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Weekly Round-Up - Quests go Missing!

It’s been very quiet on Moshi Monsters since the Pirates left and that’s meant that new codes have been rather scarce this week – it was only the codes we could find in the latest Moshi Monsters Magazine

Since the last round-up we’ve added the following codes:

  • Roary’s Birthday Balloon
  • Zack Binspin Music Rox Poster
  • Cuddly Pookie
  • Chocolate coated broccoli
  • Slop
  • And three codes for a total of 250 Rox!

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button

Do you know a code?

If you know a secret code that isn’t on our codes page that works (you can always check our broken codes page to see if the code has expired) then do let us know! The more people who share – the more codes we’ll be able to put on the page!

Where have the quests gone!

Lots of you have written in to say that you’d noticed something mission since the ghost pirates had left Monstro City. No mater where you look, you’ll not find anyone offering Quests.

Don’t worry though, they’re not gone for good. This is what Moshi Monsters had to say:

“The quests were removed during the pirate theme as we had extra special pirate themes around the city. The quests should be back soon :)”

New Super Moshi Mission Soon – “GustBusters”

So what else can we look forward to? Well, the next Season 3 Super Moshi Mission should be appearing real soon – it has already appeared in the Moshi Monsters Magazine (UK Issue 30 ) and looks to be set on Music Island at Pinkish Peak (which must be that huge mountain in the middle of the island!).

Aparently “Weird Wiffy Clouds Spotted, Main Street monsters Under Snoozy Sleep Spell.” and you can guess who’s job it’s going to be to sort things out!

Maybe we’ll get the new Moshling “Sprinkles“ in this mission.

Party Palace – Dress Up Game

Party Palace

Soon we should see a new location on the Monstro City Map. Appearing in the bottom left hand corner where the river goes into the woods will be Party Palace.

The idea of the game is to dress up to match a theme that you’re provided with. Four monsters take part and votes will be cast to determine who won. The winner’s details will appear on a big screen along with a button so people can add them as a friend.

Some lucky players have already been given a sneak peak at Party Palace as part of Moshi Monsters testing and development.

Luckily for us, the guys over at Moshi Monsters Expressway were one of the ones to get a look. They’ve put together a write-up of Party Palace along with lots of screenshots.


 Textile help
On Aug 21, 12:29 PM jassie wrote:

I tell you what is not working the Mystery GIft. You get to gift to yr BFFs 10 times and ea. time you get a gift of either: 50 rox, seeds or 10XP. But it is not working. I have tried for 2 days and the error is “technical come back and try again, but also it has taken away one of yr gifts and you haven’t sent it to anyone due to it not working. Have u heard anything???

On Jul 2, 08:07 AM nathan wrote:

inside you can earn rox and xp quickly by dreesing up.
How do I know?
I have been there

On Jul 2, 07:25 AM TheCorrector wrote:

Hi… here again…
3rd article… you’ve noticed something MISSION, maybe should be MISSING
also in article 3.. No MATER should be MATTER

On Jun 30, 04:05 PM Anwen wrote:

OK, you have made,like,a million mistakes. It is matter, not mater, and missing, not mission!!!!

On Jun 29, 12:57 PM Anwen wrote:

One day last week I logged on to Moshi Monsters and saw something called Party Palace. I clicked on it and it disappeared!

On Jun 29, 08:32 AM heebeeawesome71 wrote:

freddy2424 has sprinkles

On Jun 28, 08:58 PM nathan wrote:

I have seen party palace (its EPIC)

On Jun 28, 08:37 PM Joseph wrote:

party palace will be popular!!!

On Jun 28, 08:37 PM ryan wrote:

when does it come out

On Jun 28, 06:52 PM nana wrote:

lucky! i wasn’t on the computer when it was there!
can you tell me when it opened?