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Season 2, Mission 10, Cosmic Countdown

And so, we reach the finale of the Season 2 Super Moshi Missions. Are you going to be able to defeat CLONC and save the Moshi World from total annihilation?

The mission starts with a recap.

“Previously on Super Moshi Mission…”

“Saving Zoshlings is one thing, Super Moshi but defeating CLONC? I don’t think so!” says Strangeglove.

SILENCE STRANGEGLOVE!” says the mysterious yellow gloved leader of CLONC. “You’re lucky to even be here! But at least you will witness my greatest triumph… The destruction of the entire Moshi World!”

“The Trubble Satellite’s Deluxe Doom Ray 5000 will melt Sillimanjaro and flood Monstro City! Get in there, sunshine!”

“Doom Ray at 5%”

“Blast this slow connection!..” says the gloved hand.


“I will dispose of this pest!” says Strangeglove.

“NO STRANGEGLOVE! You’ve failed me too many times… Sweet Tooth and Chief will handle this.”

Destroy the Doom Ray

“The Doom Ray is powering up Super Moshi!” says Captain Squirk. “We have to stop it!”

“The control room for the Doom Ray is in that red tower.” says Dr. C. Fingz. “We just need to get this lift working…”

“Let me see…” says Splutnik. “The lift is activated by a key, but it seems to be missing.”

“Let’s split up and look for it.” says First Officer Ooze.

“Great idea First Officer!” says Captain Squirk. “Ok. Splutnik and Dr. C. Fingz look in that room… And First Officer Ooze come with me.”

“Affirmative Captain” the crew respond as they separate into two groups and go to search for the key. Of course, First Officer Ooze takes forever to crawl across to the second room!

Click on the left hand door.


Oh dear! It’s pitch black in here! Looks as if we may have made a bad move!

“Hello?” you ask.

“Over here Super Moshi!” the Zoshlings say.

“I can’t see anything!”

“There has to be a light around here somewhere…”

“What was that??” you ask.

“I’m stuck!” says Dr C. Fingz as the lights come on.

Oh dear! It’s none other than Sweet Tooth, riding on some kind of hover scooter.

“Muahahaha!” Sweet Tooth laughs in that very particular kind of laugh that all evil villains are obliged to do.

“There’s no escaping now!”

“Not exactly.” says Splutnik who’s not stuck in the trap due to his rather nifty jetpack!

“Blast that jetpack!” says Sweet Tooth. “You’ll never catch me though!”

“I’ve got this Super Moshi!” says Splutnik.

“Hurry Splutnik!” says Dr C. Fingz.

Chase Sweettooth

Now we get to play an exiting mini-game where we play the part of Splutnick as he chases after Sweet Tooth.

It’s actually quite tricky to play. You need to use the mouse button to control Splutnik’s jet pack. Click and hold the button to boost Splutnick upwards. Let go and Splutnik will go down (but he can drop down pretty fast)

You’ll also need to dodge some Gum Bubbles that Sweet Tooth is using to slow you down.

The best way we’ve found to play this is to keep tapping on the mouse button so that you maintain your position and then let go or hold the button down when you need to dodge a gum bubble or…

EPIC – Yes, there’s an epic to get during the chase. It’ll appear near the bottom of the screen so you’ll need to be ready to drop down and get it. It’s pretty tricky. Once you’ve got the epic you’ll need to remember to pick it up once you’ve caught Sweet Tooth!

As you chase after Sweet Tooth, you’ll be able to see how close you’re getting using the gauge at the top of the screen.

Once you catch up with Sweet Tooth you’ll see Splutnik pop the gum bubble she’s blowing and it’ll go all over her face!

As Splutnik appear back through the tunnel, a fountain of water will clear the sticky mess away. (Don’t ask me how that happened!)

“I’m free!” says Dr C. Fingz.

Pick up the Key Piece

You’ll see that part of the key (and if you managed to get it, the Epic will appear between you and Dr. C. Fings.

“Let’s pick up that key piece and get out of here!” says Splutnik.

Click on the Key (and the Epic) to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Find the other Key Piece

Click on the round blue door to the left to leave the room.

We’re back in the lift room again. Now you’ll need to click on the large purple door on the right hand side – the one with the ring of green around it. This will take you to the next room.

What a strange room! The screen will scroll to the left to reveal another piece of the key hanging on the wall.

“There’s the key piece!” you say. There’s no sign of the Zoshling though.

As you walk to the left you hear a voice from the right.

“What you think YOU doing?” it says.

Ah, that’s a voice we recognise! It’s Big Chief Tiny Head!

The screen scrolls back to thr right to reveal the Chief, sipping on a cocktail while at the same time, the strange head shaped contraption at the back of the room opens it’s mouth to reveal the trapped Zoshlings!

“Super Moshi!” the Moshlings shout from behind their bars.

“Do what I say, or the zoshlings get it…” says Big Chief.

Make Big Chief a Drink

“Make Big Chief more tasty drinks.” Big Chief demands.

On the shelved to the left you’ll find a whole array of different ingredients. Go ahead and click on them all to add them to your inventory. We’ll need to use them in a bit.

On the counter is a bowl of purple Oobla-Doobla’s. You’ll need those too so click on the Oobla-Doobla’s to pick them up and add them to your inventory.

If you scroll to the left, you’ll see note book on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Click on this and you’ll see a recipe for “Bungle Jungle Juice”.

  • Oobla Doobla
  • Fizzy Milk
  • Creepy Cola Crush
  • Essence of Blue HooDoo

While you can use these ingredients to make a drink for Big Chief. You don’t need to. It’s not going to help you get out of the room.

Scroll to the right and you’ll find a scrunched up piece of paper on the floor. Click on it and you’ll find it’s a missing page from the recipe book.

It’s got the recipe for a sleeping potion! Sounds useful!

But, before we do that, there’s something else we need to do!

There’s an epic to get here. You’ll need to mix a special drink for Big Cheif. The ingredients you need are:

  • Mystery Potion
  • Spiced Slime
  • Bogey Bubbleade
  • Perplexing Purple Potion

Once you’ve added the ingredients to the cocktail shaker, click on the shaker to give it a shake and add it to your inventory. Scroll over to the right, and give Big Chief the Cocktail Shaker from your inventory.

He’ll drink the drink and say:

“This drink not Big Chief’s favourite…”

“…But WOW! This drink EPIC

And an EPIC award will appear on the floor. Click on the EPIC to pick it up.

Make Sleeping Potion

In order to make the Sleeping Potion you’ll need to use the ingredients listed on the scrap of paper that you can find on the bottom right hand corner of the room.

The ingredients are:

Sleeping Potion:

  • Fizzy Milk
  • Atomic Hot Sauce x2
  • Drinky Inky

Once you added the ingredients into the shaker, click on it to pick it up and give it a shake. It’ll not appear in your inventory.

Now scroll to the right and drag the cocktail shaker out and give it to Big Chief.

He’ll drink the drink and instantly fall over backwards, fast asleep.

Combine the Key Pieces

“We’re free!” the Zoshlings in the cage at the back shout!

“Thanks Super Moshi” says First Officer Ooze.

“Let’s combine those key pieces!” says Captain Squirk.

Scroll over to the left so that you can see the key hanging on the wall.

Now, open your inventory and drag the Key piece you have onto the key piece hanging on the wall.

The combined key will be placed in your inventory.

Take the Lift

Scroll back over to the right and click on the door to exit the room.

Now we’re back in the lift room again. Open your inventory and drag the combined key out and onto the lift controls in the central area.

“Let’s go!” you say! You’ll need to wait for First Officer Ooze – he doesn’t move so fast!

Once Ooze is on the lift, it’ll hover over to the door on the far side of the room with the green skull on it.

As you enter the room you get a cut scene where Strangeglove is getting a talking to from the mysterious gloved leader of CLONC.

“…No longer worthy of the CLONC name!” says the gloved leader.

“…But!” protests Strangeglove!

“…But Nothing! You ruined my plan, you Moronic Moustache Monkey!”

At which point the intruder alarm goes off and Strangeglove turns to face you.

YOU!!!” he says.

“Hurry Strangeglove! Get them!” says the CLONC leader.

“Strangeglove…?” It appears that Dr Strangeglove has left the building, done a runner…

STRANGEGLOVE!!!” shouts the chair.

“In any case, you are too late Super Moshi. My Doom Ray is poised to fire and I must bid you Farewell!”

The gloved hand hits a button on the chair and it spins onto a door in the middle of the floor which opens to allow the chair to drop out of the room. Then on the screen we see something shoot across space. Looks like CLONC’s mysterious leader has escaped again.

h2.Destroy the Doom Ray

“Splutnik, how do we stop this thing?” asks Captain Squirk.

“None of these controls are for the Doom Ray!” replies Splutnik.

“What now?” you say.

“Captain? What about… “ starts Dr C. Fings.

“You’re not saying…”

“Cosmic Harmony!” the Zoshlings all say at once.

“It’s way too dangerous…” says First Office Ooze. “Captain, don’t you remember what happened last time?”

“OOze, we have no choice!”

“Zoshlings…” says Captain Squirk as the Zoshlings take their places. As they do, they rise up on platforms.

“Harmonize!” says Captain Squirk.

Above each Zoshling will now appear a glowing ball of light with a flash of lightning running down to the Zoshling below.

All you have to do here is keep click on the highlighted Zoshling to raise them up to the top of the column of lightning. A pointer will indicate which Zoshling you need to click on.

When they get to the top their stream will turn purple.

Once all the Zoshlings are at the top, another cut scene starts.

The Zoshlings, are now singing in perfect harmony, direct their sound waves towards the large magnifying glass that’s sending beans of sunlight towards the Moshi World.

The Zoshlings harmony is powerful enough to make the glass crack and then shatter!

Then just in the Zoshlings moment of glory, who should appear but none other then Simon Growl!

“Zoshlings!” he says. “That. Was… AMAZING! How does a 7 album deal sound?!”

The Zoshlings seem over the moan by this!

“Totally cosmic!” says Captain Squirk. “You have our galactic gratitude Mr Growl! It’s time we returned to Music Island!”

Debrief with Squirk

We’ll we now find ourselves back on the Zoshlings spaceship.

Click on Cpatain Squirk to start a conversation.

Congratulations Super Moshi!” says Captain Squirk.

Click on “We stopped the doom ray and saved Monstro City!”

CLONC should know by now… Evil never wins!”

We’re now presented with the “Mission 10 complete screen”

It reads:

TOTALLY ZOSHTASTIC! You dodged a cosmic catastrophe! CLONC have been sent packing! You completed Season 2 of Super Moshi Missions! – or did you?”

Hmm, I think something might be up!

Click on the “OK” button to continue.

“Captain! We have a problem!” says First Officer Ooze.

There’s now another cut-scene.

RED ALERT! RED ALERT!” The warnings are all going off on board the Zoshlings space ship.

There’s a fleet of Glumps heading our way! Uh-oh! Right behind them is the top-hat shaped space ship of Dr Strangeglove.

“…STRANGEGLOVE!” says Captain Squirk. “PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!!”

Glump Invaders

Dodge the glump goo and ZAP the glumponauts!

To play the game you need to move your spaceship left and right using the mouse and click on the mouse button to fire.

It’s pretty easy, as long as you remember to keep shooting! Keep an eye out for the Glump Goo!

Once you’ve got all the Glumponaughts you’ll have to battle Dr Strangeglove’s hat ship.

Dr Strangeglove will fly around in a figure of eight and while he’s doing that you’ll still need to watch out for that Glump Goo!

You’ve got to hit Strangegloves spaceship lots of times to defeat him. There’s a hat-shaped gauge on the top right hand corner of the screen.

EPIC Yes, there’s the final epic to get! As you battle Strangegloves ship. an EPIC will pass across the top of the screen. If you’ve been shooting constantly you should be able to get it easily!

Once you’ve shot Strangeglove enough times the action will switch to a cut-scene showing his ship exploding and then flying through space leaving a trail of smoke.

The Zoshlings spaceship lands back on Music Island to a crowd of cheering Moshlings.

Once you’re all out of the Spaceship there’s the EPIC from the battle with Strangeglove. Click on it to pick it up.

Click on Captain Squirk to start a conversation.

“We did it Super Moshi.” says Squirk.

Click on “We’ve saved Monstro City, stopped CLONC and gotten you a 7 album record deal!”

“We couldn’t be more galactically grateful!” says Squirk. “But we have no where to stay.”

Click on “You can stay in my Moshling zoo!”

“Really? That would be out of this world!”

Pick up the Zoshlings

Click on a Zoshling to pick them up and add them to your zoo. (Remember to click on “Keep It!”)

You get to add all four Zoshlings to your Zoo for completing this mission!

Mission 10 Complete

And that the end of the mission and indeed the Season 2 of the Super Moshi missions.

“Totally Zoshtastic! You dodged a cosmic catastrophe! CLONC have been sent packing! (Again!) You completed Season 2 of Super Moshi Missions! You really did!

Click on OK to finish. Hopefully you’ve been able to get all three EPICS and earned yourself 500 Rox!

Did this guide help you? Let us know in the comments below.


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On Jul 4, 01:14 AM k4yl2 wrote:

isnt this really old? I completed season 2 ages ago and got the zoshlings :-/ Any idea why seeds are suddenly taking 7or 8 hours? They are usually 6, but my mums planted some, and it is saying 7 hours?

Moshi-Secrets: Yep, it's a bit old, but it's taken us some time to go back and write the walkthroughs for all the old missions. It'll still be helpful to new players (hopefully)

As for planting seed - the time it takes depends on the happiness of your monster. Make sure your monster is happy and healthy when you plant the seeds and you may find you can get the time down to just 5 hours!

On Jul 2, 04:48 PM dance wrote:

hi,at the begining,you wrote CLONG.

Well spotted! I've fixed it!

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