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How to become a Super Moshi

Playing the Super Moshi missions is probably the best reason for becoming a member on Moshi Monsters (Remember you can use one of the 24 hour free trial codes!)

The first part of your journey to become a super moshi can be played by anyone no matter if they are a member or not.

What are Super Moshi

The Super Moshi are a team of Moshi Monsters who help protect Monstro City against Dr Strangeglove, Sweet Tooth and the other agents of CLONC.

Going to the Volcano

The Super Moshi’s secret base is in the volcano. You’ll see the volcano in the backfground as you wander around Monstro City, and you many already have noticed the “SM” sign beaming from the mountain in the style of Batman’s famous bat symbol! You can see this clearly from the right hand end of Sludge Street!

To get to the Volcano either click on the volcano from the end of Slude Street or go to the map and click on the Volcano there.

Outside the Volcano

When you arrive outside the volcano the screen will automatically scroll to the right. You’ll see a couple of things, there appears to be a tunnel behind the river of lava flowing down the volcano, and there’s a statue with a keyhole on it’s head.

The screen will scroll back to you again so you’ll need to scroll back to the right and then click on the statue.

(You’ll see a little speech bubble with “…” in it, this means that if you click on this person you’ll start a conversation.)

The statue can talk! Apparently he’s been expecting you as “The Elder” says you show great potential! (Click on OK to continue.)

The statue continues, “Beyond the lava lies the secret HQ of the Super Moshis!” (Click on OK again.)

You’ll now be shown two pieces of text in green boxes, this is where you get to chose what you want to say or ask next.

Click on the “What is the super moshi HQ” question.

The statue answers your questio:

“Only the cleverest, bravest and most tenacious Monsters may pass. Find the ruby key to open the gateway!”

Looks like we’ve got our first task. Somehow, we’ll need to find a ruby key, but where? Luckily you get a chance to ask another question:

Click on the question “Is there any way you can help me get inside?

The statue will answer with the following incredibly useful advice (so pay attention!):

“You must first go to the building for rent on Sludge Street. There will be a clue that will help you find the first guardian of the secret code.”

Guardians of the secret code? Now this sounds a little scary!

Click on OK to return to outside the volcano. Now we need to go to Sludge Steet. To do this, click on the map and select the first row of building below Puzzle Palace (a tooltip will pop up to tell you it’s Sludge Street.

Sludge Street

Helpfully, when you arrive on Sludge Street the screen will scroll all the way to the left to show you where the Building for Rent is.

Scroll all the way to the left and you’ll quite clearly see the building with a “FOR RENT” sign on it. It looks rather derelict to me, and with that purple tentacle hanging out of the window I don’t know if I’d be tempted to rent it!

Click on the building to enter.

Building for rent

This looks rather mysterious. Inside the building you’ll see a large circle on the wall. In the middle is a red ruby (there’s a clue!) and around the outside are a whole bunch of strange symbols.

Written on he wall is a message “Go and find the secret code!” Looks like we’ve got to find the code to enter onto the wheel.

There’s also a purple three-eyed rat. Click on the rat to start a conversation.

“Hello there, Moshi adventurer!” the rat starts.

Click on the question “Hello… who are you?

Apparently he’s called Ratty and he’s at your service so maybe he’ll help you find the Ruby Key, or at least the code for the wheel.

Click on the question, “What do I need to do next?

Ratty tells us that we need to talk to that fisherman outside for the first clue.

Click on “That’s all for now! Bye!” to end the conversation.

We’re back in the buiding for rent. To get back to Sludge Street so we can find the fisherman, click on the EXIT sign at the top left hand corner of the screen.

Fisherman on Sludge Street

Ok, now we’re back outside, scroll to the left and find the three-eyed fisherman with a purple cap sitting on the jetty. Click on him to start the conversation.

“Ah! You must be the one looking for clues!”

Seems like news gets round fast in Monstro City!

Ask the fisherman “Can you help me solve the Super Moshi code?

The Fisherman will say, “I certainly can – the puzzle contains three letters. I have the first letter, but the next two letters are elsewhere in Monstro City!”

Ask him, “Can you tell me one of the letter for the secret puzzle wheel?

He can! He’ll tell you that the first letter is “m”. Make a note of this as we’ll need it later!

Ask the man, “*Right… so what do I need to do next?”

The fisherman says “There’s a man on Main Street who loves to read – perhaps he might be able to give you some help!”

Sounds like a nice clear clue to me! The conversation will end here and you’ll find yourself back on Sludge Street. So now we need to find Main Street.

You’ve got two choices, click on the map and select Main Street or scroll to the right until you see Main Street written on the road at the crossroads. Click on this and you’ll go to Main Street…

The man who loves to read on Main Street

Right, so now we find ourselves on Main Street, we’ve just got to find the man who loves to read.

Scroll to the right and you’ll see, sitting on the pavement just outisde Yukea, a man deeply engrossed in a book. He’s got little pink feet sticking out from the bottom of it.

Click on the man to start a coversation.

“Hello there. What do you want?” he asks.

There’s only one option to chose when you respond so ask “Hi There! Can you help me solve the Super Mosho code?

“You’ve asked the right person – there’s very little I don’t know!” he replies.

Now you have to ask him “Can you tell me one of the letters for the secret puzzle wheel?

Luckily for us, he does!

“I suppose. As long as you don’t take too much of my valuable time. The second letter is “a”.

OK, take a note of the second letter “a”. So far then we’ve got “m” and “a”.

Now, ask the man what you need to do next. He’ll tell you that there’s someone on Sludge Street who can help. Someone that loves to listen to music!

Looks like we’re going back to Sludge street again… Click on the “Sludge Street” written on the road (or use the map) to head back to Sludge Street.

Man who listens to music, Sludge Street

When you get to Sludge Street, scroll to the right a little and you’ll see someone listening to music just outside the DIY shop and the Games Starcade. He’s wearing a baseball cap at a jaunty angle.

Click on him to start a conversation.

“Yo dude! What’s happening?” he says.

As him if he can help you solve the Super Moshi code and he’ll say yes. (We’ll actually he’ll say “Super Moshi Code, huh. sounds awesome! I have it”, which amounts to much the same thing!)

Now as him if he can tell you one of the letters for the secret puzzle wheel.

“Totally! the third letter is “s”, baby.”

So we’ve now got the three letters we are “m”, “a” and “s”.

Ask the man what you need to do next. (I’m sure we could guess!)

“It’s time to go to the abandoned building, dude!”

Scroll all the way to the left hand end of the street and click on the abandoned building to enter it.

The Puzzle Wheel

Ok, so we know the three letters, how does that work with the puzzle wheel?

On the floor, you should be able to spot a small scrap of paper with what looks like writing on it, just next to Ratty.

If you click on this piece of paper you’ll see a list of symbols and a corresponding letter.

Become a Super Moshi code

Take a note of the symbols that correspond with the letter’s we’ve found (M, A and S). These are the symbols we’ll need to click on the wheel.

Become a Super Moshi code

Click on the correct symbols and the wheel will flash, the middle will open and a hand will come out of the middle with the ruby key in it!

“We’ve cracked the puzzle and got the key! Let’s head back to the volcano and *speak to the Gatekeeper!”

Open the map, and then click on the Volcano!

Back to the volcano

Now we’ve got the key, we can talk to the Guardian. Click on the guardian to start a conversation.

The guardian speaks, “You have found the key! Truly you have what it takes to become a Super Moshi.”

“Now that you have the key, I will open the path to *The Super Moshi HQ! Stand back!”

Now the ruby key is inserted in the guardian’s head, the entrance to the Super Moshi HQ will appear through the lava.

If you’re not a member, you’ll be presented with a screen to tell you that only members can be Super Moshis…


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