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Season 1, Mission 3, Strangeglove from Above

Strangeglove from above is the third Super-Moshi Mission. Strangeglove is terrorising the Fluffies in the clouds. The Super-Moshis must stop him!

As a season one mission there are no EPICs to collect (Yet!) It looks as if the old missions may be revisited to add EPICs in the future as Moshi Monsters have done with the first Season 1 mission.

Let’s go to the Super-Moshi HQ in the volcano and get started!

The mission starts where Voyage under Potion Ocean finishes off, with Stranglove’s escape capsule flying out of the sea and up towards a despicable looking CLONC airship which is flying towards some clouds.

The clouds where the fluffies live! The airship extends a vacuum hoover like extension and starts sucking up Moshlings! Oh my!

The Super-Moshi’s are soon in their planes and off to intercept the airship with help from Whirly who forms the propeller of the plane. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy through – those pesky Glumps are shooting goo at us!

Avoiding the Goo mini-game

We start straight into the action with a mini-game where you have to fly your plane and avoid being shot by the Glumps who are shooting goo at you!

As you move the mouse around the plane follows your move. If you’re quick, you can fly your plane and avoid the green lumps of goo.

Unfortunately there’s more and more goo – so much that it’s impossible to avoid! Your plane will start to get covered in slime!

(You can’t “win” this game. The goo will always eventually get you!)

Once your plane is overloaded with goo it’ll start to crash. There’s nothing you can do but watch your plane crash into the clouds..

Tip: As there’s no benefit trying to beat the game and avoid the goo – you might as well just try and get your plane covered with goo as quickly as possible so that you can get on with the mission!

The Clouds

“We got gooed! We need to find a way to supercharge Wurley. Wait where is he?”

You find yourself on a cloud standing next to your crashed plane which is covered in goo. IGGY is there, bouncing up and down excitedly and there a smiling cloud in the sky.

Click on the cloud to start a conversation.

“Hello there my name’s Nimbus” the cloud says.

“Hi Nimbus! Can you help me clean all this goo off my plane?” you ask.

“I rain when I laugh a lot. Maybe that will help?” says Nimbus.

“Great! I know some really funny jokes. Would you like to hear them?”

“Yes please!” Nimbus answers.

The next part of the conversation involved us trying to select the correct punchline for some jokes.

Now we have a choice, select “Ok, here’s my first joke…”

“What do you call a sheep with no legs?”

“Hmmm.. I don’t know. What do you call a sheep with no legs?” replies Nimbus.

Now you’ll be given a whole list of answers, select “A cloud!”

Nimbus obviously like this one as he’s started laughing!

“Haha! Hilarious! I’m a leg less Sheep!”

On to the next joke…

“What do you call a lazy hurricane?”

“Err.. I don’t know. What do you call a lazy hurricane?”

Time to pick the correct punchline again. This time, choose “A slowy-cane!”

“Heehee! A slowy-cane! Not a hurry-cane! HeeHee!”

Get it? The jokes are pretty awful, but they seem to be making Nimbus laugh!

“What does a raincloud wear under its coat?”

“Umm…I don’t know. What does a raincloud wear under its coat?”

The correct answer to this joke is “Thunder-wear!”

“HoHo Thunder-wear! Heeheehee!”

“That did it!” you say.

Nimbus has found the jokes so funny he just can’t help himself crying with laughter! Luckily for us, he’s crying all over our goo covered plane!

“The plane’s all wet. Let’s try and clean the goo off!

Click on the plane to start a mini-game.

Goo Fighter

In this game we have to use IGGY to scrub the goo off the plane by using the mouse. We’ve seen this kind of things lots before from cleaning your Moshlings in your zoo and other missions.

Click on the patches of goo and you’ll see the “Goo Left” gauge slowly go down. Do this on each patch until your plane is clean. (There’s no need to scrub!)

Finding Wurley

“The plane is clean. Now we need to Find Wurley” you say once you’ve finished scrubbing the plane.

Click on the rainbow to the left to explore the other clouds.

“There’s Wurley! Oh… He doesn’t look too good.” you say and you’re right. Wurley is sitting on the cloud looking rather down.

If you click on Wurley, you say “Poor Wurley! I wonder if someone could help fix him?”

Standing next to Wurley you’ll see another Moshling. It’s Flumpy. Maybe he can help us. Click on Flumpy to start a conversation.

“Hi there! I love kites!” announces Flumpy. A strange way to start the conversation, but it cuts straight to the point. If you’re guessing we’ll need to find a kite then you might be on the right track, but let’s not jump ahead, let’s see what else Flumpy has to say!

“Umm… Please help me. my friend Wurley is broken!” you ask.

“Maybe if you give him a kite it will help. Kites always cheer me up.”

Ah, seems like Flumpy has a one track mind. He does love his kites!

“Well it’s worth a try.” you say. Sounds like a long shot to me, but hey, who knows!

“Great! Just bring me some kite making supplies and I’ll make you one.” replies Flumpy.

“What do you need?”

“Bring me string, material, sticks and glue.” answered Flumpy.

Find the kite making supplies

The first kite item to get is the string. It’s wrapped around the strange windmill building next to Flumpy. Click on the string to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Now jump back over the rainbow to the cloud with your plane on it. You should see a green patch on the floor. This is some goo that might just work as glue. Click on the goo to pick it up.

“Eww, This is all sticky”

You should also see some purple material caught around the tail of the plane. Click on the material to pick it up.

“Hmm, what’s this strange material?

Now head back over the rainbow to Flumpy’s cloud. The only thing we need to get now are the sticks.

Scroll all the way over to the left and you’ll should see some purple sticks lying in a cross below Nimbus. Click on the sticks to pick them up.

Now let’s give the supplies to Flumpy.

Open your inventory and drag the sticks on to Flumpy.

“We need these to construct the kite’s frame.” he says.

Now drag the glue over to him.

“Usually we just use glue, but this goo seems sticky enough!”

Now give him the string in the same way.

“A vital piece for any kite. We wouldn’t want it to fly away now would we?”

Once he’s got all the materials, Flumpy will build a kite and give it back to you.

“Here’s your new kite! Enjoy!” he says.

Talking to Nimbus

Now we’ve got the kite, we can’t just give it Wurley, we need to talk to Nimbus first.

Click on Nimbus, the fluffy cloud, to start a conversation.

“Hi again Nimbus!” you say.

“Hello again! Those jokes of yours sure did tickle me!”

“Can you help me again? My friend Wurley is broken!”

“Ah yes! I saw that broken Tiddlycopter down there.”

“Maybe a jolt of lightning would help?”

“That would be perfect!” you say, with no consideration for health and safety at all! “Can you make lightning?”

“I can turn into a storm cloud when I get really angry!” Nimbus explains.

“Hmm…I bet I can make you angry!”

You’ve got a choice of things to say now, select “Strangeglove stealing all the Moshlings!”

“What? That is awful!”

Now choose “He’s turning them into Glumps!”

“Grrrr! Why would he do such a thing?”

Now select “He’s making a Glump army to take over Monstro City!”

OMG!! You are making me really angry!!! That’s IT!”

Finally, select “eek!”

Nimbus now turns into a dark storm cloud and says “I’m soooooo ANGRY!!!” and with that he causes lightning to flash.

“Hmmmmm, if we could fix a kite to Wurley, we could use the lightning to charge him!” you say! Sounds like a fantastic idea!

Now open your inventory and drag the kite out onto Wurley.

“We need to get Nimbus’ lightning to Wurley using the kite.

We’ll need to blow the kits over to Nimbus. Do this by clicking on the windmill.

You’ll notice the kite floating across the screen towards Nimbus.

Click on Nimbus again.

“I’m soooooo ANGRY!!!” he says again and another bolt of lightning is produced!

You’ll get a little cut scene here as Wurley is given an energising shock of electricity.

“Wurley got supercharged!!! Let’s take him back to and fix the plane.

Click on Wurley to pick him up and then head back over the rainbow to your plane.

Open you inventory and drag the “Super Charged Wurley” onto the plane.

You’ll get another cut scene here showing Wurley fitting into the plane to act as a propeller.

Collect Lightning Minigame

Another mini-game! This time you have to collect lighting bolts to power up your plane and catch Strangeglove’s airship.

This game works the same way as the goo mini game. Use your mouse to guide your plane around trying to catch as many lightning bolts as you can.

The more bolts you catch, the faster you go (this is show at the bottom of the screen). At the top is a gauge showing your distance from the airship.

Every time you fill up your electricity charge to “TURBO” you’ll jump forward on the distance gauge.

You’ll get the odd bit of Goo flying around so do your best to avoid that! Every time you hit “TURBO” the goo will be wiped from your plane.

Once you get close enough to the airship you’ll just see it on the screen as the next part of the mission loads. It’s not clear what happens, but your Super Moshi will explain…

On the Airship

Your find yourself and Wurley on-board Strangeglove’s airship.

“On No! We got sucked into the airship and we’re trapped!”

Ah, so that’s what happened!

“Wurley! How are we going to get out of here?” you ask.

Click on the pipe just above Wurley.

“Hey, a pipe! I’m too big… but maybe Wurley can get through?

Click on Wurley. “Go Wurley! Go!” you say!

Wurley flies through the pipe and lands on the other side of the gate. There’s a machine on the other side that controls the gate.

Wurley, help me fix the gate machine!” you say.

Click on the cog that’s lying on the floor.

“Hey, Wurley! Pick up that cog please!

Open your inventory and drag the cog onto the machine. It fits just between the two orange cogs. (It’s not obvious!)

Now we’ll need to pull the lever on the green pipe at the top right hand part of the screen. This starts the liquid flowing down the pipe.

Now we have to arrange the pipes on the machine so that they connect with the pipe of green liquid at the top.

First of all, click on the pipe behind the top orange cog to turn it into a horizontal (left to right) position.

Now click on the curvy pipe. Wurly will turn it round 90 degrees. It’s still not connecting the pipes.

Click on it again and it’ll turn another 90 degrees. It’s still not right so click it one last time and you’ll see that the pipe now fits correctly connecting the pipe.

The green liquid will now flow down the pipe and will start turning the cogs. This seems to generate the power the machine requires in order to work. The “Open Gate” button now illuminates green.

Click on the button and a flashing light will travel down the yellow tube to the gate and the gate slides open! Wonderful!

“Awesome work Wurley, You got the gate open!” you say. “Quick, let’s get out of here!”

Taking Wurley with you, you run off to the right.

Outside the Brig

You now find yourself in a new chamber. There’s a large pipe hanging from the bottom of the screen.

“What are those sounds coming from that door over there? Let’s check it out!”

Click on the door.

“I can hear voices on the other side of this door. Let’s peek through that window!

Click on the window to take a peek through the glass.

Hmm…you’ll see a bunch of shadowy figures and Strangeglove standing there.

“Sweet Tooth, what’s your report?” a voice says.

Sweet Tooth says “Everything is going to plan. The…”

Then all of a sudden a Glump appear at the window.

HEY YOU!!!” It shouts. Eek. We’ve been rumbled!


Uh-oh! I think we need to get out of here.

“We’ve been spotted! Let’s escape up that ladder right away!” you say.

“Oi! That was a Super Moshi! Let’s get ‘em!” says a voice from behind the door.

At this, a ladder drops down from the pipe.

Click on the ladder to make your escape.

Rescue the Moshling from the Goo Canon

“Oh no! They are using a poor Moshling to work the goo cannon!” you say.

The machine seems to be powered by an accordion – the Moshling – it’s Plinky, the Squeezy TinkleHuff!

Click on the machine to rescue the Moshling and play another mini game…

Goo Up The Airship

In this game, we have to quickly tab the space-bar to help the Moshling break the machine. Press space to start.

Now you need to tap the space bar just as fast as you can. As you do the arms of the machine move faster and faster and the gauge at the top slowly slides towards the red.

If you click the space bar enough the machine will explode in a shower of green goo!

“Whoohoo! We broke the machine and released the Moshling!

Click on Plinky to pick the Moshling up and click on “Keep It” to add Plinky to your Moshling Zoo.

“We got Plinky8! Let’s use that *escape pod and get our of here!”

You see the hatch that has opened on the right hand side of the now broken machine.

Click on the hatch and you’ll get another cut-scene.

Strangeglove’s airship is crashing in a shower of goo. As it does an escape pod whizzes out of the airship.

Back at the Super Moshi HQ

Back at the Super Moshi HQ, you talk to Elder Furi.

“Tell me what happened Super Moshi!”

Click on “Wurley Supercharged!”

“I got Glump gooed before I could get close to the airship and Wurley got hit!”

“How did you revive Wurley?” asks Elder Furi.

“I managed to zap him with some lightning!” you answer.

“Of course! what a great idea!”

“That let me get close enough to the airship to board.”

“What else?”

Click on “Airship Prison.”

“I got trapped in the airship’s brig! but Wurley and I figured out a way to escape.”

“Did you learn anything helpful on the airship?” Elder Furi asks.

“I overheard Strangeglove talking with a group of evil looking villains.”

“One of them was called Sweet Tooth” you tell Elder Furi.

“Oh no! Strangeglove is not working alone!”

“What else?”

Now click on “Plinky Rescue”.

“They were using a Moshling to pressurize the goo cannons.” you tell Elder Furi.

“I managed to destroy the goo reserves and rescue Plinky.”

“Great, you need to look after that Moshling in your zoo!”

Now click on “That is all, wise one.”

“You have done an amazing service to Monstro City. However! It is grave news about C.L.O.N.C.

“I must investigate further.” Elder Furi tells you.

Now click on “Goodbye Elder Furi.”

“Mission 3 is now complete! You stopped the airship! But, what is “C.L.O.N.C.”? Who is Sweetooth? Find out in the next exciting mission!”


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