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Moshis vs Ghosts

Moshis vs Ghosts

There’s something ghoulish going on in Monstro City and it’s up to us to use out best ghost blasting skills to clear away the ghosts!

Moshis vs Ghosts isn’t one of the Season 3 missions. It takes a similar form to the Great Moshi Beanstalk event.

Completing the the missions within Moshis vs Ghosts you will unlock Moshlings although you’ll need to be a member to complete the parts of the missions that unlock the Moshlings.

The Story behind Moshis vs Ghosts

Apparently, the Ghost of Dr Strangeglove’s had isn’t too impressed with being replaced by a mechanical glove it so has decided to take revenge on the occupants of Monstro City. Yikes!

The Ghostly hand has used a spedd to open a gateway to the next world and has filled the streets of Monstro City with “spooky spectres and ghostly ghouls!”

Now it’s up to brave Monsters like yourself to take Tamara Tesla’s latest Ghost busting invention for a spin and try to deal with the troublesome ghosts!

As you play the Missions you’ll collect Ectogloop. If you can collect enough you’ll unlock another Moshling – Hoolio.

Playing Moshis vs Ghosts

To play Moshis vs Ghost you need to:

  • Go to the map screen and click on Goosebump Manor or
  • From the “What’s New” drop-down on the top right hand corner of the wooden frame, select the “Play Now” button on a Moshis vs Ghosts item.

Obviously, now that Goosebump Manor has been taken over by the Moshis vs Ghosts missions, it means that you can no longer get to Rare n’Scare to buy your favourite creepy Halloween items.

Moshis vs Ghosts Level Selection Screen

When you start Moshis vs Ghosts you’ll see a screen like the one below.

Moshis vs Ghosts

You should notice four houses, these are Tamara Tesla’s house, a Ghost Ship, A Cabin in the woods, and lastly Goosebump Manor itself.

The Ectogloop Gauge

On the very right hand side of the screen you’ll see a gauge that will slowly fill up with gloop as you battle the ghosts.

On the way you can unlock the following (from bottom to top):

  • 300 Rox, 300 XP
  • Haunted TV
  • 500 Rox, 500 XP
  • Wizard’s Hat
  • Haunted Mirror
  • 750 Rox, 750 XP
  • Ghost Costume

As it fills up you’ll unlock various prized and if you get 10,000 ectogloop points you’ll get Hoolio.

Which Moshlings can you earn?

As you complete each of the four houses you’ll get yourself a Moshling from the Screamies set.

  • House 1, Tamara Tesla’s House: Glob
  • House 2, Ghost Ship: Marsha
  • House 3, Cabin in the Woods: Randall
  • House 4, GooseBump Manor: Jibbly

Individual Missions

We’ve got a full walk-through for each of the four parts of Moshis vs Ghosts:

We’ll be adding the rest of the walk-throughs over the next few days!


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