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How to get Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana

Linton Moshling

Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana is a new rare Moshling in the Salties Set. He joins Pops and Lubber.

Linton was originally released on the 2nd July 2014 along with Jiggles the Fiddly TwiddleStick.

What’s a Manamana

Well, we can assume that Manamana’s are sea creatures as they’re in the Salties set, and they apparently live in cosy rock caverns – we’re never seen a “cosy” rock cavern before!.

But what exactly is a Manamana? Is it some kind squid or two armed octopus?

Well, the first thing it reminded us of what this:

Let us know what you think Linton is, or might have been based on, because we really don’t have a clue!

Seed Combination

The good news is that there’s a flower seed combination that you can use to catch Linton in your Moshling Garden.

The bad news is that you’ll need Crazy Daisy seeds which are only available to Moshi members (sorry!)

The seed combination that you’ll need to plant to attract Linton to you Moshling Garden is:

  • Purple Crazy Daisy
  • Purple Crazy Daisy
  • Any Crazy Daisy

Increase your chances of getting Linton

There’s a little tip you can use to help make catching Linton a little easier.

If you don’t get two purple Crazy Daisies make sure that you dig-up the “any” crazy daisy and replant it too. That way you’ll have an extra chance of getting a purple one.

It’ll cost you another packet of seeds, but it’ll get you Linton quicker!


Linton Moshling profile

As well as being terribly fussy, Mollycoddled Manamanas are timid critters that rarely leave the cosy rock caverns they call home. Never seen without their trademark oversized jumpers (knitted by their adoring mummies), these wide-eyed Moshlings enjoy tinkering with toy trains, stamp collecting and brass rubbing.


  • Species: Mollycoddled Manamana
  • Set: Salties
  • Rarity: Rare


In the rock pools of Spoddy Sands but you might see the odd Mollycoddled Manamana looking for its mummy on Main Street.


  • Likes: Gooberry flavoured milk and mini-cookies.
  • Dislikes: Short sleeves and visiting the doctor.

What do you think of Linton? Let us know in the comments below!

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