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Windy Wind-Up 2 Quest Series

Windy Wind-Up 2 Quest Series

Would you believe it! Just when you thought we’d finished with the Windy Wind-Up Quests, a whole new series of Quests appears and it doesn’t seem as if we’ve seen the last of those stinky clouds either.

This quest series is available for just a couple of weeks so make sure you catch it now while you can. There are 7 parts in total, with a part available each day until Sunday. I’m afraid the last three parts are only available to members.

  • Part One starts when you find a rather confused Buster Bumblechops standing out side the DIY store on Sludge Street. For some reason he thinks that Eggplants are Moshlings! You’ll need to collect 20 of the plants scattered around Sludge Street in 90 seconds. He’s obviously not feeling right, but he’ll reward you with 20 Rox for completing the quest.
  • Part Two find you talking to Tamara Tesla at the Observatory. She’ll tell you that a Zoshling ship has crashed and that you should use the telescope to find it. You’ll need to search for the ship (it’s right at the bottom, on Music Island). Once you’ve found the ship you’re off to the Jungle to investigate where you’ll meet Splutnik. He’ll tell you that the ship crashed because the engines were choked by strange clouds. You’ll get 25 Rox for for this part.
  • Part Three Back at the observatory again. She’ll tell you that there’s strange gas coming from the Jungle so it’s off to the Jungle you go to investigate! In the Jungle you’ll find a stinky cloud who tells you that he’s planning on sending everyone mad with his special gas. Once you report back to Tamara in the Observatory you’ll get 30 Rox.
  • Part Four In part four we meet Elder Furi at the Super Moshi HQ. He’s rather confused and thinks it’s Twistmas! In order to help him think straight we need to fetch his favourite food, garlic marshmallows from Mount Sillimanjaro. We have to take the cable car to the top, pick up the Marshmallows and then return them to Elder Furi. As a reward you’ll get 35 Rox.
  • Part Five This part starts outside the Volcano. Little Chief Two Scoops is here, and we’ve been told by Elder Furi that he can help us defeat Stenchy. We’ll need some Hoodoo magic, and Two Scoops needs us to go and get the ingredients. A quick trip to the Candy Cane Caves to get some Ice Scream, and then a smell sample from a moshling. Once we’ve got the ingredients we’ll get 40 Rox.
  • Part Six Two Scoops’ potion is ready, all you need to do is drop it down the well and it’ll cure all the monsters in Monstro Ciry. All you need to do is pick up the Ice Scream bucket and then Talk to Poppet in Oh La Lane. For that, you’ll get 50 Rox!
  • Part Seven In the final part, you meet Elder Furi at the Goosebump Manor. He tells you that the only way to defeat Stenchy is to show him his reflection, so once you’ve found the mirror in Goosebump Manor, it’s off to the jungle. Once in the jungle, you need to repair the broken mirror and then Stenchy will leave Monstro City (until next time). Then it’s a quick trip back to the Volcano to talk to Elder Furi.

Unfortunately we didn’t get our reward for completing this quest. The chest just kept shaking, but didn’t open. Anyone else had the same thing happen to them?

What do you think about this quest series?


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On Aug 1, 08:50 PM Reuben Child wrote:

If you contact MM they will give you the 175 rox you were meant to get. Also some players got a cloud beanbag, MM are looking into this.

On Aug 1, 09:20 AM awesome wrote:

It happend to me to I want the rox now!!!!!!!!!:-(

On Jul 29, 04:05 PM Teresa M Buchanan wrote:

yes, the same thing happened to my 7 year Granddaughter. Gabi was very upset.

On Jul 29, 11:49 AM Lea wrote:

Same thing is happening to me and my sister! The chest just keeps shaking and won’t open! I waited TEN MINUTES before I just went back to my room. And I can’t replay it! Hopefully we’ll get our rox soon!

On Jul 28, 10:19 PM oceon2468 wrote:

We got exactly the same reaction – no open chest, no rox but venture ticked off as finished so can’t have another go

On Jul 28, 11:30 AM Grace Conway wrote:

We just played the final episode of Windy Wind-Up 2 and got no rox at the conclusion. The treasure chest never opened and just kept rattling for ages until we closed the page down.