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Weekly Round-Up - The Great Moshi Beanstalk

Hi Moshi Fans and welcome to another Weekly Round-Up and this time we’ve got a whole load more news and codes!

Since the last Round-Up, which was a couple of weeks ago now, we’ve added the following codes to our codes page:

  • Green
  • Cup O’Gruel
  • Crab and Jelly Sandwich
  • Glump Cake – Mint
  • 2 Happy Birthday Banners!
  • and LOTs of Rox codes for a total of 1514 Rox! (and we all need more Rox right?)

You’ll find this and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Code Audit

Lots of comments on our codes page were complaining about codes that weren’t working so earlier this week we checked every single one of the codes to make sure it still worked.

To do this we set up a new Moshi Monster account and tried entering every single one! It took absolutely ages, but we did find some codes that no longer worked.

This is a list of the codes that we found were BROKEN:

Please don’t try entering these codes as they don’t work and you’ll just be wasting your time. We keep the broken codes page up to date so that you can check any codes you find on the web .

  • Peppy Poster (PEPPYPOSTER)
  • Chocolate Shrimp Cookies (CROC2345 )
  • 50 Rox (50SMYTHS )
  • 100 Rox (THANKYOU10)
  • 100 Rox (TESCOROX)
  • 200 Rox (SORRY200ROX)
  • Circus Wallpaper (CIRCUS2456 )
  • Magnifying Glass (ARTATTACK12)
  • 200 Rox (SUPERSEED12)
  • 200 Rox (PIRATE268)
  • 150 Rox (1GREENNEST)

We’ll try to make sure we do a check once a month from now on, and if you do find a code that doesn’t work then do let us know either in the comments or by “contacting us”/contact/ .

The Great Moshi Beanstalk

This is rather exciting news! Just in time for the school holidays here in the UK, Moshi Monsters are planning a new event to hit Monstro City on the 5th August, called the “Great Moshi Beanstalk!”

There’s no much info about it at the moment, but we’re guessing it’ll be something similar to the Moshi Pirate Takeover!

Roary Scrawl tells us in a video on the Daily Growl that some magic beans have fallen into the wrong hands (or glove) and that they’ve been planted somewhere around Monstro City.

You’ll find a short trailer about the Great Moshi Beanstalk on the Daily Growl, here.

Moptop Mischief

There’s a new mission on the horizon called Moptop Mischief. When we’ll see it I don’t know, but with the news about the Great Moshi Beanstalk we’re wondering if it’s going to be part of that. What’s got everyone excited about Moptop Mischief is the prospect of getting Zack Binspin as a Moshling!


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On Jul 29, 04:02 PM cool_taha wrote:

i hope moptop mischief is not a member mission because in moshi pirate takeover there was a mission that its for un members and i hope this mission would be the same because i want zack binspin :)

On Jul 29, 02:08 AM oddie_come_to_my_garden wrote:

this doesn’t really have anything to do with moshi but you guys are still in school?!?!?! here in america we get out in early to mid june. I suppose you guys start later to though.

On Jul 28, 07:24 PM Lois Perryman wrote:

I need zack binspin but my membership runs out on the 5th! :( I hope to get a new one though!

On Jul 28, 12:32 PM elise wrote:

how have you got 2 birthday banners the next issue sells them and its not out yet

Moshi Secrets: Magazine subscribers tend to get the magazine a few days before it appears in the shops!

On Jul 27, 09:56 PM xk4yl2zx wrote:

i too heard zack was a reward for moptop mischief :)beanstalk looks fun, defo strangegloves antics haha, looking forward to 5th august :)

On Jul 27, 04:50 PM Kaitlin wrote:

I SERIOUSLY want Zack Binspin!

On Jul 27, 12:20 PM rosie wrote:


On Jul 27, 10:23 AM angrybird12346 wrote:

Yay so many new things and so little moshi time