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How to level-up FAST on Moshi Monsters

50 XP from a Mystery Gift Rox Box

If you’ve played Moshi Monsters for a while you’ll know that there’s a limit to the amount of XP you can earn each day and as you go up the levels, it takes more and more XP to get to the next one.

There is a way to get more XP than the daily limit through, although it does take some time, but it works, and especially quickly if you’re a member with lots of friends on your tree.

We went from level 21 to 23 in a week! We’re nearly level 24!

So what do you need to do? Let us explain:

Do the Daily Challenge at Puzzle Palace

It’s well worth doing the Daily Challenge every time you play Moshi Monsters. It doesn’t tall all that long and once you get used to the puzzles it’s just about the fastest way to warn Rox.

The problem is that you can only play the Daily Challenge once a day which limits the number of XP your can earn.

If you’re a member you’ll get double Rox and double XP which certainly helps.

Play a game in Monstro City

Even once you’ve played the Daily Challenge, you can still earn XP because playing the other games around Monstro City, such as Flutterby Field or En-Gen will still earn you XP too.

Our favourite is to play Moshling Boshling on Main Street. With a bit of practice you can clear level 1 and get the cup-cakes with one shot!

Here’s the position you need to fire Mr Snoodles from in order to clear the level with one shot!

Moshling Boshling close-up

I then replay the first level over and over again until I hit the daily Rox limit. By doing this, you can earn your daily limit worth of XP really quick.

Until Mystery Gifts appeared, this was just about all you could do, which meant getting the XP you needed to level up took a very long time. If you wanted to do it quickly you’d need to play Moshi Monsters every day just to do the Daily Challenge.

Now Mystery Gifts gives you a great opportunity to earn an almost unlimited number of XP!

Getting XP from Mystery Gifts

As you probably already know, if someone sends you a Rox Box Mystery Gift, there’s a chance that you could earn some XP in the shape of a 5, 10, 20 or even a 50 XP gift.

And the best bit about this is that there is no XP limit.

All you need to do to get lots of Rox is to find a way to get lots of people to send you Rox Boxes! Simple!

How to make sure you get lots of XP

The trick here is to send people the type of gifts that you want to receive. If you want to get lots of XP, make sure you send people Rox Boxes.

That way, if they use the “Send Gift Back” button in their gift room, they’ll send back exactly the same type of gift that you sent them.

The more gifts you send, the more gift’s you’ll get back! Unfortunately non-members are limited to sending 10 gifts a day so remember to make the most of it and use your allowance to send 10 Rox Boxes!

Also, if you send gifts to members then they won’t run out of gifts they can send so there could be a better chance that you’ll get a gift in return.

You can see who is a member and who isn’t. Just look at the frame around their monsters picture on the friends tree. Members have a golden frame.

More advice for Members

Members can send as many Mystery Gifts as they want so there’s some other things to think about if you’re a member.

Make LOTS of friends. The more people you have on your friends tree, the more mystery gifts you can send and hopefully, the more gifts you’ll receive in return.

As a member, you can send as many gifts as you have friends in your Friends Tree!

It’s time consuming, as you can’t use the “pick 10” button again and again, which means you’ll have to click on every person in your friends tree. (We’ve been sending out 1000+ gifts every day or so. It doesn’t really take that long to send a 100 or more!)

Of course, you won’t get XP every time you open a gift, but it’s not all bad – you’ll get Rox instead!

Keep sending out those gifts and sit back and wait for those XP to come into your Mystery Gift Room!

Clicking on all the Mystery Gifts to open them can take a while – so be warned!

Hope you found this guide useful and let us know your favourite way of earning XP in the comments below.


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On Jul 18, 07:31 PM bob wrote:

it worked hooray!

On Jul 9, 12:25 AM PopKitty wrote:

I love this website!I go on this website whenever I am stumped on moshi monsters. And vwhen I am not!

On Feb 11, 04:57 AM Phoenix wrote:

Make a daily spin plz…. Need more rox. And can you put more codes on this web cause I needed more? This game is starting to get boring cause we can’t chat. So plz do what I said.

On Dec 20, 04:31 PM Alina wrote:

If you play a puzzle in the hall of puzzles in puzzle palace, do you get rox and XP or only rox?

Moshi Secrets: Yes, you'll earn XP too - just as long as you haven't reached your daily XP limit.

On Dec 17, 05:28 PM Jamie wrote:

I saw a guy who was level 56!!! He said he did En-Gen and that there was no limit. Is this true?

Moshi Secrets: Don't think that's true. As far as we know En-Gen has a limit just like the other games.

On Dec 15, 02:31 AM poppet wrote:

this thing helps

On Dec 13, 05:24 PM zainab wrote:

this is boring

Moshi Secrets: Oh Dear! Sorry!

On Dec 1, 02:12 AM jassie wrote:

I know the bong kong mission was not giving me anything no XP200 or 500 rox or the rox for getting the epic. I will try again. it is not fair.

On Nov 28, 11:57 PM conn wrote:

can u plz tell how to get fernado moshling on moshi monsters!

On Nov 26, 11:22 PM Johnny wrote:

how much XP do u get when playing the Moshling Boshling?

Moshi Secrets: I'm not sure how much, but the XP gauge definately goes up when you play it. We normally keep playing the first (and easiest) level until we hit our Rox limit and assume that we've hit the XP limit too!

On Nov 26, 04:24 PM holley wrote:

doesn’t the mystery gifts cost rox?

Moshi Secrets: Nope! The Mystery Gifts are free! (Just as well with the number we're sending!)

On Nov 17, 07:47 PM Vivian wrote:

you guys are totally rad thanks for your help

On Nov 10, 07:53 AM Mella wrote:

I love the gifts thing im going to send heaps of rox gifts! THANKS HEAPS! i love your site :D

On Nov 7, 09:49 PM lego wrote:

u spelt up wrong in the opening paragraph and that xp is so good

On Nov 7, 05:42 AM Skytiger25 wrote:

When I try and click on more than 2 gifts, my computer stuffs up and I get nothing!

On Nov 2, 11:58 AM Catherine wrote:

u can click all the mystery gifts on one page at the same time. i usually get 1- 3 pages a day of gifts, and i go through them pretty quickly.

On Nov 1, 08:20 PM cillian wrote:

thanks this is good news i,ll keep it in my mind

On Nov 1, 07:45 PM Miranda Moore wrote:


On Nov 1, 03:31 PM Moshifan wrote:

I’ve been going up 2 or more levels a week by doing this. I’m on Level 43 now!

On Nov 1, 02:27 PM harry wrote:

i love your site

On Nov 1, 02:27 PM harry wrote:

thx im gonna be a lev 24 really quick cause i alredy lev 14