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Season 1, Mission 1, Missing Moshling Egg

In the first of the Super-Moshi Missions you have to investigate a missing Moshiling Egg, stolen from Buster Bumblechop’s Incubation Station.

As this is the the first Super Moshi mission you get some general guidance on how to play the missions:

  • Things that might be helpful will glow when you move the mouse pointer close to them
  • Items are stored in your inventory (which looks like a blue pouch) and to use them you drag and drop them.

Incubation Station

Well this is a mess. You start the mission in Buster Bumblechops Incubation station. Buster will greet you – he’s rather happy to see you! He’ll tell you that you need to Search his room for clues that will help you find the thief.

Finding the Clues

First, there’s a purple rock, just about your head. Looks like it was thrown through the window. Click on the rock to take it and add it to your inventory. Now open the pouch, you’ll see the rock inside, and drag and drop the rock onto Buster. Buster will tell you that the rock has interesting markings and could be from Raggedy Rock.

Three more clues to find.

Now take a look at the window. You should see that there’s a dark piece of material caught on a shard of glass. Click on the torn cloth to pick it up. Again, open your inventory and drag and drop the cloth onto buster. He’ll tell you that the torn cloth is woven from spider silk!

Two more clues to find.

Let’s investigate the foot prints. We’ll need something to help us.

Click on the foot prints and Buster will tell you that he’ll need his magnifying glass if he’s to investigate them.

Click on the magnifying glass on the green cupboard next to Buster to pick it up. Open your pouch and drag and drop the magnifying glass onto Buster to give it to him.

Buster says, “Strange, these footprints look like they’re from…no, it can’t be…”

I think Buster knows who could be behind this dastardly deed, but at the moment he’s not giving anything away!

Right, onto the last clue. This one is a little more complicated!

At the very top of the screen, you should see an orange light with a strange blue branch on it. Click on the branch to find out that there’s a strange branch on the incubator, but we’ll need to do something to get it down.

You see the winch in the bottom left hand corner of the screen? Well, if you click on it you’ll find that one of the cogs is missing. We’ll need to find a *spare cog” somewhere.

Perhaps it’s in the green glass fronted wardrobe next to the window. Click on the wardrobe and you’ll find out it’s locked and that we’ll need to find a key!

Now look at the green door behind Buster. What’s that in the lock – that’s right, it’s a ring of keys! Click on the keys handing from the door. It’s Buster’s bunch of keys. Useful for unlocking things…

Now open your inventory, and drag Buster’s Keys onto the green wardrobe. If you do this right, your monster will say : “Yay! It’s unlocked! Let’s *open it. Click on the wardrobe to open it. What’s that inside it? Looks just like the missing cog that we need if you ask me!

Click on the cog to pick it up and place it in your inventory. Now drag and drop the spare cog onto the winch. Now you’ve fixed the crank you can lower the incubator.

Click on the winch to lower the incubator. The strange bird like contraption will lower itself from the top. You’ll see that there’s a switch on the top of it. Before we grab the branch we’ll need to turn the heat lamps off. Click on the switch to move it into the off position.

Now click on the branch hanging on the right hand side lamp. “Finally we’ve got the strange branch, let’s give it to Buster.

Give Buster the branch by dragging and dropping it onto him. Ah! This strange branch only grows in wooded areas.

Hurray! We’ve found all the clues! THe clues point to one location: The Wobbly Woods. Maybe that is where the thief took Buster’s egg! Now we’ve got to go there and investigate…

The Wobbly Woods

So, we find ourselves standing in the Wobbly woods. The first thing to do is scroll all the way to the right and you’ll find a strange looking purple and green tree. When you click on the tree it suspiciously says “Hello there. Trying to find an egg thief are you?”

Lucky for us, he can help us as he knows where the thief hides deep in the woods but wouldn’t you know it, there’s a catch! He’ll tell you where he’s hiding if you can give him a drink of fresh water.

Now, I’m sure we’ve seen some water somewhere!

Scroll all the way back to the left hand side of the screen and you’ll see a pond. Click on the pond, and you’ll confirm that this is indeed fresh water. Now all we need is to find some way to take the water to the tree.

Now scroll back to the right until you find a purple owl sitting in a tree. Click on the owl. He’ll tell you that he’s Finished his book, but if you send up another book he’ll let us borrow his bucket. (Ah yes, we can use the bucket to get the water to the tree!)

Ok, to the left of the bucket, there’s pile of books. We’ll need these. Click on the books to add them to your inventory. Open your inventory and drag and drop the books into the bucket.

Now we’ve got to temp the Shrewman out of the tree so that he pulls the bucket up to the owl. To do this we’ll need to collect some berries.

Scroll back to the pond, where the fresh water is. There’s a tree there with some yellow berries on it. Click on the berries to add them to your inventory.

Now scroll to the right. Just past the Shewman’s tree, you’ll see a dark black tree. Just to the left of this tree is a purple tree with some blue berries. Click on the bush to add the blue berries to your inventory.

Below the Shrewman’s tree, at the bottom of the screen on the other side of the path you should see a green bush with red berried. Yep, you guessed it, we’ll need to click on that bush to add the red berries to our inventory.

Now, click on the tree stump outside of the Shrewman’s tree. It looks like someone has been eating berries off this stump. If you look closely, you’ll see a couple of berries on the floor next to the stump. A blue and a yellow one. This is a clue – we need to use a combination of yellow and blue berries to tempt the Shrewman out of his home.

Open your pouch and drag the yellow berries onto the tree stump, then drag the blue berries onto the stump. As soon as you do so, the Shrewman jumps out of his hole and runs over to the berries. This pulls a rope that lifts the bucket full of books up to the owl.

The owl says, “Ooh, a book by J.K. Growling! You can take the bucket now!”

When the Shrewman has finished his berry meal he’ll go back into his tree. This lowers the bucket again. Click on the bucket to add it to your inventory.

Now scroll all the way back to the left again until you get the pond full of water into view.

Open your inventory and drag the bucket onto the pond. This will fill the bucket up with fresh water!

Now scroll all the way to the right again until you get to the strange looking tree.

Open your inventory and drag the bucket of water onto the tree.

“Ah…Thanks for the Drink!”, says the tree. He needed that. He saw a strange looking glove going deep in the woods. He has a secret hideout there!

Outside the hideout

Now we find ourselves outside a secret hideout. There’s a skull outside will green steam drifting up from the top.

Click on the door, and the skull will laugh, saying that it’s master locked the door, but that it knows where the key is.

Click on the skull.

The skull will tell you that there’s a key rattling around in it’s head, but then taunts us, saying that we’re probably too scared to reach in and get it though!

Click on the skull again to reach in and get the key…

Key Mini-game

In this mini game you have to slide the bugs around and slide the key out before the time runs out which sounds simpler than it is!

When you click on the big start button you’ll see a grid, six squares wide by six squares high. There’s an opening on the right hand side. You should also see a key occupying two square.

The puzzle here is that you can only move the bugs side to side or up and down. So you’ll need to move bugs out of the way so that you can clear the path to get the key out.

Once you’ve got a clear path, slide the key all the way out to the right.

You’ll have to be quick as the time ticks by surprisingly fast. It might take a few attempts to get it done.

Once you’ve got the key out, the skull will politely remind you to take the key!

Click on the “OK” button to exit, and then click on the skull to take the key and add it to your inventory.

Now, open your inventory and drag and drop the Skull Key onto the door to unlock it.

The skull says “Master will be back soon, you better hope he doesn’t catch you poking around!”

Click on the door to open it and enter the hide out.

Inside the Hideout

The first thing you’ll notice inside the hideout is the cage hanging on the right hand side. Inside the cage is a yellow and purple egg. Ah! We’ve found the missing moshling egg! Unfortunately it’s too big to get out of the cage. It won’t fit through the bars.

Ok, so let’s have a look round.

By the door is an “Evil To-Do” list. Click on this list to reveal the thief’s devious plans for Monstro City.

  • Steal Egg from Bumblechops
  • Lock up Egg in cage
  • Get Shrinking potion ready
  • Take over Monstro City (ha ha ha!)
  • Call mum…

You’ll see that only the first two items are ticked and that the third “Get shrinking potion ready” hasn’t. Hmm.. I wonder, do you think, by chance, that a shrinking potion might just help is get the egg out of the cage?

(Click on the little “X” to close the list.)

Now, how are we going to make a shrinking potion. Click on the book resting on the desk in the middle of the room.

Ah, it seems to have a recipe for a “Make-All-Small” potion in it.

It says to add the following to the cauldron:

  • 1 tickling feather
  • 2 drops of troll snot
  • 3 batty bat droppings
  • 1 mouldy mushroom
  • 2 blue berries

Then, once the ingredients have been added – boil the cauldron.

Right – let’s get to work!

The first thing we need is a feather, click on the feather in the inkwell on top of the desk to add it to your inventory.

Next, we need some troll snot. This is the glowing green bottle on the right hand side of the screen. Click on it to add it to your inventory.

To get the bat droppings, you’ll need to click on the little bat hanging down from the top of the tree. When you do, so droppings will fall down onto the floor. Click on these droppings to pick them up too.

The mouldy mushroom can be a little harder to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. On the floor just by the door is a small cluster of purple and blue striped mushrooms. Click on the mushrooms to pick them up.

The good news is that we’ve already got the blue berries. We picked those up from the forest earlier!

Right, there’s still some other stuff we’ll need if we’re going to boil this potion.

First, click on the kettle on top of the stove to get rid of it. We don’t need it, but we are going to need the stove!

Now, click on the cauldron under the cage, open your inventory and drag it onto the stove.

Now, drag the ingredients (the feather, troll snot, bat droppings, mushroom and blue berries) into the cauldron.

Now we need to find a way to boil it.

Just behind the stove you should see a log. Click on this log to pick it up. Open you inventory and drag it into the bottom of the stove.

Now click on the candle on top of the desk to pick it up and drag it onto the log to light a fire.

Good news! We’ve lit the fire, and made the potion! (Didn’t take long to boil did it!)

Now, click on the empty glass bottle on the right hand side of the screen, then drag and drop it onto the bubbling potion to collect some in the bottle. We’ll end up with a “Bottle O’Potion!”

Drag and drop this potion onto the moshling egg.

You’ll see the egg shrink before you very eyes! Now we can grab it and return it to Buster.

Click on the egg.

Super Moshi to the Rescue!

We’ve rescued the lost moshling egg! Now we need to go back to Buster to return the precious egg!

Click on the “Go” button.

Back at Buster’s Incubation Station

When you get back to the Incubation Station buster asks “What happened? Did you find the egg?”

Open your inventory and drag and drop the egg onto Buster.

“Well done Super Moshi! Oh look it’s hatching!

It is too look – it’s on the cushion shaking around and then finally Baby Goo Goo bursts out into song!

“Wow,” says Buster, “She really seems to like you! Why don’t you look after Lady Goo Goo in your zoo?”

The page from the Moshling handbook will be displayed. Click on “Keep It” to add Lady Goo Goo to your Moshling Zoo.

Well done

Super Furi now congratulates us on a job well done and we return to the Volcano. If you’ve got the time, maybe have a go at the next mission… “Voyage Under Potion Ocean.”


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