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How to get Long Beard Moshling

Long Beard Moshling

Long Beard, the Valiant Viking is a Moshling in the Mythies set. He first appeared on the 1st February 2013.

As is usual, there was a teaser puzzle on the Daily Growl on the 27th January. Pieces of a photo was broken and you had to work out the right order to get a change to win some Random Rox.

A full intro to the new Viking Moshling appeared on the Daily Growl! on the 1st February. It read:

“Prepare for suspect sagas of battle, bravery and broken helmet horns because Valiant Vikings are the ocean-going Moshlings who can’t stop babbling on about their dubious exploits. When they are not pillaging pickled goods, these beardy old Fogies love play-acting with their rubber hammers.”

Long Beard Moshling

Long Beard is also included in the Series 5 Moshlings figures. He’s got a pretty nifty hammer a bit like the comic super-hero Thor.

How to get Long Beard

Moshi Monster Customer Care confirmed on the 21st June that:

Long Beard was the prize Moshling in the Freezy Rider Mini Mission, that available until February 2013. Currently there is no way to catch Long Beard. However, we are certain that Long Beard is not gone from the game for good. We are not sure when or where Long Beard will appear again. He could be the Mystery Moshling from the Golden Egg one month, or you may be able to plant for him in the future.

Longbeard was only available by completing the Peppy Freezy Rider mission mini-mission which ran at the beginning of February 2013. At the end of the mission you hacked Longbeard out of a block of ice!

The mission is only available until the 14th of February, so the fear was that after this date we wouldn’t be able to get Long Beard any more.

Long Beard flower combination

The flower combination you need to plant to get Long Beard has now been unlocked!

The Moshlings website has a page about Long Beard which tells us that you need to plant the following flowers to get him:
  • Hot Silly Peppers (Red)
  • Hot Silly Peppers (Red)
  • Dragon Fruit (Any)

Thanks to moshigemma5 for the tip off!

What do you think of Long Beard? Is he a worthy member of the Mythies set?


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On May 9, 11:50 PM hoxc wrote:

what is the 3rd seed

Moshi Secrets: Just udated this article quickly with the full flower combination you need. The missing flower was another red hot silly pepper!

On Nov 19, 07:25 AM moshihelper wrote:

guys you can now get long beard on moshi monsters! check the ‘what’s new’ and freezy rider is back it’s a ‘moshi classic’ GO GET HIM NOW! add me, hashbrownmuncher101!

On Aug 20, 06:09 PM Pretty the Monster wrote:

you guys probably like, should talk to mind candy, to get them to change long beard to like maybe, ummm, a moshling that will take his place. maybe you could catch him in a mission! or maybe the moshling could be called SHORT beard!

On Aug 2, 04:24 PM Add msstarshooter wrote:

Ohhhhhh i have long beard!!!

On May 23, 02:27 PM Long beard wrote:

I’m a black hot silly peper that’s my other seed!

On May 10, 12:58 PM Gabe wrote:

I know how to get Long Beard add me at glopez67789! I will tell you the last seed to get him!

On Apr 29, 10:20 PM mia perez wrote:

I know the next flower for long beard is not a crazy daisy or a starblossom

On Apr 21, 10:56 PM Nordrike wrote:

Worthy? Please, Long Beard IS the Mythies!

On Apr 21, 10:15 PM Caroline wrote:

i dont loooove lond beard but he is not the best

On Apr 11, 03:02 PM isabelle wrote:

long beard is so cooli got him from the mission not seeds

On Apr 10, 10:56 PM olivia wrote:

long beard is SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!

On Apr 8, 07:51 PM hannah wrote:

On Mar 9, 04:46 PM Hannah wrote: blingo buy busters book of lost moshlings to get blingo happy catchingxx hannahgreenfield

On Apr 8, 04:49 PM john wrote:

long beard is wicked!

On Apr 4, 05:22 PM meshell grant wrote:

um hello but can u plzz plzz plzz put another moshi mission where u dont have to be a member to finish the mission pretty plzz

On Mar 28, 09:02 AM humzah wrote:

just tell us wat the last one is pleeeeeeeeeaase!!!!

On Mar 28, 01:28 AM 3rainbowclever wrote:

who’s ziggy and shoney?

On Mar 13, 04:45 PM Ollie wrote:

Dont u get it?They said another way to get it was (seed)+(seed)+(unknown seed).

On Mar 13, 01:17 AM Unknown wrote:

I want a membership code for my birthday in the beginning of Apr. It would be great if they had a membership code then!

On Mar 12, 09:04 PM tofis111 wrote:

i need nipper,shambles,blingo and boomer please make a new mission and we can get secret egg ok please.

On Mar 11, 07:55 AM YellowDiamond wrote:

They also don’t have:
19) Shoney

On Mar 11, 07:51 AM YellowDiamond wrote:

Here are some missing moshlings in the website:
6) YoYo
26) Ziggy
66) Tomba
107) Zack Binspin (maybe)
115) Furnando
120) Splutnik
121) Dr C. Fingz
122) 1st Officer Ooze
123) Captain Squirk

What’s more, they say Scarlet O’ Haira’s set is Ninjas!

On Mar 9, 04:46 PM Hannah wrote:

plz tell me how to get blingo.I looked everywhere :-(

On Mar 6, 05:15 PM ciaran wrote:

i want blingo and nipper

On Mar 5, 05:51 PM jasmine wrote:

the code for roxy is HOBBIBIDANCE

On Mar 3, 06:58 PM haley wrote:

can i get long beard please?!?!?

On Mar 3, 02:26 PM tommy wrote:

dos anyone now how to get him a diffrent way

On Mar 3, 12:19 AM elie wrote:

i wont a moshilig

On Mar 2, 02:17 PM rhiannon wrote:

hi what do i do now

On Mar 1, 06:22 PM SCOOBY DOO 999! wrote:

How to get the moshling Roxy is the code ‘HOBBIDIDANCE’ and has not expired yet!

On Mar 1, 09:17 AM shakira wrote:

i dident even get a chance to get him

On Feb 27, 08:48 PM kian wrote:

its stupid coz then u cant get all the moshlings

On Feb 26, 10:32 PM tararuppert@aol.com wrote:

hi and i would like to know when the mission is going to be because i made horrible misstake and i would like to get again???????

On Feb 26, 07:22 PM Tanya wrote:

Hello love your website are you on moshi monsters if so can you e-mail me your moshi owner name?

On Feb 26, 12:49 PM eric wrote:

how can i get it now? after 14th PLEASE HOW!

On Feb 26, 06:12 AM amelia wrote:

i dont have him and i realy want him

On Feb 25, 06:40 PM osian wrote:


On Feb 25, 05:39 PM billybob171 wrote:

Meh… he’s OK I guess but when you click him he goes on for a while…

On Feb 24, 07:44 PM matty wrote:

everyone i have the nipper code you can have it if you want and i have hip hop and
planting o’rely ive also got long bierd

On Feb 23, 06:01 PM patrick wrote:

can I get long beard please and roxy

On Feb 23, 06:01 PM patrick wrote:

can I get long beard please

On Feb 23, 09:43 AM Ellie-Louise wrote:

Can you put the mission back on for long beard until march the 20th please

On Feb 23, 07:42 AM zoe wrote:

I am very intrested in longbeard because i found
him in a moshling pack

On Feb 22, 06:06 PM sarah wrote:

2013 not 2012

On Feb 21, 02:21 AM kristina wrote:

can you give me a moshling
code cause i missed the last chance to any moshling
also can you give me some
cheat and lower the price for moshi member thank you love kstewart0001
if you have any thing to say let me know

On Feb 19, 07:48 PM chiara wrote:

omg i missed him that sucks hopefully their be a code or a seed combination i really want hi

On Feb 16, 04:23 PM aeaniale wrote:

thats pretty simple.

On Feb 15, 12:59 PM Rangimaria Maniapoto wrote:

Got him! :D

On Feb 13, 05:04 PM Rebbeca wrote:


On Feb 6, 07:44 PM jessie wrote:


On Feb 5, 12:41 PM boomer wrote:

i have figurine of him