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How to get Pops the Crazy Kernel

Pops the Crazy Kernal Moshling

There aren’t many Moshlings that you can get by simply entering a secret code. The exciting news is that Pops the Crazy Kernel Moshling is one such Moshling!

Pops the Crazy Kernel is a Rare Moshlings and joins Lubber and Linton in the Salties Set.

It does look as if Moshi Monsters might have made a mistake when they came to numbering their Moshlings as they’ve given Pops the same number (#210) as Raffy – Oops!

Slopcorn Moshling Tub

If you buy the Moshi Slopcorn storage tub you get a a code for Pops (as well as an exclusive Pops Moshling figure.) The tub is available from Smyths Toys in the UK for 9.99 and can hold up to 100 Moshlings! (How many Moshlings have you got?!)

It might be a good idea, If it stops your parents stepping on the Moshlings you’ve left all over the floor in the morning!

It does say that that the Pops is a limited edition Moshling and will only be available online for a limited time only. (So be sure to get him quick!)

Slopcorn Tub Exclusive Moshling

How to get Pops the Crazy Kernel

To get Pops you just need to enter this code on the IGGY code screen.

Bop Corn Seed (Pops)

Once you enter the code you’ll get a special seed that you can use to get Pops. The seed will appear in your seed pouch in your Moshling Garden.

Bop Corn Seed

Planting the Bop Corn Seed in your Garden

So, what do you do with this seed then? Well, it’s really simple.

First, you’ll need to visit your Moshling Garden.

If you’re already growing plants you’ll need to decide if you want to keep then and wait before you plant your new seed.

Open your seed pouch and plant the new Bop Corn seed along with any other two seed (it doesn’t matter which ones or which order you plant them!)

Pops the Crazy Kernel – Profile

Pops Moshling Profile

Life’s tricky when you’re likely to explode at any moment, but Crazy Kernels can’t help popping with excitement whenever they spot Moshi Movie Stars. Thankfully these volatile Moshlings return to normal when they calm down, but ker-popping in front of your heroes can be very embarrassing!


  • Species: Crazy Kernel
  • Set: Salties
  • Rarity: Rate


Crazy Kernels love star spotting in Moshi movie theatres but they mostly hang out in stripy cardboard houses on Corny Corner near the Moshi Fun Park.


  • Likes: Salt and Popty-Pings.
  • Dislikes: Noisy wrappers and being squished into carpets.

H2. Have you got him yet?

So what do you think of Pops, the Crazy Kernel? Have you managed to collect him yet?

Let us know in the comments below.


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On Jul 8, 08:05 PM Ash wrote:

I literally just got POPS! I went online and found it THNX SO MUCH XD!

On Jul 7, 12:33 PM maria caracalla wrote:

thanks for the code next time can you tell us how to get raffy

On Jul 7, 11:12 AM Hallie wrote:

I think they should just give us a code but it’s a good idea

On Jul 7, 06:13 AM mikael_wingaa wrote:

Thanks for the tip! :)

On Jul 6, 04:20 PM BRENES wrote:

Thank you so much I have been trying to get him and now I can. Thank you

On Jul 6, 01:09 PM Michaela wrote:

this moshling is really cool!