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Moshling Flower Combinations (Moshi Seeds)

To collect moshlings, you’ll need to plant different seeds in your Moshling Garden. Different combinations of seeds will attract different Moshlings. Here’s our complete list of Moshling Flower Combinations

For more information about the different ways you can collect moshlings see our guide to .

Flowers to attract Common Moshlings

To get these moshlings you don’t need to worry about the colour of the flowers, just the combination of the different types of flower. This means that these are the easiest moshlings to attract.

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
002 Chop Chop (Ninjas) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
003 Ginger Snap (Kitties) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
007 Fifi (Puppies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
008 Squidge (Spookies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
010 Snookums (Dinos) Star Blossom (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY)
011 Penny (Luckies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 6)
012 Shelly (Nutty) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
013 DJ Quack (Birdies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Star Blossom (ANY)
015 Gracie (Snowies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Snap Apple (ANY) Love Berries (ANY)
018 Stanley (Fishies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Love Berries (ANY)
020 Purdy (Kitties) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
023 Humphrey (Beasties) Crazy Daisy (ANY) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
024 Angel (Ponies) Hot SIlly Pepper (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY)
025 Gabby (Techies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 8)
046 Sweeny Blob (Sploshies) Hot Silly Pepper (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
050 Yolka (Munchies) Love Berries (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
066 Tomba (Snowies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 9)
125 Toasty (Munchies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Snap Apple (ANY)
139 Blossom (Potties) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Crazy Daisy (ANY)

Flowers to attract Uncommon Moshlings

This is where growing the correct colour of flower starts to come into play. Uncommon moshlings need one of the three flowers to be a specific colour.

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
026 Ziggy (Roxstars) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Crazy Daisy (BLACK)
027 Kissy (Spookies) Star Blossom (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Star Blossom (PURPLE)
028 Rocky (Worldies) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Crazy Daisy (PINK)
030 Lady Meowford (Kitties) Star Blossom (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (BLUE)
032 Tiamo (Smilies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 7)
034 Dipsy (Fluffies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Moon Orchid (Yellow)
036 HipHop (Tunies) Crazy Daisy (ANY) Love Berry (ANY) Star Blossom (Black)
037 Betty (Noisies) Star Blossom (BLACK) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) *Star Blossom (ANY)
038 McNulty (Puppies) Star Blossom (PURPLE) Snap Apple (ANY) Snap Apple (ANY)
039 Shelby (Ninjas) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Dragon Fruit (BLACK)
040 Doris (Dinos) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
041 Scrumpy (Arties) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Moon Orchid (Blue)
043 Blurp (Fishies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Love Berries (ANY) Love Berries (PINK)
045 Holga (Techies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 5)
047 Sooki-Yaki (Ninjas) Hot Silly Peppers (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (RED)
048 Priscilla (Ponies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Snap Apple (YELLOW)
050 Pooky (Dinos) Moon Orchid (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (PURPLE)
118 Lummox (Sporties) Moon Orchid (YELLOW) Magic Beans (ANY) Magic Beans (ANY)
132 Hot Wings (Musos) Moon Orchid (ANY) Moon Orchid (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Black)

Flowers to attract Rare Moshlings

Rare Moshlings are only attracted when two of the flowers in the Moshling Garden are the correct colour. The third flower can be any colour.

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
005 Wallop (Tunies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 10)
052 Coolio (Foodies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (BLACK) Snap Apple (PINK)
053 Fumble (Fishies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Magic Beans (YELLOW)
054 Flumpy (Fluffies) Star Blossom (ANY) Magic Beans (RED) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
055 White Fang (Puppies) Moon Orchid (RED) Magic Beans (RED) Crazy Daisy (ANY)
056 Mr Snoodle (Ponies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Hot Silly Peppers (PURPLE)
057 Honey (Fluffies) Magic Beans (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Snap Apple (BLUE)
059 Hansel (Foodies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Magic Beans (BLACK) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
060 Ecto (Spookies) Hot SIlly Peppers (ANY) Love Berries (RED) Love Berries (BLACK)
061 Liberty (Worldies) Love Berries (BLACK) Love Berries (RED) Love Berries (ANY)
062 Rooby (Sporties) Star Blossom (ANY) Magic Beans (BLUE) Magic Beans (BLUE)
064 Long Beard (Mythies) Hot Silly Peppers (RED) Hot Silly Peppers (RED) Dragon Fruit (ANY)
Note that Moshi Monsters have confirmed that you can’t get Long Beard using seed right now.
065 Tiki (Birdies) Star Blossom (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Love Berries (RED)
068 Prickles(Potties) Hot Silly Peppers (RED) Snap Apple (RED) Crazy Daisy (ANY)
070 O’REally (Luckies) Star Blossom (ANY) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Dragon Fruit (Blue)
071 Peppy (Birdies) Moon Orchid (ANY) Magic Beans (YELLOW) Moon Orchid (RED)
072 Cali (Fishies) Magic Beans (ANY) Love Berries (YELLOW) Love Berries (BLUE)
073 Jeepers (Beasties) Love Berries (ANY) Snap Apple (BLUE) Crazy Daisy (RED)
074 Prof. Purplex (Birdies) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Moon Orchid (YELLOW)
106 Cherry Bomb (Noisies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 4)
077 Waldo (Kitties) Dragon Fruit (ANY) Love Berries (PINK) Star Blossom (RED)
069 Oompah (Tunies) Crazy Daisy (ANY) Star Blossom (YELLOW) Crazy Daisy (YELLOW)
130 Misty (Arties) Hot Silly Peppers (YELLOW) Dragon Fruit (PURPLE) Snap Apple (ANY)
Crazy Daisy (PURPLE) Star Blossom (YELLOW) Dragon Fruit (BLUE)
There are two combinations for Misty
153 Wuzzle (Gurus) Loopy Lotus – You’ll need to subscribe to the Moshi Magazine to get Wuzzle.

Flowers to attract Ultra Rare Moshlings

In order to get these Ultra-Rare moshlings you need not just to have the correct types of flowers, but each of the flowers must be in the correct colour!

No. Moshling Flower 1 Flower 2 Flower 3
004 Busling (Wheelies) Dragon Fruit (Yellow) Star Blossom (Yellow) Magic Beans (Yellow)
078 Burnie Snap Apple (RED) Snap Apple (RED) Crazy Daisy (BLUE)
079 Gigi (Ponies) Hot Silly Peppers (BLUE) Moon Orchid (RED) Hot Silly Peppers (YELLOW)
080 Cleo (Worldies) Snap Apple (YELLOW) Crazy Daisy (BLUE) Crazy Daisy (PINK)
082 General Fuzuki (Ninjas) Hot Silly Peppers (RED) Love Berries (YELLOW) Star Blossom (PURPLE)
083 Gurgle (Dinos) Dragon Fruit (RED) Love Berries (PURPLE) Magic Beans (YELLOW)
084 Scamp (Puppies) Dragon Fruit (PINK) Moon Orchid (Blue) Snap Apple (BLACK)
087 ShiShi (Beasties) Dragon Fruit (RED) Hot Silly Peppers (YELLOW) Crazy Daisy (BLACK)
088 Oddie (Foodies) Star Blossom (PURPLE) Star Blossom (BLACK) Star Blossom (YELLOW)
089 Big Bad Bill (Spookies) Star Blossom (BLUE) Love Berries (YELLOW) Star Blossom (BLACK)
091 Cutie Pie (Foodies) Dragon Fruit (BLUE) Star Blossom (PINK) Crazy Daisy (PURPLE)
097 Mini Ben (Worldies) Snap Apple (BLACK) Snap Apple (BLACK) Snap Apple (BLACK)
098 Leo (Snowies) Frozen-Forget-Me-Not – Seed code was given away with the Moshi Monsters Magazine.
099 Jessie (Mythies) Hot Silly Peppers (RED) Dragon Fruit (YELLOW) Dragon Fruit (PINK)
100 IGGY (Fluffies) Moon Orchid (BLACK) Crazy Daisy (PURPLE) Crazy Daisy (PURPLE)
102 Baby Rox (Secrets) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 1)
105 Wurley (Techies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 2)
106 Plinky (Tunies) Super Moshi Mission (Season 1, Mission 3)
110 Suey (Munchies) Hot Silly Peppers (PINK) Hot Silly Peppers (YELLOW) Love Berries (PURPLE)
113 Bently (Sploshies) Star Blossom (BLACK) Star Blossom (BLACK) Moon Orchid (BLACK)
165 Pinestein (Brainies) Magic Beans (YELLOW) Magic Beans (PURPLE) Love Berries (PURPLE)


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I'm sorry, but you need to subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine to get Wuzzle

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Moshi Secrets: To get Wuzzle you'll need to subscribe to the Moshi Monsters magazine.

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Moshi Secrets: You get Randall when you clear the third house in the Moshis vs Ghosts missions.

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- 2014
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Enjoy! and check out my youtube videos my account is MoshiMonstersQueenie

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these codes are for lurgee,vinnie,bodge, carter,hocus

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Moshi Secrets: You'll get the code for Leo when you order any back issue.

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Moshi Secrets: Yes, everyone can get Longbeard now.

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Moshi Secrets: Thanks for your kind words Mansee.

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