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Season 1, Mission 4, Candy Catastrophe

The fourth Super Moshi mission in Season 1 sees monsters getting sick all over Monstro City. You’ll need to investigate and find out who’s selling evil candies.

There are no Epic awards in this mission.

You start the mission talking to Elder Furi at the Moshi Monsters secret hideout in the Volcano.

“Super Moshi, I am glad you are here.” says Elder Furi.

“Monsters all over Monstro City are being made sick.”

“Do you know which evil candies were being sold in Gross-ery?” asks Elder Furi.

You’ve got three options, select “Lollyplops, Scummi Bears and Barfmallows.”

“You have great observation skills Super Moshi!” says Elder Furi.

“That’s because I’m a Super Moshi!” you reply.

“Who is making these candies? We must stop them!”

“Take this magical Morph Stone, you will need it.”

“The Morph Stone can make you look like a glump.”

Find some Glump Goo, then use the stone to transform into a Glump.”

“First go to the Gross-ery to investigate. Good Luck!”

“I won’t let you down!”

With that the conversation ends.

Elder Furi just gives you one last piece of advice before you leave:

“Use this Morph Stone wisely Super Moshi!”

Gross-ery Store

We arrive at the Scene of the crime to find that things are a bit of a mess…

“So this is the Gross-ery’s store room. Let’s talk to Snozzle Wobbleson.”

Click on Snozzle Wobbleson, the strange floating monster with a green brin in the clear head!

“Oh dear, some items have fallen from their shelves! What a mess!”

Click on him again and he’s tell you some more.

“Can you place my items back on the shelves please? Talk to me when you’re done.”

OK, so it looks like Snozzle needs us to clean up the place.

Click on all the items that have fallen off the shelves to add them to your inventory. We’ll put these on to the shelves in a bit.

You should find, a packet of Katsuma Krunch, Toad Soda, Mice Krispies, Swirlberry Muffin, Starlight Cookies, some Green, Spicy Dragon Rolls, Sunshine Berries and Eye Pie Eyes.

Just beneath Snozzle is another item. Click on that to pick it up.

“Hey! A stinky Pew Cumber! I don’t sell those.” says Snozzle.

Ok, now open your inventory and drag the items into their correct places.

  • The Katsuma Krunch goes on the top right hands side shelf.
  • The Toad Soda goes on the top centre shelf.
  • The Mice Crispies goes onto the middle shelf on the left.
  • The Green goes on the top shelf on the left.
  • The Starlight cookies go on the middle centre shelf.
  • The Swirlberry Muffings go on the same middle centre shelf, just to the left of the Starlight Cookies.
  • The Spicy Dragon Rolls go on the bottom shelf on the left hand side.
  • Sunshine Berries go on the top left hand shelf.
  • The Eye Pie Eyes go the top centre shelf

When you place the last item (except the Pew Cumber) ont the shelf, Snozzle will say something.

OMG! What’s that strange crate?”

Now click on the crate with the skull on it. You’ll get a zoomed in picture of the crate. You’ll see that it contains some suspicious looking candies and a note that reads “Today’s Password is: PASSWORD

Remember that. It might come in handy later!

Click on the [x] to close the picture.

“The evil candies! We need to talk to Snozzle.” you say to yourself.

Click on Snozzle to start a conversation.

“Snozzle! Why have you been selling evil candies!? Where did they come from?”

“The Candy Cane Caves! The same place all candy comes from.” replies Snozzle.

“The Candy Cane Caves eh? I need to go there, can you take me?”

“Of course I will. It’s the least I can do after selling all that foul candy.”

“Are you ready to go?” asks Snozzle.

Click on “Yes, take me to the Candy Cane Caves.”

“Let’s go!” says Snozzle.

Outside the Candy Cane Caves

“The Candy Cane Caves! Why is the entrance closed?”

And it really does look like it’s VERY closed. There’s a metal door blocking the way with “Glumps Only!” written on it!

As you watch, a pink glump will bounce along the path and enter through a hatch in the door.

If you click on the door, a voice will say “Glumps only! I can see you Super Moshi! I can smell you too!”

So, it seems that we’ll need to change our appearance and disguise our smell too.

Click on Snozzle to talk to him.

“You need to smell and look like a Glump to get in.” says Snozzle.

Use any stinky items you find on yourself.”

“Anything else Super Moshi?”

Click on “How do I smell like a stinky Glump?”

Find some stinky things and use them on yourself.”

“look around to see what smelly things you can find.”

“Anything else Super Moshi?”

Click on “How do I look like a Glump?”

“Maybe if you had a Morph Stone, you could morph into a Glump.”

“But you would need to find some Glump Goo for that to work…”

“Anything else Super Moshi?”

Click on “That’s all for now.”

“Do you need to go back to my shop?” Snozzle asks.

This gives you the opportunity to go back and get the Pew-Cumber if you missed it earlier. But as we’ve got it, we don’t need to go back.

Click on “No thanks Snozzle.”

In the bottom left hand corner of the screen there is a branch. Click on it to pick it up.

“This branch looks like its large enough to cover that hole on the path.”

Open your inventory and drag the stick over the hole in the path.

Now wait and watch as the glump bounces along the path. This time, the glump won’t notice the hole and will fall stright into it and leave something behind.

Pick up the white thing that’s now lying on the path.

“Great! I now have a Glump ID! looks like it belonged to Gloopy.” you say. (You should remember this fact too!)

Just at the bottom of the white “Clear Off” sign, you should see a dead fish. Click on it to pick it up.

“A fish head! it sure smalls very fishy.” you say.

Now look at the Candy Cane just about you. It’s got something hanginh on it, something that looks like a smelly sock!

Click on the sock to pick it up.

“This old dirty sock smells like moldy cheese. Pew-eeeey!”

OK, now it’s time to disguise our smell!

Open your inventory and drag the fish head onto yourself.

“I smell like that horrible old fish now!” you say.

Drag the Pew Cumber onto you.

“Urgh. That Pew Cumber stunk me up a treat!”

Now drag the dirty sock onto you.

“I’ve done it! I STINK like a glump!” you say.

Now we just need to look like a Glump. We can use the Morph stone that Elder Furi gave us, but we’ll need some Glump Goo in order to use it.

Take a look at the path. At the bottom of the screen you should see a green blob of Glump Goo.

Click on the goo to pick it up.

“Smelly Glump Goo, this should work with the Morph Stone, just like Elder Furi said.

Now take the Morph Stone from your inventory and drop it on your Monster. Magically you’ll change into a Glump. A rather large glump wearing a super-moshi outfit, but a glump none the less.

Now click on the metal door to start a conversation.


“Hello glump, you’re a bit big! Nice cape!”

“Urr… thanks!”

“Before you can come in, just tell me today’s secret password.”

“Oh…yes…of course! The password is…”

Now you have three choices – I do hope that you’ve remembered the password we saw in the Crate back in the store room!

Click on “Password!”

“That answer is…….”


“Now, tell me your name.”

Again, you’ve got three choices. Do you remember the name on the Glump ID?

Click on “Gloopy”

That’s a funny Glump name. Let me see your Official Glump ID.


Click on “Here you go”

“That’s a really bad picture of you! Oh well.. Admission Granted!”

Candy Cane Caves Entrance

We’ve got through the entrance, but now we need to find our way into the Caves.

You should spot a hole in the wall with a pair of eyes peeping out of it.

Click on the eyes to start a conversation.

“Arrh! Help! Don’t touch me Glump!” says the voice.

“No, no! I’m just pretending to be a Glump,” you reply.

“Check out my cape and mask! I must be a Super Moshi!”

“But you stink like a Glump! Prove to me you’re a Super Moshi.”

“Where is the Super Moshi HQ located?”

Click on “The Volcano”

“Correct… Could be a lucky guess through.”

“Answer me this…”

“Who is the Super Moshi’s worst enemy?”

Click on “Dr Strangeglove”

“That’s right! You ARE a Super Moshi!”

“You must help! Sweet Tooth is poisoning the candy.”

“Take the elevator down deep into the mine and I’ll meet you there.”

Click on “To the mine!”

The lift will now come up, you’ll bounce into the lift and it’ll descend into the depths of the Candy Cane Caves!

The Candy Cane Caves

“Pssst Ove here!” says a voice from another hole in the wall.

Click on the eyes in the hope to start a conversion.

“What’s going on down here?” you ask.

“Look, Sweet Tooth has hypnotised the roarkers and they’re gooing the candy walls!”

“So, that dastardly Sweet Tooth is behind the evil candies!”

“We must stop the roarkers gooing the candy!”

“I will stop that roarker! Sweet Tooth won’t get away with this!”

“Sweet Tooth’s lair is even deeper into the caves. Use the mine cart to get there.”

“Ok, leave it to me!”

With that the conversation ends.

Right, there’s a lot going on in the Candy Cane Caves so it can be a bit confusing, but let’s see how we get on.

First of all, just next to where you’re standing you should see the top half of a striped candy cane lying on the floor. Click on it to pick it up.

“A sweet Candy Cane.” (We’ll need this later!)

Ok, now we’ll need to stop the Roarker from gooing the candy.

First click on the button labeled “Alarm”

“Hmmm… The alarm distracts the Glump on the goo barrel.”

The Glump will bounce over to the alarm to turn if off.

While it’s doing that, click on the barrel to disconnect the hose.

“We sabotaged the goo hoser!”

Just on the other size of the bridge you’ll see that there’s a mine-cart, but there are a couple of problems that you’ll need to solve before you can use it to ride deeper into the caves.

Click on the cart.

“We need to get to the lair, but the mine cart is missing a wheel.” you say.

Just next to the cart, are some tracks and a lever. Click on the lever.

“This switch is broken and the tracks are set the wrong way.”

Well, we can fix that.

Open your inventory and drag the Candy Cane onto the switch.

“The switch can now be used!” you say.

Click on the Candy Cane switch again to move it forward.

Now to fix the cart, you’ll need to scroll back to the left and find something we can use as a wheel.

Just below the alarm button you should see a round pink candy that’s just about the right size to act as a replacement wheel.

Click on this candy to pick it up.

“This Candy Wheel looks like it could be used to fix the Mine Cart.”

Scroll back to the mine cart and open your inventory. Now drag the candy wheel out onto the mine cart.

“The mine cart is fixed!”

Now click on the cart to play a mini-game!

Race to Sweet Tooth’s Lair!

This mini-game is very simple! All you need to do is to tap on the space to propell your mine-cart along the tracks.

Keep pressing the space bar until you get to the right hand end of the screen and your mine cart flies off the end of the track.

Sweet Tooth’s Lair

“The crash deglumped me… I have a bad feeling about this…” you say to yourself.

To the right of the screen you’ll see Sweet Tooth sitting in a throne on top of a huge pile of sweets.

“Arghhhh!… Greetings, Super Moshi! I have been expecting you!” says Sweet Tooth.

“If you dare step closer, I will zap you with my hypno-blaster, mwhaha!”

Click on Sweet Tooth to start a conversation.

“Sweet Tooth! So you’re behind all the evil candies!” you say.

“That’s right Super Moshi! All the Monsters of Monstro City will be sick because of me!”

“There is nothing you can do to stop me now!”

“You won’t get away with this!”

The conversation ends.

“Try to get closer to Sweet Tooth!” says the voice from the hole in a wall.

Click on the bridge to try and get closer to Sweet Tooth.

“Feel the full destructive power of the hypno-blaster!” says Sweet Tooth.

A gun will fire, hitting the bridge just in front of you.

“Woah! That was a close call!”

Click on the hole in the wall to start a conversation.

“That hypno-blaster is deadly!” you say.

“I’m staying tight here. I have a tendency to explode!” says the voice.

“That gives me an idea… Jump out here, onto the weakened bridge.”

“Ummmm… Ok, I trust you Super Moshi.”

The conversation ends as Cherry Bomb jumps out of the hole in the wall.

“Wow! A rare Cherry Bomb Moshling!” says Sweet Tooth.

Cherry Bomb jumps onto the bridge.

Now click on the bridge to walk towards Sweet Tooth again.

“Feel the full destructive power of the hypno-blaster!” says Sweet Tooth.

This time the blaster shoots the bridge, but hits Cherry Bomb.

“Uh Oh….” says Sweet Tooth.

Cherry Bomb then explodes, toppling Sweet Tooth from her throne and into a whirlpool.

“Sweet sweet victory!” you say.

You’ll now have the chance to pick up Cherry Bomb. When presented with the Moshling’s profile click on “Keep It” to add Cherry Bomb to your Zoo.

Back at the Volcano

You return to the Volcano and talk to Elder Furi about your mission.

“Super Moshi you stink like a Glump! Tell me what happened!”

Click on “Gross-ery Store”

“I helped Snozzle Wobbleson tidy up his store and made an amazing discovery!”

“What did you find?”

“There was a crate full of evil candies!”

“Did you find out where these candies came from?”

“Yes, they came from the Candy Cane Caves!”

“Excellent! Anything else Super Moshi?”

Click on “Candy Cane Caves”

“The Glumps had blocked the entrance to the Candy Cane Caves and would not let anyone in!”

“Did you find a way in?”

“To get in I needed to smell and look like a Glump!”

“So I stunk myself up and used the Morph stone to look like a Glump.”

“Excellent! What did you find in the Caves?”

“There was a deep mine where roarkers were gooing the candies!”

“So the Glump Goo was making the candies go bad?”

“Yes, but I stopped them! I then took a mine cart to Sweet Tooth’s lair.”

“Excellent! Anything else Super Moshi?”

Click on “Sweet Tooth’s Lair”

“It was Sweet Tooth who was behind all the evil candies!”

“But their hypno-blaster was extremely powerful and I could not get close.”

“What did you do?”

“I thought I was done for, but a Moshling called Cherry Bomb hiding in the cave walls came out to help me!”

“A moshling hiding in the cave walls? How did Cherry Bomb help?”

“Cherry Bomb helped to blast Sweet Tooth off the candy throne and into the jam river!”

“Excellent! Anything else Super Moshi?”

“That is all, wise one.” says Elder Furi.

“In the face of danger and evil you have once again saved Monstro City!”

“However, sources have indicated that Sweet Tooth got away!”

“Be always on guard Super Moshi, we never know when evil will strike again!”

“You can always count on me wise one!”

And with that, the mission comes to an end.

“You saved the candy miners and stopped Sweet Tooth. What will be next for the super moshis? find out in the next exciting mission?”

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