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How to get more Rox on Moshi Monsters

If you’ve not already done so you can get a whole load of Rox by going to our Moshi Monsters Secret codes page.

Everyone needs more Rox, whether you’re just trying to buy food for your monster to keep him healthy, buy more seeds so you can try and collect more moshlings or maybe you’re saving up to get a third or fourth room in your house.

There’s a limit on the number of Rox you can earn each day: 200 rox if your not a member and 250 if you are.

Puzzle Palace and the daily Puzzle

The first thing you need to do each day is visit the Puzzle Palace and take the Daily Puzzle. You’ll earn more Rox the more answers you manage to get. You can only earn Rox from this once a day. These Rox do not count towards your daily Rox limit.

Once you’ve done your daily Puzzle you can try all the separate puzzles. These take a minute each and are worth 5 Rox each the first time you play them each day.

You’ll unlock more and more puzzles as you go up levels.

Moshling Boshling

To play this game you need to click on the couple having a picnic on Main Street. The game involves catapulting moshlings in order to squish Glumps and collect cakes!

The beauty of this game is that when you complete a level you can get up to 30 Rox! You even get the full 30 Rox for playing the first easy level over and over again. This is by far the quickest way to get you full daily allocation of Rox as quickly as possible!


The idea of this game is to keep the power station going by joining up blocks of the same colour to generate Mostrowatts. When you do link the blocks up, the matching blocks disappear and the blocks above will fall down.

You’ll find the En-Gen power-station at the right hand end of Main Street.

Catching butterflies at Flutterby Field

At the other end of Main Street you’ll find Flutterby Field. Here you can earn Rox by running around a field trying to catch butterflies in a net while avoiding other creepy crawlies.

Working at the Ice Scream parlour.

Another place to earn Rox is at the Ice-Scream parlor on Ooh La Lane.

Earning Rox this way takes a lot of work. I feel exhausted after serving a few levels worth of Ice creams. The number of Rox you earn by the time *** the Ice cream seller takes his cut isn’t that great either.

Additional ways for members to get Rox

If you’re a moshi member then you’ve got a couple more options for earning Rox. In addition to the Puzzle Palace you can earn your 250 daily Rox by dancing at the Underground Disco. You can also get loads of Rox by shaking trees at the Port…

Shaking the Rox trees at the Port.

If you’re a Moshi Member you need to get into the habit of visiting the Port once a week. Why? Well, once a week, you can shake the Rox trees to earn lots of additional Rox.

If you go to the Port and scroll left and right you should notice six Rox trees.

If you give these trees a shake the Rox will drop off. Sometimes quite a large number too!

What’s even better is that these Rox don’t count towards your daily 250 Rox limit.

Getting Rox by dancing in the Underground Disco.

If you’re a Moshi member you can earn Rox by dancing at the Underground Disco.

Every dance you do can earn you up to 15 Rox depending on how well you do.

The difficulty level doesn’t make any difference to the number of Rox you earn so my advice is to pick one of the easy ones and learn that so you can score close to maximum Rox each time.

I’ve found that the easy Taylor Miffed “Bred to Toast” is best for me. It’s the shortest song, the notes aren’t too quick and it only uses three keys. There’s no point making life difficult for yourself.

You’ll probably find that earning your Rox playing Moshling Boshling is still quicker.

Selling your stuff for Rox at Dodgy Dealz

If you’re really desperate, you can always sell some of your stuff at Dodgy Deals.

If you visit Dodgy Dealz on Sludge Street you can sell any of the items that you have in your chest. Keep an eye on the number of Rox you’ll get for selling the item though as some items may only be worth one or two Rox and some items won’t get you any Rox at all!

Can you get Rox by planting three magic beans?

I’ve read a lot of articles on the internet that say that if you plan three magic bean plants, wait for them to grow and you’ll get lots of Rox. Some articles have even said that you can get thousands!

I’ve given this a try and all I can say is that this rumour must have been spread by magic bean seed sellers as so far I’ve not managed to get a single Rox this way! It’s just a way of 45 Rox.


So, to make sure you get the maximum number of Rox:

  • Visit the Puzzle Palace and complete your Daily Puzzle
  • Also, do each of of the puzzles for 5 Rox/day.
  • Play Moshling Boshling for 30 rox/level to earn your daily 250 Rox (or 200 if you’re not a member). (Or play another game if that’s your preference).

If you’re a Moshi Member you can also:

  • Visit the Port and shake the Rox trees once a week.

You can also:

  • Try planing seeds in the hope that you’ll get some Rox plants. (Let them grow and then harvest them for more Rox.)
  • Sell some of your things you no longer want at Dodgy Dealz on Sludge Street.


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Moshi Secrets: Eek! You're right. I'll put a link to the codes page there!

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Moshi Secrets: Our owner name is moshi-secrets. :-)

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Another way to get Rox is to complete Quests

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Hi! You can also, when you have finished all the season 1 Moshi Missions, there is a tunnel leading to the center of the Moshi HQ where Elder Furi gave you a GIANT DIAMOND that makes you recieve lots of ROX!!!

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