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Season 2, Mission 5, Curse of the Paw Waving Kitten

Yes, this is the mission where we finally get Tingaling!

When you start the mission you need ot talk to Captain Squirk who’ll tell you some interesting news. Mount Sillimanjaro has started to melt. I suspect this is a teaser for the next mission.

When you ask for a new mission, Squirk will tell you that their scanners have found a primative craft which only works on water. It has a Steering Wheel, something Squirk needs to get their spaceship up and running again.

Your mission is to retrieve the steering wheel!

On the deck of the ghost ship

You start the mission on the deck of the ghost ship. The Steering wheel you need is right there on the deck, but you’ll need to talk to the pirates first.

Talk to the pirate, Jaunty Jack and tell him that you’re looking for a steering wheel.

He#ll tell you that they’ve got one, and as they’re marooned on Music Island they won’t be needing it.

He then goes to get the wheel but something terrible happens! McScruff, another pirate throws the wheel overboard. Jack explains that he thinks the pirates have been cursed and it seems to have happened when they collected Tinaling, the Kitten of Good Fortune!

When you ask how you can get the steering wheel, Jack will tell you that you need to find the Diving Outfit.

Scattered around the ship, you’ll need to find:

  • Boots
  • Suit
  • Helmet

Jack then leaves, but you’ll hear some murmering from the Diving helmet suck to the front of the ship!

Before you go an investigate, pick up the screwdriver just infront of yhou.

Also, grab Blurp who was hanging just above the lantern.

Now take a wander to the left and click on the helmet to talk to it.

You’ll need to unscrew the helmet, using the screwdriver you just found. Drag the screwdriver onto the helmet.

The conversation continues – turns out that the mischievous ghosts through it would be funny to stick the helmet on the creatures head.

When you ask if it’s part of the diving suit, the creature will tell you that it is, but we’ll have to take it off the creatures head.

The creature says that Blurp might be able to help and that we should place him on the end of the air pipe.

You’ll see a yellow pipe leading our of the diving helmet, open you pouch and drag Blurp onto the end of it.

Now click on the diving helmet’s hatch to close it, then click on blurp and he’ll blow the helmet off! Click on the helmet to add it to your pouch.

Talk to the figurehead again who’s rather relieved to have the helmet off it’s head, she’ll also explain that they’ve marooned here due to a storm they encountered when they were sailing back from Hong Bong Island.

Ask the figurehead “Where are the other parts of the diving suit?”

You’ll be told that you nee to get the Suit and also the Boots and that the Boots should be in the Captain’s Cabin.

The figure head will now open the door to the Captain’s cabin for us.

Click on the door to enter the Captains Cabin.

Dinner Time in the Captains Cabin.

Once in the cabin you’ll meet Captain Codswallop. He’ll tell you that no guest can leave until they pay their dues!

Ask “What are dues” and the Captain will explain that he’s been entered in a belching contest later, and he’ll need some foot in order to prepare for it. (We won’t be able to leave until we help! Who’d have guess it!)

Fist we have to find a starter, but before that let’s grab the first EPIC.

EPIC Click on the pink sheets hanging down from the bed. This will lift the sheets up and you’ll find an EIPC under there. Click on the EPIC to collect it!

Scroll to the left, and you you should see, next to the bed, a bowl of bright green soup! Click on the gloop soup to add it to your pouch.

Under the shark, on a wooden table beside the bed, you’ll see a glass of orange liquid. Pick this up, it’s a glass of Hooti Frooti Juice

If you click on the shark, it’s mouth will open to reveal a chicken leg. Click on the chicken leg to add the meaty drummer to your pouch. It will be good for the main course.

Above the captain is an ice-scream suck to the wall. Click on thie to pick it up and put it in your pouch. It’ll be perfect for desert.

Now we’ve collected all the food, we can give it to the Captain. Scroll the to right, open your pouch and drag the soup onto the Captain. He’ll ask for the Main Course.

Open the pouch again and drag the meaty drummer onto the Captain. He’ll ask for Dessert.

Open the pouch once more and drag the ice-scream onto the Captian. Now all he wants is a drink to wash it down.

Open your pouch and drag the Hooti Fruiti juice onto the Captain and at last, he’ll tell you that you’ve paid your dues and can leave! He’ll then leave for the belching competition.

On the skeleton in the closet, you should now see that it’s wearing a pair of diving boots. Click on the boots to grab them.

Scroll to the left and above the shark you should see a rope ladder. Click on that too – we’ll need it in a minute.

Above the bed you’ll see a cage. In the cage is Tingaling, but you’ll need to find a key to open it. We’ll get that later.

Scroll to the right and click on the door to return to the desk.

BAck on the deck

Somehow, we need to get up to the Crows Nest to get the rest of the diving suit.

You should notice that there’s a broken ladder handing down from the Crows Nest. We’ll need to fix it to get up there.

Open your pouch and drag the rope ladder onto the broken one. That’s fixed it!

Now we can climb the ladder to the Crows Nest.

The Crows Nest

Once you’re in the crows nest, click on the diving suit to add it to your pouch.

Before you go back down to the deck, there’s some other things we need to do.

EPIC Click on the fishing rod. You’ll winch up an EPIC award. Grab the award!

On the barrel, in the centre of the Crows Nest you’ll see a bottle of Wobbleade, click on that to grab it too. We’ll need it later!

Click on the ladder to climb down to the deck again.

The Belching Competition

Now you’ve got all of the pieces of the diving suite. Time to put them on!

Open your pouch and drag part of the suite onto you.

Hold on a minute, the figurehead will interrupt to tell us that we won’t be able to dive unless there is someone operating the winch!

Ask “Who can operate the winch” and you’ll be told that Tingaling might be able to help, but we’ll need to free her first!

Now we need to talk to the Ghost pirates who are in the middle of their Belching competition.

Click on the purple pirate on the left. He needs some help. You’ll also see that he’s got something inside him – something that looks like a key!

Ask: “What’s that in your belly?”

“Tis a key I ate! But never mind about that!”

Ask “Can you help me free Tingaling?”

“Yarr! You can’t be freeing her, she be cursed!”

So finally, say “Ok… I’ll help you.”

We now need to find three bottles of Wobbleade. (I told you, you’d need the one from ther crows nest!)

You’ll find the other two bottles on the deck of the ship. The first one is just behind the mast, under tha lantern with the green glow. Click on it to add it to your pouch.

The next bottle is at the top, just above the strange pink squid creature guarding the door. Click on this bottle to add it to your pouch.

Now open your pouch and drag the bottles of Wobbleade onto the pirate with the key.

After three bottles he’ll do a loud belch, win the competition and drop the key.

Click on the key to add it to your pouch. We’ll now be able to rescue tingaling!

Click on the door to the Captain Cabin.

Rescue Tingaling from the Captains Cabin.

Once in the Captains Cabin, open your pouch and draw the key onto Tingaling’s cage. The cage will open and out will pop Tinaling.

You’ll ask Tingaling is she can operate the winch and she’ll say that she’s more than happy to.

You’ll then see a short clip of your monster, walking the plank and falling to the sea.

Avoid the rocks

On the way down, you’ll need to use the mouse to move your diver around and avoid the rocks that stick out from the left and right. The best tactic is to stay near the middle, near the top of the screen so that you’ve got lots of time to see what’s coming. As you get nearer the bottom the faster you’ll go.

Get the wheel from the bottom of the sea.

You should notice that the steering wheel is stuck in the nose of a rather ugly fish.

If you click on the wheel, Octopeg will start talking! He’ll tell you that the beast was sleeping when the wheel dropped down onto its hooter.

I need the wheel, any suggestions?

Octopeg will tell us that the Beast falls asleep when she heards Classico Clams singing, but the Clams aren’t singing because their Music Box is broken!

We’ll have to fix the Music Box. It’ll send the Beast to sleep and we can grab the wheel!

If you now click on the Music box you’ll see the faint shape of the three missing pieces. We need to find one piece that looks like a sea horse, another piece that looks like two sea horses standing back to back and a large blobby piece with what looks like a tail. Click on the [x] to return to the bottom of the sea.

At the bottom right hand corner of the screen you’ll find something large. Click on it and it’ll add the Music Box Head (which actually looks like a mermaid) to your pouch.

The single sea horse shaped item is just to your right, resting on some red coral. Click on it to add it to your pouch. It’s the music box handle.

The final piece is just about Octopeg. Click on it to add it to your pouch. It’s the Music Box body.

Now click on Music Box, open your pouch and drag the parts of the box into position.

Once you’ve got the pieces in place, the music box will start to play. Now Octopeg tells us that we need to find the Classico Clams and get them to sing.

You should now see three green clams above Octopeg, gently bobbing up and down. Click on each one of them to wake them up.

The Clams will then sing and the Beast will fall asleep.

EPIC Before you grab the wheel, there’s an EPIC to get. At the top right hand corner of the screen is another Clam. This one will only open when the other clams have sung. Click on it now and you’ll see it has an EPIC inside. Click on the EPIC quick!

Now click on the Wheel to gab it! Unfortunately, grabbing the wheel will wake the beast who will chase you to the surface!

Swim to the surface as fast as you can by quickly tapping on the space-bar.

Once at the surface (phew!) Jack will said that taking Tingaling has set the ship free from the curse.

Collect tinaling by clicking on her.

Back to Squirk’s ship

We’re not back on Squirks ship. Open your pouch and give the steering wheel to Squirk.

Squirk will then tell you that Dr C Fings has been receiving garbled messages from somewherei n Jollywood. Once the Zoshlings have unscrambled them, the’ll call you!


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