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Full Moon Moshling

Full Moon Moshling

There’s a moshi-twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood in this part of Moshi-vs-Ghosts.

Taking place in a spooky hunting lodge in the forest, we’ll be looking for bones and trying to rescue the wicked werewolf Randall, and revealing the mystery behind the little girl in the red hood.

Unlike the previous two houses in the Moshis vs Ghosts missions, this one only has two parts.

Let’s begin…

Full Moon Moshling

Full Moon Moshling – Part One

We start the mission in a strange wooden cabin. As you move into the room, you’ll see a little girl, all dressed in red being chased by a ghost.

“Eek! Help! Help!” she cries.

Of course you’ve got to help. So run forward and grab the ghost.

As you’ve touched a ghost you’ll play Spectre Collector. (If you’re not a member you’ll just have to press the “Shoo” button.)

Once that’s done you’re back in the cabin.

“Phew! My hero! Thanks, Moshi Monster.” says the girl.

Approach the girl and a conversation will start.

“This place is creeping me out. Have you seen anything weird?” you ask.

“That depends what you mean by weird…” replies the girl.

“I came to look for bones… erm… to make soup.”

“Fine a bone for me and maybe I’ll tell you more.” she says.

So it looks like we’re going to have to go an find a bone. Strange thing for a little girl to be asking for.

“Ok. It’s bone hunting time!” you say as a door opens to the right.

Go though the door. and travel south (down). You’ll find that there’s a tree growing through the floor, blocking your way.

“This tree is blocking the way. I need to chop it down!” says a message on the screen.

Follow the passage round to the right and then up into a room with logs of wood and an axe stuck in a tree stump.

Hmm, an axe. That’s probably handy to have if you want to chop trees down.

(There’s also a ghost in this room so either dodge it, or play Spectre Collector)

As you go near the axe you’ll get a “Collecting” meter about you.

“This can be used to chop something down.”

Why not have a go and try to chop down the tree sticking up through the floor in this room.

There’s a door at the top right hand corner of this room, but it’s locked and we’ll need a key so for now, let’s go back down to where we first found a tree blocking our way.

Once you chop down the tree you can enter a room with a wardrobe and a ghost.

Let’s deal with the ghost first. Run up to the ghost and play Spectre Collector. Remember those Ectogloop points are going towards getting your Hoolio.

You can search the wardrobe, but there’s nothing in there.

Now, chop the trees down to the east of this room. Once past the first one, don’t go up the corridor, but chop the next tree down and then go up the next corridor.

As you go round the corner you’ll say “There must be a bone around here somewhere.”

You’ll see a part of trees and a ghost with mad hair blocking your way.

Chop down the trees with your axe and deal with the ghost.

There’s another ghost just to the north, so you can deal with that one too now if you want to.

Once you’ve done that, you need to go south (down) and follow the corridor around until you come to another tree. Chop that one down and then go round the corner and north along the passage.

You’ll come to a door.

Through the door is a large room with what looks like a bear-trap and a purple bear rug on the floor.

“Maybe I can find a bone for the odd girl in here.” you say.

At the top right hand corner of the room are a couple of wardrobes.

Search the left hand wardrobe and you’ll find a screwdriver.

“A screwdriver. This might come in handy.” you say.

Now do south (down) through another door into a room with some dinosaur bones on the wall.

Go over to the bones and you’ll get a “Removing bone” meter above you.

Once that’s done you’ll have a bone!

“One juicy bone! I’d better get it to that odd little girl.”

Ok, time to go back.

As you enter the room, two ghosts will appear, blocking your exit.

No problems. Deal with these ghosts by playing Spectre Collector

Once you’ve dealt with with ghosts, take the door at the top left to travel back to the room where you found the axe.

If you see another ghost – well, you know what to do by now!

Leave this room and follow the the corridor down and round to the left until you get to the open purple door.

Once though the purple door there’s a shock in store!

The little girl has vanished, and in her place is now a werewolf!

“A wolf!” And where’s the girl? Gulp! You don’t think…” you say.

And on that cliffhanger, this part of the mission ends. As usual, you’ll get 100 XP and 100 Rox.

Full Moon Moshling – Part Two

The next part starts exactly where the last part finished off.

“The wolf! Hey you! What have you done with that little girl?” you ask.

With that, the wolf runs off to the left and straight through a wall!

And then, to makes things even worse, a pink ghost enters through the door to the south.

“Follow that wolf!” you say.

If you take a look at the wall where the wolf vanished, you say “Hmm. I think the wolf ran into a hole.”

Well, we need to get through that door, so play Spectre Collector and deal with that ghost!

Now go through the door at the bottom.

There’s a ghost going backwards and forwards along this corridor. If you want, you can dodge it by waiting for the ghost to pass to the right and then quickly running though the door and to the left.

Or, you can run into the ghost and play Spectre Collector.

Once past the ghost, run down the corridor to the left and go through the door at the end.

“I can’t see a thing! Where’s the light switch?” you say as you enter the dark room beyond.

As you enter the room, keep going left and you’ll run into a lamp and turn the light on.

You’ll then see the werewolf run left into another room.

“I need to find a way to bring the Wolfling out of hiding…” you say.

In the middle of the room is a record player, so maybe we need to find some kind of record.

Go to the chest at the bottom left hand corner of the room. Once you’re close enough you’ll search it.

“What’s this? A recording of dolphin sounds?” you say. I can’t see that this is going to help.

Go to the record player and play the recording. Nope, that doesn’t do any good at all!

“That didn’t seem to work.”

Go to the top of the room and you’ll see a wardrobe. Search this wardrobe and you’ll find something better.

“What’s this? A recording of wolf howls?” you say.

Play the recording and the wolf will come out of it’s hiding place and enter the room.

As it does, the lights will go off!

“Oh no! Who turned out the lights?”

When the lights come on, the little girl is standing exactly where the wolf was standing.

And then, before your very eyes, it transforms back into the wolf again!

A conversation starts…

“Wow! So you ARE the wolf! Spooky!

“The name’s Randall. Sorry if I freaked you out.”

“It’s my wolfy side. I just love to chase ghosts!”

We’re back in the room.

“A ghost! Aroooooo!!!” says Randall, who then runs off after a pink ghost and chases him right into you!

So, we’re playing Spectre Collector again! Just think of all those Ectogloop points!

Once you’ve done that you’re back in a conversation with Randall again.

“Wow! You sure showed those ghosts! Awesome!”

“This place isn’t safe, Randall.” you reply.

“You’d better come with me.”

“Maybe I will. No bones here anyway. Not since that weird hand thing came through.”

“Weird hand? Hmmm. Come on. Let’s go!”

Go back out of the door and into the main room again.

Deal with any ghosts on the way, of course.

Once you’ve done that, head towards the door at the top of the room and the mission will end.

You’ll get a chance to collect Randall, so remember to click on “Keep It” to add him to your Moshling Zoo.

And that’s the end of the mission. Next stop – Goosebump Manor.

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