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How to get Truffle the Splendid Sproutling

Truffle Moshling

Truffle is a rare Moshling and the the second Moshling to appear in the Woodies set.

The first Moshling in the set was Peekaboo the Oakey-Dokey, Hokey-Pokey!

How to get Truffle

Truffle is one of those Moshlings that’s only available if you purchase Moshi Merchandise. At the moment there’s not a flower combination or re-usable secret code you can use to get him.

You can get the unique one-time code you’ll need when you purchase the Truffle Carte Blance Plush toy.

Moshi Monsters Moshling Plush toys

The toy is available in Clinton Cards in the UK.

Using your Truffle secret code

When you enter the code in the IGGY code screen you’ll get a special seed – “Sprung Onions”

You’ll need to go to your garden and look in your seed pouch to find it.

Then you’ll need to plant the Spung Onions with any two other seeds.

Once the plants grow, Truffle will appear in your garden.

Truffle’s Profile

Truffle Profile

Here’s Truffle’s online profile:

Is that a mini beanstalk rising skywards from each and every Splendid Sproutling’s head? No one knows for sure because these cute critters spend most days snuggling in magical soil. And when they do venture into Monstro City they wrap their mysterious green shoots in cling film.


  • Species: Splendid Sproutling
  • Set: Woodies
  • Rarity: Rare


Dig around the base of a Moshi Beanstalk and you might unearth a few Splendid Spoutlings. Failing that look in the greenhouse of Petal Park.


  • Likes: Potting sheds and the name Jack
  • Dislikes: Rummaging Plotamuses and strimmers

Truffle Moshling Mini-Figure

You can also get a Truffle Moshling mini-figure, but you’ll need to buy the Moshi Monsters Beanstalk playset which is on sale for around £25.

The trufffe figure is included exclusively with this set.

Moshi Beanstalk Playset

So what do you think of Truffle? Is he cute enough to make you want to buy the Plush Toy in order to get him? What do you think of Moshlings that require you to buy merchandise to get them?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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