashed escape pod, which appears to be sitting stuck in a crater there’s also a strange beaded buy and what looks like some kind of house.

There’s also his pants and vest hanging on the washing line, but we won’t dwell on that – after all, we’re on a mission!

“Hey You!” should the green fella, starting a conversation…

“What are you doing on my asteroid??” he asks.

Click on “Sorry! We crash landed our escape pod!”

“Well…You need to leave!” he replies – doesn’t seem too friendly at this point!

Click on “Why do we need to leave? Who are you?” to continue the conversation.

“I’m Wally Warpspeed, the famous Cosmic Rox miner!” he explains.

Cosmic Rox?” you ask.

“What are you, an alien?? Yes, Cosmic Rox! Those highly explosive Rox that are so rare that they’re worth millions…of Rox!”

“Have you sold any yet?” you ask.

“Well, no…I was ready to leave with all these valuable Cosmic Rox when I tool a sip of Fizzy soda and it spilled… Then, all of a sudden… BOOM!

“The Cosmic Rox exploded, and my ship blew apart!

“Where is Fizzy now?” you ask the old miner.

The scene cuts back to the surface of the landscape and Wally tell you that Fizzy is “in my space ship.”

“I can’t seem to find the door handle though…”

There’s always one problem after another isn’t there! I suppose we better go and see if we can find a door handle.

Scrol all the way to the left and you should see something circular and brown poking up out of the crater in the bottom left hand corner. This is the door handle we’re after. Click on the door handle to pick it up.

Now open your inventoury and drag the door handle onto the door of Wally’s crashed spaceship. It should fit just below the little orange window.

The doow will open an this missions new moshling will appear! It’s Fizzy, and he’s happy to be out of the space ship.

“Phew! Thanks!” he says as he starts a conversation.

“I’ve been stuck in there forever! Wally wants ot get rid of me…” he explains.

Click on “Why does he want to get rid of you?”

“I ACCIDENTLY blew up his ship…” says Fizzy. “It’s not my fault though!”

“When I mix with Cosmic Rox, everything goes BOOM!”

Click on “Are you a talking fizzy drink?”

“Yup! Sorry I didn’t introduce myself. My name’s Fizzy, the Lipsmacking Bubbly! Who are you?”

“I’m a Super Moshi! I crashed landed in that escape pod over there. I actually need help. Is there a way to get inside the asteroid?”

Fizzy says “The mine entrance is over there! But there was a meteorite shower that blocked it up. I can blow them up for you!”

The scene now switched back to the surface of the asteroid again.

Fizzy continues, “Just pick me up and drop me wherever you dropped Cosmic Rox!

Let’s get some Rox

Before we contine, let’s pick up Fizzy as we’ll need him to blast the Cosmic Rox. Click on him and add him to your inventory.

Ok, so in order to get into the mine on the right hand side of the level, we need to get some Cosmic Rox.

First, click on the mailbox next to where Wally is standing. It’ll open to reveal some pink Cosmic Rox. Click on them to add them to your inventory.

EPIC – Open your inventory and drag the Cosmic Rox you’ve just picked up and drop them on the emall asteroid just to the left of the washing line. Now drag Fizzy from your inventory and drag him onto the same asteroid. Fizzy will stand on the mailbox and blast the Rox with Fizz from his straw, causing the asteroid to explode. This reveals an EPIC award! Pick it up!

“Hey! Watch where you explode those things!” says Wally.

Get Cosmic Rox from Wally

You’ll find some more Cosmic Rox in the crater to the right (just past the small pink asteroid stuck in the crater). Click on this to pick it up.

Open your inventory and drag the Cosmic Rox onto the small pink asteroid. The Rox will embed themselves into the crater.

Now drag Fizzy onto the same asteroid. Fizzy will stand next to the asteroid and then shoot his fizzy liquid at it, causing the Rox to explode and destroy the small pink asteroid!

“Hey! Watch where you explode those things!”

Now click on Wally to start a conversation.

“Do you happen to have any more Cosmic Rox lying around?” you ask.

“Yes I do” replies Wally. “But I just told you how dangerous they are…”

“I promise I won’t go anywhere near your shop!” you say.

Wally still isn’t sure. “Hmmm…I don’t know.”

“Let’s play a game first.” he suggests.

“If you can answer all three of my questions, I’ll give you Cosmic Rox.

Click on “Ok, sounds good.” to continue.

“Ok, first question. What’s my pet called?”

Click on “Rover” to answer.

“Well, this second question then… What happens to Cosmic Rox when you mix them with Fizzy?”

Click on “They EXPLODE!”

“You won’t get this though! What’s my profession?”

Click on “You’re a Cosmic Rox miner” to answer.

“Here are some Cosmic Rox, as promised.”

Right, before we unblock the mine enterance let’s just click on the hut that has the “Rover” sign. There are a couple of tyre tracks leading away from it.

When you click on it, Wally says “My poor *Rover*… You were such a loyal friend…”

Unblock the mine enterance

OK, let’s open up the mine!

Open your inventory and dray the Cosmic Rox onto the asteroid blocking the enterance to the mine. You’ll need to use two.

Now drag Fizzy out and drop him on the asteroid too.

Fizzy will squit his fizzy liquid at the asteroid and cause it to explode.

Go Inside the asteroid

As soon as you click on the mine enterance to go inside the asteroid Wally interrupts to give you a warning.

“You’re going in the mine??” he asks. “Watch out for the Astro Gremlins! They’re dangerous…”

Inside the Asteroid

Inside the asteroid you see a rather unhappy looking car (which appears to be missing a couple of wheels) and a purple eye’s Astro Gremlin!

“What’s that?” you say!

EPIC – First let’s get the epic! Open your inventory and drag Fizzy out onto the Cosmic Rox standing just behind and to the right of your monster. Fizzy will make the Rox explode to reveal an Epic award. Click on the EPIC to pick it up.

Talk to Rover

Now click on the car to talk to “Rover” and start a conversation.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!” he says!

“What are you doing down here puppy?” you ask.

“Bark! Bark! Barrrrk! Bark!” Rover replies. I don’t think we’re going to get an awful lot of sense out of him!

“You’re Wally’s Rover?” you ask.


“Barrrrrrk! Bark, bark.” he says.

“The gremlins stole your parts!?”

Fix Rover

After than enlightening conversaion, it looks as if we need to fix rover by finding the parts that the Astro Gremlins have stolen from him.

Rover, shines his headlight at the Gremlin and it scampers off into the cave.

“The gremlins are afraid of light!”

“Let’s get Rover’s parts back!”

Gremlin Scare! Rover Repair

Here’s a mini-game! We’ve got to click on the gremlins to spook’em and retrieve Rover’s bits.

The game is quite simple, you’ll see a whole lot of caves out of which Astro Gremlins will appear. All you have to do is shine your lights (use the mouse to move them and the button to shine them!) at the Gremlins as they appear to frighten them off.

There are three parts of Rover to collect, two tyres and a radar-dish.

Every now and again, a Gremlin will appear holding one of these items. Shine the light in his eyes and he’ll drop the item.

One tip to make life a little easier is to move to the centre of the screen every time you scare a Gremlin – then you’re in the best place to move to the next one when they appear!

EPIC – One Gemlin will appear holding an epic. Shine the light on him to get him to drop it. If you haven’t got the epic before the final piece of Rover appears, don’t use the headlights on it!

Once you’ve got all three part you’ll get the following message:

“Wheelie Well Done!” – You got all of Rover’s parts back!

Now we’re back in the mine. You’ll notice the three parts of Rover lying in the cave.

“Let’s collect all of Rover’s parts.

Click on each of the three parts to pick them up.

The screen will now switch to a close-up showing poor Rover in need of some help.

Open you inventory and drag the two wheels onto the axles.

Now drag the satellite dish onto the top of Rover (where the two wires are hanging out.)

Now close you’re inventory and you’ll see a much happier looking Rover!

Move Cosmic Rox under the pod

Rover starts a conversation.

“Bark bark, bark bark!”

“That’s what I’m here for!”

“Bark bark bark?”

“Help? Yes, actually I do need your help.”

“We need enough Cosmic Rox to shoot our escape pod back into space!

“Barrrrrrk! Bark bark bark bark bark.”

“The gremlins have a stash of Cosmic Rox?” (Sounds lucky for us!)


“We have to find those Cosmic Rox!”

After the conversation a little Cosmic Gremlin appears in the mine.

“We’re sorry! Don’t hurt us!” it says, starting a conversation.

“We’ll do anything if you stop flashing the light!

“We need to move these Cosmic Rox to under the escape pod.

Helpfully the gremlin replies “We have some extra Cosmic Rox lying around! Let me get them for you”

The gremlin then uses some kind of strange magic to make some Cosmic Rox appear in the middle of the mine, directly below the escape pod.

On the surface of the asteroid

Wally is obviously pleased to see his friend Rover again.

“Rover!” he exclaims. “You’re alive!”


Wally starts a conversation.

“All in a day’s work for a Super Moshi.” you tell him.

“How’d you save him??” Wally asks.

Click on “The gremlins stole his parts! I had to scare them away to get them back!”

“Those gremlins! Always causing trouble!” says Wally.

“They’re actually no bad.”

“They helped us so we can launch our escape pod back into space!”

Fizzy is going to shoot some fizzy into a pile of Cosmic Rox beneath our escape pod.”

Fizzy then chirps in “Then…*BOOM!* Blast off!

Now there’s a movie showing Fizzy, giving himself a shake and then dropping just one tiny drop of fizzy onto the Cosmic Rox below the escape pod.

First the Cosmic Rox starts to sparkle and then explodes in a shower of fireworks! Shooting the escape pod back into space.

“To be continued…”

To finish the mission click on “KEEP IT” to add the Fizzy moshling to your zoo.


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