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Moshi Monster Tricks and Tips

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How to get Truffle the Splendid Sproutling

Truffle Moshling

Truffle is a rare Moshling and the the second Moshling to appear in the Woodies set.

The first Moshling in the set was Peekaboo the Oakey-Dokey, Hokey-Pokey!

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How to get Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana

Linton Moshling

Linton the Mollycoddled Manamana is a new rare Moshling in the Salties Set. He joins Pops and Lubber.

Linton was originally released on the 2nd July 2014 along with Jiggles the Fiddly TwiddleStick.

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How to get Pops the Crazy Kernel

Pops the Crazy Kernal Moshling

There aren’t many Moshlings that you can get by simply entering a secret code. The exciting news is that Pops the Crazy Kernel Moshling is one such Moshling!

Pops the Crazy Kernel is a Rare Moshlings and joins Lubber and Linton in the Salties Set.

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Season 1, Mission 4, Candy Catastrophe

The fourth Super Moshi mission in Season 1 sees monsters getting sick all over Monstro City. You’ll need to investigate and find out who’s selling evil candies.

There are no Epic awards in this mission.

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The Night of the Living Moshlings

Night of the Living Moshlings - Moshis vs Ghosts

The Night of the Living Moshlings is the forth and final part of the Moshis vs Ghosts missions and takes Goosebump Manor.

Like Full Moon Moshling, the previous part, this mission is not particularly long and consists of only two parts.

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