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Freezy Riders (Mini Mission)

Freezy Rider ButtonTo start this mini-mission you need to click on the “Freezy Rider” button that you’ll find in the corner of your screen just under the BFF button when you’re in your home.

This mission is “Free for everyone until February 14th.”

Click on on the splash screen to start.

Freezy Rider splash screen

You’ll see a little cut scene with Peppy, putting his goggles on, revving his bike before flying through the air and landing in the snow just in front of Tomba the snowman.

Don’t worry. He’s not hurt, although Tomba looks concerned.

“Peppy!” Are you Ok??” he asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine… Thanks, Tomba. I just wish I could be as good as the Freezy Riders.” says Peppy. “They pull the most AMAZING stunts!”

“Hey Peppy I know what’ll make you feel better!” says Tomba.

“You don’t mean…”

Ice Sculpting” both Peppy and Tomba say at once!

Ice Sculpting

In front of you, you’ll now see a block of ice. Use your mouse and click on the ice to break of chunks of frozen water. You’ll reveal a Moshling shape in the middle. In total there are 8 pieces of ice you need to hack away.

The first ice sculpture you make is of IGGY, then you do it all again to get Coco Loco and finally your make a sculpture of Blingo

“Wow! Those look amazing Peppy!” says Tomba.

Just then, who should appear but non other than the Freezy Riders.

Tomba, Peppy and the Freezy Riders

“Well, well, well.” Their leader says.

“What do we have here?”

“Oh wow! You’re the Freezy Riders aren’t you??” says Peppy.

“That’s our name. Don’t wear it out.” reply the riders.

“You guys are SO cool. Like freezing cold!” says Peppy.

“We know.” says the leader.

“Yeah, that’s why we have these jackets. Only the best stunt riders get to wear these jackets.”

“Peppy’s a stunt rider!” says Tomba.

“Phh… You?” says one of the Freezy Riders.

“Ha, yeah. You?” says the leader.

“I mean I ride…” says Peppy.

“There’s no way you’re good enough.” says one of the riders. “But I’ll tell you what… If you can find our hideout, you can MAYBE, join our club.”

“Maybe?” asks Tomba.

“Hush, snowman” says one of the riders.

“Let’s get out of here riders.”

And with that the Freezy Riders make their way off the screen.

“Peppy, do you really want to join them?” asks Tomba.

“Of course Tomba! They’re SO COOL!”

“Ok, well, I know where their hideout is.”


“Yeah just let me know when you want to go.”

Go to the Hideout

There’s something we need to do before we go to the hide out. Just like the Super-Moshi missions, you can still earn EPICs and it’s time to get the first one…

EPIC Scroll all the way to the left hand side past the street lamp and you should see a log covered with moss and toadstools. If you look really carefully you should see an EPIC away just visible at the bottom. Click on it to pick it up!

There’s nothing else to do here so it’s time to go to the Freezy Riders Hideout. You can click on Tomba or the cable car buried in the snow.

Join the Freezy Riders

Freezy Rider Hideout

“How’d you find our hangout??” asks the leader of the Freezy Riders.

“You can’t join our club.” says another.

“Well, wait a second.” the third member says, “All members of the Freezy Riders have done the Pilchard Pop Challenge. You want to join us? You have to eat that Bucket of pops!”

What the Freezy Riders are referring to is the bucket of fish next to you. Click on the bucket to pick it up.

“Yuck! That’s no Pilchard Pop!” warns Tomba. “They tricked us Peppy!”

“(Peppy, let’s distract them and hide the fish heads somewhere!)” suggests Tomba.

Certainly sounds a lot more appealing than having to eat the fish heads!

Distract the Riders

You’ll see that there are now two hiding places highlighted with a yellow outline. There’s a tea-pot on the left and a trapdoor on the right. If you click on them they’ll open.

EPIC – Before we hide the fish heads, there’s an EPIC to be had. You see the small purple draws below the green television? Click on them to open a drawer and out will pop an EPIC. Click on the EPIC to pick it up.

If open your inventory and try to drag the fish heads into one of the hiding places the Freezy Riders will notice.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing??” they’ll say.

“We need to distract then first!” Tomba reminds you.

Click on the green television set in the top left corner of the screen. The television will turn on.

“What’s that noise??” says the leader.

“That piece of junk TV!” says another Rider.

Hide the Pops

The Freezy Riders are distracted and wander over to the left hand side of the screen to look at the TV. Now’s our chance!

Open your inventory and drag the fish heads into either the trapdoor or the tea-pot (it doesn’t matter which.)

“You ATE it!?” a Rider says, noticing that the fish heads have gone.

Pull a stunt

“So we can join your club now?” asks Peppy.

“Of course… Not.” says the Rider. (I’m not sure I like these guys!)

“You have to know how to ride. If you can pull our SUPER FREEZY FUN-OMENAL STUNT then you can become a Freezy Rider.”

“Come on Peppy!” You can do it! Says Tomba.


Now we’ve got a little mini-game to try to do the stunt. It’s not clear what happens the first time you play it!

As you do the jump, a sequence of arrow keys will be displayed on the screen. You need to press the arrow keys in the correct order nice and quickly. (don’t take too long!)

You’ll see Peppy in the background doing his run-up and taking off into the air before the instruction disappear. Now the fun begins.

There are five sequences you have to do. They are:

  • Left
  • Left, Right
  • Left, Right, Up
  • Left, Right, Up, Down
  • and finally, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up.

If you get these right, you’ll be a “Super Stunt Biker!”

After the jump you’ll find yourself back outside in the snow again with Tomba.

If you’ve done the jump and entered the combinations without making a mistake then you should see an EPIC to the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You can’t pick it up yet – but remember that it’s there!

The Freezy Riders reappear.

“That was AMAZING!” says Tomba.

“Hush, snowman!” says one of the Riders.

“It wasn’t perfect… But I guess you can join the Freezy Riders.”

“You know, all you’ve done is be mean to Tomba.” Peppy replies. “There’s no way I’d choose you guys over my best friend.”

“Fine, have it your way.” says the leader of the Freezy Riders.

With that, the Freezy Riders wander off again.

“But Peppy, you love stunt riding so much!” says Tomba.

“Not as much as our friendship, Tomba.” says Peppy.

“Yeah! Let’s finish this last ice block!” says Tomba.

The last ice block.

Just like before, use the mouse to chip away the pieces of ice from the ice block. Instead of making an ice sculpture you’ll reveal a Moshling hidden in the ice. It’s Long Beard!

“Whoa! Is that a moshling?” asks Tomba.

“Let’s see!” says Peppy.

EPIC – Before you do anything else, there’s something you need to remember to do! That EPIC is still there in the bottom right hand corned of the screen. Now’s the time to click on it to pick it up!

Long Beard plays around with his hammer, throwing it into the air and casting a bright light from it!

“Yeah!! You totally impressed the Freezy Riders BUT chose Tomba over those popsicle popping penguins!”

You’ll also notice a teaser for something new… “Brand new Poppet missions – The Unusual Suspects” COMING SOON!”

You’ll get 100 XP and 50 Rox for finishing the mission and the first time you find the 3 EPICS you get 500 ROX!


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