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Captain Buck E. Barnacle

Captain Buck

Captain Buck E. Barnacle, also known as “Captain Buck or Cap’n Buck) is Monstro City’s very own pirate explorer and Captain of the boat, CloudyCloth Clipper.

In appearance, Captain Buck looks like a blue Furi with an eye patch and pirates hat.

During Captain Buck’s stay at The Port, Moshi Members can visit the shop on his boat and purchase items brought back from the strange lands he’s visited.

In many previous visits the arrival of Captain Buck has been preceded by a message in a bottle that gives us clues to the identity of the strange land that the Captain has discovered.

The last message in a bottle was received at the beginning of 2012. We didn’t get a message with the later three visits in 2012.

Between March 2009 and May 2011 Roary Scrawl would interview Captain Buck on his return to talk about the treasures he’d found.

The Port first opened for Members on January 16th 2009, with Captain Bucks first visit sometime later on March 18th 2009.

Where can I find Captain Buck?

You’ll need to be a member to find Captain Buck, and even then you may need to be increasingly patient.

When Captain Buck visits Monstro City, he’ll dock his ship at the Port. (You’ll need to be a Moshi Member to go to the port.)

You’ll need to scroll all the way to the right and you’ll see a jetty. When Captain Buck is away exploring Potion Ocean, you’ll see a seagull sitting on a buoy with a “Back Soon” sign on it.

Of course, if you see Captain Buck’s boat then you can click on the boat to board it and visit the Captain’s shop.

Captain Buck's Boat

How often does captain buck appear?

Just how often Captain Buck visits has varied over time so it’s difficult to predict.

We’ve also seen a decline in the number of times Captain Buck has visited Monstro City during the year:

2009 5 Visits
2010 8 Visits
2012 6 Visits
2012 5 Visits

The average length of time we’ve had to wait in the past was around 8 or 9 weeks between visits.

As of the time of writing this article (16/01/13) it’s been nearly 30 weeks and counting – the longest time Captain Buck has been away.

How often does Captain Buck Visit

Note: The last column shows how long we’ve been waiting for the latest visit and represents the date this article was posted. It doesn’t relate to a visit… yet.

Why didn’t Captain Buck visit Halloween Island in 2012?

Everyone was expecting another visit from Captain Buck following his annual trip to Halloween Island as he had done for the last three years (2011,2010 and 2009.)

However, Captain buck didn’t visit which left a lot of people still struggling to complete their Medal collection (see below).

Instead a whole new shop opened up called “Rare and Scare” appeared in Growl Mansion selling all kinds of Halloween style merchandise such as Glump-O-Lanterns and Jack-O-Lanterns.

Boat Bounty Medal

To earn this medal you have to buy an item from Captain Buck’s boat. Which means you have to be a member and Captain Buck has to appear at the Port!

As Captain Buck appears less and less often in Monstro City it has become increasingly difficult to earn your “Boat Bounty” medal.

Lost in Hong Bong

Captain Buck was recently sighted on the “January Super Sales” promotion which also advertised an upcoming mission “Lost in Hong Bong.”

This was then followed up by an appearance in the Monthly Moshi Mashup email from Moshi Monsters which contained more information about the Hong Bong mission:

“Mystery surrounds the latest top secret Super Moshi Mission, but sources say it has something to do with Cap’n Buck getting SHIPNAPPED! Coming soon!”

Maybe this explains his recent absence.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Captain Buck has appeared in a Super Moshi Mission.

Captain Buck in Super Moshi Missions

As well as possibly appearing in Lost in Hong Bong, Captain Buck has appeared in other Super Moshi missions.

Voyage Under Potion Ocean

The Captain plays a significant role in Voyage Under Potion Ocean (Season 1, Mission 2), where you travel around Potion Ocean onboard the CloudyCloth Clipper, as you try to save the Fishies from Dr Strangglove’s dastardly plan!

Spooktacular Spectacular

In Spooktacular Spectacular (Season 1, Mission 8) the Super Moshi’s visit Simon Grow’s Halloween party. One of the other guests is no other than Captain Buck, “back from travelling the seven and a half Moshi Seas!”

Snow Way Out

Captain Buck makes a cameo appearance in Snow Way Out (Season 1, Mission 9) where, with the help of the Musky Huskies you race to the top of Mount Sillimanjoaro to try and save Monstro City from Dr Strangeglove’s super weapon.

As you search for the missing cog to get the cable car working, by melting the snow using Gabby The Mini MoshiPhone’s laser app, you’ll uncover Captain Buck under one of the snow piles.

Captain Buck explains that the last thing he remembers is entering the Blurghmuda Triangle!

The travels of Captain Buck (Cap’n Buck)

Since Captain Buck first visited the Port in March 2009, he has visited many weird and wonderful places, bringing back strange exotic treasures.

While he has only visited most placed once, he has visited the following locations more often:

  • Cookhouse Quay (Twice)
  • Doodle Island (Twice)
  • Bubble Bath Bay (Twice)
  • Halloween Island (Three Times)

Now that Rare and Scare has opened I doubt we’ll see Captain Buck making another visit to Halloween Island.

Cookhouse Quay (March 18th, 2009)

This was Captain Buck’s first visit to The Port.

On arrival, Captain Buck was interviewed by Roary Scrawl. We found out that Buck had returned from Cookhouse Quay with ultra rate items to eat that would be available to buy during his weeks stay.

In Captain Buck’s words: “Twas a real swashbucklin’ adventure, and as soon as I found Cookhouse Quay, I knew all ye Monstro City landlubbers would eat the booty up. A pence for an old monster o’de sea?”

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Blitzen Blender (101 Rox, Level 2)
  • Ding Microwave (83 Rox, Level 1)
  • Happy Smiley Oven (91 Rox, Level 3)
  • Pots’n’Pans (65 Rox, Level 4)
  • Stove Top Kettle (73 Rox, Level 3)
  • That Old Fridge O’ Mine (96 Rox, Level 6)
  • The Dish Washer (97 Rox, Level 6)
  • Treasure Cookhouse Quay (10 Rox Level 1)
  • Turbo Toaster (108 Rox, Level 5)

Daily Growl

Bubble Bath Bay (April 30th, 2009)

Captain Buck returned from Bubble Bath Bay and in an interview with Roary Scrawl explained that he was trying to smell like a pirate again by rubbing himself with Octopus spit. The problem, you see, was that he was far too clearn following his visit to Bubble Batth Bay.

“I found a place ‘ere th’ waterfalls be spillin’ o’er wi’ bubbles. The stench jus’ melted off o’ me! It’s called Bubble Bath Bay.”

This time he’d returned with lots of bath time related items (or as Buck would say “Booty”) including a bubble machine all of which would be available during his stay (of about a week.)

Daily Growl

TV (August 16, 2009)

Strange one this time, which was linked to a TV advertisement that Moshi Monsters were running at the time.

From the Daily Growl:

“Cap’n Buck is back, and this time he’s brought back new items from TV. TV!?!Remember the Moshi TV ad? Somehow Cap’n Buck was able to find the floor, wallpaper, door, & windows from the TV ad and bring them to Monstro City!”

Roary Scrawl again interviewed our favourite Pirate Captain. He wanted to know just how he’d managed to get the room items out of the TV ad.

Captain Buck explained that he’d met a magical sea genie that had granted him one with. As the Captain had been watching the TV ad, and noticed that the room on the TV wasn’t anywhere in Monstro Ciry, he asked the genie for the “As Seen On TV Room!”

(I’m not entirely sure how all this was meant to have worked, but there you go!)

Daily Growl

Doodle Island (September 9th, 2009)

This visit was preceded with a message in a bottle.

The Daily Growl announced that “Cap’n Buck is back, and he’s really going to DRAW a crowd over at The Port! That’s because he’s just gotten back from a scribbly dibbly place- Doodle Island! madikally decided that’s where he should go.”

And again, Roary Scrawl got an interview with Captain Buck with more talk about the Sea Genie, but little info about Doodle Island or the items Captain Buck had brought back.

(Were you playing Moshi Monsters then? Do you remember what Captain Buck had?)

Halloween Island (October 18, 2009)

Ah, Captain’s Buck first of three visits to Halloween Island. Once again, Roary Scrawl interviewed Captain Buck for the Daily Growl.

Captain Buck described Halloween island as: “It be a terrifyin’ place. Sent shivers up me spine.”

The island apparently looked like a glowing pumpkin and inside looked like an orange sticky cave full of candy and pumpkins with faced. Thiw wasn’t the scary bit through, that was the skeleton army who made Buck play Lava Limbo.

Luckily for us, Buck is double jointed and won and as a result, managed to return to The Port with his winnings.

Items for sale included pumpkins (Jack-O-Lanterns), haunted wallpaper, door, flooring and windows.

Daily Growl

Breakfast Bayou (March 26, 2010)

Captain Buck’s return from Breakfast Bayou was certainly good news for anyone who likes cooked breakfasts.

Roary Scrawl carried out another almost unintelligable interview with Cap’n Buck. What did he have to tell us about Breakfast Bayou?

According to Buck, “It be a very warm an’ good smellin’ place. I e’en had breakfast in bed. Two rolls an’ a turnover! HA!”

He goes on to describe one of the items he found: “I found one thin’ that I nerethought I`d eresee. Th’ Bacon Lounger…”

Would you sit on furniture made of bacon?

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Bacon Lounger (55 Rox, Level #)
  • Cereal Spa (120 Rox, Level #)
  • Floor Scrambled Eggs (45 Rox, Level #)
  • Sausage Sofa (90 Rox, Level #)
  • Toast Clock (64 Rox, Level #)
  • Treasure Breakfast Bayou (10 Rox, Level #)
  • Wallpaper Bacon (100 Rox, Level #)

Daily Growl

Candy Shoals (April 14, 2010)

In April, Captain Buck returned from Candy Shoals with his cheeks full of sweets (and his fur covered in sticky sweet wrappers!)

In the now customary interview with Roary Scrawl, Captain Buck explains that he’s been eating lots of sweets that he got from Candy Shoals.

When Roary asked just what he liked most about Candy Shoals, Captain buck replies “Aye, th’ marshmallow waterfall an’ th’ Grape Gloop Geyser fer sure! I stayed thar fer 2 tides eatin’ nothin’ but SUGAR an’ now I canna be seein’ straight!”

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Candy Coat Hanger (31 Rox, Level #)
  • Candy Coral (44 Rox, Level #)
  • Candy Standy (74 Rox, Level #)
  • Cookie Stacker (15 Rox, Level #)
  • Jamstastic Crunchee (25 Rox, Level #)
  • Lollipop Lady (53 Rox, Level #)
  • Marshmallow Pillows (37 Rox, Level #)
  • Toffee Crunch Couch (93 Rox, Level #)
  • Treasure Candy Shoals (10 Rox, Level #)

Daily Growl

Cookhouse Quay (June 10, 2010)

Captain Buck revisits Cookhouse Quay again, and the same blog posting from the Daily Growl is reposted.

Daily Growl

Futuristic Falls (June 30, 2010)

Another visit from Captain Buck in June 2010! This time Captain Buck has travelled back from the future! It appears that the CloudyCloth Clipper is also a time machine!

Roary Scrawl get’s the chance to interview Captain Buck again. He asks the Captain what it’s like in the future.

Captain Buck tell him, “The cars be flyin’, thar be robot butlers, an’ I learned a joke. What do swabbies in th’ future do when thar`s a storm a brewin’? They take hover! (Get ‘t? Like take cover)”

Not the best joke is it!

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Door Future Falls (19 Rox, Level 2)
  • Floor Futuristic (15 Rox, Level 2)
  • Hover Board (80 Rox, Level 5)
  • Jetpack (92 Rox, Level 7)
  • Robot Butler (115 Rox, Level 9)
  • Treasure Futuristic Doubloon (10 Rox, Level 3)
  • Wallpaper Futuristic (61 Rox, Level 3)
  • Window Futuristic (12 Rox, Level 1)

Daily Growl

Humongous Haven (August 19, 2010)

On the 25th of July we got a message in a bottle from Captain Buck warning us of his imminent arrival. This time it sounded as if he’d managed to get himself into a spot of bother.

The message read: “Aaarrgh!!! I’ve Shrunk! I be at a crazy Isle an’ Now I be Tiny teeny tiny! Help! – Buck!”

When our plucky pirate captain had managed to free himself, Roary was there at the Port to Interview the captain on his arrival.

Captain Buck explains just what’s been happening. “Yeah. ‘t be crazy. I be at an isle, arrr called Humongous Haven. First I shrank, an’ then I turned giant! Thanks so much fer helpin’ me wi’ them riddles.”

When asked whay he’d brought back with him. The captain replies “ I canna tell ye everythin’. But I will say that I brought aft a mouse-hole door an’ a giant wristwatch.”

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Door Humungous Haven (40 Rox, Level 5)
  • Floor Humungous Haven (102 Rox, Level 11)
  • Giant Paper Clip (2 Rox, Level 1)
  • Giant Tack (24 Rox, Level 6)
  • Giant Watch (91 Rox, Level 21)
  • Humungous Haven Treasure (11 Rox, Level 2)
  • Wallpaper Humungous Haven (101 Rox, Level 10)
  • Window Humungous Haven (62 Rox, Level 8)

Daily Growl

Tiki Tropic (September 23rd, 2010)

Captain Buck returns from his trip to Tiki Tropic and once again Roary Scrawl got to interview him on his return.

In the interview Captain Buck described Tiki Tropic as “very hot” in fact he said that he got so hot he gave himself a fut-cut, and then he got sunburn! Poor Captain Buck!

Apart from the Hammock and the Tiki Torches that Captain Buck mentions in the interview, we don’t know what else he brought back. If you do, let us know in the comments below.

Daily Growl

Halloween Island (October 19th, 2010)

The second visit to Halloween Island. The same interview by Roary Scrawl is published on the Daily Growl as the first time Captain Buck visited the island.

Wiggy Wonderland (November 30th, 2010)

This is an interesting one! Moshi Monsters ran a competition asking people to come up with a location Captain Buck could go and explore.

The winner was Hamto who’s winning entry read “Captain Buck should go to Wiggy Wonderland. The island has so many wigs on it. He should bringback a blue wig couch, hair bow cabinet, wig lamp, and hair clippings rug.”

Roary Scrawl also got to do an interview this month too. Turns out everything Captain Buck brought back was made of wigs.

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Hair items Blue Wig Couch (55 Rox, Level 7)
  • Hair Bow Cabinet (45 Rox, Level 5)
  • Wig Wallpaper (40 Rox, Level 3)
  • Wig Windows (30 Rox, Level 5)
  • Hair Clippings Rug (40 Rox, Level 6)
  • Wig Treasure (Rox 10, Level 5)
  • Wig Door (Rox 25, Level 4)
  • Toupee Table (Rox 45, Level 6)
  • Wig Lamp (Rox: 25, Level 7)

Daily Growl

Rockstar Reef – (January 26th, 2011)

Captain Buck had taken a trip to Rockstar Reef and returned with a selection of instruments (mainly drums) that you could buy from his Shop.

Roary Scrawl interviewed Buck for the Daily Growl. In the interview Buck told Roary that Ace had challenged him to a drum solo duel and Buck had won. Roary was surprised at this bevause Ace is the best drummer he knows. Buck admitted that at the time he was a bit distracted by the Barry Bubblefish putting on a show just offshore and that his Fishies shipmates must have helped him out.

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Roarshall Speaker (45 Rox, Level 7)
  • Roarshall Mic (55 Rox, Level 6)
  • Bass Drum and Tom Toms (45 Rox, Level 7)
  • Floor Tom (30 Rox, Level 7)
  • Snare (50 Rox, Level 6)
  • Cymball (40 Rox, Level 4)
  • Hi-Hat (25 Rox, Level 5)
  • Flying V Guitar (60 Rox, Level 8)

Daily Growl

Returns from Pizza Paradise (March 1st, 2011)

Back in March 2011 Captain Buck returned with a rather strange collection of Pizza related things including a Pizza floor and pizza topping floor mats!

Apparently Pizza Paradise is a hot and cheesy place! Or at least that’s what Buck told Roary in the interview!

Asked what he’d brought back, Buck said “I canna tell ye. But I will say I brought aft Pizza Wallpaper that ye can decorate wi’ Mooshrooms an’ Peppergroany!”

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Pizza Paradise Doubloon (15 Rox, Level 2)
  • Pizza Paradise Floor (30 Rox, Level 3)
  • Pizza Paradise Wallpaper (55 Rox, Level 5)
  • Pizza Paradise Windows (25 Rox, Level 2)
  • Spineapple (5 Rox, Level 5)
  • Pepper Mill Door (20 Rox, Level 3)
  • Mooshroom (5 Rox, Level 3)
  • Peppergroany Rug (20 Rox, Level 5)
  • Peppergroany (5 Rox, Level 5)

Daily Growl

The Gulf of New Gizmo (May 3rd, 2011)

On May the 1st we got a message in a bottle. The message read “The winds be havin’ swept me adrift at th’ Gulf O’ New Gizmo. See Ya soon!!! – Buck”

So, what was the Gulf of New Gizmo like? Luckily for us, Roary Scrawl did another interview with Buck on his return.

According to Captain Buck, “Everythin’ be electrified. ‘t be shockin’. Nay really shockin’! I got shocked by a Powergranate Tree.”

Items on sale on Buck’s Boat:

  • Spinning Top Cyan (Rox 20, Level 1)
  • Spinning Top Green (17 Rox, Level 1)
  • Spinning Top Magenta (11 Rox, Level 1)
  • Spinning Top Red (10 Rox, Level 1)
  • Spinning Top Yellow (15 Rox, Level 1)
  • Trainset (65 Rox, Level 1)
  • Inspiration Bulb (25 Rox, Level 1)
  • Big Bad Boombox Blue (57 Rox, Level 2)
  • Big Bad Boombox Pink (65 Rox, Level 3)
  • Hypno-Tron (76 Rox, Level 2)

Daily Growl

Doodle Island (May 25th, 2011)

Captain Buck returns after visiting Doodle Island again. The same interview is published on the Daily Growl.

Daily Growl

Bubble Bath Bay (August 15th, 2011)

Another repeat visit, this time from Bubblebath Bay. Again the same Daily Growl post from last year is reposted.

Daily Growl!

October 19th 2011 – Halloween Island

The third visit to Halloween Island. The same blog post that was used in for the previous two years was used again, including the interview by Roary Scrawl.

Colossal Cape Cuddly (January 11th, 2012)

The first visit of 2012 was preceded by another message in a bottle. It would also be the last time that Roary Scrawl would interview Captain Buck on his return. You could tell that his heart just wasn’t in it any more. I think it might have been from having to listen to all the pirate speak!

“Hello Cap’n Buck! What can you tell me about Colossal Cape Cuddly?” asks Roary.

“Aye, I felt like a wee monster. All o’ th’ cuddlies be ginormous!” replies Captain Buck.

“Can you tell us which giant cuddlies you brought back?”

“I canna tell ye. Come onto me ship an’ find ou’ fer yersef!”

“Ok! I’m SO there. Thanks Cap’n Buck!”

Do you remember what Cuddly Humans Captain Buck brough back. We think there were a Ninja, Pirate and Vampire. Can you remember what else?

Daily Growl!

Antiques Ashore (February 29th, 2012)

There’s no interview with Roary this time. We do get Captain Buck posting directly on the Daily Growl through.

“Cap’n Buck here, an’ I be back from Antique Isle. Ye won’t believe how cool this stuff be. Shiver me timbers!”

“Head on over t’ Th’ Port to get your paws on all this new, errr… OLD stuff! Thar’s a Dread Wagon, an Antique Stove, a Typewriter, Monkey Cymbals, a radio, a phonograph, and a cabinet.”

Daily Growl!

Funny Face Fjord (May 16th, 2012)

Following Captain Buck return from Funny Face Fjord, we don’t even get Captain Buck talking to us! What we go get is a puzzle to get a secret code (which has expired).

This time, Buck has brought back a phone that actually rings, Ear Candles, Eye Lamps, and more.

On July 10th, 2012 Captain bulk sets sail again, but this time forgets something – A Sockmonkey. A secret code is available but has now expired.

Daily Growl!

Art Archipelago (June 25th, 2012)

From the Daily Growl:

“What do Roarhal, GRRRmeer, and Groanet all have in common? They’re some of the greatest artists in Monstro City’s history! And starting today, you can pick up their masterpieces over at The Port on Cap’n Buck’s ship.”

“Cap’n Buck has been all over Potion Ocean in search of this latest booty from Art Archipelago. The ship will only be at The Port for two weeks, so hurry and get your art before it’s gone for good. Get “Roarhal’s Soup Can”, “Starry Fright”, “Groanet’s Rotter Lillies”, “Poppet with a Pearl Earring”, “The Great Wave Rider”, “Munchtime Atop Monstro City”, “Crabby Road”, and the famous “Tesla photograph.” And don’t forget the Art Archipelago TREASURE!”

Daily Growl

Hong Bong (January 24th, 2013)

Captain Buck is finally back from Hong Bong. We had to undertake a mission to rescue him, but he’s finally back at the Port (also known as Port Street.)

On board, he’s got a whole load of things he’s brought back from Hong Bong for you to buy.

Captain Buck - Hong Bong Items

  • Coin of Enchantment (12 Rox, Level 13)
  • Dingaling Decanter (22 Rox, Level 3)
  • Flourishing Fan of Fancy (17 Rox, Level 4)
  • Hong Bong Street Sign (89 Rox, Level 8)
  • Tangerine Dream Lantern (76 Rox, Level 7)
  • Hong Bong Bluey Lantern (100 Rox, Level 9)
  • Hong Bong Box of Destiny (66 Rox, Level 5)

Safari Sandbar (March 14th, 2013)

No announcement in the Daily Growl for this visit, although we did get a teaser message the day before and Captain Buck’s arrival was announced with a splash screen when we logged in to Moshi Monsters.

The message posted on the Daily Growl read:

“Where do you think Cap’n Buck is? Written on the back of the picture it says, “Aaargh! I be Trackin’ th’ Glammoth. Back soon!”

We don’t find out much about Captain Buck’s adventures, any more about the Safari Sandbar or the Mysterious Safari Glammoth.

This time the Captain has returned with the following items:

  • Safari Glammoth Doubloon (500 Rox, Level 5)
  • Glammoth Fur (203 Rox, Level 2)
  • Glammoth Antler (204 Rox, Level 6)
  • Glammoth Droppings (236 Rox, Level 9)
  • Glammoth Wallpaper (50 Rox, Level 1)
  • Glammoth Photo (63 Rox, Level 3)
  • Glammoth Article (54 Rox, Level 2)

Pizza Paradise (March 14th, 2013)

Captain Buck as returns from another visit to Pizza Paradise, this time his visit is timed to coincide with the release of the Food Factory.

He’s got the following items on sale:

  • Treasure Chest of GOLD (Rox:250, Level:8, Member)
  • Pirate Paradise Dubloon (Rox:85, Level:2, Member)
  • Pirate Flag (Rox:125, Level:4, Member)
  • Walking Plank (Rox:105, Level:5)
  • Mooshroom (Rox:5, Level:3, Member)
  • Peppergroany Rug (Rox:20, Level:5, Member)
  • Peppergroany (Rox:5, Level:5, Member)
  • Pizza Paradise Floor (Rox:30, Level:3, Member)
  • Pizza Paradise Wallpaper (Rox:55, Level:5, Member)
  • Pizza Paradise Window (Rox:25, Level:2, Member)
  • Glammoth Antler (Rox:204, Level:6)
  • Golden Treasure Map (Rox:200, Level:8, Member)
  • Spineapple (Rox:5, Level:5, Member)
  • Safari Sandbar Cruiser (Rox:74, Level:2)
  • Golden Gull Statue (Rox:150, Level:5, Member)


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