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Weekly Round-Up - Pirates Galore!

We’re in the middle of Moshi Monsters biggest event yet – the Pirate Take-Over! There’s been lots going on and we’ve tried our best to cover all the action! Do let us know if there’s something we’ve missed!

I suspect that lots of people are excited about the Treasure Hunt and the possibility of getting a new Moshling at the end of it (Bently). Unfortunately only members will be able to get the Moshling, but there are other goodies to get too!

It’s been a while since the last round-up, but here are the codes we’ve added since the last one.:

  • Glump Cake – Cucumber
  • Gooey Galleon – Figurehead
  • Big Bad Boombox – Blue
  • Roast Beast
  • Poppet Dress-Up Poster
  • Penguin Buck Poster
  • and loads of Rox codes! (1320 Rox in total!)

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

Take me to the codes button


There’s been a problem with the newsletter that’s taken a little time to fix. Sorry about that. Every week, you should get an email with the latest news from Moshi Secrets. It doesn’t seem that this has been happening recently.


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On Jul 29, 09:53 PM boxerweb wrote:

friend me im boxerweb

On Jun 3, 01:55 AM bob wrote:

i want membership really bad

On Jun 1, 02:26 PM Kathy May wrote:

Please send my your newsletter. Your site is awesome!

On May 29, 09:40 PM Taylor wrote:

On the third or fourth non-member mission, it talks about a house that is haunted. What house is that? -blacknwhitemonster33

Moshi Secrets: It's Goosebump Manor. You'll see it on the map!

On May 29, 01:12 PM Yoyo030607 wrote:

there is a new moshling called Uncle Scallops in the same set as Bentley.

On May 27, 05:48 PM krystal wrote:

i love this site

On May 26, 04:42 PM eceyenice23 wrote:

poppet and

On May 26, 12:30 PM Ghastlyawesome43 wrote:

Bently comes with the last bit of th scavenge-aaargh hunt.

On May 26, 08:53 AM Heather wrote:

thanx for that add me 1noisyzombie or foofyface

On May 26, 03:08 AM Dylan wrote:

you doget bently and it spelld bentley thx add me dylsta123810

On May 25, 01:48 PM Webkinzloverjrh wrote:

I saw someone with Bentley on Saturday. This leads me to think he is not the moshling.
:( wished I got him.

On May 25, 01:38 PM Joy wrote:

Thanks for all the awesome codes!!! =D

On May 25, 10:01 AM Camzy Bro wrote:

i love it how they changed it to a pirate theme! i also love how it says “boarding”, not “loading”.

On May 25, 10:00 AM louis wrote:

about the scavenger hunt. i have played the friday ones and it wont let me do the saturday ones. what should i do ????
from mrkippling23