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Season 2, Mission 2, Sandy Drain Shenanigans

Let’s take a look at the second season two mission “Sandy Drain Shenanigans”

We find our Super Moshi looking for another of Captain Squirk’s crew members at the Famous Sandy Drain Hotel run by the intimidating Frau Now BrownKau.

Sandy Drain Hotel Reception

After talking to Simon Grown you end up in the reception of the Sandy Drain Hotel. Looking rather fearsome behind the reception desk is Frau Now BrownKau, a rather fearsome looking cow and also the manager of the hotel.

Talk to her. She’ll ask you if you want a room.

“No,I’m ok… Is there something wrong with your mouth?”

She’ll tell you that she’s got these new teeth, but that they don’t fit properly and that the hotel is for paying guests only. (And at 5 million Rox per night, I don’t think it’s somewhere that we’re going to be able to afford!)

But she’ll ask you to do her a favour and help her find here real teeth! If we can find her teeth then we can stay!

“Ok, that sounds fair.”

While you’re in the reception, pick up the broken Tiki torch.

Pick up Frau’s teeth by the pool

Once we’re out by the pool you should see a glass of water on the left hand side of the screen (just under the reception sign.)

If you look carefully you’ll probably notice that there’s a set of false teeth in there!

Pick up the teeth.

If you talk to Zack Binspin and ask him for an autograph he’ll ask you for a pen (now where have we seen a pen before? There was one in the reception right?)

You’ll also notice that there’s a keycard to Spa 3 at the bottom of the pool, but we can’t get that yet.

So let’s go back to the reception and give the teeth to Faru Now BrownKow

Give Frau Now BrownKow here teeth

Open your luggage and give Frau her teeth! Oh, and who’s this little character – out will pop the moshling Rofl, the Jabbering Jibberling!

Talk to Rofl. When you ask him if he’s seen a Zoshling he’ll revel that Faru, is keeping some weird pet in Spa room 3. (Hmm, that was the one with the keycard at the bottom of the pool!)

Somehow we’re going to need to get the keycard. Rofl also tells you that the other celebrities leave their keycards in their safety deposit boxes.

Behind Faru, you’ll see three safety deposit boxes, the bottom two are labelled “S-GROWL” and “ZACK BINSPIN.”

Unfortunately you can’t get to them while Frau is in the room she’ll just say “That’s private!”

Ah, now you’ve found Frau’s teeth she’ll let you use the phone. (You’re going to need to be quick for this bit!)

Click on the phone, Frau will walk off to the Pool and while she’s gone you can quickly grab the pen! Whoo!

Get Zack’s Autograph

Once you’ve got the pen, let’s go back to Zack and get his autograph.

Talk to Zack and see if he’ll give us an autograph! Now we’ve got the pen he’ll be able to. He’ll give you a signed photograph.

Take a close look at the bottom of the photo – notice the 301 in the circle? That couldn’t possibly be the code for Zack’s safety deposit box now could it?

At this point, Frau appears and tells everyone to got o their Spa rooms for treatment. You’ll go to Reception and she’ll leave Rofl in charge.

Let’s open Zack’s Safety deposit box. Click on the box and then click on each of the rings so that the numbers line up with the little triangle marker to read “301”.

Once you’ve done this you’ll get the Spa 1 keycard!

EPIC – While we’re here, let’s see if we can get into Simon Growl’s box. Click on his box and take a close look at the number rings. You’ll see that there on each ring there’s a Moshi Monster symbol (one that’s not a number.) Click on the rings to line up these symbols and you’ll open Simon’s box. You’ll then see an EPIC behind reception. Let’s click on it quick!

Back to the pool again.

Head back to the pool again and you’ll see that there’s nobody there. They are all in their Spa rooms getting treatment.

We’ve got the keycard to Spa 1, so let’s give that one a go first.

Open your luggage and drag the Spa 1 keycard onto the SPA 1 door to unlock it, then click on the door to enter.


In here, you’ll find Zack is sitting in the chair in rather a predicament. Frau has poured gloop all over him and his hair is growing out of control!

Let’s see if we can help!

Click on the hair trimmers on the left and then drag them onto Zack… Oh no, it looks like they’re no match for Zack’s hair. They’re broken. We’re going to need something with a little more bite!

Head back to the reception via the pool.

Collecting ROFL from reception.

Click on Rofl to tell him that Zack is being suffocated by his own hair! Rofl suggest that maybe he can help.

Open your pack and pass Rofl the broken clippers. He’ll jump right in and replace the blades with his own snappy teeth to give you Rofl Clippers!

Now let’s head back to the Spa 1 via the Pool and rescue Zack!

Rescue Zack from his own hair!

Once back in Spa 1, open your pack again. This is where we’ll use the new Rofl Clippers to cut Zacks’ hair.

Keep dragging the clippers out and dropping them onto the bottom of Zacks hair.

You’ll need to do this a few times, but finally you’ll have trimmed Zack’s hair back to it’s usual mop-top look!

Now talk to Zack. He’ll tell you that Frau has gone to Spa 3.

EPIC – Look in the sink to the right of Zack. You should see that there’s another EPIC award there! Before you leave the Spa, snap it up!

Notice the Fish? See the hook in it’s mouth? Well, you can’t just click on the fish to grab the hook, you need to use the Tiki Torch to grab it.

Drag the torch onto the fish and you’ll get the hook and it’ll be handily attached to the end of the torch!

Get the Spa 3 card from the Pool

Exit the Spa and go back to the pool. Now we need to get the Spa 3 keycard from the pool.

You can’t use the staff to hook the card, but you can use it to pull the plug our of the swimming pool!

Ahhrgh! Looks like the Spa 3 keycard has just gone down the plug! But wait.. phew, it’s just been spat out again!

Pick up the Spa 3 keycard. You can use the keycard on SPA

Confront Frau in Spa 3

Oh no! What’s Frau up to? We’re going to help ROFL avoid Frau’s gloop gun by hiding behind objects! We’re going to have to rescue the Zoshling!

EPIC – But wait! Before we start take a look at the left hand side of the screen. You should see a blue support beam with three holes in it. In the bottom hole you should see the “M” from an EPIC award. Quickly pick up this EPIC!

Now, wait until Frau has squirted some gloop and then click on the next object to get Rofl to run for cover!

First, run to the green wooden box with handles. Then click on the two boxes stacked up on each other. Third, hide behind the green box with the slightly broken lid.

Remember to wait between squirts, and then make a sash for the trolley with the purple boxes on it. (Wait for Frau to squirt the gloop as high as possible before making your run!)

Finally click on the open end of a tube (glowing red) and then you’ll win! You’ll rescue First Officer Ooze!

Talk to Captain Squirk, click on Rofl to add him to your Zoo and that’s it! With your three epics, you’ll win another 500 rox (for the first time you complete the mission with three epics!)



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