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Lost In Hong Bong

Does this special mission provide an answer to Captain Buck’s extended absence? And let us know where he’s been?

Here’s our walk-through for the Special “Lost in Hong Bong” mission, only available in January.

It’s not a terribly difficult mission, but we’ve got the location of all three EPICs and as this mission is only available for a limited time, people might be interested to know more about it in the future.

So, let’s start…

Lost In Hong Bong Mission

Visit Elder Furi at the Volcano

Click on the Map and then click on the Volcano (The Super-Moshi’s hideout).

Standing outside the Volcano you’ll see Elder Furi. Click on him to start a conversation.

“Captain Buck has mysteriously vanished!” he tells you.

You’re not wrong threre! He’s not been seen at the Port for ages! There are lots of people waiting to get their Medal for buying something from Captain Bucks Boat!

“Are you ready to help?” Elder Furi asks.

Click on “Yes” to continue.

“Excellent! Come inside the volcano!”

Once inside the Volcano, Elder Furi contiues.

“Hello Super Moshi!” he starts.

“I found this unusual message in a bottle, when I was sunbathing on Bleurgh Beach.”

I’m not sure we can really picture Ender Furi sunbathing, especially as Monstro City is covered in a layer of snow still.

The message reads: “Gaargh! We be SHIPNAPPED! Help! I found this -> (Pointing to a gold Hong Bong Dollah). P.S: Look for a warm welcome… Buck”

Click on the “X” to close the message.

Hong Bong Island? Hmm the Ghost Pirates should know where that place is!” you tell Elder Furi.

“Excellent! Take the clue and also take this Gold Coin with you.”

“Good luck and stay vigilant!”

And we’re off to find the Ghost pirates! Of course, you just know it’s going to be more difficult than you expect!

Talk to the Captain

We find outselves on the Ghost Pirates ship. Floating just buy the figure head is the captain.

Click on the Captain to start a conversation.

“Arrr it be SUPER MOSHI!” he says. You can tell he’s a pirate can’t you!

Ask him “Do you have any Wobbleade?”

“Ar there be none left, Handy Von Hookz downed them all!” he replies.

Ask him “Can you take me to Hong Bong Island?”

“Arr that Island be full o’ treasure! We be happy to‚ĶBut only if there be treasure for us to plunder!”

The screen changes to the shop again and your inventory is open.

“Show me a Gold Coin so I know there be treasure for us!” asks the Captain.

Drag your One Hong Bong Dollah out of your inventory and onto the captain.

The conversation resumes…

“Pieves o’eight! There be some treasure for us after all!” he says excitedly!

“But we don’t be sailin’ because fair Mavis, the ship’s unicorn she says she be too dirty!”

Nothing is ever simple on a Super Moshi Mission is it!

Speak to Mavis the ship’s unicorn, we cannot set sail without her!”

Talk to Mavis the ship’s unicorn

At the front of the ship is Mavis, the ship’s unicorn figurehead. She looks a little bedraggled and covered in seaweed.

Click on Mavis to start a conversation.

“Hi Mavis!”

Ask “Why are you so dirty?”

“The ghost pirates never clean me! I feel terrible!”

Ask “Can you take me to Hong Bong Island?”

“I can’t set sail looking like this!” explains Mavis, “What will the other boats think?”

“First take all the seaweed off me.”

Remove the seaweed

If your hover your mouse pointer over the head and neck of Mavis you’ll see five pieces of seaweed highlighted. Click on each one to take it off Mavis. Don’t miss the little one on the unicorn’s horn!

Once you’ve done this Mavis restarts the conversation.

“Oh, that feels better, but I stink like the sea!” she says. “Can you find something to clean me with please?”

Clean Mavis

If you look on thee deck of the Ghost pirates ship, just between the two masts, you should see a mop and bucket. Click on these to pick them up.

“A mop and bucket! Great for cleaning the deck!”

Now drag the mop and bucket from your inventory onto Mavis’s head.

There will be some sparkes and a puff of coloured smoke!

Mavis says, “Oh I feel so fresh! But this GIrly Galleon is missing her makeup!

“Go to the Crows Nest Super Moshi! I think some of the pirates have been playing with my make up!”

Go to the Crows Nest

You’re back on the deck again and as if by magic, a ladder drops down from the Crows Nest! Click on the ladder to climb to the top of the mast.

Find the make up

In the Crows Nest on top of the Mast you’ll see a couple of Ghost Pirates. They’re covered in lipstick!

“Yaaar this lipstick be great for me lips!” the blue pirate says!

“That pirate must have some Make Up!” you say.

EPIC – Before you talk to the pirate, take a look at the cloud to the right. You should notice something in it. Click on this and you’ll get an EPIC!

Click on the Blue Pirate to start a conversation.

“Ahoy! Can I have some of your Make Up?” you ask.

“Yar! I be not a giving pirate, but I am hungry pirate!” he replies.

“Gimme a salty sea snack, and I can give you what you need!”

At this the conversation ends. Open your inventory and dray the “Salty Seaweed” onto the blue pirate.

“Yarr just what this pirate needed, thanks matey!”

The pirate will give you the make-up which will appear in your inventory.

“I have the make up! Let’s go back and give it to Mavis!”

Click on the ladder to back down to the deck.

Give the make up to Mavis

Click on Mavis.

“Did you find the make up Super Moshi?” she asks.

Open your inventory and drag the make up onto Mavis.

Again more sparkles around Mavis as lipstick appears on her!

“Now I can really go out on the town! Captain I am ready to set sail!” she says,

“Arrrdventure awaits for the crew of the Gooey Galleon!” says the pirate captain.

All the other Ghost Pirates appear and the captain says “Crew to ye stations, let us leave this blasted rock!”

“Aye aye Captain” they reply.

Find the second clue

After a very quick journey we find ourselved in Hong Bong Island.

As soon as the pirates get off the ship they’re off to get some Wobbleade!

“Dry land! To the nearest wobbley tavern!” the captain cries.

“Oh those ghose pirates.” says Mavis. “Every time we dock, they have to have their Wobbleade!”

EPIC – Before you do anything else, click on the bird in a cage on top of the “Welcome to Hong Bong Island” sign. He’ll cough up an EPIC. Click on this to earn your second EPIC award!

Also on the sign, hanging over the right hand end is the second clue. Click on this scrap of paper to read it.

It reads: “Great Pieces of Eight! Ye solved the first part! Talk to WOBBLESAN. He be holding some information most FORTUNATE. Buck.”

Find the third clue

“I found another clue! It says I should show it to Wobblesan the shopkeeper.” you say.

If you scroll to the right, you’ll see one of Snozzle Wobbleson’s relations (Wobblesan) working in a little shop.

Click on Wobblesan to start a conversation.

“Welcome to Hong Bong Island traveler!” he says. “I am Snozzle Wobblesan the shopkeeper, how may I help you?”

You’ve got a number of choices here so pick your response:

Ask “where is everyone?”

“Everyone is celebrating Hong Bong New Year down town!” he replies.

Say “I want to buy some of your goods!”

“Delightful! But we only except gold coins traveler. Present me with some Gold Coins.”

Ask “Do you know anything about a mysterious clue?”

“Ah a mysterious clue you seek? I cannot help unless I see such clue. You may find this clue somewhere welcoming.”

He obviously means the clue we found on the welcome sign!

You’ll go back to the street.

EPIC – Before you show Wobblesan the clue, drag the One Hong Bong Dollah onto Wobblesan. “Ah one gold coin?” he’ll say, “I can only give you this traveler.” On the counter of the shop will now be an EPIC. CLick on it to pick it up.

Now, with your inventory open, drag Clue Two onto Wobblesan to show him the clue.

“Ah you have the clue!” he says. “The one eyes purple one, told me to give you this should I be presented with such clue.”

The third clue reads: “Ahoy! me an’ the CLOUDYCLOTH be close at hand. Arrange all me secret notes to reveal A FINAL CLUE!!!!! – Buck.”

“There is something on the back of these clues!” you say to yourself.

Put the clues together

You now have to do a simple jigsaw task. You’ve got the outlines of a piece of parchement.

“Looks like the pieces fit together like a jigsaw!”

Now drag each of the clues from your inventory onto the same shaped area on the parchment:

  • Clue one goes at the bottom.
  • Clue two goes on the top right hand side.
  • Clue three goes at the top left hand side.

Once all the pieces are together, a new clue appears. It reads:

“The Lanterns hold the secret. Yellow: 1, Red: 2, Blue: 3.”

Find Captain Buck

Yellow, red, blue sounds like some sort of order?

Close your inventory.

What we have to do now is light the three lanters in the correct order. Each lantern is connected to a little switch via a cable. If you try to light the lanterns out of sequence they won’t stay on.

If you hover your mouse pointer over the cable that is connected to the lantern you want to light, you’ll be able to follow the cable to the correct switch.

The first lantern to light is the yellow one. The switch for this is on the left hand side of Wobblesan’s shop (just below the blue lantern). Find this switch and click on it to turn on the lantern.

“The lantern is staying on!” you say.

Now scroll to the left again. The switch for the red lantern is at the bottom of the screen just below the welcome sign. Find this switch and turn it on. The red lantern should light up.

“The lantern is staying on!” you say.

Now take a look at the right hand side of Wobblesan’s shop. On the right hand edge of the screen is the last switch to the blue lantern. Find this switch and click on it to turn it on.

As you turn on the last of the lanterns the cluster of butterflies on Wobblesan’s shop counter will take to the air and flutter away. In their place is a ship in a bottle.

“Ahoy there! Can any moshi be ‘ereing Buck?!” comes a voice from the bottle.

Click on the bottle to start a conversaion.

“Hello? Captain Buck?”

“Ar Super Moshi! Thank the Moshi Seas you came!” says the tiny Buck in a bottle!

“As you can see ‘ere, I be ‘avin myself a tiny problem!”

“Not to worry Captain Buck, I know just the Zoshling who can help out!” you say.

And with that we’re off to the Zoshling’s space ship on Music Island!

Talk to Ooze

Ooze is standing in the clearing next to the space ship.

Click on the ship in a bottle.

“Arr these insects down here by gigantic!” says Buck!

Click on 1st Officer Ooze to start a conversation.

“Hey 1st Officer Ooze!” you say.

“Super Moshi!”

“Can I borrow some of your Cosmic Goo?” you ask.

“Sure you can! Be careful with it!” replies Ooze.

Use the Cosmic Goo

Open your inventory and you should see the Cosmic Goo as the first item. Drag the Goo onto Buck’s ship.

With a puff and yet more sparkles the ship returns to full size!

“Arr I be big once again, But the Cloudy Clipper be stuck on dry land!!!!” says Buck.

Oops! Should have thought about that I guess!

A conversation starts with Captain Buck.

“Looks like my return to Port Street shall be delayed!” says Buck.

“In the meantime, have this special code as a thank you matey!”

BUCKISBACK” (you’ll need to type this into the IGGY code screen to get a Yellow lantern for your room!)

Mission Complete

Great Job! Captain Buck and his crew have been safely returned to our shoews. Look our for him on Port Street soon!

The secret code “BUCKISBACK” is a sneak peek of the Hong Bong related items he’ll be selling on his ship when he returns to the Port.

For completing this mission you don’t get a Moshling. (People expected to get Suey, or Betty, but this isn’t the case.)

Instead you get 500 XP and 200 Rox. If you’ve found al three EPICS you’ll also get another 500 Rox!


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On Jan 20, 11:48 AM YellowDiamond wrote:

I managed to get to Level 22 after completing this mission cos of all the XP! Great mission even though you don’t get a moshling.

On Jan 20, 09:31 AM samdias28 wrote:

i do this and its complete. the Elder Furi is back then seance3 is not back

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i went to play it and i had to sign out but how do i play it?

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AWESOME! I had fun doing this mission! Not to mention, I got to level nine after completing it. Thanks for all of your help!

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He’s coming soon because??