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Weekly Round-Up - Pirate Shops to stay on Bleurgh Beach

The Great Moshi Treasure Hunt has is now over and Monstro City has returned to normal – well almost.

Bleurgh Beach still hosts the Ghost Pirates’ Shops, Boot-Eek, Kate’s Deck N’ Sail and Mc Dolphins and if you’re a member then you’ll still find Captain Buck moored up at the Port.

Apart from that it’s been pretty quiet apart from the appearance of a new Moshling (Yolka), but we’ve got some more

Since the last round-up we’ve added the following codes:

  • 150 Rox
  • Zoshling Encounters Poster
  • Jelly Baked Beans
  • Daily Challenge 2 Poster
  • Slop Corn
  • Cuddly Captain Buck E. Barnacle

You’ll find these and all our other codes on our Moshi Monsters secret codes page.

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On Jun 24, 01:20 PM kathrine wrote:

i know code for yolka

On Jun 24, 06:55 AM Apple wrote:

i now that you are saing TAKE ME TO THE CODES

On Jun 23, 06:12 PM Evelyn wrote:

Yolka“s seed code is coming out tomorrow!!

On Jun 23, 02:40 PM hannah wrote:

the dress up room has changed

On Jun 22, 08:10 AM emmy wrote:

btw its yolka

On Jun 22, 06:41 AM suey wrote:

it says Yolkr instead of Yolka

On Jun 22, 04:56 AM moshi monster player wrote:

i think you mean yolka