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Windy Wind-Up Quest Series

Windy Wind-Up Quest Series

As part of the run-up to the new Super-Moshi Mission (Gust Busters) you can play the new Quest series: “Widy Wind-Up”

The Windy Wind-Up series is made up of seven quest that become available, one at a time, every day until Sunday.

These quest series, where a new quest becomes available each days, first appeared during the Great Moshi Treasure Hunt Event.

They’re only available for a limited time. The Windy Wind-Up Quests are only available for three weeks until the 21st July.

There are additional quests that Moshi Members can complete.

Once each quest has been completed. I don’t think you’ll get a Moshling at the end of these quests.

The appearance of this quest series explains the missing quests following the Pirate Takeover.

What are the Windy Wind-Up Quests?

In Part 1, you meet Tamara Tesla out side of the Googenheim Museum. She appears to have lost something. In her words “the plans for the greatest invention since sliced beetle bread!” which was stolen by a Moshling she say flying away from the Observatory. You need to find the Moshling hiding in the jungle. When you complete the quest you’ll get yourself a whopping 20 Rox!

Part 2 takes places in the Observatory. You have to help Tamara by reassembling the parts of the blue-print by doing a jigsaw. Once done, you’ll earn yourself 25 Rox.

Part 3 sees you help Little Chief Two Scoops find different ice-cream flavours in the Candy Cane Caves. You’ll earn 30 Rox for this quest.

In Part 4, you have to deliver some Ice Cream to Big Bad Bill in Goosebump Manor. While you’re there you have to play Big Bad Bill’s Bob-o-rama apple bobbing game to find Vince Doorface’s eye. Completing this quest will get you a “Smelevision” for your room.

Part 5 (members only) sees you meet Tamara Tesla on Gift Island. She needs your help to assemble the giant fan from her blueprint. First you’ll need to visit a number of locations around Monstro City and find the pieces you need: a Breeze Booster from Gift Island, a Target Finger in Port Street and a Cloud Cooler at Bleurgh Beach. Find all the parts and you’ll get yourself 40 Rox!

In Part 6 (members only) you need to get the Giant Fan to the top of Mount Sillimanjaro. To do this you’ll have to play the huskies sledge game and avoid the fallen trees. Once you get to the top, you’ll meet Tomba and get yourself a Wacky Weather Station.

In the final part (members only) you find out that the clouds have been blown into Port Street. You’ll need to race against the clock to clear Port Street of the 20 horrible clouds. Once you’ve done that you’ll get to keep the Mega Fan!

What do you think of these quest series? Do they keep you coming back to Moshi Monsters?


 Textile help
On Jul 8, 12:44 PM happyday4u wrote:

i got gust busters last week and this week i got windy windup

On Jul 6, 09:19 PM Mrs smith wrote:

We havent been able to play this as it is not appearing on our account. Can somebody please help so my son can play. thanks

On Jul 6, 04:06 PM e wrote:

if you cannot play it (like me ) you probably have gustbusters add me i am fairyruby89

On Jul 5, 06:56 PM tanya wrote:

i want to play windy wind up quests so bad do u get a moshling i want to play the quests help

On Jul 5, 09:24 AM berniekegs wrote:

There is another part on Gift Island. You have to help Tamara find pieces to the fan, one on Gift Island, one on Port Street, the last on Bleurgh Beach, then you’re given 40 rox. The next part is at the Observatory where Tamara sends you to Mount Sillimanjaro. After playing the husky game you must talk to Tomba. After it’s completed you get a Whacky Weather Station but that’s as far as I get, the game sorta freezes on me, my map and home buttons don’t show up on the screen. I also can’t do Goosebump Manor.

On Jul 4, 09:32 AM NAWSHIN wrote:

i cant find them!

On Jul 4, 08:28 AM lara wrote:

iv got neither of them

On Jul 3, 09:44 PM busorenkin70 wrote:

for some reason, it won’t let me play the windy wind ups. do u know why

On Jul 3, 09:39 PM thomas kobylarz wrote:

you didn’t send that mission to me >:(

On Jul 3, 06:59 PM Mahir wrote:

I can’t play windy wind-up quest series

On Jul 3, 06:20 PM ellie wrote:

when can I play the gust busters. like not the windy wind up thingamabob

On Jul 3, 11:41 AM louis smith wrote:

some one won the d.a.m contest but i didnt like the desgin :)

On Jul 3, 09:30 AM hugo wrote:

I have played that mission and gust busters

On Jul 3, 01:30 AM cookiegirl wrote:

Moshi Monsters Expressway found out that there is a glitch!some monsters can play Gustbusters part one, some can play gustbusters part one and two, and some people can play windy wind up!

This is a glitch! none of these missions should be out right now! i wonder if moshi monsters found out yet….

On Jul 3, 01:08 AM k4yl2 wrote:

ive completed both these missions :-/ Had the same as below, it appeared on my member account, but not on my daughters member account or my mums non-member account, very odd, but i can confirm, you do not get a moshling from windy wind up, but u do get a moshling on gustbusters which is where sprinkles comes from, i have done both :)
Have you heard anymore about when the other 2012 moshling design winners can be got? We have yolka, but not the others which is slightly odd, as i would of thought the winning one would be out first :-/ lol

On Jul 3, 12:08 AM Nordrike wrote:

I think you do get Sprinkles at the end of either mission, you can chose to do one or the other, I think ‘Windy Wind-Up’ is a non-member and ‘Gustbusters’ is a member one (Super Moshis) but I could be wrong!

On Jul 3, 12:02 AM orla wrote:

there is nothing popping up for these missons on my account

On Jul 2, 11:49 PM 53geekypoppet wrote:

If you can’t wait to get sprinkles then set the date on your computer to August 13, 2013 Hope this helps!

Add me!

On Jul 2, 11:24 PM nausherwan wrote:

sorry moshi secrets but i guess moshi just disabled the advert from our room and now everyone can do the new mission gust busters but the windy wind up quest is gone for now

On Jul 2, 10:06 PM halima8898 wrote:

where is the gust busters mission. nothing came up in my room or party palace! pienstein won design a moshling you know.where can you fing windy wind up thingy, cuz its not there where the treasure hunt was! how come only some people can access these thing cuz my friend could go party palace.

On Jul 2, 09:15 PM Elly wrote:

I have it locked and dont know how to unlock it! how do i unlock it????

On Jul 2, 06:56 PM Julia wrote:

I have only one monster and this quest DOES NOT APPEAR at all. :(

On Jul 2, 05:44 PM Galadriel wrote:

Our family has several monsters; one can do Gust Busters mission, two can do windy wind ups and two can’t do either, hope this resolves soon as it’s very strange!

On Jul 2, 05:16 PM Rhys wrote:

On my member account it is not available at all. On my non member account it was showing from Monday and I have been able to do the missions. On my sisters account who is a member it didn’t appear until Tuesday but she has been able to complete both Monday and Tuesdays missions.

On Jul 2, 05:10 PM awesomesquared wrote:

they are not available for me! I hope they fix it in time for me to play them! I did the gustbuster one though

On Jul 2, 05:00 PM cutiecupcake wrote:

hi,in moshi mag #17,for sure theres going to be
a “party palace”.I think theres also a new moshling in there on the poster contest page.I dont know his name,but I think hes a moshling.hope this helps!!
PS:I cando gustbusters part 1,but not the windy wind ups.I will check to be sure.

On Jul 2, 04:54 PM cutiecupcake wrote:

hi,its dance.in issue 17
of moshi mag,its 100% confirmed that party palace is coming.I also think a new moshling is coming.I dont know his name,but he was in the mag in the design a poster contest page.I hope this helps.
P.S I just got the gustbuster mission part 1 today,but not the windy wind up.

On Jul 2, 04:50 PM Hailey wrote:

yeah me to i want sprinkles but it won’t let me get her :( like the Windy Wind up is the only thing it will let my monster do! it says that the “Gust Busters” is locked! bu t that is the part that makes me confused because other people have her but it seems like its only non-members that have him though

On Jul 2, 12:52 PM Laura wrote:

There is a weird thing going on with these new missions. I have a few monsters, one doesn’t have the mission available at all, one monster can do the first “gustbuster” mission and has completed it, my other monster can only do the “windy wind up” missions. Very strange indeed. I’ve emailed moshi monsters and I’m awaiting their reply.

On Jul 2, 11:56 AM Lea wrote:

It is so weird!! On my non-member account the Windy Wind-Up quest and the new mission don’t show up at all; on my sister’s non-member account and my member account, we can play the mission but the quest is locked & on her member’s account the mission is locked but she can play the quest!!

But aside from this, I hope these quests stay, they’re quite fun!