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Season 2, Mission 3, Bungle in the Jungle

The mission starts on Captain Squirk’s spaceship. Talk to the Captain and he’ll tell you about an anonymous note leading to the ship’s mission Ignition key!

The note reads: “The key to the Zoshling UFO is being held at the Hoodoo Hideaway! – A Friend —-X”

There’s a little picture of the key attached too. Looks like some kind of desert to me!

After a little movie, we start our investigation in the Hoodoo Hideaway! The good news is that the Hoodoos are a lot more friendly than Frau Now BrownKau.

Talk to Big Bad Bill Chief

The first thing you’ll notice is that the ignition key is on display on the left side of the screen under some lights and it looks like the HooDoo’s are worshipping it as some kind of Idol.

The other thing to notice is the staff, being used by the HooDoo to stir the pot. Looks like Eder Furi’s staff…

Let’s get started and talk to Big Chief Bill.

If you ask him about the idol that fell from above he’ll tell you he’s far too busy to chat and that the Hoodoo tribes are fighting but an ancient Hoodoo Strew will make everything better again with a big big party!

But there’s a problem (wouldn’t you know it!) The final ingredients are held by other Hoodoo Tribes

If we can help unite the tribes by getting the ingredients to the stew, Big Chief Bill will help us with the ignition key.

He’ll give us the sacred Hoodoo Book of Recipes but first we’ll need to prove ourselves worthy!

To do this we need to play…

Hoodoo Pongoo

This is a version of the classic computer game pong! Can you believe that computer games used to be like this!

You need to score three points by getting the ball past the player’s “bat” on the right hand side of the screen.

Move your bat up and down with the mouse. The best way to get the ball past is to try and hit the ball with the part of the bat near the top or bottom. This will increase the angle at which the ball bounces off your bat. The computer player can only move so fast – so if you get the ball bouncing it won’t be able to keep up!

Don’t worry though – every time you lose, the slower the computer player moves!

Once you’ve got your three points and won the game Big Chief Bill will give you the Hoodoo Book of Recipes.

Now we need to explore the Gombala Gombala Jungle and bring back the ingredients.

Where are the ingredients?

Go now to the Unknown Zone, Walla Walla Watering Hole and Snaggletooth Swamp.

Why did the tribes fall out?

“Green Hoodoo Honcho say, big Chief sit on his special hat… Big Chief say, Green Hoodoo put hat under Big Chief butt! “

Tell Big Chief Bill you’re ready to go!

Recipe book

You’ll now be shown the recipe book. It tells us which ingredients we’re looking for and that we need to add the ingredients in the order they are listed. The ingredients for Gordon Ranty’s Recipe for Hot Hoodoo Stew are:

  • 1x Fried Oobla Doobla (or microwaves for precisely 01:10:25 No More! No Less!”
  • 2x Coconut Shells
  • 1x Cupfull Creepy Crawlies
  • 1x Bunch of Purple Bananas

Ok, let’s close the recipe book (click on the little “x”) and let’s get on with this mission!

Leave the Tribe

Click on the pink arrow sign at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Now we have to explore the Gombala Gombala jungle. We do this using the arrow keys to move around the jungle. Click on OK to start.

Use the left and right arrow keys to turn the Super-Moshi symbol around and up to drive forwards. It can get a bit tricky when it’s upside down!

Head down and to the left to get to the Unknown Zone.

Find the Creepy Crawlies

Talk to Big Bad Bill and ask him for help. He’ll tell you that Creepy Crawlies are hiding everywhere and that we should try the cave on the right.

When you start you’ll notice a glowing frog on the left hand side of the screen. Pick up this Nuclear Frog as we’ll need it later. (It’s not one of the creepy crawlies we need.)

We need to find eight creepy crawlies!

Now you’ll need to scan around the jungle and look for some more creepy crawlies. You should see a strange multi-legged purple worm with two bogglie eyes just behind you on the trunk of a tree. Pick this one up.

Now walk to the right. You’ll see there’s a pink creepy crawly on the xylophone. Pick this one up.

Right at the top of the screen are some little green bell shaped plants. Click on these and another creepy crawlie will fall down. This time it’s a glowing beetle. Pick this one up too!

Click on the purple saxophone tree. It’ll blast out a not and a red beetle will pop out. Pick this up too.

Now keep scrolling to the right and you’ll find the cave. Unfortunately it’s too dark to see on there at the moment so we’ll need to find a source of light and come back.

Let’s go back to the jungle. This time we need to go to Snaggle Tooth Swamp. (Scroll to the left and click on the green arrow to exit!)

Now we have to drive to the top and to the right to get to the swamp, then down and into the swamp.

Snaggle Tooth Swamp

Here we’ll meet Crazy Bill! Talk to Crazy Bill and tell him you’re looking for ingredients for a Hoodoo Stew

Tell him you’re looking for Oobla Doobla (The other ingredients aren’t here) and he’ll tell you he has some, but reminds you that it needs to be cooked for the stew and bad news, the microwave has been smashed! (But if we can repair it, then we’re free to use it.)

He’ll also tell you about Dundee, his pet Croc. He likes to eat raw Ooble Doobla, but really loves it fried. We can ring the dinner bell to meet him! (I’m not sure we want too!)

Tell Crazy Bill “I will see if I can fix the Microwave!”

Crazy Bill will also tell you that two tin cans are in the swamp and that if we get rid of them he’d be very happy!

Talk to Sprocket and Hubbs

When you start in the Swamp, Crazy Bill will give you an Oobla Doobla. It’s the strange green vegetable next to Crazy Bill. Pick it up.

Sprocket and Hubbs will call you from the swamp. It certainly does look as if they are in a bit of a predicament! Let’s see if we can help them out. Don’t expect a sensible conversation through!

Click on Sprocket and Hubbs to talk to them.

Sprocket and Hubbs will ask you to help them, but do we want to – aren’t they with CLONC?

They’ll explain that they’re not with CLONC any more. They were ejected from Scare Force One because the super weapon failed and then they got stuck in the jungle.

Do you believe them? Ask them to “Prove to me that you can be trusted!”

They’ll tell you that if you help them out they’ll fix the microwave for you. Sounds good!

So let’s find a way to save Sprocket and Hubbs.

Save Sprocket and Hubbs

On the floor you’ll see some jungle vines. Click on these to pick them up.

Open your pouch and put the Raw Oobla Doobla into the pink down on the right of the screen.

Now pick up the vine, from your pouch and drag it to the branch about Sprocket and Hubbs.

Close your pouch and then click on the bent triangle bell just above Crazy Bill.

Dundee the Crocodile will appear to and eat the Oobla Dooble from his bowl (and the end of the vine we attached to it!)

Now we get to play…

Crank the Crock

You’ll see Dundee the crocodile with a vine in his mouth. we need to get him to pull Sprocket and Tubbs out of the swamp. To do this we just need to keep clicking on the crocodile and you’ll see him eat the vine! Once you’ve clicked enough you’ll get a “You Cranked it!” screen and then return to the swamp to see Sprocket and Hubbs standing on the swamp.

As promised they’ll fix the microwave for us!

Examine the microwave

Click on the broken microwave and Crocket and Hubbs will fix it, but there’s a problem. They need a nuclear power source to get it running.

(Remember the nuclear frog?)

Power up the microwave

Open your pouch and drag the nuclear frog onto the microwave. Now we can use it to cook the Ooble Doobla!

Use the microwave

While your pouch is open drag the Oobla Doobla into the microwave and close your pouch. Click on the microwave door to close it and you’ll be presented with the microwave timer.

Now we’ve got to se the time. Now, do you remember how long we’ve got to cook the Oobla Doobla for? According to the recipe book it’s 1:10:25.

Click on the pink part of each ring of the microwave timer to spin it round. The inner ring needs to be set to 1, the middle ring to 10 and the outer ring to 25. Once you’ve done this the microwave will start.

Exactly one hour, ten minutes and 25 seconds later they Oobla Doobla will be cooked!

Pick up the Oobla Doobla

Click on the (now brown) oobla doobla in the microwave to pick it up. We’ll get a nice green tick against it in our recipe book! One ingredient down! Three more to go!

EPIC – To get an epic here, remember that Dundee the crocodile loves fried Oobla Dooble even more than raw ones! Open your pouch and drag the fried Oobla Dooble into his pink food bowl (don’t worry, we’ll still have some for the stew). Now click on the triangle bell to call the Croc. Dundee will come along, eat the fried Oobla Dooble and leave behind an EPIC in his food bowl. Pick it up quick!

Now talk to Sprocket and Hubbs again and ask them why they’re wearing coconut shells!

Apparently they wanted to fit in to their new jungle surroundings and thought that wearing the coconut shells would be a perfect way to do it!

Find the other ingredient

You need the Coconut Shells for the Hoodoo Stew!

Tell them that they both look really silly! They realise how ridiculous they look and take them off.

You’ll now see them next to Sprocket and Hubbs. Click on the coconut shells to pick them up.

Another tick in our recipe book! Only two more ingredients to go!

Now, before you leave Snaggletooth Swamp, we need to grab something to help us light up the cave in the Unknown Zone. You’ll see and orange thing swinging at the top right of the screen. Click on this to pick it up – it’s Crazy Bill’s Hoodoo Lantern!

Now leave the swamp by clicking on the arrow sign.

Drive up, around the top and then back down to the left to find the Unknown Zone again!

Find the Creepy Crawlies

Now we’ve got the Hoodoo lantern we should be able to explore the care. Scroll all the way to the right, open your pouch and then drag the lantern into the dark cave and close your pouch.

EPIC At the bottom of the cave, you should now see a hidden epic. Pick this up!

Ah! Here are some more Creepy Crawlies. Click on the four of them to pick them up.

Now we’ve got all the Creepie Crawlies! Another tick in our recipe book!

Close the recipe book and click on the green arrow to leave. We’ve completed the Unknown Zone!

Now we need to travel back to the top of the jungle and to the left to find the Walla Walla Watering Hole.

Talk to the Green Hoodoos

In the Walla Walla Watering Hole you’ll see some Green Hoodoo’s in their hut. Click on them to talk to them.

They’ll ask what brings you to the Watering Hole. Tell them you’re looking for ingredients for the Hoodoo Stew. The little Hoodoo in the mask will tell you it’s his turn to grab the Purple Bananas but he needs to find the three key pieces.

Tell them you can help them find them. If we can help them find them then we can have some for being awesome!

We’ve got to find the key pieces and place them in size order in the dial behind us (the big round thing!)

You’ll find the inner Walla Walla key piece in the water, just to the left of the Hoodoos.

The outer ring of the key can be found on the top of the roof of their hut.

The hardest one to find is the small centre piece which is on the left hand side of the screen, just beside the dial and above the bush.

Now we’ve found them all, we need to put them onto the dial. You’ve got to get them in the right order.

Drag them into the dial in the following order: Outer, Inner, Centre.

Now we’ve got the key fixed, we need to spin the rings round to make a picture of a hoodoo’s face.

Spin the outer ring to get the bones to the top.

Spin the inner ring to line up the eye-patch with the brown parts of the eye-patch.

Now spin the centre part round until the tongue in the mouth is at the top!

Ah, now the Walla Walla Water monument is totally happy! The green Hoodoo’s give you some purple bananas. You should now see the purple bananas hanging from the vine growing out of the mouth of the monument.

Watering hole complete

Looks like we’ve got another tick in the recipe book! We’ve got all the ingredients! Now we can travel back to Hoodoo Hideaway. Click on the red arrow to leave the watering hole.

Drive to the right and down a little to get to the Hoodoo hideaway!

Put the ingredients into the cauldron.

We’ve got to put the ingredients into the cauldron in the right order. Open your pouch and drag the ingredients into the pot in the following order:

  • Fried Oobla Doobla
  • Coconut Shells
  • Cupfull Creepy Crawlies

EPIC When you put the creepy crawlies in, an EPIC will pop-out. Grab the EPIC before you put the final ingredient in.

  • Purple Bananas

Put the ingredients into the cauldron in the right order.

Once the ingredients are in, the tribe will brew the stew. This will wake up the ignition key which will run away! Now it’s time to play…

Hoodoo Hop

We need to help the key escape by pressing the mouse button to jump. Try to time your jumps so that you jump onto the steps. Get your timing wrong and you’ll get caught by the hoodoos. It can take a bit of practice as those Hoodoo’s can run fast!

If you get far enough, you’ll get a little movie revealing a rather dazed Woolley hidden under the key. The Hoodoo’s are rather disappointed to find that their idol is false so they let us keep it (and the moshling too).

Collect Woolley

Click on the moshling to keep it and now we’ll return to Captain Squirk’s spaceship.

Back to the space ship and talk to Captain Squirk. You’ll now nee to put the key into the ignition hole on the left. Open your pouch and drag they key into the glowing circle.

Captain Squirk will say thank you and the mission will be complete.


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On Aug 15, 10:51 AM Annie wrote:

This mission is so easy cept for the part where you have to use the arrows!