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Season 2, Mission 7, Masters of the Swooniverse

Prepare for blast off as you boldly go where no Moshi has gone before. And remember, in space no one can hear you twirling your moustache.

So Strangelove has reappeared and may have another formations in the super mushy missions

The Unknown Zone

In the new Masters the Swooniverse mission we find our Super Moshi talking to captain squirt just prior to taking off standing beside the UFO are Sprockett and Hubs.

To talk to Since Quirke click on him and then click on the “Sprockett and Hubbs?” question. Captain Squirk will tell you that Sprockett and Hubbs have been helping him fix his spaceship, the Rhapsody 2.

Now click on the question, “Looks like Rhapsody 2 is fixed.”

Captain Squirk replies, “Yes, with some help from Sprockett and hubs as he is ready to fly once again!”

“The crew are making the final preparations but we need some help. Please come with me to the engine room!”

The Engine Room

You now find yourself in the engine room of the Rhapsody 2. Around the centre you’ll see the four crew members standing on platforms. Captain Squirk tells you what to do next…

“This is Rhapsody 2’s to Engine Room” says Captain Squirk.

“We need to fire the engines, with some cosmic tunes. My crew will play the engine tune. Follow and repeat are tune.”

Captain squirt, then ask us “Are you ready?”

Click on “Yes! To continue.

Copy the ignition sequence

The next part of this mission is pretty simple. You just need to watch carefully and then repeat the patterns of sounds that the zoshling crew play.

Once you confirm you’re ready, Captain Squirk says “excellent! Crew, the first sequence please!”

The zoshlings will now play the first sequence. Once the sequences finished all you need to do is click on the zoshlings in the same order.

For the first sequence you need to click on First Office Ooze (the one who looks like a snail), then Splutnik (The one with his purple brain in what looks like a glass bowl) and then finally, Dr. C. Fingz, the one with the spiral antenna.

A little tip for you here, it’s best to wait until the note has been played before clicking on the next zoshling otherwise it won’t recognise your click. Don’t try and go too quickly.

Captain Squirk says “Great Galaxies! That is the first sequence done!”

The zoshlings will now play the second sequence. This is slightly longer version of the first one.

For the second sequence you need to click on the Ooze, Splutnik, Fingz, Ooze and then finally Splutnik.

Captain Squirk is obviously pleased. Totally cosmic! Second sequence completed!”

Now it’s time for the third and last sequence. Again, it starts the same as the last but with some additional notes. Watch carefully!

Click on Ooze, Splutnik, Fingz, Ooze, Splutnik Fingz and then finally Captain Squirk.

“Last sequence finished! We are ready for blast off!” he says.

You’re now treated to a rendition of some zhoshling music which sounds very similar to the sort of thing Jean-Michelle Jarre would have played.

Now you start a conversation with Captain Squirk.

“Many thanks Super Moshi!” he says.

“The crew will make the final preparations.”

You respond “I will say my goodbyes first before you all leave!”

Accidental Launch

We’re now treated to a little cut-scene which is subtitled as follows:

Squirk says: “The engines are primed and ready for launch, As soon as the Super Moshi is safely outside, We can engage THAT launch button”

Sprockett and Hubbs say “What? This Button?!?” and go ahead and press the button! (Whoops, I don’t think they were meant to do that!)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screams Captain Squirk, and he really doesn’t look happy!

Un-oh, looks like the Rhapsody 2 is taking off with you inside it!

After the cut scene, we’re back in the engine room again with Captain Squirk.

“Cosmic catastrophe! We have blasted off!” he says.

“Wait here Super Moshi, I’m heading back to the bridge to turn Rhapsody 2 around!” And with that Captain Squirk leaves the engine room.

Oh no! What’s this! A communication screen appears, and on the screen it’s none other than… Dr. Strangeglove!

“This is your captain speaking…” he says.


Click on the display screen to talk to Dr. Strangeglove.

“Mwah-ha-haaa oh Super Moshi!” Dr. Strangegloe laughs.

“Thanks for gathering all the Zoshlings and finding me this spaceship!”

Click on “Dr Strangelove!” You were on board all along?” to continue to the conversation.

Dr. Strangeglove replies, “Haha no one noticed, those Space Sandwiches are the best!”

Click on “I must stop you!”

“Haha resistance is futile!” he cackles!

Click on “What evil plan are you hatching?”

Dr. Strangeglove says, “I have taken control of the ship! Enjoy the ride Super Moshi!”

Dr. Strangeglove’s monitor disappears and another one with Captain Squirk arrives.

“Super Moshi! We must stop Strangeglove and regain control of Rhapsody 2!”

You’ll be shown the plans of the Rhapsody 2.

“Our sensors show that he’s at the First officer Ooze’s greenhouse. But he’s locked the door!

Click on the “X” in the top right hand corner to close the map of the spaceship.

Escape from the Engine Room

Captain Squirk tell you to “Find a way out of the Engine Room first!”

Splutnik starts a conversation to give you some more instructions “You can unlock that door with three key pieces.”

“They are round, metallic and when put together looks like my face!

You’ll now be shown the full width of the Engine Room, and Splunik continues…

“There is a key piece up there ! They are all round. But I can’t remember where the other two are!

Ah, so you see the round shape with the hole in the middle above Splutnik? That’s the first piece but when you click on it Splutnik tell you, “That’s a door key piece! But it’s too high, the Magnet can help.”

Click on the large red magnet at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Splutnik says “This magnet needs batteries before it can be used.”

Now take a close look behind the platform just to your right, there’s a blue cylinder with “AA” written on it. It’s one of the batteries we need to get the magnet working. Click on the battery to pick it up and put it in your inventory.

“AA battery. Can be used for the magnet!”

Hmm, now we need to find a second battery. Scroll to the right and you’ll see what looks like a vending machine with a glass front and a spanner symbol glowing above it.

Click on the vending machine.

“This vending machine should have useful items for you.”

“Find some credits to use in the machine first!”

Seems like we’ll have to find some Zoshling money somewhere if we’re going to use the vending machine.

Click on the “X” at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Now we need to find those “Credits”. They look like small yellow coins and they can be found scattered on the floor. You should be able to find them in the following locations (starting from the left and working along to the right.)

  • On the left hand side, under the circular door, party hidden behind a silhouette of something.
  • Inside the open hatch with the wires in it.
  • Tucked behind the wiggly purple pipe at the bottom of the screen directly below the magnet.
  • Just above Sputnik, behind the yellow platform.
  • Just to the right of Splutnik, tucked under the purple pipe.
  • In the far right hand bottom corner, hidden behind the silhouette.

After that we should find ourselves with six credits! Time to go shopping! Click on the vending machine.

Now, what’s that in the bottom right hand corner? Looks like an AA battery to me. Click on the Battery.

“An AA battery. Can be used for the magnet! I need 1 credit to buy this.

Open your pouch, and drag a credit into the socket at the top right hand part of the machine.

Now you’ll need to press the correct letter and number to choose the batter. You’ll notice that some of the items in the vending machine have no reference underneath them. We’ll have to work these out. It’s pretty simple. Each row is represented by a letter and each column by a number so, if all the labels were readable they’d be displayed like this:

A1 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3
C1 C2 C3

So to get the battery we need, click on “C” and “3”. The battery will be dispensed!

While we’re here, we might as well get everything else we’re going to need.

Next, let’s get the Hydro Spanner. Put another credit into the machine and click on “A” and “1”. The spanner will be delivered.

Now, let’s get the “Sun in a Jar” (I can feel the warmth and Energy). Put a credit in the machine and click on “A” and “3”.

Do the same fotr the X-Plode Energy Tin (B1) and the piece of the door key (B2)

Click on the “X” now that we’re finished with the vending machine.

Now we’ve got the two batteries it’s time to power on the magnet. Open your inventory and drag the batteries into the battery compartment (just below the word “off”).

When you put the second battery into place Splutnik says “You found all the Batteries, turn on on Magnet!” which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I think we get the gist!

Click on the red lever about the battery compartment to turn on the magnet.

It’ll start up a jet engine (because of course the magnet is jet powered!)

The Magnet attract the large piece of Door Key and drops it onto the floor.

Splutnik starts a conversation with you.

“Sounds like there is something rattling inside the Jet Engine! Feed it some energy items to clear up the Jet Engine.

Ok, sounds simple enough. Do you remember the energy items we got from the vending machine?

Before we put the energy items into the Jet Engine there’s something else we can do…

EPIC – Open you inventory and drag the hydro-spanner over the open compartment with the wires. An EPIC appears, so quick, grab it now!

Now drag the X-Plode Energy can into the jet engine.

Splutnik says” Only one more Energy item to put in!

Drag the Sun in a Jar into the jet engine.

That seems to have done the trick! The engine spurts out another part of the Door Key.

Click on the two Door Key items to pick them up.

Now open your inventory and drag the three Door Key pieces onto the circular door to the left. Once we’ve dragged all three onto the door, Splutnik tells us what to do next.

“Great! Rotate the pieces to complete the picture, to open the door!”

It’s rather simple to the puzzle from Bungle in the Jungle.

Click on the various rings to spin them round clockwise until you make the face of Splutnik. (Remember he has his brain at the top and a big smile to the bottom of the second ring. The inner most ring has his eyes so rotate this until they line up.

Once you get the Door Key pieces lined up correctly you’ll move on to the next room…

1st Office Ooze’s Greenhouse

As soon as we arrive in Ooze’s greenhouse a communication screen appears. It’s Dr. Strangeglove again.

“Mwah hahahaha!”

Click on the screen to talk to Dr. Strangeglove.

“All is going according to my evil plan!”, he says. “I will show I am not a failure!”

Reply by clicking on the box, “I will stop you Strangeglove!”

“You don’t stand a chance! Mwah-ha-ha!” he replies.

Now click on the “What happened to you?” question.

Strangeglove tells us more! “CLONC threw me out of Scare Force Once, after escaping the Fiery Castle.”

“I landed on Music Island, found this spaceship and it gave me a plan!”

“But enough about me! You will never catch me!”

And with that Strangeglove’s screen disappears. Straight away Captain Squirk appears on another screen.

“You’re getting closer to him Super Moshi!” says Captain Squirk, showing us the plan of the Rhapsody 2 again.

“You are in the Greenhouse, but it has a bad case of overgrown weeds!”

Click on the “X” to close the map.

Captain Squirk tells us to “Talk to First Officer Ooze first, he can help!”

Click on First Officer Ooze to start the conversation…

“Super Moshi! I would let you through…” he says, “…but my Cosmic Goo has had adverse effects on my plants!”

The screen will pan to the right to show you the blocked exit.

“How do I get through that?!” you ask!

First Office Ooze replies “Simple! We make a Weed Removal Potion!”

“First collect these ingredients!”

You’ll now be shown the list of ingredients that you need to find to make the Weed Removal Potion. You’ll need to find:

  • 6 Mexican Jumping Beans
  • 1 Electric Boogaloo Mushroom (lightning powered)
  • Freshly picked Sausage and Mash
  • Sun dried Blue Grape Raisins

Click on the “X” to close the ingredients list.

Back in the greenhouse, Ooze tells you “Then put them into the Weed Buster X200 on the left!”

Helpfully the Weed Buster will glow to show you where it is.

“Take some of my Cosmic Goo, you will need it to make things grow!”

You’ll be given some Cosmic Goo!

Freshly Picked Sausage and Mash

Ok, so let’s start with the Sausage and Mash. You see a jar labelled “Sausage” just about the Weed Buster. Click on the jar and a Sausage seed will fly out and into your inventory.

“you found the Sausage Seed, plant it in some soil.”

Now open your inventory and drag the Sausage Tree Seed onto the brown patch of soil First Officer Ooze. (It’s surrounded by the light blue tubing)

“Great you need something to make the seed grow now.” says Ooze.

Now drag the Cosmic Goo from your inventory and plop it on the little file of earth from where you planted the sausage. As soon as you’ve done that – you see the plant grow before your very eyes! First the mash, and then it’ll sprout sausages!

Click on the Sausage and Mash to pick it up.

“I’ve got a piece of Sausage and Mash, let’s put it in the Weed Buster 200X”

Well, before we do that, let’s grab the other ingredients.

Electric Boogaloo Mushroom (lightning powered)

Ok, if you now look at the other patch of soil (just next to the Weed Buster) you’ll see a strange plant growing on it with a strange black growth on the top.

Click on the plant to pick it up.

“You found the Boogaloo Mushroom, it needs to be electrified in the Weather Machine!”, says First Officer Ooze.

Right, so we’ll have to put the Boogaloo Mushroom in the Weather Machine. That’s the blue thing behind the soil beds, the door is open and it’s got some buttons along the side.

Open your inventory and drag the mushroom into the machine. Now click on the door to close it.

Once the door is shut, click on the middle button (The one with the storm cloud and lightning). This will electrify the mushroom!

When the electrified mushroom comes out of the machine, click on it to put it in your inventory.

Your monster says, “I should put the Electric Boogaloo onto the Weed Buster 200X!” but let’s not do that that quite yet – let’s grab the other ingredients!

6 Mexican Jumping Beans

Ok, Let’s see if we can round up the 6 Mexican Jumping Beans!

To start we just need to look around the greenhouse carefully to find the six beans. You should see them in the following locations:

  • On the windowsill just about the jar of sausage seeds
  • On the shelf just below the sausage seeds
  • On the floor below where the Boogaloo Mushroom was growing
  • On the right just above a green tv screen sitting on a grey device of some kind.
  • There another bean directly below the same screen.
  • The last one’s a bit tricky, but it down at the bottom of the screen directly below the blue grapes and next to the Mariachi stage.

“All beans found! Let’s put them on he stage”, says you monster.

Open your inventory and drag one of the beans out and onto the little orange and pink stage in the middle of the screen. (Don’t worry, all the beans will follow!)

“Get those Mariachi Plants to play a tune!”

Close your inventory (if you’ve not already done so) and click on the mushroom like plants holding little instruments that are gathered around the stage.

The plants will start to play must and the jumping beans will jump down off the stage, across the floor and into the Weed Buster 200X. That’s handy!

First Office Ooze will tell us how many ingredients we’ve got in the machine and how many more to go!

Sun Dried Blue Grape Raisins

Remember the blue bunch of grapes we saw while looking for the jumping beans? You can find them just to the left of the red tv set with the green screen.

Click on them to pick them up.

“You found the Blue Grapes, sun dry them in the Weather Machine!” says First Officer Ooze. Sounds like he knows what he’s talking about so lets do what he says.

Open your inventory and drag the blue grapes into the weather machine.

Click on the door of the weather machine to close it.

Now click on the top button (the one with the little sun symbol on it.) This will get the machine to sun-dry the raisins for us.

When the raisins come out of the machine click on them to pick them up.

Now we’ve got all the ingredients it’s time to put them in the machine, but before we do..

EPIC – There’s an EPIC to collect in the greenhouse. You’ll find it on a flowerbed just below the green screen, to the right of the Mariachi plants. It’s really small so open your inventory and drag some cosmic goo onto it to make it grow. As soon as it’s grown, click on it to pick it up.

Now we’ve got the EPIC, let’s drag out the other ingredients into the Weed Buster. Open your inventory and drag the Sun Dried Raisins, The Electric Boogaloo Mushrooms and the Sausage and Mash into the machine.

Bust those weeds!

“The Weed Buster 200X is ready Pick it up!”

Click on the Weed Buster to pick it up.

“I can use the Weed Buster X200, on the garden weeds on the right now!

Scroll over to the right to make it easier to get to the weeds and open your inventory.

Drag the Weed Buster out and drop it onto the green background just behind the red display with the bright green display. For some strange reason this screen with disappear along with the weeds which vanish in a puff of green smoke to reveal a purple door.

The Purple Door

“The door is locked! You can use the vent next it, but you need to make it bigger!” says First Officer Ooze.

Nothing is ever quite as simple as you think it should be is it!

Well, we know what we can use to make things bigger don’t we! We can use some Cosmic Goo!

Open your inventory and drag some Cosmic Goo onto the little purple vent next to the locked door.

The vent will grow large (pushing the door out of the way as it does!)

Click on the newly grown vent to exit the greenhouse. The next room will load.

Captain Squirk’s Quarters

Captain Squirk is here.

“Super Moshi” I just arrived too late!” he says, “Strangeglove got out of the room, and locked me in!”

With that a communicator screen appears with Strangeglove on it!

“End your useless pursuit! You will never catch me!” says’ Strangeglove and with that the monitor vanishes again!

Click on Captain Squirk to talk to start a conversation.

“Our motion tracker shows Strangeglove is in the Escape Pod! says Captain Squirk.

“He’s trying to get off Rhapsody 2!”

You’ll be shown the plans of the Rhapsody 2 again indicating the location of the Escape Pod.

Click on the “X” to close the plans.

Captain Squirk then explains “I need to reset a terminal to open the door. But there are three more terminals that need resetting!”

Jokebot the Robot needs resetting and the Pink Terminal and Arcade Machine behind you.”

“Hurry Super Moshi, we can’t let Strangeglove escape.”

The scene then cuts back to Squirk’s Quarters and the zoshling captain scampers off to attend his terminal!

Ok, let’s get to work…

The Arcade Machine

Starting on the left, the first terminal is the Arcade Machine. This is easy! Click on the machine to start the game.

We’re going to play: “Magic Hero Squirk vs Gamamappa” (Catchy title isn’t it!)

All we have to do to play this game is keep clicking on the big red button. That’s it!

Click to start and you’ll see a picture of Squirk and a dragon wearing boxing gloves. Now just keep clicking on the button to get Quirk to punch the dragon.

Keep clicking until the dragon gets knocked out and the screen reads “Full Successes!!”

That’s it, the first terminal is reset – you’ll see the pipe light up and part of the door change colour.

“Shooting stars! There are Two terminals left to reset.” says Squirk.

On to the next terminal!

Pink Terminal

Now click on the next screen next to the Arcade Machine.

Match the pairs to reset the terminal”

Again this is pretty simple. All you need to do is turn over the various card to match the pairs. The cards are laid out as follows:

Pink Blobby Alien Dr. C. Fingz Pink Blobby Alien Rocketship
Rocketship Splutnik Splutnik Dr. C. Fingz

As you match the pairs the borders of the cards turn yellow. Once you’ve paired them all up you’ll return to Captain Squirk’s quarters and the next portion of the door will light up.

“Nearly there! One more terminal to reset!” says Captain Squirk!

Jokebot the Robot

Click on the large pink/purple/green robot on the right hand side of the room.

“That’s Jokebot, he needs his Humor Chip before he turns on It looks like a bow tie!”

Can you see the bow-tie anywhere? It’s in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It’s green and just below a mug of green liquid.

Click on the Bow Tie to pick it up.

“That’s Jokebot’s Humor Chip. Put it on him!” says Captain Squirk.

Open your inventory and drag the bow-tie out and onto the Robot. It goes just below the black face.

Once the chip is in place the robot will power-up and start a conversation.

“I have a new audience! I am *Jokebot! Rhapsody 2’s on-board robot comedian!”

Click on the reply “A comedian? Tell me a joke!”

“Cannot compute…” replies the robot. There’s obviously something wrong!

“Yes I can, but…”

“My circuits have been reset, and I’ve forgotten my best jokes!”

“Help me finish off my jokes!” he asks.

“Ok Sure” you say.

“How do you make a tissue dance?” the jokebot asks.

You’ll get three possible punchlines now. The correct response is: “You put a little boogie in it!”

“Haha that tickled my transistors!”

“Why can’t you play card in the jungle?” asks the jokebot.

The correct answer here is “Because there are too many cheetahs!”

“Haha! Cracking computers, that’s a good one!” he says.

“Where do cows go on the weekend?” he asks.

The correct response is “To the moooovies!”

“Haha! My operating system is stuttering with laughter! says the jokebot!”

The conversation ends when the jokebot says “Stand up comedy retrieval complete, opening doors.” and the next section of the door lights up!

“Excellent Super Moshi! I have just finished resetting my terminal too!” says Squirk.

The last section of the door will illuminate and the door to the escape pod will open.

“Go through the door and head to the escape pod!” instructs Captain Squirk.

But wait! Before you do, there’s something else you can do!

EPIC – Click on the jokebot again and he’ll ask you if you want to hear another joke. Say “Yes” and the jokebot will tell you the joke, “Why do fish live in salt water? Because pepper makes them sneeze!” As a thanks for being a great audience he’ll give you a gift. When you leave the conversation you should see the final EPIC at the robot’s feet. Pick it up!

Now click on the door to go to the escape pod.

Escape Pod

Once we appear in the Escape pod there’s something obviously wrong! There’s no sign of that dastardly Strangeglove!

“Where is Strangeglove? There’s only a Moshling here?” your monster says.

Click on the moshling to pick it up. It’s Scarlet O’Haira, The Fluffy Snuggler. Click on “KEEP IT” to add it to your zoo.

At this point another communicator screen appears. It’s Strangeglove!

“Mwah hahahaha!” he says!

Click on the communicator screen to start a conversation with Strangeglove.

“You fell straight into my trap!” says Strangeglove.

“I was never in this escape pod, it was that moshling!”

“Now it is time for you to “escape” from this ship! Mwa-hahahahaha!”

We switch to a cut-scene which shows the escape pod we’re in being left behind as the Rhapsody 2 flies away into the distance.

To be continued…


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