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Season 1, Mission 2, Voyage Under Potion Ocean

What better than to take a break at beach! No peace for the Super Moshi’s though! Dr Strangeglove is stealing fishies from the beach! We’ve got to discover Strangeglove’s evil plan with help from Captain Buck along the way!

When the mission starts you’ll find yourself on the beach. The scene will scroll across until you see Fumble (or a moshling very much like fumble) asleep on a beach town.

On no! There’s Dr Strangeglove! He takes his cane, extends a net and scoops up the poor starfish and plops him straight into this top hat!

He then inflates his glove, and whizzes off towards a green blob on the horizon. He’s obviously up to no good, but how can we help!

“Oh no! Strangeglove! He’s escaping into Potion Ocean! We must follow him!

Click on the ship that’s sailing just above us on the screen.

“It’s Captain Buck! He’ll help us We should row over to his boat.”

If you click on the rowing boat, you’ll find out that it seems to be missing an oar. We’re going to have to hunt about and see if we can find one.

Scroll to the right, just past the beach house and you’ll see an Oar lying on the beach. The paddle has a red tip. You can’t miss it!

Click on the oar to pick it up.

“We can use this oar with the rowing boat.” Hmm, talk about stating the obvious!

Scroll back to the left and your monster will tell you to “Use the oar on the rowing boat.”

Having not played the early levels for a while it’s interesting how much help you used to get in the early levels.

Open your pouch and drag the oar onto the boat.

“Great, now we can use the boat to row over to Captain Buck’s boat!”

Click on the boat to do just that.

Captain Buck’s Boat

Now we’re on Captain Buck’s boat, click on Captain Buck to talk to him.

He’ll greet you with “Avast me hearty! Welcome aboard the Cloudy Cloth Clipper!”

Strangeglove is stealing Fishies! Will you help me stop him?” you ask.

“Arrh, that scallywag! Of course I will help you, Super Moshi.” he replies. There’s a catch though, but you probably guessed that there would be.

“Will you help me get my boat ready first?”

You’ve got two options here, you can help the Captain or tell him you don’t have time. We’re going to need Captain Buck’s help so we might as well just get on with it!

Select “Yes, of course!”

Captain Buck tells us, “Great! There are two tasks we need to do before we can sail…” Two!

“The poop desk needs swabbing and the barnacles need busting” All of which sounds like hard work to me!

In his generocity, Captain Buck then asks up “Which would you like to do fist?”

You’ve got two options here and it doesn’t really matter which one you do first. You can respond with one of the following:

  • “I’m ready to swab the poop deck!”
  • “I’m ready to bust the barnacles!”

Let’s swab the poop deck first…

Poop Deck Panic (mini-game)

Now, this isn’t hard. If you’ve ever cleaned you moshlings you’ll know the drill. It’s the same thing as cleaning the dance floor in Welcome to Jollywood.

You just have to click and move the mouse around to swap the deck. You don’t need to keep moving the mouse, just put the brush over the dirty patch and hold it there while the dirt vanishes before your very eyes!

Once the “Dirt Left” gauge reaches zero you’ll finish the mini-game. Pretty easy stuff!

Captain Buck is impressed “Great work, Super Moshi!”

Click on Captain Buck again to talk to him.

“Great work Super Moshi.”, he repeats, “She’s nearly ready to sail!”

You’ve only got one option now, so respond by clicking on “I’m ready to bust the barnacle!”

h2.Barnacle Buster (mini-game)

Click to launch the boxing glove to free Buck’s ship from those creepy crustaceans!

This game is pretty simple, but can be a little tricky! You’ll see a boxing glove that swings from side to side. If you click on the mouse the boxing glove is launched downwards at the angle in which it’s currently pointing. If you’re got the angle right it’ll knock a barnacle off.

The good news is that you don’t need to be too accurate, the bad news is tht the further away the barnacles are the harder it is to judge the angle. Still, with a bit of practice you’ll soon have the ship clear. There’s no time limit so take as long as you need.

Once you’ve cleared the ship of Barnacles, you’ll return to Captain Buck’s cabin.

“Great work, Super Moshi!” he’ll say.

Captain Buck’s Cabin

Click on Captain Buck to continue your conversation with him.

“Well don’t! The Cloudy Cloth Clipper is gleaming! Let’s get after Strangeglove wait…where’s my compass? Blistering barnacles! I must have lost it on the beach this morning!”

Oh dear, seems as if it’s one thing after another! Guess where we’re going now?

“Super Moshi, would you find my compass for me?

Answer “Yes, of course!”

Captain Buck will then instruct you to “Take this spade. Go and dig up the sand castles on the beach.

“Don’t worry. I’ll find your compass and bring it back to you!”

Click on “Goodbye Captain.”

“We got a spade. Let’s go diggin’ on Bleurgh Beach.”

The more eagle-eyed of you will notice that the little blue plastic spade that was resting against the wall to the right of Captain Buck has now vanished. This is the equipment we’ve got to use to find the compass!

Click on th “BEACH” sign to go back to the beach.

Bleurgh Beech

We’re back on the beach and you should notice that scattered around the beach are the occasional sandcastle.

Open your pouch and you’ll see your blue spade. To dig up a sandcastle to look for the compass you’ll need to drag your spade out of your pouch and onto the sandcastle.

“Nothing there, keep digging!”

As you work your way across the beach, repeating the procedure you’ll eventually come to the last sandcastle on the right. When you dig this one up you’ll reveal Captain Buck’s compass!

Click on the compass to pick it up and put it in your inventory.

“We found Buck’s compass! Let’s go back to Buck.”

Scroll back to the left and click on the boat to row back to Captain Buck’s ship.

Captain Buck’s Ship

Ah, we’re back on board Captain Buck’s ship. Click on Captain Buck to start the conversation. Captain Buck is definitely happy to see his compass again!

“Yaaarh! My trusty compass. Let’s get after Strangeglove! First Mate Lefty tells me he can see some strange goo on the horizon. Use the globe to sail to the strange goo.”

Select “Yes, of course.”

When you’re back in Captain Buck’s cabin, click on the globe standing on the table.

The Map

You’ll now have a map displayed. You’ll see Captain Buck’s ship along with a number of landmarks.

Click on the ship, and then drag your mouse to move the ship. Drag the ship straight to the “Strange Goo”. When asked if you want to visit “Strange Goo” click on “Yes.”

The Strange Goo

You’ll find yourself stood on-board Captain Buck’s Ship looking at a strange patch in the middle of the ocean.

“Let’s investigate.”

Click on Goo and you’ll start a conversation with Captain Buck.

“Eww! Where is all that goo coming from?

Captain Buck says, “It looks like it be coming from deep under the sea!”

Click on “Do you think that’s where Strangeglove went?”

“Yarr, this smells very fishy indeed!” replies Captain Buck.

Click on “How can I get down there?”

Captain buck says, “There’s a submarine on Bleurgh Beach. You can use it to chase Strangeglove underwater.”

And let’s wait for the hitch…

“But it’s missing a propeller!”

Ah yes, there it is!

“Where can I find a new propeller Captain Buck?” you ask.

Captain Buck then tells us “I think First Mate Lefty said he saw one on Pico Pop Glacier.”

Click on “Let’s set sail”


Ok, so we need to go to Pico Pop Glacier to find the propeller. Click on your ship and drag it to the Glacier. You’ll need to navigate around the Strange Goo without touching it.

When asked if you want to visit “Pico Pop Glacier” select “Yes.”

Pico Pop Glacier

“Brrrrrm it’s cold!”

So we’ve managed to get our rowing boat onto Pico Pop Glacier. Oh dear, it doesn’t look as if it’s going to be as easy as it sounded to get the propeller…

Click on the block of ice with the propeller inside.

“The submarine propeller! It’s frozen in ice, we need to melt it somehow.

Click on the rowing boat to go back to the map.


Ok, so where can we get something hot to melt the ice. Hmm, maybe Mini Mount Char Char would be a good place to look. It’s a volcano after all, and we all know that volcano’s are hot hot hot!

Click on your ship and drag it to Mini Mount Char Char.

When asked if you want to visit “Mini Mt Char Char”, click on “Yes.”

Mini Mount Char Char

“Woah! It’s really hot here!”

Right, let’s get our hands on some of that hot lava and get out of there!

Click on the lava to pick it up.

“I can’t just pick up lava! We need something to carry it in!

There’s always a problem isn’t there! Click back on the boat to go back to the map.


Right, we’ve not been to Tiny Tiki Tropic yet, let’s go there and see if there’s anything there we can use to carry lava.

Click on your ship and drag it to Tiny Tiki Tropic and select “Yes” when asked if you want to visit the island.

Tiny Tiki Tropic

“Cool! Tiny Tiki Tropic”

It looks like a pretty traditional looking desert island with the exception of a strange crab like creature. Guess we better talk to him.

“I lost my blue shell on Bleurgh Beach. Would you find it for me?”

Well, I guess we’re off back to the Beach again! Click on the rowing boat to get back to the map, and then drag your ship left to Bleurgh Beach. When asked if you want to visit the beach – you know what to do!

Bleurgh Beach (again)

Once back on the beach we need to look for a blue shell. Scroll to the right and keep your eyes peeled. Ah, there we are – just next to the rock pool with the purple rocks you should be able to see a blue spiral shell.

Click on the shell to add it to your inventory.

“Oooh what a pretty shell. We should give it to the crab.

Scroll back to the left and click on the rowing boat to take us back to Captain Buck’s ship.

Click on the globe to get back to the map and steer your boat to Tiny TIki Tropic.

Tiny Tiki Tropic

Once back on the island, open your inventory and drag the blue shell onto the crab.

“Thanks! Here have this metal lava bucket I’ve been living in.”

Wait a minute – did he just say “Lava Bucket?” Sounds like a coincidence, but so what, it’s exactly what we need to pick up the lava with!

Now you’ve got the lava bucket, close your inventory and click on the rowing boat to get back to the map and drag the ship to Mini Mount Char Char.

Mini Mount Char Char

Once on the island, open your inventory and drag the lava bucket onto the lava.

“Yeah! Hot hot lava!”

We’ve now got a bucket of lava! Close your inventory and click on the rowing boat again to get back to the map.

Drag your ship to Pico Pop Glacier.

Pico Pop Glacier

Right, let’s get our hands on that propeller.

Open your inventory, and drag the Lava Bucket Full of Lava onto the block of ice.

“The lava is melting the ice!”

Now, click on the propeller.

“We got the propeller! Let’s head back to Bleurgh Beach and fix the submarine.

Close your inventory and click on the rowing boat to get back to the map again. Drag the boat back to Bleurgh Beach.

Bleurgh Beach

Once back on Bleurgh Beach, you should see a spanner lying next to the beach house. If you’re not already picked this up, take it now. We’ll need this to repair the submarine.

“Oh, a spanner. This might be useful later.”

Now scroll to the right until you can see the submarine.

Click on the submarine.

“Let’s use the propeller on the submarine.

Open your inventory and drag the propeller onto the submarine.

“We need to tighten the bolts with a spanner.

Now drag the spanner out of your inventory and onto the submarine.

“Let’s go and find Strangeglove…”

Journey to Dr. Strangeglove’s Hideout (mini-game)

In this mini game we have to navigate our newly repaired submarine through glumps and mines. We can move the submarine with the cursor key and we can shoot a blast of sonar by pressing space. This sonar blast pushes the glumps and mines in front of it out of our way.

You’ll have to do your best to avoid the mines and the glumps. You’ve only got a limited shield.

Your sonar grows in size after your fire it, so it can be beneficial to stay back to the left when you fire it so that it gets a large as possible. Once you’ve fired your sonar, follow behind it while you wait for your sonar to recharge.

With luck, and a but of fancy finger-work you should find your way through to Dr. Strangeglove’s Hideout which looks like a rather fancy boat wreck oozing strange goo.

Strangeglove’s Hideout

What kind of diabolical machine is this! Strangeglove is glumping moshlings! The doctor isn’t happy to see you. He encases himself in a glass dome and makes his escape.

“We have to stop his Machine. Drop the spanner on the machine.”

Open your inventory, drag your spanner onto the middle of the machine.

“Great! Now *click the glumping speed dial”.

Now, you see the dial near where you’re standing that has “GLUMPING SPEED!” written about it? We need to click on this dial to increase the speed.

“If we overload the Glump-o-tron we can destroy it forever.”

Keep clicking on the speed dial to turn the speed all the way up.

“It’s going the blow!” (I’m sure this was meant to read, “It’s going TO blow!)

The mashine starts to smoke, and then blam, it explodes and in it’s place is a new moshling. Click on Wurley and then click on “KEEP IT” to keep him and add him to your Moshling Zoo.

Back at Super Moshi HQ

Now we’re back at Super Moshi HQ, it’s time to debrief Elder Furi.

“So tell me Super Moshi, what happened on your mission?”

Select “Strangeglove swiped a Fumble from the beach!”

“I saw on MNN. What happened then?”

“Captain Buck and I followed him out to the sea but he was hiding underwater!”

“I borrowed a submarine and found his underwater lair!”

“What else?”

Select “Glumping Machine!”

“What? A machine turning Moshlings into Glumps?”

“It was horrible, but I destroyed the machine!”

“Good work, Super Moshi!”

“What else?”

Select “Strangeglove got away!”

“I’m sorry, Strangeglove escaped before I could catch him.”

“Perhaps that is for the best. Strangeglove is too powerful to defeat right now.”

“We must do what we can to hinder his evil plans.”

Select “I’ve found this new Moshling after destroying the Glumping machine.”

“You should care for it in your zoo. I will meditate on this.”

“We will call on you again soon. Be vigilant!”

Select “Goodbye wise-one!”

Mission 2 Complete! We destroyed Strangeglove’s glumping machine and freed Wurley the techie moshling. It’s not all good news though. Strangeglove is still at large! Be ready for your next mission…

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