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Season 2, Mission 4, Big Top Bally-Hoo

The mission starts with Captain Squirk telling you that he’s sensed one of his Zoshling crew members at the Circus. He’ll also tell you that his sandwich is missing from the galley. (Take note of this, it’s a clue to how to get one of the EPICS!

After the conversation, we’re off to Ciirque du Bon Bon (Sweet Circus – I wonder who could be behind that!)

We start outside the Big Top. Somehow we’ve got to find a way in and it’s not going to be as easy as you think!

You’ll see some purple tickets lying on the ground. Grab these, we’ll need them later and then talk to the Clump in the green hat outside the main entrance.

“Welcome to the Amazing Cirque du Bon Bon, Ticket’s please.”

Polite for a Clump isn’t he! Unfortunately, as you haven’t got a ticket. He won’t let you in and even worse, hell tell you that you can’t even buy one as they’re all sold out! There is a glimmer of hope though – he may have seen a ticket backstage – but we’re not allowed in there.

Find a Circus Ticket

Somehow we’re going to need to get backstage. If you click on the Clump guarding the backstage entrance he’ll just say “What are you looking at?” Not so polite!

He’s not going to let us go back stage, so we’ll need to do something to distract him!

Go back and look at the Quack Attack game. You’ll see that there’s a plug on it’s side. If you unplug this, the Clump guarding the backstage area will have to bounce across and plug it back in again. This give you a chance to get backstage while he’s not looking. So, click on the plug, then when you can, quickly scroll to the right and click on the “halt” sign to go backstage.

You’ll get a movie here. It appears that Sweet Tooth is using the Zoshling to find out who’s got which moshlings. This will make it easy for Clonc to capture moshlings and make them into Clumps.

EPIC Once backstage, take a look in the bottom right hand corner. You’ll see a strange looking sandwich. Grab this now, it’s a sandwich that’s out of this world! Obviously its Captain Squirk’s missing sandwich. If we can give it back to him we’ll earn an EPIC!

Now let’s talk to the moshling here and see if he can help us get into the Circus.

The moshling will introduce himself as Pocito – The mini mangler! He’s the Champion of Strength at the Fun Fair.

Ask him is he’s one of the act at the circus. He’ll tell you he’s the Picante Pocito. He shoots of out a cannon! Obviously he has access to the Circus.

Ask him if he can get you in?

Pocito says he can, but he’ll need something first. (Isn’t that always the way!) He really wants one of those Cherry Bomb Plushies from the Fun Fair Shop.

Buy a Plushie for Pocito

Go back to the Fun Fair by clicking on the Funfair sign. Once there, pick up any purple tickets on the floor and scroll to the right to take a look at the Cherry Bomb Plushies in the shop.

If you look carefully, you’ll see that there are three Plushie dolls, and one REAL Cherry Bomb (He’s the one winking/blinking at you!).

For now, we just need a plushie doll, so click on one of the ones that aren’t moving, and click on buy (It’ll cost you four of those tickets you’ve picked up.)

Now we have to get backstage again! You know what to do. Go over to the left and unplug the Quack Attack game again and then sneak past when the Clump comes over to fix it.

Backstage again

When you’re backstage again, open your pouch and give Pocito the Cherry Bomb plushie. He’ll say thank you and give you a Ticket to the main tent!

Give the ticket to the Clump

Go back to the Fun fair and again, grab those purple tickets on the ground. Now open your pouch and give the ticket to the Clump in the green hat.

You’ll get another movie. This time Sweet Tooth (in disguise) will introduce Pocito’s death defying Moshling Cannon ball act! After the act, you’ll find your self outside of the Circus tent again, back at the Fun Fair.

Get Pocito’s Help.

We’ve been so impressed by Pocito’s act that we’re going to see if he can help us. Scroll to the right and you’ll see Pocito standing by the stall with the Cherry Bomb plushies.

Talk to Pocito. Pocito will tell you that the Test of Strength game is rigged so that you can’t win. To fix it we’ll need something heavy and something sticky. We need to make a new hammer to replace the inflatable one that’s already there. Tell Pocito that it won’t be a problem!

The first thing we’ll need is the something sticky. Next to the entrance to the backstage area you’ll see some green goo on the floor. Click on this “Super sticky goo” to add it to your pouch.

Now go backstage. Luckily there’s no Clump here any more so we can just walk in. Click on the Halt sign to go backstage.


When you get backstage you’ll see the bar bells that Pocito was using earlier lying on the floor where he was standing. Pick these up. There are the “something heavy.”

Now click on the Funfair sign to go back to the fun fair. This is the last time we’ll be backstage!

Fun Fair

Open your pouch, and put the Sticky Goo on the broken hammer.

Now drag the Bar Bells on the Sticky Goo.

Now you’ve got a hammer that works, you can challenge for a high score. You’ll need to get a high score in order to impress Pocito so that he’ll help you deal with Sweet Tooth.

Now, let’s have a go at the Test the Strength game. Click on the game to start.

Once you start, you need to click the mouse button just as fast as you can in order to build up your strength bar. You’ll need to get this to the top before the hammer swings down in order to strike the game with enough power to beat Pocito’s score.

If you’re successful, you’ll be told “You Smashed It!” and you’ll also win some more tokens! (Which is lucky, as we’ll need them!)

Talk to Pocito now and he’ll tell you that it’s time for Zoshlingo’s show, but before we go in, there’s something we can do now the Test Your Strength machine is fixed.

EPIC We should have enough tickets now to go over to the stall and purchase the Mr Snoodle Bank. There’s something inside it we might just want. Once you’ve got it, go over to the Test Your Strength machine again and open your pouch. Drag the Snoodle Bank onto the red and white target of the machine. You’ll now see the bank being smashed and once you return ot the fair, you’ll see an EPIC award where the bank used to be. Pick up the EPIC!

Find Zoshlingo

Now it’s time to find Zoshlingo and see what exactly Sweet Tooth has got them to do! Click on the Cirque Du Bonbon entrance to back into the main tent.

Now it’s Zoshlingo’s turn to perform. He’s going to do a mind reading trick.

Click on Zoshlingo to volunteer for the mind reading display. Zoshlingo says “Ahh, a volunteer, I will now read your mind!” He’ll then tell you exactly how many moshlings you have! Impressive eh?

You then ask him why he’s helping this evil clown. Don’t you know they’re…”

Pick the correct answer (Sweet Tooth!)

Sweet tooth will interrupt and tell you that it’s time for the audience to go. If you try and talk to Zoshlingo again, Sweet Tooth threatened to get the Clumps on you!

Exit the circus.

Unmask Sweet Tooth

We’re going to need Pocito’s help to unmask sweet tooth. Click on him to talk to him and ask for his help unmasking Candy the Clown. The plan is to use the cannon to fire Pocito at Sweet Tooth.

Pocito says ok, but we’ll need to get some things. We’ll need a fuse and something to light it.

Now we’ll need to buy Cherry Bomb from the shop. Remember he’s the one who’s winking at you. Click on Cherry Bomb to buy him. (It’ll cost you 4 tickets).

Now you’ll need something to light the fuse. If you play the Quack Attack game, you’ll notice that the real Burnie has been tied to the game instead of the Burnie cut out which is by the same stall you purchased Cherry Bomb from.

Click on the Bernie Cut-Out to buy it. It’ll cost you 30 tickets.

If you don’t have enough tickets you can play the Test Your Strength or Quack Attack games to win some more.

Once you’ve got the Bernie Cut-out, go over to the Quack attack game on the left.

First, click on the plug to disconnect the machine.

Next, open your pouch and drag the Bernie cut-out onto the game.

If you scroll to the right now, you’ll see Bernie is waiting with Pocito. If you plug the machine back in again, you can play Quack Attack with the correct Bernie target!

When you’re ready, talk to Pocito again. He’s ready, so into the tent you go.

Back in the Circus tent again

First, let’s move the target so that it’s behind Sweet Tooth, that way when we shoot the cannon it’ll be aiming for him.

Click on the lever to pull it, and move the target to the right.

EPIC As the target moves to the right you’ll see that there’s an EPIC behind it. Click on the EPIC before we continue. (Just one more to go!)

Now click on Cherry Bomb. Your monster will ask you where Cherry Bomb should go. Click on the cannon to put Cherry Bomb inside it.

Now click on Bernie to light the fuse!

You’ll get another little movie now of Pocito hitting Sweet Tooth and knocking off her disguise. She then activates her wrist device and teleports out of there.

Click on Pocito to add him to your zoo and finish the mission (or is it!)

Talk to Captain Squirk

Before you talk to the Captain, there’s something else to do!

EPIC Open your pouch and drag the sandwich onto Captain Squirk. The final EPIC will appear. Click on the EPIC to pick it up.

Now you can talk to Captain Squirk to tell the Captain all about Clonc and their evil mission.

Captain Squirk will thank for you saving Dr. C. Fingz, Zoshlingo’s real name!

Congratulations! You’ve completed the mission and found your three EPICS!


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