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How to get Moshi Monster Medals

You can collect Medals on Moshi Monsters by completing various tasks in and around Monstro City. They’re designed to encourage new players to go out and explore the many different features of Moshi Monsters. If you’ve played the game for a while getting most of these medals should be pretty obvious.

To see the medals you’ve collected so far, just click on the My Medals button on the left hand side of your room screen.

You’ll need to be a member to get some Medals (which require you to be a Super-Moshi for instance, but we’ll explain which ones below:

Awesome Adopter Medal

"Awesome Adopter" medal

The easiest medal to get! In fact, you’ve got this one already! You get this one for just signing up for Moshi Monsters and adopting a monster!

Omnom Nom Medal

"Omnom Nom" medal

To get this medal, all you need to do is feed your monster some food. This is something that you’ll have to do regularly to keep your monster happy and healthy. You won’t be able to level-up unless it is so you might as well get used to doing this!

First you’ll need to go an buy some food. Just click on the map and find Main Street. You’ll arrive conveniently positioned just outside of the Gross-ery Store. This is where you buy your food from. Click on the store to go in!

Once inside you’ll be presented with a whole array of different foods. The random selection changes every 15 minutes. Keep a look out for Mice Krispies – they’re our favourite just because of their health and happiness restoring ability at a reasonable price.

Click on the item(s) you want to buy, then the “Buy It” button. once you’ve done your shopping, click on the Home button on the left hand side of the screen to go back to your house.

Once home, open your chest (the button on the right) and drag the freshly purchased food onto your monster. They’ll chomp away on it and you should see your Health and/or Happiness increase.

Another medal easily obtained!

DIY Designer Medal

"DIY Designer" medal

Again, this one is easy and designed to help those new to the game get used to the various features. You’ll need to pop along to a shop to buy some stuff as all you need to do to get this medal is put an item in your room.

If you’re not a member then you can buy stuff at the following places:

  • Yukea on Main Street
  • Bizarre Bazaar on Main Street
  • DIY shop on Sludge Street

Once you’ve purchased something, return to you home (you can do this by simply clicking on the little house icon at the top right hand part of the page (next to you login info).

Once you’re at home, open your chest and you should see the item(s) you’ve purchased. Use the mouse to dray these out of your chest and drop them into your room! Simple!

Out’n‘About Medal

"Out'n'About" medal

All you need to do is use the map to visit a street!

If you’ve just popped out to get some food or something for you room then you’ll already have this Medal. All you need to do is click on the Map (on the right hand side of your screen) and click on a street to visit it!

Nifty Thrifty Medal

"Nifty Thrifty"medal

Again, if you’ve bought an item for your room then you’ll already have this medal too. All you need to do is go to a shop and buy something.

Besties Medal

"Besties" medal

You get this medal by having a BFF (Best Friend Forever) in your friends tree.

Click on your tree to get the list of your friends up. Hover your mouse over the name of the friend that you want to make a BFF and click on the yellow star that appears. Be careful, it’s right next to the delete button!

By making someone a BFF in your friends tree you can keep up do date with what they’re doing using the “BFF News” tab just about the play area. Click on this tab and you’ll get a drop down list of the things your BFFs have been doing. (If you’re not a member you can only have 3 Best Friends on your tree.)

Gotcha! Medal

"Gotcha" medal

TO get his medal you need to catch a moshling in your garden.

You do this by planing seeds in different combinations.

The easiest moshlings to catch are the common moshling that just need the right plants and aren’t fussed about the colours such as Chop Chop who just required 3 Dragon Fruit.

You’ll need to buy the seeds at the seeds cart. You’ll also see a code for Stanley when you visit the cart (2x Love berries and 1x Dragon Fruit)

To find out more about collecting moshlings and the different plant/combinations you’ll need to grow, take a look at our moshling collectors guide.

Braniac Medal

"Brainiac" medal

Doing the Daily Challenge at the Puzzle Palace is an important part of playing Moshi Monsters. It’s the best/quickest way to gain additional levels (so you can buy more interesting items and get level trophies!) and earn some rox too.

TO get this medal you have to Score 10 points in the Daily Challenge Quiz. This might sound daunting to start with, but once you get used to the type of questions it’s not too bad and once you’ve done the quiz a few times you’ll see some of the same questions coming up again and again.

Disco Fever Medal

"Disco Fever" medal

(Members Only)

You’ll have to be a member to get this medal as you’ll need to visit the Underground Disco.

You’ll find the entrances to the Underground Disco in various places across Monstro City – Just look out for flashing colours!

You can find entrances to the Underground Disco here:

  • Sludge Street – The Little outside-toilet, looks like a little wooden hut bouncing up and down.
  • Main Street – Scroll to the right, just pass the cross roads and you’ll see what looks like a flashing tree-stump with music coming out of it.
  • Ooh-La-Lane – just down the road to the Observatory is a slightly ajar manhole cover, again it’s flashing with music coming out of it!
  • The Port – scroll to the very ring hand side (past the purple octopus) and you’ll see a flashing cave with music coming out of it!

Once you’re in the Disco it’s time to dance along to a tune!

Use the cursor keys in time with the markers as they slide towards you. The more in-time you are, the more points you’ll score.

Getting this medal is simple, just make it though a song, getting the next one isn’t so easy…

Disco Don Medal

"Disco Don" medal

(Members Only)

This Medal requires you to get a perfect score in the Underground Disco.

OK, this one is a little more difficult, as you’ll know if you’ve already visited the disco, Simon Growl can be a little stingy when giving out the points! You’ll need to put some practice in to get this one!

My advice here is to pick the “Easy” level song that you find the easiest and just keep practising. The more familiar you are with the song the easier it’ll get. It took me quite a while though!

I found the easiest song was Taylor Miffed – Bred to Toast, but you might find one of the others works for you.

Colorized! Medal


(Members Only)

Did you know you can change the colour of your Moshi Monster (Well, if you’re a member you can!)

To get this medal you’ll need to give your monster a makeover and visit the Port and go to the Colourama (it’s just to the right of the little bridge with a multi-coloured sign. You can’t miss it!)

You can come up with lots of interesting colour combinations using the paint pots and the brightness slider, but hey, why not get noticed!

It’ll cost you 100 Rox to paint your monster.

House Styler Medal

"House Styler" medal

(Members Only)

Buy a house style on Ooh-Laa-Lane. Unfortunately only Moshi Members can buy new rooms or new styles for their house.

You can choose from the following styles:

  • Moshi Style – 400 rox
  • Tree House – 1400 rox
  • Skyscraper – 1000 rox
  • Princess Castle – 1600 rox
  • Cake House – 2000 rox
  • Mountain House – 1700 rox
  • Haunted House – 1100 rox

You can always chose the original Moshi Style in the future, although that’ll cost your 400 rox.

Mike Shake Medal

"Milkshake" medal

We get asked “how do you get the medal for milk shake” surprisingly often. It’s not all that hard, you just need to track down some friendly cows!

First of all, use the map to go to Sludge Street. Now we need to find some cows. Scroll to the left, past Horrods and the Marketplace and you should see a farm with two blue cows minding their own business eating grass.

Now for the repetitive bit! In order to get the Milk Shake Medal, you need to click on the cows a whopping 50 times!

Click on the cow to make it go moo. You can’t click too quickly or your click won’t count. You have to wait for the cow to stop moving and the star to appear under your mouse pointer again.

The most effective technique for getting through your 50 clicks quickly is to alternate between cows. First one, then the other. You can click on one while the other is still mooing!

With so much mooing going on, you’re likely to get comments from anyone else in the house!

Money Bags Medal

"Money Bags" medal

All you need to do here is save 1000 rox. This isn’t too hard to do, in fact if you go to our secret codes page you’ll find lots of codes for Rox (more than the 1000 you need to get this medal!)

Rolling in Rox Medal

"Rolling in Rox" medal

Now this one is a little harder. You’ve got to be fairly disciplined and resist the urge to spend your hard earned Roxs. AS mentioned above you can use our secret codes for rox and our guide to getting Rox to try and get rox as quickly as possible.

While this medal can be earned by anyone, it’s easier for Moshi Members as they have a higher daily Rox allowance and can use the trees at the Port and The Super-Moshi missions to get more Rox.

Moshling Hero Medal

"Moshling Hero" medal

(Members Only)

You’ll get this medal the first time you complete a Super-Moshi mission. Of course, you need to be a member to become a Super Moshi.

At the end of each Super Moshi Mission you get to rescue a Moshling that has played a noticeable part in the Mission. You can keep them and add them to your zoo!

You may find our Super Moshi Mission walk-throughs useful.

Boat Bounty Medal

"Boat Bounty" medal

(Members Only)

In order to get this Medal, you need to purchase an item from Captain Buck’s boat but you need to be a member in order to visit the port.

If you go to the port, and scroll all the way to the left you should see a wooden jetty. At the end of this Jetty you’ll find one of two things – either Captain Buck’s boat, or more likely a seagull sitting on a “Back Soon” sign.

There’s nothing you can do except wait and keep checking the port once a week (you do remember to get your Rox from the trees don’t you?).

Captain Buck’s return is usually announced in the Daily Growl [LINK] so keep an eye on that too.

If Captain Buck’s boat is there, just click on it and purchase any item just as you would in any other shop.

SuperMon Medal

"Supermon" medal

To get this medal you have to get 999 in both Health and Happiness. The normal way people go about his is to buy lots of food and feed your monster. (Have I mentioned how much we like Mice Krispies?)

Struggling to keep your monster happy? We’ve got a guide to keeping your monster happy that you might find useful when you’re trying to get this medal.

Helping Hand Medal

"Helping Hand" medal

Now this, and the next couple of Medals are a bit of a mystery at the moment and have appeared only recently. The instructions to “Complete a Quest” aren’t very revealing.

What we do know is that these quests aren’t related to the Super Moshi missions, and seem to be about helping people.

Friend in Need Medal

"Friend in Need" medal

Complete 10 quests. How you do that is currently unknown.

Monstro Hero Medal

"Monstro Hero" medal

Complete 30 quests. Quests seem to be an as yet unreleased feature.

Glump Thumper Medal

This medal is awarded for completing the game Thump-A-Glump.

Thump-A-Glump can be found by going to Sludge Street strolling all the way to the right-hand side and clicking on Dr Strangeglove who is really a stack of Glumps in disguise! (You’ll get a game controller icon when you hover over it to show that it’s a game!)

In Thump-A-Glump you have to squash clumps with a hammer as they appear out of holes in the ground while avoiding the occasional Moshling. Each level gets harder with more holes to keep your eyes on.

It’s a secret…

"It's a Secret" medal

These are just place holders in your Moshi Medals book. They’re not real medals that you can get. They just represent blank slots. When Moshi Monsters release new medals they’ll appear here.

So what do you think of the Medals?


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On Jan 7, 09:22 AM devika wrote:

Were do you get the questions for helping hand and the others

On Dec 21, 11:43 AM Jamie wrote:

Chloe, you have to get exactly 10. I didn’t get it either, because I got 23 and it didn’t give me it. Surely 23 is better than 10? xD

On Dec 17, 06:07 PM george wrote:

how do you get fump a glump medal

Moshi Secrets: You'll need to play Thump-a-Glump. You'll find it at the right hand end of Sludge Street. Click on Strangeglove to play it. You'll need to complete every level to get the Medal! It's pretty tough! Good Luck!

On Nov 6, 09:53 PM hihi wrote:

hi ur awesome hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

On Oct 23, 04:01 AM chloe wrote:

i scored 14 in the daily challenge but i dont get the medal

On Aug 10, 05:28 AM avin wrote:

i find it good but i still need the perfect score!!!!!

On Jun 12, 02:16 PM Louis Konakci wrote:

I have earned all the medals and it was fun in the doing except for now I wish that there were more I could earn.

On Jun 6, 04:10 AM Nicole wrote:

Complete a quest:
Find a in game character on the streets with an excliamation mark on there head click them and do what they tell you

On Feb 16, 03:05 PM millie williams wrote:

wow it really worked i got all the moshi monster medals now thack you

On Jan 24, 07:31 PM kerry oneil wrote:

when is it coming out

On Jan 16, 07:55 AM tommy-lee wrote:

get 30000 ROX

On Dec 6, 01:04 PM kiko wrote:

you can do quests by clicking on the exclamation marks on yellow triangles. just click on the monster with a triangle and it will talk to you about any help it needs.(ie quests). you also get rewarded with rox and experience points.

On Dec 3, 04:25 AM lucy wrote:

I’ve got mostly all the medals.I just need 6 more.

On Nov 28, 05:43 PM dad0075809 wrote:

I hope Captain Buck will return for Christmas….. i have been waiting many months for him

On Nov 18, 10:35 AM Emily wrote:

One of the ‘It’s a secret’ medals are to complete ‘thump a glump’ which can be found at the right end of ‘Sludge Street’ next to ‘Dodgy Dealz’, where if you click on ‘Dr Strangeglove’ will take you to the game where instructions are given. A quest is completed when you see a moshling or someone standing with an exclamation mark. You can find these quest people on any street, although there is a limited number of how many you can do. They tell you exactly what to do to get it, as it might be visit somewhere to collect something, or collect saphires from a certain place. When you complete a quest you get rox if you haven’t ‘reached your daily max rox limit’ and experience points which I still am not sure what they are.

On Sep 27, 12:15 PM oboe wrote:

you look around and then u see a person with an exclamation mark on top of them u click on that and then u answer their question

On Sep 26, 12:29 PM n wrote:

well actually the quests are a waste of time

On Sep 4, 11:40 PM caitlin wrote:

thank you i have lots of
medals because of you!

On Sep 4, 01:51 PM Sara wrote:

medals r not very encouraging and r quite boring.

On Aug 29, 03:10 PM Hannah wrote:

The new medals are quests you do around Monstro City. Learn more from the daily growl.